Helen Martin woke up on a deserted beach to the sound of the surf breaking on the shore. She was still tired and hungry from being in the water practically the whole night. As she scanned her surroundings for any sign of civilization, only the silence of the trees echoed back at her, along with the solitary cry of some jungle animal. She was a cast away now, scared shitless and at her wits end on how she would be able to survive this ordeal.

Just a week ago, the spouses John and Helen Martin boarded the luxury cruise ship "Sky Clad Princess" for a two week cruise of the Coral Sea, the Solomon Islands and Papua, New Guinea. They always went on a yearly cruise together, but this was somewhat special. The couple had been having serious marital problems lately, she caught him in an affair, and were contemplating a divorce. At least she was. So the cruise was meant to serve as a second honeymoon, to try and patch up their differences and rekindle their lost love.

As the spouses were boarding, Helen noticed the familiar face of a woman getting on board with them. However when she tried to approach her, the other woman simply vanished into the crowd.

In no time, the other woman was soon forgotten as Helen and John got caught up in various ship board activities. They swam, sunned, played at the casino and availed themselves of the spa, all in all luxuriating in the ship's opulence and world class service.

As the cruise got underway, Helen noticed that John would spend more and more time out of the room. He claimed he was out at the bar drinking whenever he was asked. In any event, Helen had no reason to complain about John's absence since whenever he got back from his sojourns out, he always made sure to give Helen the fucking of her life . Helen noticed though that John's cock had a somewhat different smell and taste, upon his return.

Exactly the night before Helen found herself washed up on shore, she decided to play a surprise on her dear husband John. She left a note telling him to meet her at the ship's Jacuzzi. For this date, Helen put on her newly bought Wicked Weasel thong bikini, which was really shear and downright scandalous, that her husband would find her irresistible in.

Without bothering to put on shoes or even a robe, Helen made her way to the hot tub area clearly aware of the effect her all but naked body had on the passerby's, who all took a double take of her ass, as it undulated to and fro.

When Helen got to the hot tub area, she noticed there was this couple kissing intimately by the rails. Not wanting to interrupt the two lovebirds, Helen moved back in the shadows to avoid being seen and patiently waited for the two to finish. From her vantage point Helen still discern what the couple was doing, but could not make out their faces, due to the dark.

The man was tall like her husband John and was similarly built. He was wearing a tucked out polo shirt and khaki pants, just the way her husband would if he was wearing the same outfit. The woman on the other hand, appeared to be in a blue one piece pantsuit, which was very tight and clung to her body like a glove.

For a couple of more minutes, the couple did nothing but kiss in plain view of Helen. Though at first titillated by her first voyeuristic experience, the excitement quickly wore off and Helen grew bored. She was just about to make her presence known, when the other woman did something to make Helen stop short.

Right before Helen's eyes the other woman got to her knees, freed the man's already engorged penis from the confines of his pants and proceeded to deep throat him, sucking the whole length of the the man's massive cock in one fell swoop.

Helen could not help a tingling in her pussy as she continued to witness this most intimate and forbidden of acts. She was born a Catholic and had been brought up believing that oral sex, or any kind of sex outside the missionary position, was an abomination. In fact, she had never gone down on John before, nor gave in to any of his requests for perverted sex, which would probably explain why they were having marriage difficulties. This was the first time to witness such a bestial act, but to her consternation, she found that one of her hands had made its way to her crotch while the other to her breasts, and were already busy caressing them.

While Helen was otherwise occupied making herself cum, the couple she was spying on were about to finish their business. Just as the man's back stiffened preparatory to climax, the woman on her knees clamped her lips tightly on the base of the man's cock and sucked on it hard. This caused the man to come mightily in the woman's mouth, who just continued to kneel there, sucking him dry.

Helen was on the verge of reaching orgasm herself, as her fingers flitted over and in her pussy, she was building up to a powerful climax. By that time, the man had already finished and was about to turn in her direction wiping his brow. Helen came to a powerful orgasm just as the man's face came in to view. Her orgasm was so mind boggling that it didn't register at first that the face of the man belonged to her husband John.

