tagBDSMCastleton Ch. 10

Castleton Ch. 10


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Florence had not heard from Gordon for nearly three weeks. She had not given up on him, but she and Alteisha continued the hunt for a live in maid. At work, Florence had received a personal copyright on a security software program she had written for Internet users. It was a revolutionary concept in computer security. Her work quickly brought offers from leading software companies, including her own, to license the product for universal Internet use. Florence was ecstatic. She could not believe the amounts of money, nor the personal executive positions, being offered for the product. She would no longer want for anything. Within two years she would be a multimillionaire, with a top executive job. Finally, Florence accepted an executive position with her current employer, at least for the time being.

Although she had yet to receive any royalties, she knew that she would be receiving several hundred thousands of dollars by years end. Major financial companies were already offering her huge loans. Secretly, Florence had hoped that Gordon would accept her offer to serve her, thus also advise her financially. Although, her financial future was a ‘done deal', nothing had been formally announced in the industry. Florence was glad, because now she would have enough time to adjust to her new life among the privileged. She had told Alteisha and had sworn her to complete secrecy. Florence told Alteisha that she would also share in her good fortune.

It was Friday afternoon and Florence sat in her new office, thinking about the weekend. Her secretary interrupted her thoughts, telling her she had a telephone call from someone, who would only identify himself as Gordon, insisting that he speak directly with her. Florence smiled and asked her to put the call through to her private phone. She picked up the phone saying, "Hello, this is Florence."

"Hello, it's...it's...Gordon...Ma'am," the voice said, stammering a bit.

"How nice to hear from you, Gordon. It's been nearly three weeks. How have you been?" she replied.

"I...I have been thinking about what...what you told me," he said, stammering again.

"I'm glad you took enough time to consider my offer, Gordon, it's nothing you'd want to agree to without a great deal of thought," she reminded him.

"I know."

"Please don't keep me in suspense, Gordon, did you decide to accept?" she asked. There was a pause, but Gordon responded quietly.

"Yes, Mistress." Florence smiled, pleased to hear that he had indeed accepted her offer, terms and conditions.

"Gordon, I want your Fax number so that I can send you directions to my home," she said sternly. I have all the papers and I will expect you promptly at seven o'clock."

"Yes, Mistress," he replied, and gave her his Fax number. Florence hung up without saying another word. She glanced at her watch, and saw that it was already three thirty. She dialed Alteisha and told her that they had a maid. Alteisha was extremely happy that Gordon had accepted. She told her Mistress that she would leave her work early, to make all necessary arrangements. Florence agreed and notified her Slave that she too, would be coming home early, to prepare for the arrival of her maid/slave. She gave her Secretary Gordon's Fax number and told her to send him directions to her home.

Alteisha answered the doorbell and ushered Gordon into the house. She motioned him to place his bags in the entryway and follow her into the living room. Florence was sitting at a small desk, wearing her red satin Mistress's robe pulled tightly about her and buttoned at the neck. The heavy drapes were drawn shut and the room was dark, except for the desk lamp. Florence motioned him to a chair near the desk and had him sit down. "How nice to see you again, Gordon. I'm so glad you decided to accept my offer to come to live with us," Florence said to him.

"May I have permission to speak, Mistress?" asked Gordon.

"Yes, you may speak," Florence responded, pleased that he had remembered to request permission.

"Thank you, Mistress, I too am very happy to be here," said Gordon.

"Gordon, here are the papers that detail the conditions of your service to me. Before you sign the ‘Contract', I insist that you carefully read every word aloud, so that I am positive that you comprehend everything it states. If, after you've read the papers, you agree to the terms and conditions, you will sign each page separately at the space provided. Following that, you will receive your first ‘official commands'."

"Yes, Mistress," Gordon sat down and began to read the papers aloud. As he finished each page, he would pick up the pen and sign the paper, then go on to the next page. Finally, he had read and signed the last page. Florence gathered the papers, folded them, placed them in an envelope and told Alteisha to place them in the safe.

