tagInterracial LoveCaroline Ended Up No Lady

Caroline Ended Up No Lady


Lady Caroline Carter was looking out of her huge picture Windows she had just had installed, it gave her the most expansive view of her wonderful gardens. She loved this house, she was a woman who had it all. Well, almost all. But she was happy, she was envied too, had lots of friends and acquaintances, some of whom were good friends and one or two that were jealous of her. They were jealous because of what she had achieved, and especially who she had married those twenty long years ago.

She had two children but sadly now they were in college, and only came home at term ends. So Caroline did have it all, but now she was lonely, her social calendar was chock full, in fact the offers far exceeded her free time. Her husband who was Earl Sir Alan Carter was in London on business, he was in the house of Lords, known as Alan but his real title stretched for miles, and he was related distantly to the Royal family. On the day they had married his full names had been read, this made Caroline giggle, the whole church had heard her and joined in, and much to her happy surprise so had her new husband, followed by a very cheerful bishop.

She appreciated all he had done and given her over the years and in return Caroline had been the perfect wife, mother, lover, friend and hostess to him. Now, he really did have it all, he still showed her off, and she could understand that. If you looked like she did any man would want to show her off. But sometimes she resented it, sometimes he projected her as a trophy wife, and she would angrily reject it. This had caused embarrassing arguments quickly dowsed by an equally embarrassed husband.

Her home was magnificent, the up keep was enormous but her husband was terrifically wealthy so it never played a part in their lives although he had had installed energy saving devices. An up the date heating system, double glazing, all sort of management things that she had no idea of what they did. The house warm and cosy in winter, and light and airy in summer.

It was twenty bedrooms, ten were en suite. Four reception rooms, three dining rooms which got used as and when necessary due to numbers invited to dinner. She had four permanent staff, and brought in more when needed. One of the permanent staff was Seth her old gardener. He was a black man. Lady Caroline had employed him fifteen years ago, he had been 50 years old at the time and now he was 65. The sole reason he had got the job was because he was black.

Her husband had said, "no way are we employing a black man, what would people say?"

Caroline had reared up at him at those words, Seth got the job, and what a success he had been. The gardens, which Caroline took a great and active interest in were in pristine condition, due in some part to her own efforts, she was a keen gardener, and she had learned a lot from Seth. And unknown to anyone, she was secretly excited by him. She liked black men, and she had had some explosive orgasms with a black man in her mind when her husband had made love to her.

She had made love with a black boy in college, just to find out if it was true that all her friends had told her about black willies! In her case it hadn't been true, but never the less, that occasion had stayed with her all her life. For the last twenty or more years she had wondered, it had never been an obsession, but it popped into her mind now and again. She had even thought about Seth's cock, would his be the huge one? But the old saying of 'never shitting on your own doorstep' had relinquished the thoughts as quickly as she had had them.

Lady Caroline had been brought up by moderately well off parents, she had had a great upbringing, she had a brother that she loved dearly and was in constant touch, even though he was now a successful man in the USA. She had gone to college, got the required degrees and at the end of term party which had been a riot, she had been introduced to her to be husband, who had been invited simply because his family were large benefactors.

He had been smitten from the get go. He pursued the gloriously beautiful woman with as much energy as he could, and eventually he had won her. The life he showed her knocked her socks off. Her true friends knew she had no inkling of his life at the beginning, but those who were jealous had decided that she was a gold digger.

Caroline was now 42 years old and time had been kind to her, she was still a very beautiful and sensuous woman who could and did turn heads where ever she went. Tallish at 5ft 7" a still gorgeous head of natural ash silk blond hair, she did high light it but none knew, it was her secret. She didn't over do it though; she had no intention of joining the peroxide brigade! She often wore it up, but when it was down it reached past her shoulders.

Her complexion had grown with her, it wasn't the flawless perfection it once had been, and there were tiny lines at the corners of her still amazingly deep blue yes. Her high cheekbones lent power to her eyes too. They enhanced her natural beauty. She was the consummate beautiful older woman, the young mans wet dream, and including many older men too. She still received many offers?

