tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCaptured and Conquered Ch. 02

Captured and Conquered Ch. 02


Black and white photos were scattered across a mahogany desk, illuminated by a single desk lamp. Each one featured different expressions and moods of a young college student. Her layered honey colored hair fell just above her shoulder blades, and her chocolate brown eyes were framed by long dark lashes. A pale slender hand held a picture showing the girl looking into the eyes of her crush, sporting a shy grin. By looking at her small build you could tell she was short, just over 5 feet. This photograph was his favorite. He sighed and peered at the picture longingly. You could tell so much about her personality through this single expression. A stab of jealousy coursed through him as he studied the facial features of the fair boy she was looking at.

"Someday, love, you'll look at me like that. Yes. Someday."

Alex took one last look at the picture and put it back into his desk drawer, along with the other photos he had taken of Julia.

"I think its time I revisited my captive butterfly." He murmured to himself.

The light went out and he made his way through the darkness towards the room in which she was prisoner.


My hand trembled as I read his note over and over again.

You were amazing last night love. I am even more convinced you will be the perfect sex slave. Rest well, for tonight I have a few surprises planned. ~ Alex

I was attempting to comprehend what this meant. The thought that I was going to be some random guy's sex slave was too farcical of a concept to wrap my head around.

How did this happen? Why me? I don't want this. I don't want to be held here and be with that monster! I... I can't believe I'm not a virgin anymore.... I... I don't know how to handle this.

New tears trickled down my cheeks. I angrily brushed them away while attempting to get the fierce thoughts and sensations of last night out of my head. I quickly gave up my resolve to stop crying. I couldn't end the pain I was feeling.

Sniffing I looked up around the room that seemed to be my prison. It was still dim, however there was a crack of light peaking in through the frame of a door. Gingerly I got up to investigate. Perhaps this would be an escape, from both the monster holding me here and the painful memories of what happened earlier.

I shuffled towards the door trying not to make much noise. Walking was almost unbearable. A harsh ache was throbbing between my legs, my wrists and ankles were also sore from the restraints he used. I concentrated on the door, telling myself over and over that it was my exit, my freedom. Finally I made it to the door, and silently put my head against the door to listen for any sounds.

Nothing. Nothing at all.

My hand shook violently as I reached for the doorknob. I slowly turned it and opened the door quietly. I could feel my stomach twist into knots of anticipation. I carefully looked around the corner of the door and sank to the floor in despair. It was just a bathroom. No windows. No connecting door. No Escape. Slamming my hands against the tiles of the floor I cried out in defeat. Crawling towards the wall I leaned against it and let the tears fall from my eyes. The light of the bathroom hurt my eyes, eventually I closed them and breathed deeply.

I will get out of this. In all the horror movies I watched was it ever easy for the victim to escape? I REFUSE TO GIVE UP!

Shoving the thoughts that this was not a fictional horror movie but real life to the back of my head, I got up and observed the room. Black and white tiles covered the floor and flecks of silver paint decorated the walls. The large tub in the corner caught my attention. It seemed to be built large enough to bathe an elephant. I suddenly got the urge to get into warm soapy water. I wanted to wash the remains of my tormenter off of me. I needed to scrub away all the reminders of my rape. Reaching over I grasped the silver knobs and turned the water on. Grabbing the bath salts sitting next to the tub, I dumped half the container in and watched the bubbles and water raise. The tub filled surprising fast for its size and I quickly climbed in. The warm water soothed my aching flesh.

I began to scrub my skin, washing off the blood and other fluids crusted on to my legs. My breathing slowed and my stream of tears halted. Calming down I sank further into the tub and tried to sort out my situation.

Ok. I am in a house or something like that, in an unknown place with a stalker that knows a ton of details of my life no normal stranger would know. How long has he been watching me? More importantly what freaking surprises could he be planning? Oh hell, I'm in trouble...

A sound at the door shattered my thoughts. Quickly I looked up and saw Alex leaning against the door with a sly grin on his face. Shrieking I quickly crossed my arms over my chest. His deep masculine chuckle bounced against my head and fear coiled in my belly.

"So modest. Another trait that makes you irresistible." Alex cooed.

