tagExhibitionist & VoyeurCassie Caught Naked

Cassie Caught Naked


"Cassie, Cassie..."

Cassie could hear herself being pulled out of her dream – one where she was making love to her English Professor, Mister Deakin. Her pussy was spread wide, accepting all that he could offer and his cock was exploding deep inside, showering her inner chasm with his sticky white seed.

It had all seemed so real, she thought as she slowly awoke, basking in the sweet sensation of having her legs parted and hymen pierced.

Regaining consciousness, she realised she was still a virgin.

"Uh, huh!" the innocent, dark haired beauty managed to call out from her rousing slumber.

"We're off to the shops now... We'll be back at eleven." Cassie could hear her grandmother on the other side of her bedroom door.

"Okay, see you then..." Cassie moaned, pushing aside the vivid image of sitting naked on her Lecturer's desk with his cock wedged firmly up into her syrupy, sweet honey pot.

"Oh God, my pussy... it's so wet..." she moaned to herself.

Lying face down on the bed, Cassie could feel she had been rubbing her clitoris against her spare pillow, which was lodged firmly between her thighs. Her nightdress was pulled up around her waist, revealing her deliciously firm, white bum cheeks and the soft mane of black pubic hair that covered her succulent pussy petals – her lovely private places were quite clearly discernable from the foot of her bed. The view was profoundly beautiful, if not utterly prohibited – an eighteen-year-old stunner like Cassie Graham, offering full visual access to her bare bum was completely unheard of!

What a visual feast the beautiful young girl presented as she lay on top of her covers. Raising her left knee she moaned and sighed - her legs sufficiently spread to show plenty of pink skin and the full round shape of her naked vulva. Indeed, Cassie's delectable young pussy was particularly cock hungry and swollen – perfectly poised for penetration - from behind. If only she had a guy here to slip one into her, she thought. She would gladly have accepted a nice thick girth there and then – something to push apart her svelte young opening and plunge deep inside – something to make her bite her pillow in a bid to muffle her cries of pleasure. For now, she settled for knowing her tender cunt lips were clearly exposed - naked between her gorgeous soft thighs.

Cassie's grandparents always respected her privacy and had never once entered the room while she had the door shut. It was a good thing too, she thought. The nubile young girl often awoke to find she had kicked off her covers during the night – in the process offering unfettered access to her most cherished places. She rarely slept with panties to cover her delicate treasures and on most mornings could have been quite easily discovered revealing private places good girls usually keep carefully tucked away.

Cassie glanced at her bedside clock. It was nine, which meant she had two hours until her grandparents returned. Glancing out the window she watched as they pulled out of the driveway in their old pickup truck. She could see her grandfather at the wheel. A toot of the horn sounded as they disappeared down the dirt track into the trees.

Rising slowly to her feet, Cassie stood in front of her bedroom window and slipped her nightdress over her head, revealing the full splendour of her naked form in the morning sunlight that beamed in through the open window. Her lovely C cupped cones looked firm, ripe and deliciously swollen on her unblemished eighteen-year-old frame and her raven curls of black pubic hair sparkled as they caught the warmth of the sun's rays. She felt extremely horny after the lurid dream she had prior to awaking. She wanted to be naked and she wanted to be appreciated. She loved that she was providing a clear view of her naked body out over the fence onto the neighbour's property. She knew that any young guy wandering in the trees at that time would have been treated to a no-holds barred viewing of her gorgeous bare assets. What she didn't anticipate was that she might be photographed. With her tits out and pussy exposed, the beautiful, young girl offered access to images that could easily be sold at college to the highest bidder.

A picture of Cassie Graham naked could easily fetch a thousand credits on the boys' fantasy web ring. A good up skirt would sell for a hundred, perhaps two hundred if there was any sign of the beauty concealed within. The girls at college had no idea that they were practically movie stars in the eyes of their fellow classmates – some boys had purchased very expensive digital cameras in a bid to catch clear images of the prettiest girls in their most vulnerable moments. Cassie Graham had become an instant success when she was snapped unclipping her bra in front of an open window one evening – just before closing the curtains. A juicy thick nipple, extending out from the creamy white skin of her right tit, provided a handful of the boys with an intense desire to see more of her lovely body. Perhaps it was fate that right now she was being photographed – caught without her clothes – providing what would become a perfect source of sexual pleasure and fulfillment for several of her classmates. Cassie would soon know the subtle feeling of being subject to late night masturbation sessions, fueled by pornographic pictures of her naked body.

The web ring had been the idea of Tom Jenna, the founder of the University Junior Photography Club. It was exclusive – very exclusive - a secret society of six boys who traded images of the prettiest girls on campus. What started out as simply photographing girls as they walked by the classrooms had soon escalated into an outright competition to see who could score the most revealing shot. The rules were simple – catch an image and then trade it for another – like baseball cards – only much more exciting and risqué. Tom had traded a brilliant up skirt of Jessie Martin, complete with lacey details of her pretty blonde bush, for a picture of Collette Parnell emerging from her pool with her bikini top dislodged - just enough to provide a wonderful view of one very plump naked pink nipple. No image was allowed to leave the web ring and publishing on the Internet was strictly forbidden. Ironically enough, the six boys had a great deal of respect for the lovely girls they spied on.

