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Captive Wife


It all seemed surreal as her eyes slowly adjusted to the light of the semi-darkened room. A single barred window on the wall behind her provided the only source of light at the time. She was naked, her legs spread and secured by metal shackles around each ankle that were bolted firmly to the concrete floor beneath her. Her hands were stretched outward from her body, and, in similar fashion as her feet, two metal bands were locked around each wrist, attached by chains to a clasp on the brick wall behind her.

The room had a damp, musty smell, and the stifling heat of the subtropical jungle was turning the room into an oven. Beads of sweat formed over her entire body,and she could feel them as they dripped from her nipples and slithered down her stomach. She struggled against the ropes as her mind recalled the moment of her capture.

Amy had come to the South American jungle with a group bringing food and medical supplies to the impoverished villages; at least, that is what she had been led to believe. However, the truth was that the group was a front for smuggling weapons to militant rebels seeking to rise to power.

She had desperately wanted to see her husband, Chad, who had been in the area on assignment from the CIA. When she received a call from a friend who knew about the group coming to the area, she wasted no time in making arrangements to go with them. It had been over a month since the last letter from Chad. He had been down there for nearly a year, and she was lonely and concerned about him. She made arrangements with her sister to watch over the house and the finances until she returned. The entire trip down she had but one thing on her mind; seeing Chad and holding him in her arms once again. The fact that it would be a surprise visit only made it more exciting for her. They had only been married two years when he was sent down here, and the time away from him had been hell on the 25-year-old female. When her group was suddenly surrounded by armed soldiers, the others somehow managed to flee, leaving Amy alone to be captured. Efforts to locate the other members failed, and Amy was taken to a secluded camp deep in the jungle that had been designed especially to interrogate and house female prisoners.

A door swung open and footsteps could be heard on the concrete floor. The sparse light prohibited her from seeing them clearly. Unbeknownst to her, a male and two females, all wearing camouflage military uniforms, and brandishing weapons, approached her. They stopped directly in front of her. She could hear their breathing from the shadows as she strained her eyes to see. Silhouetted strangers looking at her naked body only heightened her feelings of shame and dread. She wanted desperately to cover herself, yet she was bound and on open display. As the two females moved slightly forward, they came into the light for the first time.

Her eyes fixed on the two females. They appeared to be of Latin American decent with jet black hair, dark skin, hypnotic eyes, and perfectly toned bodies that gave them a don't-fuck-with-me look. She noted their uniforms and, more importantly, the weapons holstered on their shapely hips. A movement from the male diverted her attention back to him. As he stepped from the shadows into the light, her heart stopped, and an audible gasp escaped her lips...Chad!

Standing before her was her husband; his penetrating gaze seemed to look into her soul. Her first instinct was to cry out for his help, but, as she formed the words on her lips, she was greeted with a stinging slap across the face with his open hand.

Her head reeled to one side from the blow as the shock of his actions sank into her confused mind. Feelings of hurt, anguish, and betrayal danced in her head as his words echoed against the surrounding wall.

"Silence!" he bellowed, his voice angry and authoritative. "You will speak only when spoken to," he continued. Tears welled up in her eyes as she gazed into his face seeking some explanation for all of this. The momentary flash of hope melted into confusion and hurt as she stared disbelieving into his eyes.

Her tortured mind sought for answers. Perhaps it had something to do with his position in the CIA. He was waiting for the right moment to free her and take her into his arms. There had to be some explanation, some valid reason for his actions.

At that moment, one of the two female soldiers dragged a small crate over to the center of the room that had been confiscated from the vehicle the group was driving when the army had captured her. Amy watched inquisitively as they began rummaging through its contents.

On the surface, canned food and medical supplies could be seen, but as Amy watched, the soldiers lifted a false shelf from the box revealing a cache of weapons underneath. Her eyes widen in stunned disbelief. Her heart raced in sheer terror as every eye was now turned on her, including her husband. Dreadful thoughts overtook her as it now became obvious she had been set up by the group to take the fall.