His tone created a fierce anger that whipped through me. My cheeks flushed in frustration at his cool tone. I was about to retort when I realized this was the first time I had seen his face, let alone his entire profile. I remembered his bright eyes from the yesterday's hellish events, but I couldn't tear my eyes away from his pale face. His dark hair fell just below his chin, a few wisps in his eyes. He had a slender frame; however I know and had felt the power behind his toned muscles. There was no doubt he could over power me in a match of strength. It would be like a butterfly trying to escape the claws of a tiger.

I suddenly snapped out of my trance, furious with myself for even entertaining the thought that he was extremely attractive. Gritting my teeth I stared defiantly into his emerald eyes.

"You bastard. Burn in hell."

This elicited a bark of laughter from him as he moved towards the tub. He hands made quick work of the buttons on his shirt and he stripped it off revealing his muscular chest. I looked away, afraid that I might like what I see. I heard a splash and looked up quickly to see that he had gotten into the tub with me.

I sucked in my breath quickly and moved as far away from him as possible. Alex grinned at me again and started moving towards me. I jumped up, forgetting that I was trying to cover myself and attempted to move out of the tub. Before I could make it he caught my wrist and pulled me back in. He placed his other arm around my stomach and pulled me hard up against his chest.

"Still so reluctant. Aren't you the least bit curious about what I was going to do?" Alex whispered in my ear. I started struggling harder against him, attempting to get the hell away from him. This only made him laugh harder. His laughter and my helplessness both infuriated and disheartened me. I eventually came to realize that the only time I would get out of his arms is when he wanted me to. This thought gave me the courage I needed to continue to struggle.

"Get your hands off of me you toad!"

Alex went from chuckling to full blown laughter. "Toad? Did you honestly call me a toad? I think that may be on of the worst insults I have ever heard. I knew I was going to like you, love."

I opened my mouth to reply when the sensation of him running his finger over my clit made my breath catch in my throat. I went rigid in his arms.

"Ah. That got your attention didn't it love? I love how responsive you are, how after just one night, I own your body."

His words chilled me. Why was it that when he touched me I stopped my struggles? Desperate to get the upper hand I twisted my head towards him.

"Own my body? What the hell?!?! The reason I stopped moving was because you freaking raped me last night and I happen to be a bit sensitive down there. Now stop molesting me you pervert!"

"Oh, I see. It's because you are still hurting. Well I think I can help that." Alex murmured seductively against my neck. He began to move his finger in slow circles around my clit, while kissing and nipping my neck. I arched my back in an attempt to push away from me but he just followed my movements and continued his assault on my senses. I couldn't fool myself into thinking I didn't enjoy this torment. His hands felt so good. My breath came faster, even as I tried to regulate it.

This can't be happening. I don't understand. Why? Why after all he had done to me, do I still response to his touch? I hate this, I hate him.

Suddenly his hand stroked my clit faster and his started teasing my pussy. He swept his hand over my entrance but never traveled inside. I bit my lip to keep from moaning. I renewed my struggles. I needed to get out of his arms. I refused to lose to him again.

Alex laughed softly and began to playfully nip my ear. This angered me even more and I swore under my breath. I slammed my elbow into his gut and tried to get up. His grip loosened a bit and I jumped up. My small victory was short lived because as soon as I was up his hand had a vice like grip on my wrist.

'Let go! You're hurting me!" I yelped. Alex yanked my arm hard and slammed my back against his chest.

"You'll pay for that love. Never forget that you are mine. I can make you do anything I ask."

"Why can't you get through your thick head that you will never be able to manipulate me into doing whatever you want, you sick freak!" I yelled in frustration. The fact that he seemed so confident in his ability to control me sent fear traveling down my spine.

Alex settled back against the tub, once again securing his arm tightly against my stomach. He placed his hand on my pussy. A tear slipped out of my eye as he resumed his strokes against my clit. Soon my breath came fast again; he stroked harder, and began sucking on my neck. I whimpered softly desperate to have this torment end. Suddenly he slipped a finger inside my pussy. A low moan escaped my lips. My cheeks reddened in shame.

"Please stop. I don't want this. Please, please. Don't do this."

Alex continued to move his finger in and out of my pussy, and soon added another. My body welcomed the sensation, even as I tried to fight the feeling that coiled in my belly. I refused to enjoy this again. I begged him to stop, but he ignored my pleas and continued his assault on my pussy. Eventually he had four fingers moving rapidly in and out. I closed my eyes and my head tipped back. Once again I was going to lose the fight.