Cassie looked down at the lawn below her bedroom window. There was a small alcove at the side of the house where her grandparents often sipped tea. A quaint set of wrought iron table and chairs caught the morning sun and Cassie realised now would be a perfect opportunity to take advantage of the seclusion – to allow her skin to gain a little exposure. She could quite easily sun bake naked and no one would ever know!

Cassie quickly showered and then slipped on her pink floral bikini. Fetching a towel from the hallway closet she headed out into the morning sun.

Sitting on a white iron chair in just her bikini and a large pair of black Prada sunglasses, Cassie still ached to be naked. She wanted to take off her top and remove her Lycra pants – to open her legs and have the sun's warm rays caress her inner folds of flesh. Her pussy thrummed at the thought of exposing herself – of risking having it all revealed in a wonderful display of teenage nudity. She wanted to get down on all fours and push back her bum – to expose her soft pink petals from behind. What would be the chances of being caught, she mused, caught showing the places far too rude to even think of sharing with another? Her pussy loved the idea.

Tom Jenna's penis raged in his shorts as he squeezed the shutter button of his camera and photographed Cassie Graham sitting in her bikini. Her tits looked deliciously plump and swollen as they struggled to burst out of the young nymph's small bikini cups, while the curved material between her legs barely protected her most cherished area from being seen in all it's moist, tender glory.

Cassie was home alone, Tom knew that, but he had no idea she was sometimes partial to risk taking, especially when it involved personal nudity. So what would it take to see her nude right now? What would it take for the buxom young beauty to remove her swimsuit and divulge her priceless treasures?

For Cassie, the answer was simple – an appreciative set of eyes, longing to see her best bits. Cassie placed her magazine beside her and reached for the bow that held her bikini top securely in place. Her succulent boobs fell free, bursting outward in front of her as she lifted her top over her head and exposed her ravishing, ripe mammaries. Their mouth-watering beauty was simply stunning – there was not a boy on campus that wouldn't want to squeeze and suck them. Cassie's boobs seemed to defy gravity as they sat firm and proud on her chest, pushing upward and outward, showing off their succulent, shapely splendor. If only she knew how many men fantasised of blowing cum all over her perfect puppies!

Her areolas looked puffy and large on the face of her creamy white skin. Her plump puppies hardly ever saw the light of day and now glowed a bright golden colour as they reflected the sun's warm rays. Her nipples were relaxed and sat dim and tender at the centre of each patch of fleshy strawberry goodness. The plump perkiness of her dazzling breasts was reminiscent of a pair of ripe mangoes – perfectly poised to be licked, sucked and devoured - perfectly poised to be photographed in all their nude magnificence! Cassie's lovely cones felt good and looked even better.

Glancing around the sun drenched alcove, Cassie could feel her pussy was wet – aroused by the still vivid image of Mister Deakin pushing his rigid length inside – fucking her slippery canal into sweet submission.

She knew that exposing her sensitive vaginal opening would mean revealing the one place she held so very dear –the one place all men would love to see uncovered. Indeed, Tom Jenna wanted nothing more than to see Cassie's cunt lips openly exposed. Her black pubic hair could only cover so much of her beauty; the rest was deliciously pink and tender – a tasty texture of the softest folds of fleshy feminine nourishment – perfect for satisfying the desire of any young man's hungry hard on.

As she pushed down her pants she glanced around to ensure her privacy, for she realised she was opening herself in a way that was wonderfully obscene. She was stripping off her bikini bottoms and in the process granting unobstructed access to her soft, sweet flower.

Sitting back on the chair in just her black sunglasses, the eighteen-year-old beauty presented a prohibited peek into her sexually charged fantasy world – one where she was a Goddess to be adored and admired. Her clitoris swelled and her pussy lips tingled as the sun beat down on her entirely naked body, exposing every intimate detail of her post pubescent pleasure parts. She looked deliciously feminine and to Tom Jenna also looked wonderfully fuckable!

It felt good to be this free, she thought. Free of worries and free of her clothes.

Tom had to stop and compose himself. When he zoomed in tight on Cassie's body and squeezed the shutter button of his digital camera, his cock surged in his pants and he breathed deeply to prevent himself from ejaculating. The gorgeous black haired beauty left no part of her wonderful body undisclosed as she sat back in the morning sun. Her tender cunt lips thrummed with delight. Rocking her legs back and forth, the dark haired vixen gently massaged her pussy between her thighs, creating sweet sensations of pleasure that seeped up into the very depths of her vagina. Cassie Graham was naked and unintentionally allowing Tom Jenna to photograph her shamelessly exposed body parts!