"Gordon, remove all your clothes," Florence directed in a soft low tone. He immediately began to strip until he stood naked in front of his Mistress. She stood and inspected him as though he was chattel, then she handed him a leather collar covered with studs and steel rings. He placed the collar around his neck and buckled it securely. Florence clasped a light chain to a ring on the collar and led him by the chain to a stool in a corner of the room. She had him step up onto the stool as Alteisha returned to the living room. His cock had a semi hard-on and his huge balls were hanging down loosely. "Alteisha, shave every hair from his body, except his head, then ring for me," said Florence as she turned and left the room. Gordon tried to cover his nakedness with his hands, as Alteisha smiled at him struggling to adapt to his new status as a Slave.

"You best stand still, you whore Slave," said Alteisha with a grin. "If Mistress sees you try to hide your pitiful ass, she will tan it ‘til you can't sit down for days. She may anyway, if I decide to tell her." Alteisha brought forth a shaving mug and began to mix the thick lather. She had Gordon sit on the stool and covered his crotch with a hot wet towel. When she was sure the area was ready for shaving, she applied the warm lather to his pubic area, arm pits, the slight hair on his chest, legs and between his asscheeks. Gordon shuddered as she drew a straight razor from her shaving kit.

Grasping his cock she expertly drew the razor across his pubic area above his cock. His semi hard-on disappeared, and he became flaccid. He closed his eyes to avoid watching Alteisha shave his most private areas. "Hope I don't slip, bitch," Alteisha goaded him and laughed. When she finished shaving him, she spread a perfumed, creamy hair remover lotion over all the areas she had shaved. The lotion would saturate his hair follicles and prevent growth for several weeks. When she finished she toweled him off, returned him to a standing position on the stool and rang for her Mistress.

Florence entered the room, still in her robe, and stood in front of her maid/Slave. She snapped her fingers and Alteisha handed her a rubber phallus shaped butt plug and some soft nylon netting shaped loosely like a cock and balls. Florence lubricated the butt plug lightly and pulled Gordon's head by the neck collar causing him to bend over. She roughly rammed the butt plug into his ass until the sphincter closed over the depressed space to hold the plug in place.

She worked the netting over Gordon's balls and pushed his cock into the space reserved for it in the netting. Next, she drew a soft leather cord through the netting and around the base of his cock and balls, drawing the cord tight and tying it off so that the netting would remain securely in place. She attached a light chain to the ring situated in the netting near the tip of his cock, drew the chain back between his legs separating his balls. She passed it between his asscheeks, through a ring in the butt plug and clasped the chain tightly to another ring at the back of his neck collar.

Next, she placed soft leather restraints on both wrists, pulled his wrists together behind him and fastened them to the chain at his back. Assuring that he was securely bound, Florence lightly ran her fingers all over his nipples, asscheeks and his netted cock and balls. She ordered Alteisha to lick, suck and bite his nipples, as she watched Gordon's cock try to become erect, but the netting prevented any attempt at a hard-on. Satisfied at his helplessness, Florence brought out a pair of nipple clamps, joined by a light chain. She attached a clamp to each of his nipples, allowing them to spring shut painfully on the little pink nubs.

Gordon grimaced from the pain at his nipples, and looked into Florence's eyes hoping to see some pity, but found none. Florence then attached a short chain to a ring on his collar to the center of the chain between his nipple clamps. She pulled the chain downward causing Gordon to bend forward slightly. She attached the chain to the ring at the tip of his cock net. Gordon was now truly bound on the horns of a dilemma. If he stood erect he pulled the chain at his front, which pulled his nipple clamps up. If he stooped over he again pulled the chain at his back pulling his nipple clamps down.

Mistress Florence ordered Alteisha to worship her cunt, while she watched Gordon's torment. Alteisha removed her Mistress's robe revealing her to be naked underneath. She dropped to her knees and began to lick and suck at her Mistress's cunt and clit. Gordon watched his wonderful Mistress being serviced by her primary Slave, as he stood on the stool in complete humiliation at his bound and chained plight. "Do you hurt, Gordon?" Florence asked dreamily, as she was the verge of coming from Alteisha's tongue.

"Yes, Mistress," said Gordon with obvious pain in his voice.

"Jump off the stool, Gordon, and worship my tits," ordered Florence. Gordon jumped off the stool and the abrupt landing caused the chain to pull taut and he screamed from the pain in his nipples. "Gordon!" snapped Florence, "quit that noisy foolishness and worship my tits!" He fell to his knees and began to alternately sucking her nipples. Alteisha, still sucking Florence's cunt, kept pushing at Gordon to cause the chain to pull at his nipples causing him stinging pain.