Her face was picturesque, a straight nose rounded gently at the tip, she carried her head high, this gave her a look and perception of aloofness that she certainly wasn't, but it protected her in a way from some ardent fans. Her mouth was generous, full lipped, the upper one very slightly larger than the lower. This gave her the photogenic look she had. She had indeed adorned many a magazine in the past, and only last week she had appeared in Vogue.

Her husband had encouraged her to let the odd magazine interview and photo her, she had done this because she knew it helped him in the business world. He received invites to places and meetings simply because possible business deals would be enhanced by her very presence, especially those over seas lecherous Arabs. She had been what he wanted her to be, and fended off all generous kind offers of everything from jewels, to even an air plane of her own!

She was proud of her body, she was as fit now as she had been when she was 20 years old, yes she had put on a few pounds but it all synced with her totally. Her breasts were still full and sensitive, she liked that. Her pussy was kept neat and trimmed, just as she insisted her garden was kept, 'if only Seth knew,' she would giggle and say to herself!

Caroline had one blemish in her life, one she didn't really regret but vowed it would never happen again. She had got drunk one night, which in itself was something of an aberration, she never over indulged. It had happened when had been in London on her own shopping. The young hotel night porter had helped her to bed, and seduced her, in her drunken state she was all for it, 'cock,' she had told him, 'I need your cock,' she had slurred, as he worked her nipples as he had carried her to her room.

She remembered the man; he was off duty when she had risen the following morning with a huge hangover. He had fucked her long and hard, and, bless him, he had used a condom. She remembered the orgasms she had under him, crying out to him as she thundered over the edge. Then she woke up on her own. She packed, and left immediately and never once returned to that hotel.

Her only regret was that he hadn't been black because he had had a good sized cock, bigger than her husbands and that was why she had had the huge orgasms. It was one of those things that descend on you as you get older, as time passes by you start to think, 'hey ho, never mind, my chances of experiencing it has probably gone now.'

But fate was about to take a hand in a big way, a way that would change her life style.

Lady Caroline called Seth into her kitchen, he sensed something was wrong, he could see it in her eyes, was he about to be fired? He was 65 now maybe he was being replaced by someone fitter, more able?

"Seth," she said in her sweet melodic voice, he loved it, and he loved her if the truth was known, he had often said to himself, 'oh if only I was 20 or 30 years younger, I'd do her right well.' He had seen the look in her magnetic blue eyes. He knew, she had told him silently, unknowingly, that she wanted him, or wanted black, to try black, to even be blacked. Lady Caroline wanted black, she sent him the silent message.

She knew the saying that all women who wanted to try it knew, 'once you go black, you don't go back,' but Lady Caroline didn't believe it, she knew it wouldn't alter her life greatly if she ever got to go down that particularly and unknown to her, treacherous path. Was she a closet 'black cock slut?' 'Lady Caroline Carter a black cock bitch?' The thought was as fantastic to him as it was implausible for him to even think about it, let alone attempt it. He knew where he would end up, in jail!

"Seth, the large tree at the bottom of the garden, over the last two years it has blocked the view of the moors and land more and more, trimming hasn't worked, it's grown even bigger, I think it's time we thought about digging it out?"

Seth sank into the chair at the table, the one he had pictured himself as he had fucked her white ass. He was so relieved at what she had said.

"Maam, are you sure, it's quite old?"

"Yes I know, I've had a tree surgeon look at it and he tells me it was probably fall over in the next two years. I've cleared it with the local council, and its okay to do it, can you handle it?" Her voice washed over him, his prick hardened. Even at 65 Seth was still a man, and he was still an active man too, his wife would confirm that. He was sat in the presence of a beautiful sexy white woman, miles above his station.

"Maam, I have a grandson who needs some work, he goes to college in 3 months, I can get him, and he's a big strong boy maam?" he told her.

"Fine Seth, I don't know if we have the kind of tools for such a task, but buy what you need from the account, I'll leave it with you, alright?" She rose from the table, turned to leave, he was being dismissed but he didn't mind, she could dismiss him all she wanted. He watched her drift out and looked longingly at her as she went. 'Oh Lady, if only you knew?' He thought, he rubbed his prick, looks like the wife is going to get this instead, and he laughed.

