tagBDSMCatgirl Possession Ch. 01

Catgirl Possession Ch. 01


He looks his new possession over approvingly. She was wearing a black leather top with spaghetti straps and holes around her breasts to give anyone a nice view of them. The top laced down her back to a pair of black leather, crotchless panties. The back of her panties had been modified so her long, fluffy tail could slide through easily. Shaping her long, slim legs was a pair of thigh high leather boots.

Tonight he was going to make her the star attraction of his club. Many came to his infamous club to see the new girl that had been taken. With the rumors flying of this new girl being half cat had made them all the more curious to check her out.

He considered himself lucky to be the first male dominator to be able to abuse such a gorgeous creature. To be able to make her claws drag across the floor in a mixture of pain and pleasure, to have her long red tail wrapped around his waist, to see her red ears drooped down in ecstasy, to hear her purrs of delight...It made him hard just thinking about it.

It was almost show time so he placed a spike leather collar around her neck and hooked a chain to it. He let a small smile spread across his lips and pulled on the chain hard. The catgirl fell to her hands and knees and she blushed with embarrassment as she knew what was to come. He opened the door and pulled on the chain, making her crawl after him. The sight they were greeted with pleased him but she was frightened.

They had walked out into a large lobby, where many couples and trios were residing. A few of them were dressed like she was and some of them were wearing nothing at all. Yet everyone in there was wearing a mask of some kind. In the middle of the room was a circular stage and she knew that's where she was going to be taken to. She quickly shook her head and tried to crawl back into the room.

He narrowed his eyes and pulled on the chain harder, making her choke and fall to her stomach. He keeps walking out into the crowd and she is dragged after him part of the way until she manages to regain her balance and resumes crawling after him. Her eyes began to drift over the people they passed. Some stopped their sexual activities to watch her while others continued what they were doing. She saw a few girls and guys being whipped, a girl being double penetrated while sucking off another guy and even a trio of girls making out. She felt her pussy begin to moisten and she was ashamed of herself for being turned on by this.

Some of the people couldn't help themselves as they reached out to stroke her long red hair, red cat ears or her long red tail. She let a small purr slip out, enjoying the attention she was receiving. Yet her fear quickly returned as he led her up the steps onto the stage.

He stopped in the middle of the stage and lifted the chain into the air, forcing her to rise to her feet. He clasped the chain on a bar above them which in turn forced her to stand on the tips of her toes. He stepped away from her and nodded to a man at the other end of the stage. The man steps forward, wearing only black pants and a black mask, holding a whip at his side. People gathered around the stage, knowing the show was about to begin.

The man walks up to her and wraps a leather strap around her mouth with a red ball in the middle. He forces the ball into her mouth and ties the strap at the back of her head. She shook her head from side to side, trying to make the man lose his grip on the gag. It worked briefly until her 'master' stepped in front of her and slapped her across the cheek, ceasing her struggles. The strap was tied securely and both men stepped away from her. The man with the mask hands the whip over to the other man and takes his leave of the stage.

She pulled her wrists against the chain, hoping she could somehow break free and escape the mess she had gotten herself into. She looked around frantically and her gaze fell upon the man she had been foolish enough to follow. She saw the whip he was holding and struggled even more. She had thought this was what she wanted but all she wanted now was to escape. That was, until their eyes met. What she saw there made her go weak and ended her struggles. She closes her eyes and bows her head, the mixture of tenderness and lust she saw in him being too much for her.

He unravels the whip and raises his arm in the air. For some reason he became slightly hesitant to mark this girl in any way. He had never seen anyone as beautiful nor has he cared for a slave as much as her. Yet he had a show to do and if he was right then she would enjoy what was about to happen. Even as he thought that, he was swinging his arm down, the whip lashing out and striking her naked shoulders.

She screamed against the gag, though it sounded more like a moan to those listening. The burning sensation she felt was more painful then she had imagined and it caused her to resume her struggles. She was rewarded with a lash across the middle of her back. She screamed again and tears began to fill her eyes. Her screams and struggles seemed to be ignored as the lashes kept coming. After the sixth lash her back began to feel like it was on fire. Yet through the pain she felt a perverse pleasure within her. She focused on that and as she did the pain actually became bearable.

He continued to whip her, losing count after the eleventh lash as he noticed the change in her. Her screams began to turn into moans and she actually seemed to be moving back into each lash. He couldn't help but smile to himself and he doubled his efforts. The straps to her top began to break from the assault. One strap snapped and fell away, soon followed by the others. He stopped his assault and stared at all the red welts that now covered her back.