Finally, Florence shuddered through a satisfying orgasm then sat down at her desk. She caught her breath, and ordered Alteisha to remove the nipple clamps from Gordon and show him to his room. "Dress him as we agreed and bring him down so he may serve us some tea, before we retire." With that, Florence put on her robe and left the living room. Alteisha grasped the chain at Gordon's neck collar and led him up the stairs to his room at the rear of the house.

Gordon's room was small, with a four poster bed, complete with steel rings on the headboard, footboard, posts and sides. The room contained a dresser with mirror, a nightstand with a clock and a closet. Laid out on the bed was a black maids' uniform with white trim, black nylon panties, black garter belt, net stockings and a small black and white cap. "I'll help you put on your uniform this first time, Gordon," Alteisha said. "Leave your collar, butt plug and cock and balls restraint on. Remove the wrist and ankle restraints and give those to me." Gordon looked woefully at the maids' uniform, realizing that his Mistress would dress him as a female, as part of his humiliation training. He sighed deeply, removed the restraints and began to put on the maids' uniform.

Alteisha snickered from time to time, helping Gordon learn how to put on women's clothes. The nylon panties had detachable sides held together with Velcro fasteners, made to allow removal of the panties without removing the garter belt and stockings. The smirk on Alteisha's face mortified Gordon and intensified his discomfort, as he put on the women's high wide heeled shoes provided. Alteisha shaved his face with an electric razor and patted on makeup to hide any trace of his beard. "Be sure and check your beard and shave if it grows during the day. You surely do not want to irritate Mistress Florence by showing a ‘five o'clock shadow' while you perform your duties in this uniform. If you do irritate her, I'm sure you will only do it once," she grinned. "Now hold still while I put on your lipstick."

When Alteisha finished, Gordon looked in the mirror. His humiliation was complete. The two Slaves entered the kitchen through the back staircase and Alteisha showed Gordon where the tea and service were kept. She told him to prepare everything in advance, except the tea. He could prepare tea later in the teapot with boiling water. She laughed at the sight of him in the maids' uniform and left the room to dress for tea.

"Well, Alteisha, our maid Slave looks ready to perform her service, don't you think?" Asked Mistress Florence.

"Yes Mistress, except that it seems odd to call our ‘maid' Gordon," Alteisha replied.

"You're right," Florence said thoughtfully, "What shall we call her?"

"Gordina...Gordine? Gee, I can't seem to think of a proper name, Mistress. We can't use Gordon, because it would sound too much like ‘a boy named Sue'," both women laughed at this remark at Gordon's expense, standing mortified before them, waiting to be told to serve the tea.

"Alteisha, do you remember the Russian girl Helper at Castleton?" Florence asked.

"Yes, Mistress, I'm trying to recall her name. It is close to Gordon, but I can't recall it."

"Gordeeva...yes, that's it, Gordeeva!" declared Florence. "Gore-dee-eh-va," she said phonetically.

"Perfect, Mistress!" said Alteisha. "It fits ‘her' to a T," the women laughed heartily at the maids' new name as Gordon stood, embarrassed, waiting for Florence to order the tea served.

"Gordeeva, you may serve now," ordered Mistress Florence. Gordon nodded and complied with her command. As the women sipped their tea and exchanged small talk the conversation turned to Alteisha's visitor. Florence informed Gordon that soon Alteisha would have a male guest. ‘She' should prepare to serve drinks to all of them, as Gordeeva, when Mr. Robert Morris arrives. Gordon nodded and collected the tea service on a tray, to return them to the kitchen. "Gordeeva, wait in the kitchen until you are summoned." He nodded yes and left the room. The women continued their conversation for some time until the doorbell rang.

"Gordeeva, answer the door, please," ordered Florence. Gordon went to the door and looked out through the window to see a large good-looking black man waiting on the porch, with a bouquet of roses in his hand. Mortified, Gordon opened the door and bid the man step inside.

"Good evening, Mr. Morris," Gordon said, as confidently as he could, given his obvious circumstances.

"Well, hello," said Robert, "and who might you be?"

Gordon took a deep breath, glanced at Mistress Florence looking haughtily at him and said with his eyes lowered, "I am...Gordeeva, the maid, sir." Florence smiled and quietly reveled at Gordon's complete surrender to his enslavement. Florence knew that there were wonderful times to come, with this compliant Slave.