Seth checked the tree it was large one, so he spent some time picturing in his mind how to tackle it, get to the top, lop off branches and work your self down. Then the trunk, that would be the most difficult, he knew how deep a tree root could go, it wouldn't be done in a few days, it would probably take a couple of weeks.

Seth brought his 19 year old grandson Toby, he introduced him to Lady Caroline, and he could see she was immediately impressed, not only was he polite and well spoken, but he was a confident young man. He saw her eyes light up as she studied him in the way only a woman can study a man, she appraised him in moments, and Seth knew she had admired him.

Lady Caroline walked with them into the garden, it was early summer and the weather was lovely. She was wearing calf length boots with no heel, a skirt that swished around the top of them, and a poncho type top. Her shirt collar was stuck out at the top, and long sleeved with the cuffs turned up. She looked magnificent; he saw Toby's eyes nearly pop out of his head.

'You play your cards right here laddie,' he told himself, 'and you might get more than root and branch!' Then another long held thought popped into his lecherous head, 'and maybe I would too, I'll have to work on it, and her?'

Seth had over the years targeted white women, and he had been successful too. He had been a prolific lover of disenchanted white wives. They were easy prey for him, in his younger days he had been the consummate black seducer, good looking, tall powerful, confident, and as a lot of women had found out, a very dominant personality. Now his grandson was taking up the mantle, but there were still fires burning in the older man, and he intended to stoke Lady Caroline's boiler room given the chance.

He made an excuse and left to go to his shed leaving them alone, he knew his grandson was a smooth operator, he had got it off his father, who had got it off him.

He heard the Lady laughing and giggling in a schoolgirl way, he was at her already, 'fucking hell,' he said to himself. 'He'll have her eating out of his hand soon!' Toby was over 6ft, broad and muscular, very good looking, perfect teeth that were dazzling when he smiled. He was dressed in a close fitting but a not too tight black cotton top, shorts that almost touched his knees that were tight. Super strong legs supported his young manly frame. And a good thick bulge at the front of them. Caroline had noticed that, oh how she had noticed that!

Lady Caroline was heating up, she was stood next to a man who had filled her dreams and thoughts on and off for 20 odd years. Her beautiful face was flushed, her nipples were hard and tingling, her lower half was buzzing, her thoughts were running away with her, she was trying to talk, but her mind was talking to her. She made an excuse and said she had to go now. Toby put his hand on her shoulder and asked her if she was alright.

"Yes," she stammered, the feel of his hand there made her cringe with excitement, looking up into his massive brown eyes. "I'll catch you later." And she was gone.

Seth wandered over, "what do you think Toby?" He asked.

"I think we'll need longer ladders granddad." He said.

"I'm not talking about the tree, idiot," he smiled, "I'm talking about Lady Caroline."

"Wow granddad, she is one beautiful lady, she's gorgeous, I know I shouldn't say this, but because you are my granddad I will. She is hot granddad, very hot, I like her, if only, hey?"

"Yes Toby you are right, and if you don't mind a little advice?"

"Go on granddad, you know I always listen and believe what you say."

"She has the hots for you son, she is a closet black cock lover, she just needs showing."

"Granddad, how do you know that, you can't do, can you?"

"Believe me Toby I know, you handle it right son. You'll get her boy, no problem."

"Bloody hell granddad, you sure?" and he looked back at the window, he saw curtains twitch, had she been looking at him?

Lady Caroline had indeed been looking at him, and if she knew what they were talking about they would be out of a job immediately. But her pussy was in action, her nipples growling at her. She went up stairs and took care of herself with Toby's powerful frame naked in her mind. She had an atomic orgasm; she had to bite the bed clothes to silence herself.

The following day they started on the tree, Seth supporting the ladder at the bottom, Toby at the top lopping branches, soon they had to stop to clear away the debris. Lady Caroline brought them drinks, much to the chagrin of her newly married kitchen maid, who was also enamoured with the powerful young man up the ladder. Married only 7 months her new husband hadn't even tried to get a job, he just sat in front of the TV everyday.

