tagErotic HorrorCarnal Castle - Derrek's Story Ch. 01

Carnal Castle - Derrek's Story Ch. 01


Chapter One: First Time

Part One: Swaying in the Shadows

I'll never forget that night. What started out as a typical night out at the clubs turned into a life-changing event. And it all started with her, the woman. So lustfully mysterious. I remember when I first saw her. It was a club I had only frequented a handful of times, El Villagio and I had waited for my drink at the bar. I turned around just as the music switched to something slow and saw her hourglass figure that swayed in the shadows.

Even in the dark I could see her exquisite figure, curvy and voluptuous. Her breasts swayed with the rhythm of the music, and I could tell they were easily C cups. Her hair was long, curly, and a deep blood red. It also matched her lipstick, which complimented her puffy lips. Even though her lips and hair were vivid red, the rest of her skin was pale. She wore a red dress, which clearly matched the rest of her and it flowed down to her calves. She also had on a black silky scarf that intertwined with her body as she swayed. As she danced, she looked over at me. I saw her emerald eyes stare directly into my soul, and her ruby lips pursed before curving into a sensual smile. It was at that moment I decided to forego my drink and head over to meet her.

She met my eyes once more as I moved towards her. Then she turned her back to me, letting me see her curvy, heart-shaped ass. It moved in sweet perfection with the music, and she motioned for me to come closer. I put my hands on her hips and gripped her with a sense of purpose. As the music faded, she turned to face me. I was finally able to introduce myself as Derrek.

I'm no stranger to attraction, but I have never been the one who has to take initiative. I'm well-toned with the body of a rugby player, since I've played most of my life. No major scars or injuries either, because even though I've kept in shape I try to avoid anything that would lessen my chance in finding someone to sleep with. I am also fairly groomed, into what they call "manscaping" making sure everything looks clean and trim. My dark brown hair is combed over and matches my trimmed facial hair, and my blue eyes are known to be irresistible to the many people I've slept with. They've always remarked how much they like them, and I use it to my advantage to woo a new potential partner. I've definitely been classified as a "pretty boy" but really just want to do whatever it takes to get into someone's bed.

She finally told me her name: Eva. I looked down as she said this. I'll never forget how sexy she looked. She said her name, and then slowly raised her eyes to lock with mine, biting her lip ever so subtly.

"Can I get you a drink or anything?" I asked. I saw her lips curve once again into a smile, this time a hint of deviancy was behind those luscious lips of hers.

"I am rather thirsty." She whispered, barely audible with the music. I turned to go to the bar, and she grabbed me suddenly and planted her lips onto mine with a sudden urgency I wasn't expecting.

Our lips parted and she looked up at me again with her gorgeous emerald eyes. "Let's have that drink at my place." She replied. I did not need to be told twice.

She took me by the hand and led me out of the club, to the valet, and into her sleek black Porsche. Where this sudden confidence came from, I had no idea. Little did I know that there was more to her than I could ever have imagined.

She drove with a sense of urgency and weaved in and out of traffic. Soon we were out of the city and drove into the countryside.

"Where are you taking me?" I asked.

She smirked and as she drove she said, "We are going back to my place. Just a fore warning though, I'm not the only one who lives there."

"Who else is there? Roommates? Family?"

"I guess you could say family...but you'll just have to see for yourself." She replied. She finally veered the vehicle down a dirt path that as unlit. You would miss it unless you knew it was there. Trees surrounded this road, and it seemed to go in only one direction. Finally she slammed the brakes and I looked up. I couldn't believe my eyes: it was a castle!

"Wait are you telling me you live in this castle?" I asked. It looked abandoned from the outside. I had a strange feeling but I wasn't about to back out, she mesmerized me, and even as she sat in the driver's seat her body exuded a sense of sensuality I had never experienced before.

"I must warn you Derrek, few are invited into this castle. It truly is a privilege. But you must also realize that there will be things you've never seen before. My...family is different. This will be a night you won't forget, but if you want to turn around and go home I will oblige. But if you choose to enter our castle...there is no turning back." She locked eyes with me as she said these last words for effect. There was no way I was going to turn back. I was set on being with her, and was not going to back out of this opportunity to sleep with this goddess.