Though shocked at the stunning revelation, Helen could not move as her traitorous body continued to bask in the afterglow of her climax. Once she had sufficiently recovered, she saw that the man had already left, but the woman had remained, still tidying herself up. Helen started to approach her.

As Helen drew nearer, she finally caught sight of the woman's face. It was Luisa Sevilla, Her husband's former bimbo of a secretary who always dressed in the sluttiest of fashion, i.e. the shortest of skirts and tops with the most plunging neckline. The woman with whom her husband had an affair with.

Helen saw red as she came to realize that the bitch had the affront to even follow John on this cruise, while they were desperately trying to fix their marriage. Without anymore thinking, she rushed at the unsuspecting woman by the rails yelling "Bitch" at the top of her voice, and found herself and the other woman flying through the air into the deep waters below.

Helen hit the water hard screaming all the way down. Spluttering, she broke the surface of the water just in time to see the bright gay lights of the ship moving away from her. Apparently no one in the ship saw the two women go overboard, and the captain and crew were no more the wiser. Desperately trying to catch the attention of anyone on the ship, Helen kept yelling at the top of her voice, begging for the ship to stop. To her dismay, the ship resolutely sailed on, as whatever cries for help Helen made, was drowned out by the gay party music being played on board. Soon the behemoth cruise liner which was said to be among the largest in the world, was but a dot in the distance, until that too faded from Helen's sight.

Abandoned alone at sea, Helen tried to control the panic that was threatening to take control of her. Fortunately, in spite of being blinded by the extreme darkness of the waters, she was able to grasp and hold onto a piece of flotsam floating by, which the currents providentially washed up on shore the next day, taking Helen along with it.

After her initial look of the surroundings, Helen made a cursory examination of herself to see whether she had any injuries or broken bones. Thanking God for not finding any, Helen then took time out to assess her situation.

She was alone, barefoot and skimpily clad in only a wicked weasel bikini. She had no survival gear of any kind and had no means to create fire. Having just turned thirty, the voluptuous blond had no survivor skills what so ever, being used only to the rich and luxurious life her family's wealth could afford her. She was in other words completely "fucked".

Just as Helen was about to break down and wallow in self pity, she saw a slight movement further down the shore. What she mistook for a rock earlier, turned out to be another human being, who was just now starting to stir and get up. It was Luisa Sevilla, the woman Helen's husband had, and was still having an affair with.

Helen had completely forgotten about Luisa Sevilla. From the time Helen found herself afloat in the water, she had only time to think about herself and her plight, the other woman be damned. She could just as very well have drowned for all Helen cared.

Seeing that the slut was still alive, Helen picked up a piece of wood that was strewn around the beach and stormed off in her direction, intent on giving that bitch the beating of her life. She seethed when she saw that the other woman appeared none the worse for wear from her ordeal. Her anger boiled over, when she realized that the other woman was still impeccably and completely dressed despite being in the water the whole night. Her blue one piece jumpsuit appeared still intact, though wet from being in the water and she still had her sperrys on. She miraculously also had her shoulder bag with her, which she had managed to clutch tightly to her as she flew from the boat and into the water. Like Helen, Luisa had managed to find a huge piece of driftwood in the darkness, which she clung to until it likewise washed up on shore.

As Helen was making her way towards Luisa, she started to recall excerpts from the dossier submitted by the private investigator she had hired.

Luisa Sevilla was a 23 year old Latina beauty. She stood five feet eight inches tall, but with her svelte figure and extremely long limbs, she looked much taller than that. She had a very pretty face and exotic green eyes. She was what every body would call "mucho caliente!!!"

Luisa Sevilla was the middle child of a struggling immigrant family that used to own a small cantina. I said "used to own" because Helen made sure that it went bankrupt just as soon as she learned about her husband's affair with Luisa. She had two brothers and sisters who, after the loss of the cantina, had to find menial employment in order to live. Her parents though returned to the old country, impoverished and broken in spirit.