At lunch time she called them into the kitchen where the maid had done a superb rabbit pie. Lady Caroline shooed her away. Toby was now well aware of the good lady; he had his charms firmly fixed on her. Seth had told him how to operate around her. He gave her many admiring glances, and lots of puppy dog looks that he knew could tempt any woman. He had practised at school and even got one of the young married cleaning staff in a cupboard one evening.

That night Caroline had a sex session with young Toby in her head, she was becoming more and more fixated about him. The bulge in his pants was almost more than she could handle, she just couldn't stop taking secret glances at it, glances that were well observed by Toby and then told to his granddad.

She was becoming totally inflamed by his dark good looks, his strong powerful body, the gracefulness of his youth. In truth she was seducing herself for him. Lady Caroline was becoming the architect of her own downfall. Toby didn't have to do anything but give her the looks, let her see his bulging prick whenever she was close by, which was getting more frequent. And his prick really was at attention too. Whenever Toby wasn't up the tree Seth made himself scarce.

Toby by this time had taking to touching her, by the elbow, his hand on her back, resting innocently on her shoulder as they chatted. Holding her hand as he helped her step over logs and the like, His deep brown eyes totally focussed on her deeper blue ones, ones he was trying to hypnotise. He wasn't a hypnotist but he was winning any battle that might have been going on.

Caroline for her part loved chatting with him, his enthusiasm, his energy spiked her. His broad knowledge of the world for one so young enthralled her. And now she was slowly taking to wearing the sort of dresses or skirts and tops that were not meant for working days in the garden, even tight jeans were bought and worn. Lady Caroline Carter was burying herself. Toby also dressed for the part, making sure everything he wore was with her in mind, to ensure she concentrated solely on him, and it worked too.

Then came the weekend, the staff were gone until the Monday, Caroline valued her free time, a quiet house, her husband was still in London. She wondered at herself behaving like she were a silly sixteen year old smitten schoolgirl. Practically throwing herself at Toby, she was so glad they hadn't noticed. What would Seth think if he knew? She had no idea how ludicrous that idea was. The beautiful blond Lady Caroline was practically being led by the nose by them, Toby doing the leading, Seth doing the orchestrating.

Saturday morning Lady Caroline awoke with an urgent need, she was horny. She had actually dreamt of Toby, and that was a first. She had dreamed that he had been on a sandy tropical beach somewhere, and she had walked naked out of the sea and into his strong arms, he had kissed her, then the dream ended so annoyingly.

She was lying in bed, slowly playing with her nicely trimmed pussy; she was heading for a blow out! She could feel it. Then she heard a loud noise outside, wondering what it was she rose and went to the window. She saw Toby climbing the ladder; he seemed to be on his own.

Dressing quickly in a knee length skirt, and a designer shirt, made in the style of a man's, she hurried out to see him, they chatted, he fixed her with his now mesmeric eyes, held hers and soon she was in internal disarray. Making stuttering excuses the mortally wounded Lady said she would make him a breakfast.

While she was in the kitchen she heard a bang and a shout, looking out she saw the ladder and Toby on the grassed lawn. She raced out to him, threw herself down and cradled his head.

"Oh Toby, Toby, are you alright?" She was in fear of him being hurt.

"I think so maam," he told her painfully.

"Where does it hurt, what have you done, where are you injured, I'll call an ambulance."

"No maam," he whispered, "I'm okay, but my shoulder hurts a little, perhaps if I went in?"

"Oh yes, yes Toby." She helped him up and aided him into the house.

He knew she was on her own this weekend, and he had also known he was here on his own; his granddad was not appearing this morning. Therefore an accident had been arranged. He had watched her, and when her back was turned he dropped the ladder down and dropped himself beside it. It had worked like a dream, now the next bit was the tricky bit.

She helped him in and pulled out a chair, but he staggered on and into the large sitting room, looking around he decided which sofa he would use, the largest one, and headed for that. Lady Caroline helped him. He lowered himself down with lots of little grunts, then said, "this is no good maam, the floor maybe?"

"Lady Caroline agreed straight away and helped him down onto his stomach, not seeing him pop the stud of his shorts, and not hearing the zip flash down either. And certainly not seeing the fact that he had no underwear on.

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