tagExhibitionist & VoyeurCareful What You Wish For

Careful What You Wish For


I don't often get nervous, but this time I was almost weak. What the hell was I thinking? I had been "talking" to Michael on Twitter for a few months. It always started off cordial with the regular niceties but ended with a bang. Literally. We had the steamiest online chats I had ever had. Just the thought of him made me wet and wishing for more.

He was hosting a big party at his house to kick off the summer and invited me. I had thought about it for days and finally decided I would go. He lived a few hours from me and said I could easily crash at his place so I could enjoy myself without having to drive home. He assured me that his friends would love me and there would be plenty of people to mingle with if I got bored hanging out with him. Generally when I meet someone for the first time, I like to be in a quiet setting not surrounded by hundreds of his friends. Oh well, there's always a benefit to doing something new, right?? I packed an overnight bag, threw on my cutest sundress, and took off on my journey.

The First Meeting

When I arrived at his house, there were cars encircling his half-moon drive, and down both sides of the road. The house was a huge, two-story, with a wrap around porch almost like you would see in New Orleans. It was breathtaking. As I walked up the drive, I texted him to let him know I was there. Walking towards the door, I was greeted by a few people then one came bounding through the front door, across the porch, and directly to me.

We had exchanged pictures, most of them naughty, but I was ill prepared for the man standing before me. He was about 6'1" with sandy brown hair, the happiest green eyes I had ever seen, and a smile that instantly melted me. He was much more than I had hoped for.

"Well Hello Miss," Micheal said calmly, "welcome to my humble abode."

I giggled, took his arm, and followed him into the house. There were people everywhere. The couches were full, people were standing around and laughing in every floor space I could see, and the pool area was a buzz with more people. I was a bit overwhelmed not knowing how I was going to remember everyone's names, but being the social butterfly that I am...I winged it.

I got to the point where I was comfortable enough to make myself completely at home, bringing people drinks or refilling snack bowls. Every once in a while, if he wasn't by my side chatting away, I would see Micheal steal a glance from across the way. The way his smile lit up his eyes made me giddy every time. I was going to be in trouble for sure!

A Little Tipsy

A few hours in, I was pretty relaxed and feeling a bit of a buzz. Somehow I always seemed to have a margarita in my hand...well more like Michael kept feeding me booze! The more I drank the more I wanted to play. I would sneak up to Michael and slip my wrist in his hand and he would kiss me in return. The further into the night we got, the more aggressive we got with each other. I couldn't help but think of all the things we wrote back and forth for months.

When one of the guests said there were no more limes, I volunteered to get the stash. There was an extra fridge on the sunporch off the side of the pool area where no one was gathered. It connected the master bedroom to the pool and was only an 8x8 room with a small couch and table and of course the fridge. The walls were glass and it would have been a perfect greenhouse, but I was guessing Michael wasn't into plants.

I grabbed the limes from the fridge and was startled by Michael who came up quickly behind me, grabbed me in his arms, turned my head towards him, and planted the deepest kiss on me that I could have ever hoped for.

The Show

I was still facing the fridge as he reached his hands under my sundress, lifting it to expose my bare ass to him. He reached down, unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock placing between my legs. I couldn't help but rub against him. I reached for one of his hands so I could suck on his fingers to stifle my moans. I knew I was going to be loud and there were people nearby. He reached on hand down the front of my dress and started massaging my tits. I had been dreaming about this for months.

Before I knew it, I was on my knees on the couch facing the wall. With my hands against the wall I leaned into it for support as Michael rubbed his hands on my ass. I thought I had heard whispers and looked over my shoulder. Just outside the glass, I could see a few silhouettes.

"Michael, they're watching us," I said.

"It's ok, Kitten. Let's show them that you're my girl. trust me," he said as he rubbed the head of his cock on my wet, little pussy. My slit opened for him, accepting him instantly and he entered me slowly at first. I let out a moan, accepting what I had wanted for months, then he slammed the last couple inches into me, pressing me against the wall.

He placed his hand on the small of my back fucking me rhythmically. We were so in sync that I forget about our audience. I squeezed him tight within me almost not allowing him to pull out, molding my pussy to his size as he stretched me with each thrust. He grabbed my throat and pulled me tight against his chest making my tits stick out as my back arched bringing him deeper inside of me. I reached back to grab his hips, digging my nails in.

I took a peek over my shoulder to see more eyes at the window. "I want them to see what I have, what I am going to own by the end of the night," he growled as he whipped my dress up over my head and threw it to the side. I can barely breathe from the excitement. I beg him to fuck me harder.

The Last Splash

He pushed me back against the wall and pummeling my pussy, opening it for all to see. My thighs were dripping with cum and he pounded again and again against my G Spot sending me into spasms. I had never felt so full.

"I want you to squirt for me like we've talked about, give me a nice warm soak. Let's show everyone what a good girl you are" he demanded.

He pumped long and had one hand around my throat, the other at my hip. I was going to give him every drop of sex that I had been building up as he teased me all night.

"I want to feel it gush all over my cock. Give it to me!" he barked.

I couldn't take it any longer. The harder he plunged into my sopping wet slit, the more my tits bounced. I couldn't control my breathing or anything else. I was his. I squeezed him tighter and he had to hold me up from the sheer force of the orgasm as it electrified my body. Every muscle quivered, as he fucked me through my screaming, gushing, orgasm that soaked us both. My moans turned to animalistic screams and I begged him to cum.

I was so open to him that he slipped his still throbbing cock into my ass with a force I wasn't expecting. Good thing we were slick with cum already. I reached back to spread for him, welcoming him further and with three deep thrusts he was moaning and filling me with his hot stick load. It felt so good, just like I had imagined it. He pumped more bringing his cum out of my ass with his cock, allowing it to run out and down to my slit. I take all of it, every drop he can give me until finally he slows and stops keeping his cock within me.

He held me around the waist leaning me back to him and we stood there for a minute to breathe. It was then I started realizing where we were and heard the slight muffled applause from the audience I forgot we had. I could see bodies slowly walk away from the windows as we stood together as one. Finally he pulled out with a pop and our juices ran down our bodies, warm, slick, perfect.

He lead me to the bedroom where I could clean up and after I felt less of a cum slut, he led me to the bed and held me for a while. I felt him kiss my forehead as I nodded off. In the distance I could hear cheers and high fives. I smiled and drifted away.

I woke the next morning to Micheal cradling me in his arms, his breath on my neck. Sometimes crazy chances do lead to good things.

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