tagLoving WivesCareful What You Bet On Ch. 04

Careful What You Bet On Ch. 04


Two professional ladies meet online and challenge each other to a strip-wrestling match with loser submitting to winner for the weekend. Please read the first chapters to fully appreciate the background. Please include email addresses if you would like a reply and don't forget to vote. Thanks.


I turned and faced the area where we would fight, obviously in front of the window which made sense given it had the most room. Everything but the couch had been moved out of the way. The couch was moved out three feet to mark the boundaries. I knew I had to focus, especially after Wendy's preshow antics.

"Ok, ladies it's 3:20," said Ron. "A repeat of the rules, assuming no one is backing out?... Ok good. Best of five matches win. We'll use a count of five which Jeff and I will count. All hair pulling, biting, scratching, pinching, licking, sucking, removing of clothes is allowed. No punching. Any hand or tongue on the victim's bare nipples, breasts, pussy, ass or cheeks will result in the victim stopping immediately and fully submitting to such intimate contact, regardless of how such part is being violated. The victim may not resume movement until such hand, tongue, lips or mouth is fully removed or three minutes have passed at which time the game will resume. Failure to do so will result in loss of the match. Going out of bounds, by choice or not, is immediate loss of match and removal of one item of clothing for remainder of game. The loser will submit fully, without question or hesitation to the winner immediately following the game. Loser's partner will fully help the winner. During the game, both partners will fully help the aggressor in any way possible to humiliate, embarrass, expose, or violate the victim. It is understood that everything will be posted on the internet for five full days after checkout. Submission will begin immediately and last till Sunday morning at 11:00am. Any and all pictures will be posted as the winner chooses by Jeff as well as the time and location of the loser's live show to occur sometime before 11am on Sunday. If you specifically want a picture during the match, just ask. Good luck ladies."

"Round one. Go," said Ron.

Immediately we went for each other's shoulders to hold the other from getting too close. I kept my arms close on her neck to block her grabs as we circled, while she looped her hands behind my neck. I expected her to knee me and push me down with her hands to which I was planning a counter attack. However, before I realized what she was doing, if anything, I saw Jeff move around to my side. She had carefully pulled my straps out and held them with her fingers while she undid the loop at my neck but held the tension on the straps so I was none the wiser. The first I thought anything was when she said "Now!" She quickly took a string in each hand, turned to face me and brought both straps and the flimsy material down over my chest before she gave them a final chuck and let the following material hang exposing my bare boobs for everyone. Just as quickly, I was scrambling to cover myself, knowing Jeff got at least one picture of my bare boobs, when she grabbed my ponytail and swung me around facing the window and forced me to my knees with her weight. With her left hand still holding my pony tail, her right hand quickly reached around and grabbed my bare boob, to which she confidently said "Three minutes please."

As Jeff slowed down the snapping, I knew he caught everything from the untieing, letting it fall, me grabbing uselessly, to me now hanging helpless as he clicked away with Wendy's laughing as background music.

"Picture!" she cheered again.

"You wouldn't!" said Jeff obviously shocked at whatever she was planning.

"You refusing so soon Jeff?"

"Certainly not. Pose Ash away."

I looked at Jeff confused and he just shrugged giving me no clue what she was planning. Then I felt her hand on my hair tighten as she forced my head up and said, "Say hi to your friends."

Oh no, the office building was way higher than we were and people were watching us. I was on all fours; helpless for at least another minute as she forced me to watch them watch my tits dangle and bounce. Which thanks to her, they sure did as Jeff captured it all.

"Ok, 5, 4, 3, 2, resume play," said Ron.

Now thoroughly pissed off at her, I quickly pulled my leg under me then used it to kick her in the stomach before I tackled her and quickly flip her for a count of five.

I quickly stood and put my top back on the best I could to the amusement of Ron.

"Ash 1-0," typed Jeff as he sent the pics of Wendy undoing me, dropping me, and milking me for our audience before the one of me flipping her, "though it was an exposing experience for Ash. Check them out. Cheers, Jeff."

"So Big Tits, did you enjoy my feel? You wet yet?"

"Remember dear, I won. And that's all you'll see of me!" I spat back at her.

"Round Two," said Ron. "Ash 1, Wendy 0, though Ashley's tits are now fully on the web for all to see.

Both of us were obviously thinking the same thing as we watched each other's bottoms. Tits were one thing but pussies were another. I couldn't wait to expose her pussy and have it posted on the web. Oh what fun next week's conversations would be. I couldn't wait. Ok, focus. No more mistakes.

Wendy lounged to my right and I went left completely missing her. We played this game for a bit before we both kind of ended up hugging as we circled around. I had longer arms so I quickly swat her butt. She was quick. She pinched my nipple hard at the exact same time. Both of could have easily gotten the tops but we both knew we wanted ass and pussy and now!

In no time we were on the floor rolling. I was on my back but quickly recovered to my knees and grabbed the tie at her right hip and pulled hard definitely loosening it, just as she grabbed my two hip ties and pulled hard in opposite directions. Both of my ties were on the verge of being completely loose. I let go of hers and immediately grabbed for mine, which were now loose, before the material could have a chance to fall.

Jeff was in position and waiting for Wendy's material to fall until I cried "Nnooo."

I watched Jeff quickly turn confused to see what it was that I was pleading for not to happen.

"Oh damn, honey," said Ron.

"Oh Jeff, pictures please."

"My damn pleasure, sweetie. Ok, ready"

Wendy had made no move to stop her right side from falling but instead had watched me grab instinctively for my entire bottom, where both sides were undone. She watched me helplessly place a hand over each grabbing the strings before any of my pussy was revealed. Which played directly into her hand. There I was, kneeling on my knees facing her, my right hand holding one side and my left hand holding the other and I was utterly helpless to do anything but watch her draw attention to my predicament.

"Care to let go of your straps and stop me?"

I had never felt so helpless in all me life. I did not know what to do. I watched her make 'come to me' signs with her fingers and knew not only was she going for my pussy but also she was going for my g-spot, which was supersensitive. Damn, I'd come apart in front of everyone. Somehow I knew that she knew exactly what to do with a body, not to mention a helpless body that she would be in full control of for three minutes. But the alternative was equally as bad. I'd have to expose my pussy and/or ass to her, and thus the net. If I let go, she could still easily outmaneuver me from her position and cup my sex and hold me for three minutes for the camera anyway.

"Well?" Prompted Wendy.

"No, I won't stop you."

Her laugh was pure evil as she left me there waiting for her to make her move. I thought about trying to get away but I knew she would counter anything that I could think of. So, I had to not only watch but also allow her to reach her hand out toward my pussy, slip a hand under it, feel around under it and stick two fingers up my pussy.

"Three minutes please."

Wendy stroked me lightly as she managed to reach back and retie her string but then said "Ride, Big Tits, ride."

She stroked me harder than I could have imagined as I thrust towards her hand, moaning and groaning, helpless to do anything but ride out the pleasure she was giving me. Just before I came, she turned and toppled me for an easy count of five given I was still holding my strings.

I lost the round but was thankful that nothing else was revealed since she very well could have chucked my bottoms from me or at the very least my top again.

"1-1," typed Jeff on the web site, "like the first round Wendy came on strong. Ash untied Wendy's hip string but Wendy countered by untying both of Ash's forcing Ash to use both hands to keep them up. Wendy gave Ash the choice of losing her bottoms and resuming play or remain kneeling and let Wendy finger her. While fingering Ash, Wendy managed to retie herself and give Ash a damn good riding before toppling her for a five count. Best of 3 now. Enjoy. Jeff."

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