I'd been working on a training draft proposal for a few hours and thought I was finally getting somewhere. The PC was just becoming available in government offices, and those that were handy were normally found at the department level. I had asked for, and gotten permission to use the department secretary's computer, which was located across the hall from the department's customer service desk. The only time I was allowed to use it was after normal work hours, and was forced to adjust my day to working the night shift.

Carla didn't really work for anyone; she was one of those individuals that couldn't quite cut it in her primary job, and the powers that be didn't want to just get rid of her (and then lose her on the roster with no replacement). So, she was assigned the customer service desk job and came split her month by working during the day every other week, alternating to the evening shift the following week. It was a solution that just about everybody liked; the crews didn't have to take a qualified body and put them on 'the desk', and Carla no longer had to face training and poor performance reports. I will say this much for her, though; Carla worked whatever job she was assigned to the best of her abilities, and did an outstanding job on 'the desk'.

At almost six feet tall, with a great set of legs and an ass that just begs to be watched, Carla sported short strawberry blonde hair to make it easier in keeping with regulations. While she wasn't pretty, she exuded sensuality, even when wearing coveralls, talking in a soft, smoky voice, using a minimum of makeup to accentuate her looks. I'd say her breasts were about the size of large apples, and she work bras that gave her a bit of cleavage. Today she was wearing an off white button down blouse and dark skirt that came just above her knees. Whenever she needed to go back to the service desk, I'd be watching her ass, trying to guess what type of undergarments she had on. I knew she had two kids, but one would be hard pressed to believe it; she had a trim figure and a magnificent ass. I couldn't see a panty line, so I was guessing she was wearing pantyhose with built in panties, or she had a thong on.

Things were slow this night and Carla kept wandering over to the office I was in to chat. She kept breaking my train of thought whenever she came by, and I was starting to get frustrated with her. Even with pointed comments that I was busy, Carla seemed to not take the hint and leave me alone; I wanted to get this thing finished, or at least the draft. When she came to the door, I ignored her and continued my work, grunting an acknowledgement to whatever she was saying. With what happened next, all I can think is Carla doesn't like to be ignored...

I was focused, as much as I could, on writing the next section of the draft. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Carla step away from the doorframe and come into the office, walking behind me to plop her butt on the left side of the desk. I was a bit surprised by this, but kept working, trying to figure out what she was up to. She skootched back, sliding her ass until the backs of her legs touched the side of the desk. She made no attempt to adjust her skirt. At this point I gave up, pushed back from the computer and turned slightly to face her, looking up at her smiling eyes.

'You know, it's not very polite to ignore someone talking to you.' The smile moved down to her coral pink lips, which curled up a bit. 'I'm bored to tears over there and I really don't want to talk to the security guy any more. He makes me uncomfortable.'

'How does he do that, Carla?" I'd just finished brushing something from my shirt and, as my eyes moved up to see her face, I noticed her legs were slightly separated. From the angle I was sitting, I couldn't see much past her lower thigh, but I did notice the pattern of the pantyhose she was wearing. My gaze lingered a bit as I was trying to figure a way to discretely move over a bit to see further up her skirt.

'He does things like that...what you just did, look at my legs. You know I can see your reflection in the glass over by the desk? I saw you watching my ass every time I went back over there." Her smile got a little bigger, and she leaned back on her hands, causing her blouse to tighten over her chest. I couldn't help but see the design and pattern of her bra. "He'd do that, too. Look at my tits."

"" I figured I just might be in a bit of trouble over this. We'd already had a couple of guys counseled or fired for sexual harassment. I was trying to remember if she had anything to do with either of those cases.

'I apologize, Carla. If you stay over on your side of the hallway, I'll just get back to what I'm working on.'

'I don't mind. Really. But he gave me a creepy feeling when I spent more than a few minutes over there. I don't know what it is about him, but I'd rather talk with you...if you don't mind.'

'...uhhh...' What was going on here? With the pressure on guys to watch what they do and/or say when it comes to women, I stopped trying to interpret, or read between the lines. 'I'm at a loss here, Carla. What exactly are you saying? You come over here, sit on this desk, and act provocatively. I can't help but notice your legs, or your breasts, when you put yourself in that pose.'

She leaned forward, which caused a gap to appear in her blouse. Being a guy, my eyes were immediately drawn to the sudden appearance of once hidden flesh. I do love peek-a-boo flashes some women inadvertently give. 'I think what is it about the security guy is his...blatantness? Is that a word? Anyway, he thinks just because I was talking to him we could maybe go off someplace and, you know, do something.'