Sitting alone in the sun, Cassie wanted to finger herself – to let her delicate digits slip in and out of her saturated opening, spreading her warm juice all over her clitoris and then rubbing it into syrupy submission. That would come later, she thought. When she returned to her bedroom she would masturbate freely on her bed and also in the shower. She would pleasure her clitoris with gentle touches and tease it until she shuddered with joy.

For now, she settled for spreading her legs - opening them in a manner that left no part of her sugary, sweet honey pot undisclosed. Her inner labia looked delightfully delicate and swollen as it peeked from the parted lips of her hair-covered vulva. The view through Tom Jenna's digital camera was unmistakable. He squeezed the shutter again and again while zooming in on Cassie's tempting young treasure. There would be plenty of time later to indulge in her succulent beauty, he thought - right now he was completely focused on gathering overwhelming evidence of how wonderfully pretty Cassie Graham looked without her clothes to cover her precious body!

That evening Tom Jenna perused his collection of clandestine photographs. Sitting at his Powerbook he let his cock poke out through the fly of his pajamas, straight up in front of him. His firm, round scrotum looked bulbous and swollen, drawn up tight under his rigid shaft. With his left hand he flogged his shaft, while with his right he worked his mouse, flicking through an exclusive collection of pictures. Each picture was wonderfully explicit and made his cock throb with delight. Indeed, Cassie Graham had unsuspectingly given him a compilation of photographs that he would stroke his cock to over and over again for a long time to come. Sitting in just her black sunglasses she provided all manner of access to her naked body and the beautiful virgin would have undoubtedly been entirely embarrassed if she knew just how rudely she had displayed her body earlier that day – not for just her eyes, but for a horny young boy to photograph her every intimate detail.

Tom had already decided he wouldn't be sharing these pictures with anyone – they were far too revealing, he thought. He simply couldn't risk exposing one of the most beautiful girls at University in such a personal and private manner. As he stared at an enthralling picture of Cassie propped up on the white wrought iron chair with her heels pressed up against her buttocks and her puffy pussy lips clearly sitting firm and swollen between her tender white thighs, he knew he had been granted access to the gorgeous young girl in a way which was deeply personal. Her inner labia protruded profanely from the pillow shaped lips of her hair covered vulva, leaving no detail of her wonderful soft, pink skin undisclosed. Tom knew he had no right to share these pictures with anyone – they were far too special, far too explicit, and potentially far too humiliating. What if they fell into the wrong hands, he thought? How would the young girl feel if any of Tom's pictures made it back to her? The beautiful girl could easily become the victim of a humiliating ordeal that would ruin her reputation. Tom knew he simply couldn't risk that happening – he needed to protect her privacy – to keep the images for his personal enjoyment. Knowing he had the power to put an end to her nice girl image, Tom Jenna chose to keep the photographs secret. It turned him on to no end, realising he had been exposed to her secret identity – the super sexy young filly finally seen without her clothes to cover her delicious, mouth-watering body. If only Cassie knew what he had seen and photographed, Tom thought. He had the clearest, sharpest photographs of all her sweet, nude body parts, and he was privy to exactly what her tits and pussy looked like when laid bare. He knew exactly how beautiful she looked when she removed her underwear – special moments usually kept hidden behind closed doors in the privacy of her bedroom. Indeed, he would never be able to look at Cassie Graham the same way again – knowing exactly what she kept concealed beneath her completely innocent summer dresses.

"God, she's so hot..." Tom whispered as he stared in disbelief at a wonderfully crisp image of Cassie's left tit, sitting swollen and firm on her naked torso. His eyes ran down over her naked belly and onto the soft mat of silky, black pubic hair between her legs. "God, I would love to fuck that," he added as he felt his cock surge, almost ready to explode.

Printing out one of the pictures, Tom placed it on his bed and kneeling over it masturbated his erection furiously - mesmerized by the high-resolution image of Cassie Graham sitting naked in the sun with her tantalising tits and delightfully delicious pussy unmistakably on show.

"Oh fuck, what a body," the horny teen moaned as he felt a surge of pleasure explode from his swollen shaft and a thick wad of sticky white seed burst forth from his gaping cum slit and onto the nude image in front of him.

"I just want to fuck her," he groaned as he jerked his hand back and forth, milking his ball sack of its fertile contents.

In that moment, Cassie Graham was undoubtedly appreciated for her fine feminine form, just like all good girls love to be – adored and admired. It was much to her admirer's secret sexual satisfaction that she stripped off that day and bared all to be unwittingly photographed. Now, all he needed to do was persuade her to strip off her clothes and offer him her pussy for his penetration. Tom Jenna had every intention of being the first to slip his rigid prick between the dark haired cutie's deliciously soft thighs. He had every intention of sucking her tits and fucking her pussy, and he had every intention of exploding inside of her, filling her with his sticky, white cum.

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