He tossed the whip aside and slowly approached her. He lightly moved his hands down her back, making her wince as his fingertips touched the welts. He nodded toward the man in the black mask and she wondered what he had planned next. The other man came back on stage with a lit candle. Her eyes widened in fear and she began to struggle once more. Her master took the candle from the man while he in turn picked up the whip. They both reached up and pulled the bar down, forcing her on her knees. They push her forward slightly as they prepare for the next part of the show.

The one with the candle tipped it over her back, letting a few drops of wax fall onto her back. At the same time the other man lashed out with the whip, hitting her breasts. She couldn't describe the pain she felt as the wax fell onto her welts and it was only intensified as the whip hit her breasts. She cried out again and bit down on the gag. They both ignored her muffled cries as they continued their new assault. New welts formed on her breasts and stomach as the lashes from the whip continued. Each drop from the candle brought tears to her eyes and they began to flow freely down her cheeks. Her struggles ceased as she felt herself beginning to lose consciousness.

He motioned to the man with the whip to stop and handed him the candle. He knelt down beside hus new slave and grabbed a handful of her hair, pulling her head back roughly. Her eyes fluttered open and she fixed her tear-filled eyes on him. He brushed her tears away and smiled softly.

"You'll enjoy this next part..."

He stands back up and removes the chain from the bar. She collapses onto her stomach, unable to find the strength to pick herself up. He forces her back on her knees and she weakly props herself up on her elbows. Her ears twitched slightly as she heard the sound of a zipper being pulled down. She looked back behind her to see him removing his pants. Her pussy began to moisten again as she anticipated what was to come. She seemed to forget about everyone watching her and focused her attention on the man who had brought her here.

He kneeled behind her and noticed the change in her. He knew this was what she had been waiting for but she would have to beg for it first. The man in the mask stepped forward and removed the gag from her mouth. She licked her lips and propped herself up on her hands, pushing her ass back in hopes that he would ease the ache in her pussy. He smirked and lightly rubbed the tip of his penis against her clit. She meowed softly and pushed her ass back more, only to feel him pull away from her.

"Tell me what you want."

She blushes deeply and shakes her head, not able to say it. He teases her clit again with his penis and she moans softly with frustration.

"Please..." she said softly.

"Please what?"

"I want you inside of me..."

He stops teasing her and sits back on his heels.

"You'll have to do better then that."

She digs her claws against the floor and closes her eyes, trying to block out the enthusiastic cheers from the people watching.

"Please...fuck me..."

He grabs a handful of her hair and pulls her head back again.


She gasps in surprise and blushes again, knowing what he wanted to hear.

"Fuck me! Please! I want your cock inside of me! I want you to make me cum!"

He moves behind her once more and lines up his penis with the opening to her pussy. He lightly slaps her ass before he slams into her to the hilt. She arches her back and moans with pleasure, already feeling herself coming close to an orgasm. He grabs a hold of her hips and pulls out until his tip remained in her, thrusting back into her harder. She moaned with each new thrust given to her and was surprised when she felt a sharp pain on her back. She looked to her side to see the man in the mask whipping her once more. She hated to admit it but this only turned her on more.

He thrusts into her faster and harder, enjoying her cries of pleasure. The people edged closer to the stage, noticing the marks left on the stage from where she was clawing at the floor. Her breasts swayed back and forth as he continued to thrust into her. The lashes from the whip became less painful as she finally had the orgasm she wanted. She cried out and her body tensed as her orgasm shook through her body. The man moaned with pleasure as he felt her pussy tighten on his cock. He dug his fingertips into her hips and kept pounding into her, feeling his release drawing closer with each thrust. She slowly became aware of the whipping stopping and noticed that his thrusts were becoming quicker and shorter. She moved her ass back against him, wanting to feel his cum inside of her. He thrust a few more times into her and let out a loud moan as his cum shot out into her. She moaned with him and slowly rocked her hips back against him as he finished cumming. He slowly pulled out of her and gave her ass a light smack. The people around the stage began to move away and resume their previous activities as the show ended.

He picked her up, cradling her in his arms and carried her back into the room they had been in previously. He set her down beside a cage in the far corner and opened it. She looked up at him, nodded and crawled into the cage. He reached into the cage and lightly stroked her hair, smiling as she began to purr.

"You did well, Alyssa...Tomorrow night we will have to put on a new show for them..."

He stood up and turned off the lights, leaving her alone in the room. She curled up into a tight ball and cried softly, thinking back as to how she got stuck in this mess...

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