tagInterracial LoveCastaway Ch. 03

Castaway Ch. 03


Channel 5 News LIVE coverage

Hello, I am Susan and we begin here at 8 with the latest coverage on the cruise disaster that took place 5 days ago. For those of our viewers just now joining us, the 74 passenger yacht-cruise departed from Port Miami in Miami Florida on May 6th and was set to arrive in Cancun, Mexico on May 8th. En route, the ship went off course to the west away from the Florida Keys, towards the Bahamas, and this we believe was caused by the onset of manual control instead of the preset course that is standard for all yachts over 100 people in capacity not including crew.

We believe the captain was alone when he suffered a heart attack, and his death and the absence of other crew members in the control space is still being investigated. All recovered passengers are safe in hospitals with no immediate injuries, yet at this time two passengers have been unaccounted for. Ali Taouma, aged 29, was a recent air force officer who had been given leave and had recently accepted a position at a military training academy as an instructor. Also missing is Jasmine Seville, a 26 recent medical school graduate from the University of Miami and had recently been accepted into the John Hopkins Neurology program.

It is speculated that they went missing around the various islands of the Bahamas, and both families of the passengers are anxious for their safe return and have filed suit against the cruise line, citing them for inadequately taking count of all passengers before departure to safety. This lawsuit could have devastating consequences for the cruise line as they just filed bankruptcy......." the reporter stops mid-sentence as a stream of info comes through her headset.

"This just in, there are two more unconfirmed passengers missing from the cruise"


Day 6

Jasmine sat on the beach weaving pieces of vines together to make rope. Two whole days, she thought absent mindedly. Two whole days of no human contact because there is no real human here on this beach. If only I wasn't stuck with such an abrasive dick head, then maybe I wouldn't be slightly insane from only talking to myself. She huffed out loud, causing Ali to look at her. She mentally shivered inside as his gaze slid over her. When he looked away she sighed in relief.

The past few days had wrought many changes in them both. Jasmine's once neat wavy hair was now an unruly explosion of spiral curls cascading down her back. Ali, unable to shave, began to grow stubble on his face, his previous short buzz cut matching pace as well. Their clothes were worn and threadbare from constant exposure to the sea water. Jasmine, anxious from sitting too long, stood up suddenly and began walking towards the trees.

"Where are you going," Ali called, his voice booming.

Jasmine simply ignored him and kept walking. Ali sighed, the knowledge that she greatly disliked him rubbing him raw. He thought to the first night he held her to keep her warm. For a split second when he woke, he believed that she was awake as well, her body unnaturally still as if to see what he was going to do. He stood and walked away, then heard her snoring; almost as if he imagined her awake.

Jasmine stormed through the bushes and made her way towards the shallow body of water. Sitting on the grounds she idly plucked the plants, lost in thought. Rubbing the plant between her fingers, she looked at it, surprised at its cottony texture.

This must be milkweed, she thought, as an idea struck her. I can use this for my period that's bound to come any day now, given my current state of mind. Excited at all the possibilities of this new discovery Jasmine set to work washing and stretching and weaving the milkweed, until it could be used as a cloth like material. Using the berries that she normally ate, she stained them a vibrant red color. Finally I have some color in my life on this dreary island. Jasmine thought as she surveyed her new "clothes". The skirt came mid-thigh and which could easily be wrapped around her waist and tied. The top stopped at her midriff and tied and one shoulder.

Using left over piece she created a triangle shaped under piece so she could tie more cloth to it when her period started. Satisfied with her creation, she looked up, noting the sun's setting rays. Hurrying towards camp in her new clothes, she forgot to ignore Ali, running to him and showing him her new clothes.

"Hey Ali, look what I made!"

Ali turned at the sound of his name, and words escaped him as he seen Jasmine running towards him, wearing only pieces of cloth just barely held in place by precarious knots. Her curves moved in a fluid motion as she ran, her curly hair bouncing around her face of pure excitement. Ali shifted uncomfortably in in his worn down shorts, his dick stirring at the sight of her.

"I found some milkweed, which is a sister plant to cotton and made this. I can make you some if you want!" Jasmine said, talking a mile a minute.

"Just show me how to do it and I can do it myself," Ali said gruffly.