It was also reported that Luisa had graduated at the top of her class in the Community College she attended, and had been working as John's personal assistant for a year and a half. She had been his mistress for the past year.

Growing angrier by the second as she continued to close in on her prey, Helen could not wait to seek retribution from her husband's whore, who was now only mere feet away, kneeling unsuspecting in the sand.

Just as Helen was about to pull a pearl harbor (i.e. sneak attack, for those without the Discovery channel), Luisa turned around and saw Helen about to strike her with a piece of wood. Luisa screamed out in fear and continued to kneel petrified to the ground with the look of absolute terror on her face.

Helen could not help but smile at how scared Luisa appeared. She hesitated a second to relish the moment, and was just about to bring her club down on Luisa's face when she heard a loud crunching sound behind her. When she slowly turned around to see what made that noise, her face too took on a look of abject fear.

Standing behind her were about a half dozen grim Melanesian men, warriors most likely, with their bodies and faces heavily tattooed, dressed only in loin cloths. They looked extremely menacing as each of them held what appeared to be a spear in their hand and were now sauntering over to the two scared women.

Helen panicked at their approach. As one of the warriors came to arms length, Helen threw the wood she was holding at his face, hitting him square in the eye. She then ran away as fast as she could, with three of the warriors hot on her heels. The rest of the native warrior surrounded Luisa, who did the right move, by sitting frozen to the ground with her arms upraised in surrender.

Helen did not make it far down the beach. Although she had kept her thirty year old body in shape through constant running and exercise, she was no match for these natural athletes, who ran practically every day of their lives. They had soon caught up with her, tripped her to the sand and were now dragging her back by the hair, screaming to where Luisa sat.

Helen was thrown face first into the sand beside Luisa, who despite the dire circumstances they were facing, took pleasure in Helen's discomfort and the stupidity of her actions.

Largely ignoring the fully clothed Luisa, the warriors surrounded the scared all but naked Helen, clearly angry at what she did to one of them. They gesticulated wildly and rained curses and insults on her, in a tongue neither of the women knew.

After having vented their ire on the hapless Helen, the warriors turned their attention this time to Luisa, who had by now stood up and was fidgeting with her bag. She pulled out a number of items from within, which she hoped the natives would find wondrous. She succeeded.

The natives were agog at seeing their faces reflected in the compact mirror which Luisa pulled from her bag. They were also curious and quite intrigued how Luisa was able to redden her lips and darken her eyes as she applied her make up on in front of them. They were most amazed when Luisa held up her lighter, which thankfully still worked despite being in the water, and a finger of flame burst forth from it.

Fearing that Luisa was some powerful witch, the natives acted a lot more friendly and deferentially to her, and left her mostly to herself.

After the leader of the natives saw that their injured companion would not lose his eye, he signaled for the others to bring the captives back to their village. For Luisa, they told her in sign language to come follow them. For Helen, they trust her up like a pig, tying her hands and feet in front of her through a pole, and carried her back to the village on their shoulders.

After about an hours walk in the jungle the party reached a clearing where the native village was located. The party attracted the attention of the whole village as it made its way in between small thatch huts till it reached a somewhat larger one in the center of the village, where the village chief lived.

When they got to the headman's house, Helena was unceremoniously dumped on the ground where she remained still tied up, lying on her side in the dirt, and almost naked in her wicked weasel bikini. She presented quite a contrast to the freshly made up Luisa who was comfortably seated at a tree stump beside her, exuding confidence in her fully dressed state. Luisa could not help taunting her bound and all but naked rival, as they waited for what would come next

As the girls waited, the village elders met to discuss what to do with their captives. After hearing the leader of the hunting party report on how Helen almost blinded one of his men and the wonders Luisa carried in her purse, the elders conferred among themselves.

After the meeting broke up the Village chief approached the two women. He had Helen untied and stood beside Luisa, to allow him to inspect them more closely.

