Cat Scratch


Unlike most cat suites this one was more of a corset with a built in garter. The corset had a crotch panel that flipped open for easy access. The suite was completed by red high heel boots. Both of the women got dressed and as the final ray of sunlight vanished over the horizon Alice turned to Bella.

"So are we like vampires or something with the whole night and day thing?"

"No," Bella replied, "we can go out in the day, it is just much easier to hunt at night." With that the two of them left the house. Since this was Alice's first real night of hunting Bella had decided to not shift unless it was necessary. The night air was cool and there was a stiff, bitter breeze as they walked up the street towards the club that Bella had visited the night before. With any luck they would find a pair of victims there.

The club was much more crowded than the night before and as Bella scanned for possible targets she noticed Alice's friend Debbie from the night before and a now recovered Jackie.

"Tell you what," Bella said as she pointed to Debbie and Jackie, "as tempting for me as it is to take those two I will refrain for tonight and we will take that woman in the black dress at the bar." Bella approached the woman and worked her seductive charm. After a few minutes she led the woman to a table in the rear of the club and signaled for Alice to come over.

"This is Alice," Bella said to the woman, "she will be joining our little party tonight."

"Hi Alice," the woman said as she extended her hand, "my name is Carrie."

Hours passed as the three women drank. After last call Bella and Alice led Carrie to a motel next door where Bella secured a room for the evening. As soon as they entered room 4 Carrie was gently laid on the bed and was joined by Alice. Bella sat in the chair next to the bed and began to play with herself. Alice and Carrie madly made out as their hands caressed the others body. Carrie was now in a full seduced trance as Alice removed her panties as well as the crotch opening on the red corset. She then guided Carrie's mouth to her wet and waiting sex. While Carrie serviced Alice, Bella climbed onto the bed where she began to make out with her new protégé. Their tongues danced in each others mouths as Carrie's reached the depths of Alice's now dripping pussy. After having an orgasm a couple of times Alice turned around and returned the favor on Carries sweet little pussy. Bella crawled over and sucked on Carries erect nipples.

"Now," Bella said as Carrie shuddered in orgasm, "take her sexual soul now!" Carrie who was too disoriented from her climax didn't resist as Alice who was lost in the seductive throws of lust kissed her. There was a yellow glow inside of their mouths and Carrie passed out as her sexual soul fed the lustful hunger of Alice. Bella crawled over to her and the two of them made love over the unconscious body of Carrie.

Bella and Alice stayed until just an hour before dawn and then left the still passed out Carrie in the room. "Is she going to be ok?" Alice asked as they walked back towards the house.

"She'll live," Bella replied, "but she will never be aroused again. You now own her sexual soul. Her sexuality and kinks etc will now belong to you."

"Will she remember last night?"

"No, like Jackie and your professor she will forget everything that has happened in the last eight hours. I must leave you now to find a soul for myself. Go back to your dorm and rest and reflect. If you still wish to have the gift of the shifter reversed contact me before midnight." The two of them parted ways and though the majority of Alice's mind was screaming for her to have this reversed there was a part her that wanted this sexual bliss to continue.

As she rested visions of her recent sexual deeds haunted Alice's dreams. The thought of being a shape shifting feline scared her but the sexual energy and power that came with it appealed to her. As dusk approached Alice awoke from her seductive dreams to find her sheets soaked in her sexual juices. She showered and just before she was about to call Bella with her decision to reverse Jackie and Debbie walked in. They were dressed in costumes for the campus party. Debbie was dressed as a sexy super heroine and Jackie was dressed as a seductive devil. The sight of her friends triggered the sexual hunger and lust inside of Alice.

"Are you going to the party?" Debbie asked.

"Yeah," Alice replied, "I want to but I have been so distracted that I forgot to buy a costume."

"No problem," Jackie said as she walked to the closet, "I bought a sexy tigress costume but it ended up being to small. You are a bit smaller than I am so it will fit you."

"Thanks," Alice said as she took the costume from Jackie, "I will get dressed and meet you there." Jackie and Debbie left and Alice slid into the costume. The sight of her friends in their sexy and revealing outfits had distracted her from contacting Bella. Her focus was now totally on seducing and fucking her friends.

The party was in full swing when Alice arrived and after mingling for a while she found her friends and joined them on the dance floor. As the music flowed the three of them went from dancing normal to bumping and grinding. The sexual energy being emitted from Alice was like a pheromone to her friends and soon they were gliding their hands on each other. With their desire at a peak the three of them exited the main floor of the frat house and found a bedroom upstairs. After locking the door the three instantly pounced on each other rubbing and kissing everything they could. Alice soon gained control of the wild orgy as she guided both Jackie and Debbie's heads to her waiting sex. The two of them slid their tongues inside of her at once.

"Yes, Yes!" Alice moaned, "Eat it bitches!"

"Their two tongues took turns flicking and sucking Alice's clit as both Debbie and Jackie now had their fingers inside of each other as well. The surge of pleasure and lust caused Alice to morph halfway into a hybrid. She maintained her human body but her ears had now gave way to feline ears and her face had grown whiskers and shifted into the shape of a cat. Her hands and feet slowly morphed into paws as she came over and over again.

Both Jackie and Debbie had now moved themselves into a 69 position where they attacked the others dripping mound. They weren't startled at all by the appearance of Alice since they were in the throws of a lustful trance. Alice rubbed her new paw over her pussy a she watched her friends bring each other to explosive climax. After her friends had came Alice approached them one at a time and took their sexual souls. Just then the door was busted open by a drunk frat boy looking for a place to fuck his girlfriend. He and his equally intoxicated girlfriend stood in awe and bewilderment as Alice shifted completely into a cat and leaped through the window.

As the feline Alice ran through the darkness the campus clock tower began to toll for midnight. She quickened her pace and with 3 bells to go she leapt through Bella's window and shifted back. Bella stood from her seat at the table and with two bells to go before midnight Alice gave her decision.

"Fuck humanity, I want this forever!" The clock struck midnight as the two shifters embraced in a passionate kiss.

"Now that you are a full shifter," Bella said, "do you want to stay here or do you want to travel with me." Alice pondered for a moment and replied.

"I will go with you, this is my way to see the world and explore the sexuality of it." The two of them changed into their latex suites and shut the lights off in the house.

"Time to go," Bella said as she looked over to her new companion, "are you ready?"

Alice looked back at her and responded, "Let's do it!" The two of them leaped from the window and shifted in mid air. They then vanished into the darkness.

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