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Carpool Adventure


We always hated it when it was Martin's turn to drive, though we only said it behind his back. It was about the only bad part of the carpooling situation the five of us had set up. We all took advantage of the corporation's digital bulletin board to find that we all lived in the same town about an hour outside of the city. Gas is expensive as is car upkeep, so sharing the costs of our commutes was just an intelligent thing to do.

The reason why we hated Martin's turn to drive was his compact car's heater only worked intermittently and it was terribly cramped. Four of us met at Martin's car that mid-December evening at 5:30. Joe had called us and said that he was meeting his wife who'd come to pick him up early from work at lunch. That left Martin driving with Earl next to him in the passenger seat. I was lucky. I was in the cramped backseat with the lovely Mindy.

Mindy was the youngest of us all. She was a lovely young wife of one of our town's lawyers. They'd married a year after he graduated law school, and she moved to the town with him. She worked in accounting while I worked in human resources as a recruiter, so we hardly ever saw each other. Even so, we both enjoyed the time we had to talk every morning and during the ride home in the evening. I especially enjoyed it. I found it difficult to date again after a ten-year marriage that ended in a bitter divorce. Her talks were fun and flirtatious and reminded me how fun it could be to have women as friends. The sexual tension made every conversation a nice escape from my otherwise lonely life.

We climbed into the backseat and instantly started teasing each other. We sat in the dim light of the backseat, only made bright every once in awhile by a street light as we drove through the city. I texted her phone, "Maybe that skirt could be a little tighter. Who U tryin 2 impress?"

She smiled at me and answered via text, "Shut up! Maybe those pants could B tighter; esp. around the bulge." I silently laughed without looking at her.

"Maybe it's the company I keep," I texted, referring to her.

"Who? Martin?" she texted back. Ha Ha! She got me on that one.

I looked out the window as we started to leave the metropolitan area into the darker wooded area leading to our town. My state of contemplation was disturbed by the vibrating of my phone.

Her text said, "What? Pouting?

I smiled and texted her back: "Just thinking about that skirt UR wearing. "

The digital exchange was not abnormal. We had grown comfortable sending flirtatious, taunting texts to each other. It was all innocent fun.

She answered, "What? This old thing?"

I texted, "Yeah. I'd like it better...never mind."

She tried to cover her smile. I was surprised to hear her actually speak. She leaned forward to Martin and asked, "Hey Martin. Do you mind if I used this blanket you have folded in the back. It's a bit cold back here."

Martin, concentrating on the song on the radio as much as the road answered, "Sure." I hadn't even seen it. It was folded and tucked in the tiny storage space behind our seat. Mindy reached back over the seat, giving me a great view of her body, half-covered by the aforementioned long skirt and the other half covered by a professional looking white blouse. She sat back down, unfolded the blanket, and covered her legs with it. She returned to her blackberry and started typing. I wondered if I had crossed a line. Then the next text came.

"Wut were U going 2 say," her text asked.

I didn't know if I wanted to go there, but I did. "Pulled a little higher so I can C those thighs." What the fuck Frank I asked myself. I couldn't believe I sent the text. Apparently she couldn't either because her mouth formed an "O" and she pursed her lips in a smile. She nodded her mock disapproval.

"Not nice," she wrote back.

"Yeah. Disregard," I answered, hoping I hadn't given her cause for a sexual harassment charge.

She began to rustle beside me. She turned so her face so it was facing out the window and I was sure I'd pissed her off. I looked at her back turned to me and was sure of it. I looked back out the rear window and anxiously awaited the ride to end.

After a couple of minutes, my phone vibrated again. The text read, "Take a look." I looked back over my shoulder. It was wonderful! Mindy had pulled the blanket that was covering her just enough to expose herself to me. She sat, still turned, with the long skirt held around her waist. In the dim light, I saw her bent legs pushed together. They were covered by sheer stockings that ended in lacy tan bands wrapped around her muscled, olive thighs. The silky white material of her panties clumped at the apex where her two inner thighs met. From that point, her panties v'd up toward the bands that held them around her waist, barely covering a luscious ass that stuck out and invited me to touch it.

But just as quickly as the view was there, it was gone. Mindy covered herself back up with the blanket. She began to rustle again as she adjusted her dress. We pulled into the parking lot where all of our cars were parked. She didn't even say goodbye to any of us, but walked straight to her car.

I did the same after my normal good-bye to the guys: "Same time tomorrow?"

Earl and Martin answered, "Yup." I watched them all drive away, including the gorgeous Mindy.

I sat in my car and ran it to heat it up. In addition, I had to catch my breath and think about what had just happened. Incredible. The phone vibrated. It was Mindy. The text read, "Should have seen ur face!" I laughed at her audacity.

"Ur crazy...but not complaining. See (more) of U 2morrow." I replied.

"Keep dreaming," was her texted reply.

"Ahh shux," I replied.

"Sometimes dreams come tru. C U 2morrow," was her final text that night.

I smiled as I pulled into my driveway. What a way to finish my day. I couldn't wait for tomorrow and the ride to work.

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