"I'm all in." I said. I truly hoped I soon would be. She smiled her devious smile, as if she knew a dark secret she wasn't going to tell me. She pressed a button and the gates to the castle opened. The ancient iron gates were massive, complete with spiked prongs at the tip. There was a weird crest in the middle that I couldn't see clearly in the dark, with two large initials in cursive on the crest: CC.

"What's the initials stand for? Family name?" I asked.

She smiled and replied, "No actually. The second C is for Castle obviously."

"And the first?" I inquired.

She parked the car near the entrance, locked eyes with me and drew her lips close to mine so that they were almost touching. Then she whispered one word, "Carnal." At that we kissed, and I felt her tongue slide into my mouth. I returned the favor and we soon groped each other's bodies as our tongues intertwined and danced in and out of each other's mouths. She finally pulled back as I began to inch my fingers down towards the opening in her dress.

"Not yet." She said. "There's something I want to show you first." She opened the car door and walked out towards the entrance. I could see her curves highlighted in the moonlight, that perfect ass of hers swaying back and forth. Her heels clicked under the stone cobbled entryway that led to two heavy oak doors with the same crest and initials as the ones on the gate. She didn't turn to wait for me, she knew I was going to follow. I quickly went behind her, following her steps to the entrance.

Part Two: The East Wing

There was already a door man there waiting for us. He smiled at Eva and glanced at my direction. She said to him, "Eva here with one guest for the night." The doorman acknowledged and put his hand on the heavy brass door handle. It was in the shape of a dragon.

"Are you ready" She asked me.

All I could do was nod as I waited for the door to open. We entered a grand hallway with marble floors and staircases. The outside did not do justice to the castles interior. It was surprisingly modern, and definitely not abandoned. I quickly realized we had entered a party at the castle. I was taken aback, but tried to compose myself. Eva didn't skip a beat and motioned for me to follow her past the many different people in the castle. They didn't seem to acknowledge my presence and Eva made no effort to introduce me. I continued to follow her as she moved to the East Wing of the castle. This wing wasn't as well lit, but the windows were wide open with the full moon lighting up the carpeted hallway. She veered to the right and moved two heavy blood red curtains which led us down a hallway. Lanterns glimmered and the hallway seemed to be taking us further into the center of the castle.

We finally reached a heavy blood red door with an iron knocker on it. The door itself was decorated with what appeared to be an orgy. Different brass figurines intertwined in sensual positions. Upon further inspection I noticed the knocker itself was two naked women touching at the feet and kissing right where the heavy brass part was. It seemed wherever she was taking me, it was going to be an area meant for privacy. In a way it was, but in another way it was most certainly not meant for two people to venture by themselves, because when she opened the door I was taken aback.

Through the door was a whole other part of the castle filled with more guests. The only difference between this area and the one we had previously walked through was that everyone was naked. Not only were they naked, they were all having sex! My eyes could not find and area that was void of flesh. People were engaged in various acts in every inch of the area. On the couch to my right were two men who stroked each other's cocks as their female companions scissored and moaned, their shaved pussies wet from their own friction. In the corners of the room were sex swings, all fully occupied. One had a dark skinned man who rammed his nine inch member into a petite pale skinned blonde woman who couldn't have been older than nineteen. Her ass was swung back and forth from his member, and she was clearly oblivious to her sounds, because her moans were decibels louder than the ones around her.

The room seemed to be built for all of these sexcapades that lay before me. The chandelier was full of the same type of nude orgy figurines, and each light seemed to have a sex act of some sort. The marble staircase had a golden rail on each side, and each baluster was a golden nude statue, alternating between male and female. Even the grand fireplace had similar golden nude statues that were interlaced high up the burgundy walls. It seemed this East Wing of Carnal Castle was made for sex, and I couldn't be happier.

