tagNonHumanCarnal Adventure Ch. 01

Carnal Adventure Ch. 01



I noticed her watching me halfway through my act. The lights were too dim for me to really get a look at her, but I liked what I could see. The tiny top she wore left little to the imagination, especially with the way she was leaning on the stage. Three degrees lower and I knew she'd pop right out. Her huge yellow eyes were distracting, catching on the flashes of blue and purple light that danced with me. I had to keep glancing her way, to see if she liked the way I moved my body to the heavy beat of the music, to see if she was watching as I rubbed my cock against the cool steel pole.

I've been an exotic dancer for years, but no one in my audience has caught my eye like this one. As I stepped backstage, I had an itch to get a closer look at her. I slipped a tight pair of blue jeans on, glancing at myself in the mirror as I buttoned them closed. I'm a lion, but big even for my breed. A perfect white lion. I have violet eyes that could stop traffic. I keep the four suits of cards dyed into my fur, on my thighs and arms—mostly because I like to take chances, but also because I like the way black and red look against my fur. Other than that, though, I don't have a single piercing or tattoo, like some of the other dancers.

I pass one of those dancers on my way out, a rat named Tommy. He's got his dick pierced, he's also gay, and there's two things we disagree on. But he's all right, and I pat him on the back before stepping out into the nightclub.

She's watching the door like she knew I'd be walking through it to see her. A smirk on her feline face almost gives it away. Damn, she's sexy. I love a woman with a little weight on her, and this one's got it in all the right places. She's a tabby cat, much smaller than me, but already I'm imagining her pinned beneath me. As I'm walking over to her, she's walking to me, and we meet somewhere in the middle. Tommy's taking the stage now, and I have to raise my voice over the music.

"Tryin' to get out of here?" Some women like cocky. I can tell she's one of them.

Her long tail flicks out to the side, swishing against her green skirt. I already know she's not wearing anything beneath it. "I've got a place," she says.

We walk the few blocks in silence. I watch the way her hips sway when she walks, the way her tail follows, and I notice she has something around the base of her tail, but it's too dark for me to see what it is. I slip my thumbs into my pockets and enjoy the scent of her—heady, female, and aroused.

She leads us into an apartment building, up a few flights of stairs, and to a door—apartment 92 B. The door's unlocked and we go inside.

Her apartment is not what I'd expect of a woman who frequented nightclubs. Books lined one wall. The furniture was expensive and the rooms were clean. She'd been burning candles before she came to the club—I could still smell the smoke.

Gods bless this woman, she is not here for small talk. She came up to me, pulling the little camisole over her head and throwing it to the side. Her breasts are perfect. I grab one, squeezing it, as I pul her against me. She's grinning up at me while I grind my hips against her, letting her feel my cock.

"For me?" she asked, coy. I feel her fingers trace the outline of it through the jeans, making the confining bottoms even more uncomfortable. As if she'd read my mind, she deftly pops the button open. The strength of my organ pushes the zipper open, bouncing out into her waiting paw. I grip her ass as she strokes me.

We make it over to the couch and she pushes me down on it, squatting between my legs. Before I know what to expect, she's sucking on my dick like she'd been born to do it. Her rough tongue reaches almost all the way down to my balls when she dips down, and she doesn't let them go unattended for long, either. The hand that's angling my length to her lips slides down to the base, her fingers sliding beneath my heavy sac, and then she starts to roll my balls like huge marbles.

It feels great, but when I go, I want it to be between her legs, not the other way around. I place a paw on her head and draw her back, hungrily stealing a kiss from those delicious lips before pulling her up on the couch with me. I kick my jeans away as I slide my paws beneath her skirt—no panties, as I'd known—and damn if she isn't soaking wet already. The smell of her sex is making me drool, and I know I have to get a taste of that.

She doesn't argue when I push her back on the couch, tugging away the long skirt and tossing it into the background. Soft cream fur covers her belly and her breasts, the gentle tabby stripes barely touching her middle. I run my paws over her thick thighs before spreading them and diving in. That hungry little pink mouth kisses me almost as sweet as honey, and smells even better. I nuzzle against her clitoris, slipping my tongue into her tunnel, slurping up whatever she can give me. She's sighing and rubbing my ears, her fingers twirling in my mane. When I feel her thighs start to tighten around my head, I pull back, licking my lips.

I think I'm in love when I don't even have to say anything. She's as hungry for me as I am for her, and the very moment I sit back on the couch, she's in my lap. She faces away from me and I get two good handfuls of that perfect ass before I realize I can see the cuff at her tailbase now. It's leather, tooled to say "spank me". I'm pleased to oblige.

She purrs and looks back to me after I give a couple open-palmed slaps to her rear, arching her back and backing it up against my chest. I can feel her wet pussy kissing my stomach, but more importantly, she's stroking my cock again. I slide my thumbs between her cheeks and find her sex, pushing both digits inside until she decides it's time to quit fooling around.

I'm hard and she's wet, and even with the size difference, I slide in pretty easily. She's so hot it makes me gasp, my hands clutching her hips and holding her down.

She moves with a rhythm all her own, and I am subject to her will. That beautiful body sliding over my own is a pleasant addition to the steady motion. I get an eyeful and a handful when she leans back enough for me to be able to grab her tits. She moans as I stroke the pads of my thumbs over her nipples, one of her hands on my stomach behind her so she doesn't miss a beat. I can feel my dick stretching her—she's tight, no fooling, this girl does her Kegels. The amount of control she has of those muscles is amazing enough. I can't wait to feel her come.

All of a sudden, she wants to switch positions. This is done so fluidly, I never even have to pull out. My new tabby cat friend is also very flexible. She lifts her leg and turns in my lap so she's facing me, leaning into me to kiss. I kiss her back, but I'm sloppy—way more interested in fucking than making love. She understands, and takes two big handfuls of my mane as she leans back. We're on the floor in seconds; it doesn't take long for me to realize what she wants. I'm over her, and her legs are up in the air as I pound into her, going deeper now.

I'm attacked by her orgasm. Small cats tend to be mouthy comers, but this one just lets out one steady yowl, shuddering when I don't stop my already brutal assault of her pussy. She's still holding onto my mane, tugging, her claws extended. The muscles clenching around my cock are tightening still, and I know she'll be over the edge again in no time. I plan on joining her there.

I lean over her, my hips jarring against hers in short, hard thrusts. I can feel my balls start to tense just as the kitten below me starts to meow again. This time, as she's milking my cock, I'm giving her all I've got. I come like I haven't come in months and I feel it leaking out, dripping past my soggy balls.

We lie there for awhile before she nudges me over. I flop over obligingly onto my back, still panting. What a night.

I can hardly believe my ears when she asks me if I'd like a bowl of ice cream.

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