'Well, that puts me on my toes, to say the least! You're sending me some sort of signal here, Carla, and I'm kind of confused. Did you go sit on his desk, like that, when he brought this up? If he did, then you led him on.'

'Are you leading me on? Or just being a tease?'

'I don't tease, or, I should say I don't mean to tease.' She leaned back again like before, and I saw her legs shift apart a bit more. 'I guess I do tease, but only when it's being appreciated.' That brought me back to paying attention to her face, trying to read what she was getting at. 'When I tease, though, it's usually to a pay off of some kind. That's only fair, don't you think?'

'I agree with that. But, don't you think everyone involved should know the rules to play the game? Or even if there is a game on?' I still didn't know where this was going, but I was done working for the night. If she was just being a prick tease, then I was going to just leave and take my growing woody with me. I'd figure out other work arrangements to keep some distance between us after this.

'Okay. Here goes; do you want to play games with me?' Right after she said this, Carla made it a point for me to see her shift her butt a bit, spreading her thighs a bit more. I'd say her knees were a good three or four inches apart by now...and I still didn't have a clear shot. But, damn, I was seeing well up her skirt at her thigh. Mr. Happy was really starting to wake up, only to discover he was sort of bent up and needing to be shifted around to be really Happy.

'That's pretty straight forward, don't you think?' she leaned forward again. 'But, I want you to know I'm really a private person. What I do or say is for me, and those I chose to play with.'

'I'm a very private person, too, and very cautious. The last thing I want, or need is problems at home, or work.' I was trying to adjust myself without seeming to, hoping she didn't notice what I was doing.

'You like this, don't you? I can tell you can't see very far up my skirt, but that hasn't stopped you from looking. And just being able to see a part of me no one else normally sees, except my husband, turns you on, doesn't it?'

I took a big mental step, and looked in her eyes, 'Carla, I deliberately avoid hints. I ignore them when I think I hear them. I've never been any good at interpreting them, and have had to get my foot removed from one orifice or another because I read the hint wrong. So, what exactly are you looking for here, right now?'

She shifted toward me a bit. I just knew I could look down and right up her thighs to her pantyhose covered crotch, if I looked that is. I kept my eyes on her face though. 'You can look, Bob, it'll give you something to do while we talk about the game.' That was all I needed, the green light to ogle at this woman who was pretty much flaunting herself at me. It turns out she's not wearing pantyhose! At first I couldn't figure out what she was wearing, but my eyes had an unobstructed view of her trimmed pussy hair (she was a natural!).

'Surprised? I took off my thong a little while ago when I decided to talk to you about this game. I had to make a couple more trips to the ladies room just to wipe up some of the juices that kept building up while I got my nerve up to approach you, Bob. Can you see me there? Let me open up a little more.'

With that she shifted again, dropping one foot on the corner of my chair, causing her skirt to ride up just past midthigh. 'Here are the rules, or at least the ones I need to be comfortable with this. One, no one must ever know.'

'Agreed. I have too much at stake, so do you. I don't know how far this goes, but I don't think I want to screw this up. Damn, Carla, you have big lips, with just enough hair to make it very edible.'

'I can smell me. I used to think guys would find it offensive, but the older I get the more I realize guys like the smell of a hot cunt. And some girls, too.' I quickly looked up, seeing her eyes glint and her smile broaden at my reaction. Come on, what guy doesn't fantasize about two women together?

'Two, I can only play at work, or at work related functions. My husband keeps tight control over me...or at least he things he does. I have to be home within a few minutes of leaving work, so, whatever happens or goes on, does so here, or the other building.' Carla was playing with the buttons on her blouse. The top one was now undone, and she was playing with the second, having her fingers slip under the material ever once in a while to stroke her breast.

Our department has another facility about a mile down the road, so I knew what building she was talking about. It's where my office and the other division offices are located. 'That could be a problem, but I can work with it. I'll think of where we can get together and let you know. Don't think I'm being forward right now, but I've just got to adjust myself here.'

