Caroline Ended Up No Lady


Toby stood there now certain in the knowledge that she had gone right under and was drowning in a sea of unremitting desire for him. 'Granddad, you will be so proud of me!'

"Okay, but lets not hear of this anymore shall we', Where's the bathroom, I need a shower." Caroline rose to him, went and settled in his strong black arms and hugged him to her.

"This way," she said quietly.

She ran a bath while he waited, it was one of those two people things, plenty of room for some action, he told himself. They spent 2 hours in the, Caroline happily sucked his cock, he made her sit on his face, she came time after time. It was Toby's goal to make her cum and cum, it was all he wanted, he wasn't too bothered about himself. His target was to make her fully reliant on his prick and his body. Caroline for her part just couldn't get enough of him, couldn't get close enough to his smooth black skin.

Her husband rang that night to tell her he would be home on the Tuesday morning. If he could have seen his wife slobbering over the thick black prick in her mouth moments before he would have died. Both slept likem exhausted children that night, Toby fucked her long and hard when they woke. Then he ordered her to go and make breakfast while he had another snooze. She was stunned, 'make him his breakfast?' He gave her a shove that was hard enough to send her over the edge of the bed and on to the floor, she jumped to her feet only to receive an unseen wallop to her tight ass, "Go on I'm hungry!"

Lady Caroline Carter did as she was told, she hated herself, but he had the upper hand, she knew now a challenge to that was not on the cards. She returned in a loving mood, she had to. She wanted him all day long, if she didn't shape up there was no telling what he would do, she needed his beautiful thick black cock. 'He is right,' she told herself, 'I am his black cock slut, I am his black cock whore, and do you know what? I love it.'

She returned with a tray for him, she even fed him, mewled around him, kissed him, tickled him, and touched him, in short. Lady Caroline Carter was his, she knew it now. But she was also savvy enough to know it wouldn't be allowed to last, it never could, something would give way, and something would blow it all up and right out of the water. And she was right, but not in the way she had imagined.

That afternoon Toby got her on her back and entered her heated, sopping and also now sore pussy, she had been ravaged to the nth degree. But that didn't stop her screeching out his name as orgasms hit her and wrecked her again and again. Toby got her feet over her shoulders, he had fingered her ass few times but she wriggled, saying 'no Toby please don't,' he had stopped but only because he would get her this way, and there would be nothing she could do to stop him.

He fucked and loved her, his handsome face above hers, his smile was devastating, the flash of white teeth enamoured her. Toby cruised in and out, not wanting to cum, but wanting her to cum more and more. He was weakening her for his complete defilement, utter debauchery of the feminine, elegant and sophisticated Lady Caroline.

Toby pulled out of her pussy and banged it all the way into her exposed Ass. Caroline screamed out in instant pain. Toby pushed her left foot over his head, her right foot fell away to the bed. Lady Caroline had no time to react, stepping his knees one by one over hers, she was face down in a few seconds. Toby laid his weight on her. Lady Caroline cried out in agony, his prick had been used to spin her around and was still fully embedded in her.

"Toby Toby Oh gods Toby no, no please no," her tears were real and she was begging, Toby slid his hands under her shoulders and clasped them over the back of her neck. Lady Caroline was utterly trapped with no way of escaping. She was in a wrestlers hold, the full nelson. Toby began stuffing his prick in and out, he needed to hurt her to show her the way of a black man.

The only parts she could move were her lower legs, and her lower arms, she was completely unable to do anything to stop the horrendous pain she was going through.

"This is your lesson Caroline, I am teaching you how to behave, how to submit to a superior being, me!" He continued to fuck her ass with a regular and insistent thrusts. Caroline's ass now slowly expanding to the girth within it. He let go of his hold, he knew she didn't have any strength now to resist him, he forced his hands under her a nd began to work her super sensitive nipples. Caroline moaned for him, he pushed one hand down and collected her glorious clit, another longer and louder moan.

"That's it Caroline give way to it, give way to me, your loving master!"

"Yes yes yse, I am, I will oh Toby, I can't bear it."

"You have to bear it Caroline, it has to be this way, you need it, the black cock you need has to be in you wherever it is decided it wants to go, you have to know and understand, do you?"

"Yes," she wept, and then Toby forced her to cum by crushing nipples then squeezing her hard little nub. Caroline broke right there, right then under him. There would never be any more no's, oh's, pleases, only yeses to him.

The beautiful fabulous blond haired Lady Caroline Carter was now unquestionably owned by her 19 year old gardener. Toby made her lick him clean; she looked at him but lowered her eyes when he raised his brows at her. He finished with her, showered got dressed and left.

"I'll see you in the morning bright and early Caroline, I'll expect my breakfast, and Granddads, and you can visit me in the shed at 10am for your breakfast." He grabbed at his crotch, smiled and slapped her ass hard, and was gone.

Toby went to see his granddad and told him everything, "you were dead right granddad, she is a black cock slut whore completely, and she'll do anything and everything I tell her to do."

"Well now, I did tell you didn't I? And tomorrow she will learn a few more things too!" And he laughed as he grabbed Toby and hugged him, oh how he loved this boy!

Lady Caroline stayed in bed for the rest of the day, rising only in the evening to shower and remove the very soiled bed covers. But her thoughts stayed on Toby, she had been angry with him after he had left, but by the time the evening wore on that gave way to desire and longing for him. She called him.

"Goodnight Toby, I'll see you in the morning?" she whispered throatily down the phone.

"Me and my granddad will see you in the shed at 10, don't be late," he told her and put the phone down.

Lady Caroline just looked at the phone, 'me and granddad will see you in the shed at 10, and don't be late?'

'Maybe he didn't realise what he had just said,' she told herself. She was to find out she was plain wrong!

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