"Please what love? Continue? Stop? Tell me your desire, and I might give it to you."

Alex placed his thumb over my clit. The new feeling made me shudder. I heard a moan travel through my lips. I tried to get my thoughts together but every rational thought I had evaporated as I was consumed by the pleasure I felt.

"Stop... please stop..." Even as I said it, I wasn't sure if it was really what I wanted. This realization shocked me and made more tears stream out of my eyes.

"Stop what? This?" Alex asked mockingly as he roughly slammed his fingers into my pussy. This new force sent pain searing through my tender flesh and I cried out.

"Yes! Yes! Please stop! Pleeease!"

"Offer me anything. Offer me whatever I want and the pain stops." Alex whispered into my ear. Desperate for relief I caved in and slumped against his chest.

"I'll.... I'll do it. Yes. Anything you want. Just please.... Stop..."

Alex withdrew his hand from my pussy. I sighed, but wasn't sure if I was relieved or disappointed. He stood up and pulled me up with him.

"Hm. I don't own your body huh? I can't make you say anything? Right... Well, love, I'll just have to think about what I want that anything to be, now won't I?"

Shocked I looked into his brilliant eyes. I couldn't believe I had just promised him anything. His touch controlled even the words I spoke. Was I insane? How could I have let that happen? I narrowed my eyes and turned away from him. I breathed deeply and willed myself to become angry. My head was more level when I was angry. I looked back at him, a small smirk traveled across his face.


I turned from him and ran into the next room, hoping to see another door ajar. After being in the bright light of the bathroom, the darkness overwhelmed my senses. I blinked my eyes rapidly to clear them and find an exit but I was too slow. I heard the movement right before I felt Alex's body slam against mine. I toppled over and landed on my stomach on the edge of the bed I woke up in. I cursed loudly and began to struggle wildly hoping to throw him off. He only laughed and grabbed my wrists. In one hand he pinned them down. He used his other hand to grab a piece of cloth resting on the edge of the bed. With brute strength he pinned my body down and quickly tied my wrists together in a matter of seconds. Tears fell down my cheeks as I accepted my defeat.

"Well love it looks like I have to change my plans for you tonight. Your disregard for my authority cannot go unpunished. You ready to submit?"

Before I said anything he kicked my legs open, exposing my pussy. Shocked by the cool air between my legs, I instantly tried to close them.

"No, no, love. They remain open." Alex chided, putting his knee between my thighs. His casual tone frightened me. I couldn't understand how he acted like this was a normal everyday situation to be in. My frantic thoughts were interrupted as I felt his cock push against my pussy lips. I gasped and squeezed my eyes shut, waiting for the unbearable pain to begin. As he slowly pushed himself in I groaned. Surprise gripped me as I realized this didn't hurt nearly as bad as I thought it would. Just as I was adjusting Alex chucked.

"You are so wet, love. I love that you are so turned on by my dominance."

This comment made me arch my back in disgust. I began to struggle again, unaware of how my movements were affecting my captor. He let out a moan and withdrew his cock from my tight pussy. I sighed in relief but cried out a moment later when he slammed back into me. My hands gripped the sheets in front of me as he pounded into me. The pain was back, it wasn't as severe as last night but it still hurt like hell.

I screamed as he picked up his pace. I could hear the wet sucking sounds of my pussy clenching around his cock as he pumped in and out. The sensations were overwhelming and soon I could feel my pussy walls growing taut. I tried to fight off the orgasm I knew was coming. I didn't want to let him win again. When I felt his hand flick my clit, I knew I had lost the battle. He pumped in and out of me fiercely and stoked my clit rapidly. My stomach muscles grew tight and I closed my eyes in defeat. A moment later I was thrown into a blinding orgasm. My hands gripped the sheets so hard my knuckles turned white. I writhed and bucked overwhelmed by the feelings traveling down between my open legs. My toes curled and I stiffened. A minute later he joined me in my orgasm. I felt him pour his seed into my pussy. After he was finished he collapsed on top of me. We both lay panting. His weight was heavy on top of me, I could feel his cock still lodged deep between my thighs and I burned with anger. I wanted to throw him off of me but I was too exhausted to gather the strength to struggle against him.

Alex moved up to my ear and nibbled on it gently before murmuring in my ear.

"Again, love. You haven't earned the right to rest just yet. We're doing this again."

The very thought made me groan into the bed.

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