Carla smiled at that and watched as I moved my ever stiffening hard on to a more comfortable position. 'I love watching a man touch himself. That's one of the rules of the game, Bob; you have to play with yourself sometimes.' She moved to stand up, 'I need to take a trip to the ladies room. I'll be back in a minute.' She started walking around the desk and toward the door. I started to mention her unbuttoned top, but saw she wasn't going through the door, just standing there, looking around. She came back to me and leaned on the arm of my chair. My gaze went from her face to the opening of her blouse. I had a clear view of both her bra encased breasts; her bra covering most of her, but pushing them up and in to give her tits great shape.

'I wanted you to see my tits before I left. You've been sitting there staring at my pussy during our conversation, and my girls wanted some attention, too. I know they're small, but my nipples are very sensitive, Bob. Do you like sucking and biting tits?'

With that she stood up again and turned partially facing the doorway. 'Rule Three, I get to tease all I want when I want. I love making a man hard, knowing I'm the one who is making the tent in his pants. Don't worry, Bob, I'll get you off, as many times as I can get away with here at work. Put your hand up my skirt, Bob, no one's near the desk or in the hall right now. Feel how hot my cunt is.'

I was on cloud nine! What a change in what I expected at work tonight. Here's a woman who has no inhibitions to fucking around at work. I placed my hand on her right calf, cupping the back of her leg, feeling the stocking covering her flesh. She moved her left leg as far as her skirt allowed, giving me room to move up her leg.

'Your hands are soft, Bob. Be prepared to drop your hand if I start to move away. If I do, it'll be because someone is coming...not to be confused with one of US cumming.' As I slowly moved my hand up, feeling the firmness of her thigh, Carla continued with the rules. 'Number Four, we tell each other our experiences. I want to hear how you learned about sex, what you've done, and where. Stop avoiding my pussy, Bob.'

I'd moved my hand up past her thigh and onto her ass. It was a delightful mix of firm and soft. Running my middle finger along her center division, I slowly came into contact with her wet pussy. Carla moaned softly...her breathing was becoming shallow, almost a soft pant.

'Number Five, I have to let you finger me whenever you want – anywhere you want. You don't have to ask, just tell me your desires and I'll find a way to be available to you.' Hearing that I quickly started pushing my finger between her cunt lips. She had a large clit that I bumped a couple of times adjusting my hand.

'Oh, you like that idea. I just saw your dick jump in you pants. Don't take it out, but stroke it for me. I can see a wet spot on you pants.' I did, rubbing the top of my pants until I reached my balls, I cupped then gently squeezing them before moving my hand back up the shaft. 'Put another finger inside me, Bob. One of these days I want you to put all your fingers in me. I've tried to get my whole hand inside my cunt, but haven't succeeded yet. I read about fisting and want to try it. Your hands look like they would fit.'

I don't know how, but Carla is hitting all the right buttons for me. My second wife loved to be fisted, sometimes cumming so hard she'd pass out. It was great for her, and I got extremely turned on by it as well. I really wanted to pull my dick out and jerk off, or something, just to get some relief!

Just then she moved back and away from my hand. I understood and shifted and swiveled my chair. In a loud voice Carla said "I'll see if I can find that tech manual and be right back', and was out the door. I hadn't heard any footsteps, nor saw anyone, but whatever she saw or heard was enough for her to go out. I sat there wishing my stiffy would go down, so I could get up. My head was still spinning over what had just transpired. This whole thing was unreal, but I wasn't about to pinch myself and wake up!

A few minutes later I heard the click of heels coming down the hall. I wheeled the chair over enough to look, and saw Carla walking toward me, some manual in hand. I stayed in that position, watching how she walked, seeing her smile get bigger. She looked causally around and reached up to her blouse, and began unbuttoning it. The hall is a good 100 feet long with several office doors on either side. Most were unused this time of day, but one or two had to have someone working in them. As I watched the material separate more with each loose button, I prayed no one walked out to see what I was see....or was it more a prayer someone would step out as she walked by?

Just as she reached the doorway, her blouse undone to the waist, Carla moved the latch between the bra cups, opening it. She leaned onto the arm of my chair and I got an unobstructed view of her tits hanging loosely in her blouse. Her nipples were about a half inch long, puckered and very hard.

'Put your hand up to my pussy again, Bob. I have a surprise for you. Do you like the looks of my nipples? I went into the bathroom and pulled and pinched them until they got this size. I had to wipe the cunt juices running down my thigh before I could come back out. The tops of my stockings are soaked! Can you feel that? Put your finger inside.....that's my thong; pull it out...slowly....ooooooh, god yeah that feels good.'

'I want you to go into the bathroom and jerk off on them.'


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