The room also had nooks and crannies and dark corners which people were taking advantage of. One corner had a dark curvy woman with her legs wrapped around a pale skinned man. She was pinned in a corner and bounced up and down as he thrusted his sex into hers. Every time she would be down, she would grind her pussy onto him. The contrast between their bodies was quite stunning, and I found myself becoming very aroused at the spectacular view that lay in front of me. The room was filled with noises of ecstasy and bodies glistening as they performed many deviant acts, and I was definitely getting stiff from all of the stimulants in front of me.

A nude female server approached me with a silver tray of glasses filled with drinks. It took every ounce of composure to look at the drinks instead of her glistening body. She was pale with dark brown hair and matching brown eyes. One side of the tray was white wines, while the other side was reds. I went to grab one but Eva beat me to it. She took the red wine for her and handed me the white. I liked that she could take initiative and have such confidence, but something told me she still was hiding something.

Eva looked at my crotch and saw that I was visibly aroused. She smiled and led me up the marble staircase. She motioned for me to take my drink and I began to sip it. She laughed and gulped hers down in one motion and said, "Now hurry up and drink." I happily obliged and felt the crisp white wine slide down my throat. I begin to feel a tingling sensation and my eyes widened and blood rushed throughout my body. I could feel my heart racing, but I assumed it was the anticipation for what the night had in store. We walked up the staircase and were led to another dimly lit hallway. Some nude couples had ventured up here and were making out in the hallway but most were in the occupied rooms.

"Don't worry sweetie," Evan said, "my room is at the end, and it is locked and vacant."

She then flashed that deviant smile I'd been seeing all night. I now began to wonder: had she done this before? What was she hiding? I watched her ass sway side to side as she led me through the corridor.

Part Three: Strangers in the Night

Most rooms were closed with the same blood red curtains, some were shut off completely with doors, and others remained open. Some couples liked to be watched, and it was clear that they got off from it because my eyes would wander into the open rooms and see people engaged in acts I could only dream of.

One in particular had a man engaged with two other females. He was spread onto the bed, his hands and feet tied with rope to each of the bedposts. Both women were licking and kissing his body and he was blindfolded. One woman had olive colored skin and short black hair with sparkling sapphire eyes while the other had straight long black hair with brown eyes. The woman with longer black hair seemed to have an exotic skin tone and had perky size B cup breasts. She was of Asian descent while the other looked Italian. The Italian woman had D cup breasts and a round ass that stuck out as she laid on top of the man kissing him.

The man was moaning in ecstasy as both women kissed every inch of his body. He seemed well toned and completely shaved, on his head and everywhere else. He was tan and had brown eyes, but the eyes were closed as he let pleasure overcome his body. Then, the Asian woman gave soft kisses that trailed down to his hard seven inch cock, and began to engulf his hard member. Her head began to bob up and down as she sucked his hard cock, while the other woman flipped over to face the doorway and move her wet glistening slit towards the man's face.

"Now I want you to bury your tongue inside me, and don't hold back," She said in a thick accent, "Lick me until I cum. I want to feel you lapping up my juices when you make me cum hun."

The man muffled, but the woman had already pushed her pussy into his awaiting tongue and began to grind herself onto his face. As he moaned the Asian woman bobbed her head faster. The other was moving her hips and grinded her pussy at the same speed as her counterpart bobbed her head. She moaned in pure lust as the man ate her out, and she finally began to open her eyes. She saw me staring at them all, licked her lips and winked at me. She motioned for me to come over, but Eva stopped me. Eva gave the woman a look, and the woman nodded as if she understood the unspoken signal. I was oblivious to it, but I felt Eva go behind me and grab my throbbing hard cock.

"You can look, but don't you dare fucking touch them." Eva whispered. She grabbed my cock firmly as if to warn me. Then she continued, "You are mine tonight."

Eva continued to stroke my dick, and allowed me to continue watching them. The Asian woman had stopped sucking the man's cock and moved up towards the man. She positioned herself down onto the man's waiting member and began to ride him. He groaned as he felt her soft juicy pussy began to gyrate back and forth. The other girl continued to let him eat her pussy, and moved closer to her partner. They began to make out, as each of them was being pleased by the man. The Italian woman moaned audibly as her pussy was being eaten while the Asian woman continued to quicken the pace, riding the man as fast as she could.

