tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCase #802120 Ch. 04

Case #802120 Ch. 04


Case #802120 - Part 4 - Awaiting Trial

I barely got a wink of sleep that first night in the holding tank. Throughout the night, guards rattled keys and cell doors opened and closed with crashing loud clangs. From time to time there was the sound of women screaming. Or sobbing. Or both. I was locked in a cell by myself, which was perhaps the one small piece of good fortune I had received since I was arrested. It provided me with a small piece of privacy inwhich to evacuate the stomach-cramping cum enema the desk sergeant had given me when he fucked my ass. I spent the night naked on a narrow, metal-framed single bed. Its lumpy mattress smelled putrid with the stench of stale purfume and various dried bodily fluids that stained it. The graffiti on the walls looked like it had been scrawled by mental patients.

When morning did finally come, it was signalled by a deafeningly loud buzzing sound piped through speakers in the ceiling. From the moment it sounded, there was an instant commotion -- a buzz of activity with everything from renewed screaming and wailing to guards barking orders and chains rattling. The sound of the chains was distant at first, but soon I watched as a procession of naked young women, some barely out of their teens, shackled together and being led down the corridor outside my cell. An unshaven man wearing dark blue coveralls with a Girls Gone Wild logo on the back followed behind, prodding the slower moving girls with what looked like an electric cattle prod.

Eventually, a guard carrying a clipboard came to my cell and told me to stand beside my bed. I immediately did as I was told and then watched as he unlocked the door to my cell.

"Time for your shower, 802120," he announced.

The shower block was already filled with steam and a dozen or so other naked women of all ages and sizes grouped under an array of shower nozzels that spouted from the ceiling like a surrealist candelabra.

"Be quick," he grumbled before leaving me alone with the other women.

The warm water felt so good and I just stood under it for a long while with my eyes closed and letting it wash over me. I was virtually oblivious to the other women until one of them bumped me with her hip. I opened my eyes and saw she was a short girl, maybe 30 years old, and rather plump all over. But it was her eyes that most caught my attention. They were the brightest green eyes I had even seen and they had a look that sparkled, but which felt slightly sinister as well. She curled up her lips into a cattish grin and stared straight at me.

"I'm sorry," I apologized for apparently being in her way.

When I tried to step aside, she stepped in the same direction. I apologized again and stepped the other way. She followed. A growing sense of alarm really rang loudly when I realized others had started to gather in a circle around me. I smiled nervously and nodded more apologies. The guard who has escorted me to the showers was nowhere to be seen, but I saw what appeared to be one of the other inmates watching for his return.

"Don't scream or we'll mess you up, real bad," the green-eyed girl snarled at me.

Naked female bodies closed in around me, blocking every possible avenue of escape. My polite apologies became frantic pleas, begging to be left alone. Hands started reaching for me. I was soaking wet, but I not soapy and the tight grips of their hands didn't slip when they grabbed my wrists and arms. I struggled desperately as yet more hands grabbed me by the ankles and I was lifted and carried to a low, narrow bench seat away from the spray of the showers. They lowered me down onto my back and kept tight grips on my arms and legs, holding me spreadeagled while the green-eyed girl stalked me. I craned my head up to watch as she circled, finally to stop between my spread legs. The hungry look in her eyes was unmistakable.

"Please!" I whispered loudly, trying to remain calm and reasonable. "I'm not a --"

"Not a -- what --?" she asked sarcastically. "A dyke?"

There was a really ugly, threatening tone in the way she said it.

"No. I mean, I didn't mean it like that." I struggled to find any word that would appease her.

"You're saying that you're not a dyke, but that I am?"

Other women watching laughed.

"The prissy English bitch is calling me a dyke!" the green-eyed girl laughed and looked to the others to solicit disapproving remarks.

"Please!" I whimpered, not knowing how I could apologize enough.

"Please? OK. Since you asked so nicely," she shrugged and unexpectedly started talking in a very pleasant tone.

She said it to mock me and I watched helplessly as she slowly crawled up between my spread legs. I squirmed and struggled but the hands holding me had me trapped. Sight of the green-eyed girl's head disappeared between my thighs so that all I could see was her eyes and the mop of dark red hair on her head. Her face pressed up against my pussy and her mouth clamped tightly over my clit.

I gasped in horror as her tongue started assaulting my clit mercilessly, striking fear into my heart and a breathtaking pleasure into my clit. My fingers balled into small fists and I curled and stretched my toes when her mouth, like a vacuum, sucked my clit hard. I threw my head back and bumped it hard on the wooden bench, but I couldn't feel any sensation other than my clit being drawn fully into her mouth. My head tossed from side to side and I bit my lower lip hard to hold back the scream of perverse delight that rose from the depths of my being.

"Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god!" I whimpered and prayed to be released before my senses were battered with an orgasm. I repeated my prayer over and over until the words all melded into one long blur of an emotional shriek of rapture. Every muscle in my body tensed against the onslaught. Laughing faces above me swirled in my unfocussed vision.

When my clit was released from her powerfully sucking lips, it was only so she could bury her tongue into my pussy and tongue fuck me. She alternated back and forth between her two targets until at last, she slithered up from between my legs and onto my body. Hands continued to hold me while her tongue licked a trail up from my pussy, over my breasts and ultimately up the side of my neck. I turned my face away, fearing she was about to try and kiss me, but it was my ear she was after. The tip of her tongue squirmed against my ear, causing instant rashes of ticklish goosebumps to break out all over my body. And then she started nibbling my ear lobe. When she wasn't biting me, she whispered horasely into my ear -- "I'm going to fuck you!" It sounded all the more threatening because I'd never heard a woman say such a thing -- to another woman.

"Are you ready?" she cooed in my ear.

I didn't say anything but just tried to keep my mouth away from hers.

"Hmmm ... you feel that?"

At first I couldn't feel anything at all except for the weight of her body pinning me to the bench and the hands holding my wrists and ankles. I stopped struggling for a second to try and figure out what she was saying. And then I felt it. It felt like a large cock sliding into pussy.

The look of shock on my face must have been visible for all to see, because she grinned and evil grin and then resumed nibbling and tonguing my ear.

"Fuck me back!" she whispered in a perversely seductive tone.

I felt my wrists and ankles being released, but I was still trapped under the weight of her body.

"Fuck me back. Come on, hug me properly and fuck me back!"

The bench wasn't wide enough for me to rest my arms on and so I felt I really didn't have any choice. I cautiously wrapped my arms around her shoulders and held onto her as the cock in my pussy rhythmically stroked deeply in and out.

"Your legs. Wrap your legs around me and fuck me back!"

I began to forget it was a woman fucking me. I slowly raised my knees and crossed my ankles behind her back. This clearly pleased her and she nuzzled my neck affectionately as the cock continued to pump my pussy. Her hands slid up and cupped the sides of my head. I resisted at first as she tried to bring my face around to meet hers, but she was strong and I lost the urge to fight.

Her face, being so close to mine, nolonger looked as hard and unpleasant as it had a short while earlier. Her lips puckered and pressed lightly against mine, which remained sealed but not tightly so.

It was more of a reflex action at first, but my lips slowly softened to meet hers. Her tongue shot out and lightly probed the inside of my mouth in search of my tongue. I accepted it passively for a brief moment and detached from her kiss. She kissed me again a couple of times like this -- just short, tongue interludes -- before my tongue cautiously flicked back to meet hers. She moaned her delight and squirmed on me as my pussy was sensuously ravished with a cock.

"Are you going to cum for me?" she whispered when she wasn't kissing me.

I was in such a dreamy state of pleasure that I immediately promised I would do anything she wanted me to do.

The kissing resumed and the tempo of the cock in my pussy increased. Her breathing fell into rhythm with mine and I began bucking my hips up to meet the thrusts of the cock.

"Tell me when you're cumming -- I want to cum with you," she hissed into my ear.

"Mmmmm ... soon!" I said honestly.

She stopped kissing me and started squirming on top of me.

"I'm so close!" I panted. "Just a little bit --"

"Guard!" a lookout cried across the room.

I didn't properly hear the warning or realize what was going on until the green-eyed girl suddenly jumped off me and left me squirming alone on the wooden bench. The circle of women quickly broke from around me and rushed back to the shower. I could still feel cock in my pussy and I struggled to my elbows so I could look between my legs. By the time I realized what it was inside me, the escort guard was almost across the room. His eyes were trained directly on me and the dildo protrucing obscenely from my pussy. It wasn't like any dildo I had ever seen. It looked like a giant, think pink snake, about 18 inches long and with a thick head at each end. I could feel the blood rushing from my face -- the shock at being caught by the guard in "flagrante delicto", as if I had been lying there masturbating with it instead of having my shower. He reached down, pulled it unceremoniously from my wet pussy and waved it in my face.

"Shower. You have 2 minutes!" he said sternly.

I quickly rolled off the bench and rushed to return to the shower with the others. Their sniggering was still resounding in my ears right up until my moment in court.

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