Jasmine stared at him, anger blazing in her eyes at his inconsideration. She calmly walked towards him by the fire and stopped next to their pile of fish. With lightning speed, she picked a fish up and threw it, hitting him square in the face.

"Aaggh! What is wrong with you woman!" He yelled.

"You! And I have a name!" Jasmine yelled back, stepping away as he stood and walked towards her.

"Oh you will not run now!" He grabbed her by the arm as she tried to run, yanking her to him. She slapped him hard on the face, her eyes leaking tears in her anger.

"You brute! Let go of me! I hate you! I would rather be alone on this island forever than be here with you and your spitefulness. I've done nothing to you but taken care of you since we've been here you ungrateful bastard!

You can't even get fish with a net. All you do is sit there on that rock staring at the ocean while I do everything. And then you talk to me like I'm a child. FUCK YOU!" she yelled, hitting him and pushing him away. Her words stunned him and he grabbed her by her face, and kissed her. She fought back, until eventually she was pulling him closer, her tears intermingling with their joined mouths. Their tongues fought an angry battle for dominance until he pushed her away. They stood there by the fire, chests heaving and she looked away first.

"I'm sorry, I just..."

"Save it, I don't care," she retorted, walking away to her side of the fire and laying down.

Ali, unsure what to do next, sat down and gazed at her back willing himself to speak, yet he didn't.


Day 7

Jasmine awoke to the sound of dull thuds, and she lifted her head to see Ali moving old logs on the beach from the wooded area. She lay there, watching him use all the rope she and him had made from the past few days as he tied the ends of the logs in crisscross directions. Once a set of four logs were ties in a square he would do it again then laid that set on top of the first. This continued until the stack was 7 ft. high then he stopped and grabbed some fallen palm leaves and tied them together at the stem so it then radiated out like an umbrella.

This he tied to a smaller thinner log which he planted in the middle of the square encampment and secured the log pole with more rope. By the time he finished the sun was blazing in the middle of the sky and Jasmine, noting his exhaustion, stood up and began cooking the fish. Once the fire was completed she threw rock in the fire to heat them. As always, she pulled the rocks out and placed the fish on the hot rot rocks to cook thoroughly, and took him his meal with boiled water.

'This changes nothing between us,' she thought as she shoved his foo towards him while surveyed the new hut. She walked inside the hut, admiring the relief from the elements it posed.

Stepping out, she noticed Ali walking along the shoreline with her net, throwing it into the water in an attempt to catch fish. She stood there watching him as he tried to redeem himself from last night's argument. One with torturing him with silence she went over to him to help him.

"You have to throw the net farther in the water, and you have to wait for the fish to get close enough," she said and grabbed the net from his fingers as she walked into the deeper waters. Walking backwards while facing him she showed him how to lay the net in the water, noting his eyes on her wet body.

"Wait, stop," He called out suddenly. She tensed up, expecting him to belittle her. Instead he ran towards her, then past her and dove into the water. She turned, and seen a chunk of wood in the water with two people holding on. She swam towards it, and dragged it ashore with Ali. Once ashore, Ali noticed the wood was a chair from the deck of the cruise.

"They're from the cruise as well!" Ali explained as he separated them from their life jackets.

Jasmine immediately assumed charge calling out to Ali, "I think they might have swallowed water, start giving her CPR," she motioned him towards the woman.

She began giving the man CPR, then after realizing the man had not swallowed water, but was just passed out, she slapped him, hard, in an attempt to wake him. The man came awake, his eyes bleary as they focused on Jasmine.

"Hermosa diosa oscura. Es tan muy Bonita," he slurred in Spanish before promptly passing out. Jasmine, who understands perfect Spanish from training in med school, blushed while checking his breathing.

"What did he say?" Ali asked the woman began spitting up water and Ali helped her.

"It's nothing, he's just out of it right now from dehydration," Jasmine hedged, looking away from him.

"What did he say," Ali asked again, giving her no quarter to dodge the question.

Looking him square in the eye, Jasmine quoted "You are a dark goddess. You are so very beautiful,"

Ali scowled and finished walking towards the camp with the woman. As he came back for the man, he was slightly rough as he grabbed the man and slung him over his shoulder. Without Jasmine noticing, he unceremoniously dropped him on the ground a little too far from the fire. Ali ignored the sharp feeling that ran through his chest as he walked over to Jasmine to assist her.


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