"Another fucking mule," one of the female soldiers remarked. "And an American no less. They are recruiting your own people now, Chad," she remarked with a sarcastic laugh. The two females knew of Chad's involvement with the CIA, but not the full extent of his activities.

Chad was conflicted, angry, and bewildered as his troubled mind sought to conceal his emotions. For months, Chad had been interrogating female prisoners. They were mostly locals; bad women who deserved the treatment he gave them. But there was something else. Chad had intimate knowledge of the selling of female prisoners to the local slave traders. The CIA would turn their back on the harsh interrogation methods, but he had yet to inform them of the illegal slave trading that was going on and that could land him in prison, or worse. Amy's presence could send the entire house of cards collapsing around him. He had to hide their relationship, and yet maintain his role. Maria and Luna, the two female soldiers, were too tight with the camp's commander, General Esporansa. They would betray him in a heartbeat.

They were sadistic and merciless, and, Chad knew if they had their way, they would torture Amy to extremes. He had seen them work with dozens of other female prisoners, and he could not bear the thought of Amy falling into their hands. He had to completely control the situation. He stepped closer to her. The scent of her body permeated his nostrils and, being this close to her after such a long time apart, stirred his carnal desires. He quickly regained his self-control as he spoke.

"You are under arrest for smuggling arms to the enemy," Chad thundered as he looked to the female soldiers. "Unhook her and perform the standard inspections." It was customary for the two females to do a vaginal and anal probe for contraband. By allowing them to do it, he was following procedure and would not arouse undo suspicion by them. If he could get Amy through the preliminary inspections and lock her up, he would at least have time to think.

Amy wanted to protest, but his icy stare told her to keep silent. She watched the two females approach her and loosen her bonds. They forced her to walk to the center of the room where the light clearly bathed her body. Her sensual form glistened in the light as the females looked on with wicked delight. Amy was a stunning woman of impeccable beauty. She had shoulder length auburn hair that cascaded downward into wavy locks. Her 36 C-cup breasts were firm and succulent; small, brown areolae accented her pinkish nipples to perfection. She had a firm waistline, and long sensual legs,and her pussy was neatly trimmed in a small v shape. She took pride in how she looked and to be displayed naked with her hair disheveled, and her body covered in sweat was a form of mental torture to her.

"Put your hands on her head and spread your legs wide," one of the females crudely remarked in a heavy accent as she slipped a rubber glove over her hand. "You are to remain in this position until otherwise told."

Amy blushed with shame and humiliation as she reluctantly complied. She placed her quivering hands on her head and slowly spread her legs for the degradation she knew was coming. The two females spoke with each other as they decided who would do what inspection. As they spoke with each other, Amy stared directly into the eyes of her husband, seeking to understand how he could allow these women to violate her while he stood there and watched.

The first female approached and ran her finger crudely between Amy's legs, sliding them along the puffy lips of her female sex as she looked up at Amy with a diabolical sneer.

"Such a pretty pussy you have," the female spoke as she slipped a finger inside. "I bet you love to have it stuffed with a thick cock." The woman spoke degradingly, as she slipped her finger rudely around inside Amy's tight pussy.

Amy gasped at the intrusion into her most private parts, and cringed at the woman's vile remarks. She wanted to scream; wanted the earth to swallow her up and remove her from this horrible nightmare. Her tortured mind again became flooded with thoughts.

Why was he allowing this? What was he doing in this awful place? He spoke as one having authority over them. Had he done this with other women, too? Why was he not trying to stop their degrading actions?

The female probed her vaginal area until she was satisfied that nothing was concealed therein and then stood, motioning the other female to perform her part. Thankful that part was over, Chad waited in hopes that Amy would not crack before he could get her out of their hands. He tried to justify why his cock was twitching with excitement as he watched the female run her finger inside his wife's pussy. Angry at his body's primal urges, he tried to focus on getting through this ordeal.

The other female approached Amy and in a similar degrading voice, she spoke.