As they fucked, Eva moved down to her knees and unzipped my pants. She took out my throbbing hard cock and began to stroke it. She then looked up at me with her big emerald eyes and bit her lip before pursing her lips. Then, in one swooping motion, she took my cock all the way to her throat. My cock isn't massive, but it's a good seven inches. She took every inch and began to deep throat me. I couldn't believe the threesome in front of me, combined with how amazing Eva's mouth felt. Her lips were pressed against my cock and I could feel her tongue corkscrew around my shaft as she sucked me.

The Asian woman spun around and was now facing us. She began to smile too, and I watched as her firm tits began to bounce up and down as she bounced on his cock. Her B cup nipples were perky and small, perfect for nibbling. The Italian's D cups were big and dark nipples, and they hung down as she shoved her pussy into the man's face, panting on all fours as he pleased her.

Eva began to stroke my cock as she sucked it. I was already precumming and she was moaning as she tasted me. She hungered for more. Her lustful eyes looked up at me as she swirled her tongue around my shaft, pausing to flick her tongue on my tip to taste me.

The Asian woman was rocking on the man's cock and began to moan as she reached an orgasm. The woman switched and the Italian woman happily hopped on the man's hard member. While the Asian woman was slow and sensual, the Italian liked to fuck fast and hard. She quickened the pace and bounced up and down on his hard cock. She had her back facing towards me, and her juicy ass slapped against the man's thighs. She began to speak in a language I didn't understand, although I think some of it was Italian.

These women seemed to crave the man's sex. It was like they hungered for it. Each of them continued to alternate between riding his cock and being eaten out. The Italian would work him fast and the Asian would be slow and sensual. I was entranced. I felt like the only connection to being outside the room was Eva hungrily giving me mind-blowing oral.

The Italian woman spoke to her partner, "I feel his balls starting to tighten. Our boy toy is about to cum. You know what to do." When she said this something strange began to happen: the Italian woman moved off of the man and removed his blindfold, and both began to kiss his neck. Eva got up and motioned for me to follow her but I still wanted to watch. Eva grabbed my hand and put it on her ass, and took her other hand and placed it on my still hard cock. I began to follow her, but in my last glance I saw the two women, and they looked different. Their eyes had turned red and their teeth began to glisten. Eva had already moved me out of their view, literally guiding me by my cock, so I didn't get to see how it ended. I heard the man moan as he obviously finished, but it was a strange moan, one that sounded like he was in pain too. I was too busy with Eva to dwell on it though, and I followed her down the hall.

Part Four: The Sacrifice

At the end of the hall were two black doors with golden door handles. There was a dragon in metallic red whose outline was painted on both doors. In the middle was a sign on a silver plaque: Eva's Room. She opened the doors and I was taken aback.

In the center of the room was an old-fashioned master bed with a canopy. The walls were made of burgundy red felt, complete with intricate design. The curtains on the canopy were black, and the sheets on the bed were blood red. The floor was marble complete with a Persian rug. In the corner was a red Victorian chair, complete with a vanity table. The fireplace was lit by a remote, and music began to fill the air. At first it seemed like music from the club, but it subtly changed to something I've never heard before. She closed the heavy doors and opened the window that overlooked one of the castle's interior gardens. I could see another couple outside, nude and making love in the moonlight. Their moans were audible to everyone within earshot. Soon, I heard other moans around us. Even through the music, the moans seemed louder and more intense. The walls must not be thin at all, because it was as if the entire castle was moaning.

Eva, still leading me by the cock, led me to the Victorian chair. She slowly unbuttoned my shirt at first, then ripped it off. I liked how unpredictable she was. She then threw my pants and boxers down to my ankles and pushed me back in the chair. My body went to the chair and left my clothes behind. Eva then danced and swayed to the music. She threw her scarf to the ground before slowly unzipping her red dress. Then, she threw the dress off in one swooping motion. I was shocked to see her wearing a dark red corset with a matching thong, complete with garters and thin fishnet stockings. Her dark red heels still remained on as well.

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