tagErotic CouplingsCasual Encounter Leads to Pregnancy

Casual Encounter Leads to Pregnancy


'I shouldn't be doing this' she thought to herself as she unlocked the hotel room door. As the door opened she gasped as the man she had led here pushed her against the wall and kissed her deeply, his tongue darting inside her mouth. His hands found her hips and grasped tightly, as if he were molding her body to his own. He pulled at her tight top, as she raised her arms, removing it in one quick motion. His lips fastened themselves to her neck, as heat blossomed within her. 'I have to stop this,' she thought, 'before this gets completely out of control!'

"Please, please, slow down! I can't have sex with you. It's the worst time of the month for me and I don't have any condoms!" she begged, even as her hips were moving against his trapped erection.

He ignored her pleas and continued his oral assault on her senses. His hands moved under her bra and began massaging her breast. Her breath caught as she felt herself go damp. It hadn't been long since her divorce. She wanted to find someone new and start a family, but she didn't even know this man. Her body was aching to change that though, and she moaned as he pushed up the cup of her bra to take her breast into his mouth.

She gasped as his teeth raked her nipple, cooing as his tongue cooled the trail of fire left only seconds earlier. Her body shuddered against him, writhing with lust. He smiled down at her, delighting in her reactions as he bent her desires to his own.

Pausing for a moment to fully remove her bra, he returned his attention to her full breasts, casually rolling one nipple with his fingers as his mouth feasted on the other. Her mind was racing, trying to find the will to stop him, but each time she tried to tell him to stop the words caught in her throat. Suddenly his hands were now tugging downward on her skirt, and she knew that if she didn't stop him now, there was a very good chance that she would be leaving this hotel room pregnant. Her mind fought to re-assert herself.

"Stop, just stop, I told you, I can't have sex with you!" Her arms found strength and she pushed up at him.

He smiled at her, then bent to kiss her, his hand finding its way under her skirt. She groaned in frustration as his fingers trailed across her sex through her soaked panties.

He fixed her with a firm look and said, "Are you sure you want me to stop? Tell me that you aren't loving this. Tell me that you don't want me to take you right here and now. Tell me that your body isn't demanding that you shut up and fuck me here against the wall. Just tell me that none of that is true, and I'll walk out right now."

His fingers rubber her sex with more force, coaxing a stuttered breath out of her as her body shook with pleasure. She looked up at him with a pleading look in her eye, and whispered, "Please. Please, I want this so bad but it's the worst time for me and I don't even know you!"

He laughed. "By the time tonight is over you are going to know me really, really well." He bent and kissed her again, his tongue dancing with hers as his fingers moved inside her panties, stroking her wet pussy. Her body shuddered, needing release. Her hips moved of their own accord, pushing herself into his touch as her body surrendered to him. She was going to come at any second, and she didn't care anymore that she didn't know this man, that he was going to make her pregnant or that she had no idea how she would care for the baby. All at once, he quickly removed his hand and looked at her, questioning. She groaned, frustrated, her breaths coming in rapid succession. She wanted this. Needed this. It had been too long.

She took a deep breath, then took his hand in hers and moved it back to her crotch as she leaned up to kiss him again. He removed her skirt and panties together, then picked her up and carried her to the bed. His tongue made a trail from her belly button to her pussy, then pushed deep inside her waiting vagina. Fireworks went off in her mind as she cried out in pleasure. Her heart was beating at the speed of light as her body snapped up at his waiting mouth. His fingers found their way to her clit to massage it as his tongue moved inside her. A loud cry escaped her lips as her orgasm overtook her, and the pleasure radiated outwards from her pussy as he continued his oral assault.

As she began to recover, he stood and removed his clothing. He was stocky and well built, and his extremely hard cock was the most beautiful thing in the world to her at that moment. He moved over her, enveloping her as the tip of his dick found her wet opening. She lifted her hips to meet him as he thrust inside in one quick motion. She had never felt so whole or complete. Her pussy grasped him tightly, pulling at him as he began to thrust inside of her. She shook her head from side to side, completely in the thrall of the physical sensations he was producing in her body. She had never been so turned on, so excited, so in lust. She gazed adoringly up at him as he thrust deeply inside of her, quickly returning her to a pre-orgasmic precipice. With the same sense of timing he had displayed earlier, he skillfully brought her to the edge, then stopped and rested inside of her. When she tried to move her hips to get more contact, he moved ever so slightly, almost playing keep-away.

"Please," she begged him, "Please I need to come so bad."

"I'm going to cum inside you. I'm going to knock you up with my child. If you want me to continue, you have to beg me to give you my cum. " He gave a short, quick thrust as he said this and her eyes rolled back into her head.

"Please, I can't have a baby right now. Just pull out!" She wriggled her hips in vain trying to get enough friction to send herself over the edge.

"No. I am going to give you a baby tonight. I am going to come back here every night until you are well and truly knocked up. And every night, you are going to beg me to give you my cum. And after you have our first baby, I'm going to give you another one. And another, and another after that if your body can take it." He smiled down at her, again, moving his cock ever so slightly to make her gasp.

She couldn't help the next words she spoke, "Anything, please, just let me cum!"

He smiled, then thrust into her sharply. Then again, and again and again, picking up speed as he pushed them both towards release. Already close, her body exploded into a powerful orgasm, her pussy clutching his shaft tightly as her muscles gripped him. He howled as he too went over the edge, coating her insides with sperm. He pushed himself deep within her as he spent himself, blasting the inside of her womb with his semen and setting her on the path to motherhood. She felt the impact of his ejaculations inside her and it only intensified her orgasm. Her legs wrapped around him as her hands found his ass and pulled, drawing him deeper. He drained himself in her as she screamed out her pleasure. Exhausted, he collapsed on her chest. Raising himself up so that he could enjoy another deep French kiss, he looked down at the woman he had just taken and made his own. She returned his look with a smile, then reached between them to fondle his balls. Feeling his erection returning as he was still inside her, she began moving her hips to encourage him. She wanted more of his cum now, and there was only one way to get it ....

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