"Turn around, bend over and spread your ass cheeks apart for me." The sound of the rubber glove slipping over her fingers brought a new feeling of dread to Amy. The command was repulsive to her and she hesitated to comply with it.

She could not bring herself to do such a thing while others looked on. The female soldier grew weary of her resistance and, with a strong hand, grabbed a fist full of Amy's auburn hair and pulled it backwards, causing Amy to painfully tilt her head back in response.

Chad's first impulse was to charge as he watched Maria wrestle his wife into submission. His military training forced him to remain in self-control. He had to play tough as usual, yet he wanted to pry Amy from their hands and get her the hell out of here before things got really out of control.

Amy slowly turned her back towards them. Sobbing and burning with shame, she bent over and parted her ass cheeks, revealing her puckered brown hole to the sadistic female soldier who waited with wicked intent.

The female roughly inserted a non-lubed digit into Amy's anus, causing her to squeal in agony. Amy's stomach churned with feelings of nausea and pain as the female began the degrading inspection. She seemed to delight in causing Amy suffering as she probed longer than she normally would.

"She is clean," the female announced as she rose to her feet and began peeling the glove from her hand.

Chad breathed a hushed sigh of relief that the ordeal was over. Moving quickly to control the situation, he looked at his wrist watch.

"It's late. Lock her up for the night, I will interrogate her, personally, in the morning," he ordered.

Amy's hands were bound behind her as the two females forced her to walk ahead of them. Chad and Amy's eyes fixed on each other as she passed him on the way towards the door, and unspoken words were exchanged by their gazes. Leaving the interrogation building, they entered the camp and walked Amy up a narrow path. As they walked, the females took turns smacking Amy's bare ass and giggling as she jumped to avoid the blows.

They soon came upon some metal cages; Amy watched as a door on one was opened, and she was forced inside. The cage had straw strewn around it for a floor. It was tall enough to allow sitting, squatting, or lying flat, but not enough to stand upright in. The door was locked and she watched in desperation as the two females began walking away.

"You can't just leave me here like this!" Amy wailed. "I am naked, please give me my clothes," she pleaded emphatically.

"You will not be seeing any clothes for a long time," Maria laughed, mockingly.

"Yes, sleep well American whore," Luna chimed in unmercifully.

"Wait...I need to use the bathroom," she again cried out in a desperate move to halt their retreat. She was on her knees with her hands clinching the metal bars, praying the two would turn around as she watched them walk into the darkness.

"Then use it," was the only reply she heard before they disappeared, laughing as their voices faded into the night.

Amy was horrified as the darkness engulfed her. The only light around was back in the camp itself. All around her were the eerie sounds of the jungle. The dank smell of old straw permeated the air and she again felt nauseated. She curled up in a fetal position and wept openly at the bizarre turn of events; trying to block the need of her clamoring bladder from her mind. Exhausted and weak, she eventually drifted into a troubled sleep.


She was awaken in the wee hours of the morning by Chad, who knelt by her cage. She crawled over to the bars, kneeling as she looked into his face. He could finally talk to her and tell her the whole story. She listened intently as he told her that he was working with the CIA to back general Esporansa, and to aid him in taking control of the country. The rebel armies opposing the general were actively recruiting females to smuggle in weapons, so this prison camp had been erected,and Chad had been placed in charge of it by the general. What the general did not know, was that Chad was also keeping the CIA informed of the general's actions without his knowledge. He also told her about the general's orders to sell the female prisoners into slavery to finance their operation. Amy's presence now threatened to expose the entire operation. The general could have them killed,and the CIA would never know the difference.

For the first time since her capture, she understood the gravity of the situation she was now in. She had jeopardized her husband and acted foolishly in coming here. She sat on the straw and placed her head on her knees, rocking back and forth while she sobbed lightly. Chad informed her that there was only one way out of the situation, and she listened with keen interest.

"I will have to take you as my personal slave," Chad instructed. "This means I will have to interrogate you first, and you will be treated like any other prisoner, but you must never divulge you real intention for being here," he continued.

