tagBDSMCase #802120 Ch. 03

Case #802120 Ch. 03


Chapter 3 - Mug Shots

My thoughts were still on my husband when the cock in my mouth finally discharged. At first, I wasn't even fully conscious of the fact he was ejaculating because there wasn't a lot of fluid -- just a sudden increase in the saltiness of my saliva. I sucked slightly harder and prepared myself for a blast of gushing jism, but it didn't happen. Officer Al was now jerking his hips a bit, and I could tell by his low, throaty growls that he was in the throes of pleasure, but that was it. There was maybe fifteen seconds of this and then he pushed my forehead back and withdrew his cock.

"Whatd'ya think, Al? Did she make you cum?" Phil asked.

"Yeah. A bit."

"Only a bit?"

"Well," Al paused while he pulled up his trousers. "I had already cum three times tonight. She was lucky to get anything at all from my balls!"

All the men laughed loudly. I just felt numb.

"What about you, Sarge? You want to empty your balls too?" Phil asked, turning to the desk sergeant.

"Yeah, but not now. I've gotta get Miss Tijuana over there processed before I finish my shift."

He glanced over his shoulder at the clock on the wall -- 11:45pm. The girl in the leather hood made no sound or anything to suggest she even heard him.

"OK then. Well, I'm outta here," Phil said.

He turned to leave but suddenly stopped, as if he'd suddenly forgotten something. "Brad!"

The officer in charge of the hooker laughed. "Yes, Phil?"

"Do -- you -- want to fuck this slut's face before we lock her up for the night?"

"Thanks man, but I've got to process this bitch first, and she's been such a fucken cunt to bring in that I'm saving myself to fuck her ass good and proper!"

The officers all laughed at this, like there was some secret joke going on between them. I didn't care and was too tired to try and guess what was going on. All I wanted to do was get off my knees and have the booking process finished. Officer Brad and Al then jerked the hooker's leash and dragged her toward the corridor that led to the interview room. I watched silently as she tripped and stumbled blindly behind them -- her screaming protests reactivated but mumbled behind the mask.

"On ya feet, slave 802120," the desk sergeant said.

I struggled to obey his command, but the short chain between my ankles made it exceedingly difficult. With much effort, I eventually got to my feet and shuffled behind the desk sergeant as he led me into a small room behind his desk.

"Stand against the wall," he said, indicating a brightly painted wall with height markers on it. "Mug-shot time."

I remained expressionless as he snapped Polaroid photos of me standing against the wall -- full frontal; in profile; and finally from behind. When I thought he was done I started to turn back to face him, but he ordered me not to move. I stood there facing the wall for what felt like an eternity, no longer sure whether or not he was even still in the room. I was about to sneak a look over my shoulder when he suddenly reappeared behind me.

He tied a black satin scarf as a blindfold around my head and knotted it tightly. I felt momentarily unsteady on my feet in the darkness but eventually a sense of balance returned. Not being able to see what he was doing made me feel uneasy, although the sound of the Polaroid clicking and whirring again at least provided a clue. I'd hear a few shots and then he'd reposition me, turning me this way and that until I could no longer remember which way I was facing. He didn't say anything, but if I concentrated really hard, I could hear him breathing. The sound of keys rattling caught my attention. I sensed him close behind me and then felt his hands at my ankles. The manacles around them were unlocked and removed, followed by the ones securing my wrists behind my back. I heard them drop with a clunk on the floor.

"Put your arms out," he said from a position uncomfortably close behind me. "Place your hands on the wall and assume the position."

I knew what he meant, and my pulse quickened a beat. I reached out cautiously until I could feel the wall in front of me and placed the palms of my hands against it. Pushing myself slowly away, I stepped back until I was a full arm's length away from it and then took a couple of small, tentative steps that forced me to lean forward.

"Spread your legs," he whispered.

I inched my feet apart on the floor.

"I need to check you for contraband," he said.

I drew in a quick, short breath when his hands lightly slid across my shoulders and up into my hair. He combed his fingers through it in a manner that I thought was more for pleasure that business. Satisfied I wasn't hiding anything there, his hands drifted back down to my ribs. They slipped slowly around and eventually cupped my breasts, which he then proceeded to softly grope.

"You're very easily aroused." His voice was hot and moist on my shoulder as he gently tweaked my nipples.

I held my breath. He was still dressed, but I could feel the hard bulge of his erection in his trousers pressed against my pussy.

"Answer me," he said.

"I'm not sure," I mumbled meekly.

"Sure you are. The other officers said you are. What did Phil say? He said you cum very quickly. Yes, that's what he said."

I could feel my face blushing. His thumbs were toying with my nipples, flicking them until they were tensely swollen with signs of my arousal. I attempted a denial but it didn't sound convincing; not even to me.