"All right, Gordeeva, hustle your ass off and tell Alteisha that I'm here to see her," said Robert with a smirk and a laugh. Humiliated again, Gordon went to find Alteisha and announce Robert's arrival. Alteisha and her Mistress met Robert in the living room and exchanged pleasantries. They exchanged wry comments on ‘Gordeeva' and they laughed at ‘her' expense. From the conversation Gordon could hear, as he prepared cocktails, he surmised that the three of them had met at a place called Castleton. The name meant nothing to him. Indeed, Robert served as a Helper at Castleton from time to time, and had been there when both Florence and Alteisha were Novices.

Helpers were not required to observe the Master, Mistress or Slave protocols outside of Castleton. Helpers returned to their private lives without any restrictions. Their only obligation was to spend at least two weeks annually at Castleton, at the summons of the Grand Master. Most Helpers planned to spend their vacations and several weekends each year at Castleton. The benefits were obvious. As Helpers, they could interact socially with both Slaves and the Masters/Mistresses, participating in their activities if asked to do so. Gordon was summoned to serve the drinks. He brought cocktails to his Mistress, Alteisha and her friend. Sipping their drinks, Robert kept eyeing ‘Gordeeva' and wondering where he fit in to the night's activities. Mistress Florence sensed Robert's curiosity and called ‘Gordeeva' to her side. "Robert, our new maid/Slave will participate in the evenings pleasures. In fact ‘she' will be the focus of, and provide much of, the pleasurable moments for us all. Won't you, darling?" Florence said playfully.

"Yes, Mistress," Gordon replied still looking at the floor. Florence raised ‘Gordeeva's' skirt and showed Robert her maid's black nylon panties. She pulled the waistband and the panties separated from their Velcro fasteners, fell to the floor revealing Gordon's cock and balls, enmeshed in the netting that held them tight. They could see that Gordon was mortified. His arousal was evident too, as his cock was straining to achieve an erection, but was denied by the nylon netting holding it fast. Florence aggravated his circumstance by softly fondling his cock and balls as she talked with the others. Every so often she would flick her thumb and finger smartly across his cockhead or on a testicle, causing Gordon to jump from the sting. Florence untied the leather cord, removing the netting, allowing Gordon's cock and balls to hang free. They watched as Gordon's cock quickly swelled to a magnificent hard-on and awkwardly pushed his maid's skirt out.

"How nice for you two ladies," said Robert eyeing the huge cock as it stiffened rock hard.

"Yes, Robert, we are very happy that ‘she' decided to come serve us," said Florence, "Alteisha, remove your robe and help Robert get comfortable," she continued. Alteisha dropped her robe revealing her total nakedness, except for the collar she wore. She began undressing Robert and threw his clothes to ‘Gordeeva' to fold, or place them on hangers in the closet. Gordon could see Robert's naked body from the corner of his eye. He was dark, heavily muscled and possessed a large thick cock, hanging over an equally impressive set of balls.

Alteisha began to stroke Robert's cock to bring it to full erection. Mistress Florence removed her red satin robe. She was dressed in a black soft leather teddy with an open crotch and her nipples protruding from holes provided for that purpose. She wore thigh high black boots, with five-inch spike heels, studded wristbands and a leather ‘tool' belt, that held small whips, paddles, nipple clamps and a chain leash. She moved to a large upholstered soft leather chair, sat down and crossed her legs, to direct and observe the proceedings. She nodded to Alteisha to begin.

Alteisha licked her lips, embraced Robert and kissed him full on the mouth. He clasped her tits in both hands and quickly moved his mouth to her nipples and licked them with relish. His hands moved to her cunt and two fingers disappeared inside to knead and massage her wet pussy, causing her juices to flow. Florence put her hand between her legs and slowly rubbed her clit, as she watched her Slave amuse her, by preparing to fuck Robert. Gordon stood nearby wondering if anything was expected of him. His cock began to seep with pre-come, as he watched Alteisha moan with pleasure at Robert's ministrations. "You may fuck her now, Robert," said Florence. Robert laid Alteisha down on the edge of the sofa and she put both her legs over his shoulders. He opened her cunt with his fingers and placed the tip of his huge black cock at the entrance to her pussy. The purple head was half buried in her cunt, as she writhed about trying to capture its entire length.

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