"The men will be no problem, but the two female soldiers can make trouble for us. They are already jealous of your beauty and want to inflict as much humiliation and pain on you as they can," he informed. "That is why I must take you, so I can at least protect you in some way. If not, you could wind up being sold like any other prisoner, or fall into their hands, which I cannot allow," Chad remarked.

Amy could not believe what she was hearing. Her husband involved in interrogating naked women, selling them into slavery, and now he was going to do the same to her. She was seeing a side of Chad she never knew existed and found it strangely arousing when she should be repulsed and angry. She was even more confused about her own feelings as she pondered his words. Chad leaned in as best he could and gave Amy a kiss before leaving her for the rest of the night. The touch of his lips ignited a fire of passion inside her. The scent of his body, that she had missed all those lonely nights, overwhelmed her senses. Her pussy was drooling and aching for him to be inside her, but that would have to wait. The moment ended all too soon and she watched Chad disappear into the darkness, as she had watched the two female soldiers do hours before. She sunk back into her caged prison and felt around for a dry place to lay before eventually drifting into a troubled sleep.


It seemed she had just gotten to sleep when her body was shocked by the blast of ice cold water streaming in through the metal bars. The two female soldiers had come to wake her up, and were amusing themselves with a nearby hose supplied by a portable generator. She gasped for breath as she sat up, trying desperately to avoid the maddening onslaught of water; trying to plead with them to stop but the coldness of the water would allow only intermittent gasps.

"Time to get up, bitch," one of them remarked as she stopped the spray and laid down the hose. The other female opened the lock and motioned Amy to come out. Her legs and back were stiff as she crawled out of the cage and slowly rose to her feet.

"Time you got to know us," one of the females remarked. "I am Maria, and this is Luna. We will be your worst nightmare around here unless you do exactly as we tell you to," Maria remarked as she shoved a pitch fork into Amy's hands. "Clean out that filthy cage and some new straw will be brought to you, otherwise you can sleep in your own piss."

After cleaning out her cage, Amy was led to an open tent with a dining table and made to eat. As she sat eating a sparse meal, her attention was diverted to six naked females being loaded into the back of pickup truck. The poor women were chained in pairs, with leg irons around their ankles and a small chain around their waist. The truck had shovels and rakes as well as other assorted implements, and it was clear that the women were being used for slave labor. Two women at a time climbed into the back of the truck until they were all in and it sped out of camp. Her mind could not help but wonder what it would be like to be forced to work naked while chained to another woman. Thoughts of what they would be forced to do, and how they would cope, filled her mind until the two female soldiers broke her thoughts by ordering her to stand.

"Time for you to be properly interrogated," one of them remarked in sarcasm. "I hope we get to see that pretty white ass decorated with some red stripes," the other chimed in sadistically.

Amy was again forced to walk to the building she was in the night before. Led to center of the room, she was made to stand for what seemed like an eternity before the door opened and Chad appeared. The room was now lit with lanterns, and a larger battery operated spot light sat in the middle of the room. She suddenly preferred the darkness as she glanced around the floor. Numerous stains, now dried, told the tale that she was not the only female to have visited this room.

Chad approached her with a leather whip in his hand. She remembered the conversation from the night before. She knew it had to be this way, but found it hard to believe that Chad would actually whip her in public. More troubling to her was her reaction to his sudden air of authority and dominance. She found it strangely arousing. A side of him she had not seen was awakening a side of her that had been dormant and buried. Feelings of submissive desire stirred within her. Even in these harsh conditions, she could feel the wetness between her legs and struggled to come to grips with her new found feelings. She wanted him to control her, to completely dominate her, but could not bring herself to say the words. She was a fusion of mixed emotions.

"Turn around with your back towards me," chad ordered, his voice cold and harsh.

Amy complied, presenting herself to him willingly. There was something in his voice that stirred a feeling of excitement, even in the face of potential pain. She found herself becoming aroused, yet she was keenly aware that Maria and Luna were watching from a distance, enjoying every moment of her degradation. If they saw her arousal they would surely use it to their advantage.

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