He continued teasing my nipples and discreetly rubbing his cock mound against my pussy. Eventually, the warmth of his body against mine lifted and his hands disappeared from my breasts. The next sensation I became aware of was his fingers now down between my legs, lightly feathering the outer lips of my pussy. I gasped. The scent of my arousal suddenly filled my nostrils and made me acutely aware of how close to orgasming I had become. His fingers -- first one, and then another, pressed effortlessly up into my moist pussy.

I was already on standing on the balls of my feet and couldn't climb any higher to escape when I felt him scissoring his fingers in my pussy. He gently stretched and manipulated my vagina for a few moments and then eased a third finger into me. They squirmed and twisted before a fourth finger ultimately joined them.

"Just relax," he said.

My breaths were shallow and rapid as I felt the back of his other hand pushing up the inside of my left thigh. I could feel him wriggling the fingers of this hand as if trying to bring them together in prayer in my stretched pussy. He was starting to hurt me, but I had no idea how to tell him to stop. His thumbs came together and wriggled between my ass cheeks, which he then spread obscenely. I could feel him holding them spread and then his hot breath close to my anus.

"Oh my god!" I gasped under my breath.

His tongue, wet and ticklish, began lashing my puckered anus. It was a thoroughly revolting thought to think what he was doing, but at the same time it felt so ticklish I had to choke back a fit of giggles. The four fingers of both his hands now packed my pussy, buried completely in me as he tongued my ass.

The sound of his noisy slobbering against my ass was disgusting, but still the giggles bobbled up inside me. It was so perverse; so bizarre. I squirmed and wriggled, not to escape but to spread my legs just that little bit further. Occasionally his touch would really touch a pleasure-sensitive nerve and I'd throw my head back and moan loudly. I felt so ashamed of myself; so dirty and disgusting.

"You like having your ass played with?" he asked.

I dared not answer but my giggles betrayed me. His tongue continued its assault and pressed hard like a freakish cock against my anus. I shivered all over and burst into fits of unstoppable laughter.

"OK then, if it's in the ass you want --"

His fingers suddenly withdrawing from my soaking pussy made a vulgar slurping sound that shocked me and reduced my laughter to a few sporadic breathless chuckles. I was still blindfolded, but I could hear him remove his trousers and, judging by the time he took, his shirt as well.

An icy coldness then dribbled into the crack of my ass. I could feel him spreading my cheeks again while the lube trickled toward my anus. He pressed the nozzle of something directly against my tingling anus and then I felt a sudden burst of cold slipperiness. The next thing I sensed was his cock, blindly prodding up between my thighs in search of my ass. Once found, he inched closer between my spread legs and seated the tip of his cock against my tightly tensed sphincter muscle.

His wasn't a large cock, although it was definitely large enough and hard enough to take away my breath when it finally broke past my resistance. I panted and gasped; my ass burning with the heat of friction as his cock pressed deep into my ass. He reached around and grabbed my breasts and hugged me tight.

Stars began to flash in my darkness. His body pressed tight against my back while his hips rocked behind me, slowly fucking my ass with a steady rhythm of short, sharp strokes. I could tell by his erratic breathing that his excitement was escalating at an exponential rate. He bucked hard against my ass and began grunting obscenities into my ear. His fingers pinched my nipples very hard, stretching and pulling them to the rhythm of his fucking. He kept repeating how tight my ass was -- how good it felt on his cock.

"I'm gunna cum! I'm gunna cum!" he grunted as his hip thrusting increased to a crescendo. "I'm gunna cum in you ass, you slut!"

His cock was really burning and stinging my sore, tortured anus and I became desperate to have him stop. There was no way to escape from my position between him and the wall without collapsing and possibly having him do my ass serious damage, so I started mumbling him the same sorts of obscene encouragements he'd given me.

"Your. Cock. Feels. Good. In. My. Ass." I timed my words for his thrusts and gasped after each one. Even though the pain was becoming unbearable, I tensed my ass muscles and tried to hold his cock still. "Cum! Cum now!"

His grunted sounds became unintelligible, sounding half-animal and half like an infant whimpering a high-pitched tone. He jerked and spasmed his entire body against mine as if having an epileptic seizure. And then he suddenly stopped.

I held my breath for a moment and tried to orientate my senses to what was going on. A sensation of warmness suddenly filled me somewhere deep inside. It was a wonderful, out-of-this-world type of sensation that at first I thought I was imagining. But it was very real. It was his cock, still buried deep in my ass, filling my ass with his hot jism. He hugged be tight and remained motionless for a few seconds and then, after three quick thrusts of his hips, slowly pulled his spent cock all the way from my ass. The suction of it felt like it was going to suck out my innards and I shrieked as the tip of his cock finally popped out of my tortured sphincter. Hearing the sound of a gassy, quiet fart as my ass tried to readjust to its normal size was the final indignity. Surely, it couldn't get any worse than this?

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