Though unkempt and with her hair in disarray, the allure of Helen's natural beauty equally matched that of Luisa's, that it was impossible for the village chief to choose which of the two he would take as wife, and the other her slave.

By village tradition, if two women fall in love with the same man, they must fight each other if neither gives way. The winner becomes the man's wife, while the other becomes her slave, to do with as she pleases. The perfect solution to a situation just like this.

The village chief then called for a feast to be prepared. That night, the two women captives joined the whole village for the feast. One, Luisa was given a place of honor on the right of the head man, and the other, Helen, was made to crouch inside a small cage to the left of the headman, as punishment for injuring one of the villagers.

Every one ate to their fill, including the two famished women. Through sign language Luisa was asked to show the whole village the wonders she was carrying, and she obliged them as she took out her compact and reapplied her makeup before the astonished crowd before she concluded her act by making fire. Needless to say, she was a rousing success.

After everybody had eaten, a circle was cleared at the center of the village. Helen was let out of her cramped cage and she slowly flexed her tight muscles as she stood in the circle beside Luisa, both curious on why they were made to stand there, surrounded by all the villagers.

They were approached by the oldest and reputedly wisest man in the village. Through sign language, he was able to communicate to the two women that they are now to fight each other before the entire village. Delighted at the prospect of finally being able to exact her vengeance on that home wrecker, Helen turned to face Luisa only to find her menacingly looking back at her and intent on tearing the Helen a new asshole, for keeping her man away from her and for ruining her parents' life. Without another word, the two women launched themselves against each other.

Being taller than Helen, Luisa was able to grab on to her hair first and kept her at bay with her long reach, as she rained slaps and punches on the other woman's face and head. Dazed by Luisa's fierce attack, Helen failed to see Luisa's knee come up and strike her hard on the crotch.

Helen saw stars and almost blacked out from the pain as she fell to the dirt, desperately clutching her sore pussy with both hands. Luisa resumed her attack by relentlessly kicking Helen's unprotected head, back and ass, as she writhed on the ground, crying out in pain and begging Luisa to stop.

On her own accord, Luisa stopped her attack momentarily, but only to allow her to straddle her helpless opponent in a school girl pin, trapping her arms at the sides. She then methodically slapped Helen's face red, giving her also an occasional punch to the jaw.

From the action so far, Helen showed that she was truly outmatched in this totally one sided fight, as she had failed to lay her hands at all on Luisa. She never would.

With Helen bawling uncontrollably under her, Luisa wanted to humiliate Helen badly in addition to beating her black and blue. Luisa fixed Helen an evil grin just as she tore the other woman's flimsy top off. This drew quite a stir from the watching villagers who, though at first silent when the match began, started to get more animated as Luisa continued her domination of Helen.

When Helen's full and firm breasts were bared, Luisa could not help but feel jealous at how well they looked, especially since her breasts where no where as big as Helen's. (Helen was about a 36 C while Luisa, owing to her slimmer figure was a 34 B) She decided to take her jealousy out on Helen's breasts.

With no way for Helen to stop her, Luisa attacked Her breasts with sadistic glee. Slapping both breasts to and fro hard, Luisa made Helen's breasts swing like a pendulum. Not content with that, Luisa cruelly pinched both of Helen's nipples and painfully twisted them like a radio dial, while at the same time pulling them out as far as they would stretch.

After torturing Helen's breasts for about ten minutes, Luisa shifted positions, by turning around and sitting on Helen's face. She now had a clear and unobstructed view of Helen's panty clad pussy.

Luisa simply ripped off the flimsy material from Helen's hips, leaving her totally nude and vulnerable before the whole village and her worst nightmare Luisa. Glad to find out that Helen had a well trimmed tuft of pubic hair surrounding her vulva, Luisa gleefully proceeded to painfully pull them out by the roots, till Helen was completely denuded and her naked pussy completely on show. Helen's blood curdling screams of torment were effectively muffled by Luisa's face sitting that they came out ironically sounding like moans of pleasure.

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