tagNonHumanCatnip: A Halloween Story Ch. 2

Catnip: A Halloween Story Ch. 2


Chapter 2: The Next Day

All people involved in the story are over 18, and fictitious if necessary I will make up the documentation and put it on file for public records.

* * * * *

I woke up the next morning feeling better than I have in a long time. Figuring The cat thing was just some sort of drug induced hallucination. Just then Bast walked in looking completely human, now I knew it was a hallucination. She sat on the bed next to me, and started rubbing her hand up and down my body.

"Good morning, " she said. "You were an animal." As she was talking her hand got near my morning hard on, which felt like it was getting harder by the second. A few seconds later I felt her hand wrap around my cock, and start stroking me. I was thoroughly enjoying the feeling, which I hoped made her happy. Her head started moving down towards my cock to give me another of her heavenly blow jobs, when I saw her face change to the half cat half human face. I was about to say something about it, but then I felt her mouth on my cock and she started running that tongue on the underside, and all coherent thought left my mind. She then started alternating between licking my cock and nibbling it, and I saw the fangs, still not caring (she was that good). It wasn't long before I felt the familiar feeling in my balls.

"I'm gonna cum!" I told her. She just increased her oral ministrations and pretty soon I felt myself cumming harder then I ever had before, and she swallowed it all.

As she lay in bed next to me she handed me a tray with breakfast, of scrambled eggs and a small salmon steak. When I looked at her to thank her, her face had turned back to human. I must have looked seriously confused, because she looked at me, and said, "I bet you're wondering what's going on. "

All I could do was nod.

"Well before I tell you, you should know it had little to do with what you smoked, but it was catnip, and nothing else. " I looked at her listening intently, even breakfast had been left behind.

"About two thousand years ago a few gods and goddesses got together. and realized the planet earth was to boring, to vanilla if you will. so each god or goddess picked an animal, and gave them humanoid characteristics. Some more human than others. I am a cat, so are you, our kind were created, and are watched over by the Egyptian goddess Bast. That's where I got my name. If you are shocked I understand, but I knew you were one of my kind when you followed the scent of my catnip cigarettes. "

I looked at Bast. It's true I was shocked, but for some reason it made perfect sense.

"I think I understand". I told her, as I set down the tray. I leaned over and kissed her passionatly. I ran my hands down her body reaching her breasts and ran my fingers over her quickly stiffening nipples. She mewed happily. as I moved my hand further down her body, finally reaching her pussy (insert your cat/pussy jokes here. ). I noticed she was already wet and her clit was sticking out, so I rubbed my finger along her clit as I inserted and slid my finger in and out of her. She started panting, and mewing even louder, while I was getting harder and harder.

"I need you inside me now!" Bast moaned. I was more than happy to oblige her, and I climbed between her legs, and slid my hard cock into her, until I bottomed out. " Fuck me, fuck me hard!" she moaned. I started thrusting inside her as hard as I could, I reached to her clit, and started rubbing it. Which really got her going. The walls of her pussy tightened around me, and I still couldn't believe the feeling. I think I was going to like being a cat person. While I was fucking her she grabbed my back, and started running her nails across my back, and when she came she dug her nails in deep, and pulled them down my back, which made me thrust even harder, I even felt my self change into a cat person, while thrusting. She noticed it, and smiled as she started feeling the effects of another orgasm. I was ready to cum as well. so I started thrusting harder and faster. Pretty soon we both came rather violently with loud cat yowls. We collapsed on the bed next to each other, holding each other very close.

"I have an idea!" Bast said to me as we were reeling in the after glow. "I have some friends who are like us not all cats but they'd most definitely like to meet you. How about a party tonight?"

"Sounds like fun, I'd like that. "I replied.

"Good, they'll be here in a few hours, I called them already. " she said with a smile.

I looked her "Plenty of time, as I kissed her again.

A few hours later, the doorbell rang. I answered it, to find this beautiful woman standing there. She looked like a bird or something. "Bella!" Bast said rather excitedly. Bast came to the door, and hugged this new woman, and walked her inside the house. I was about to shut the door, when I heard, "Hey hold up!" I reopened the door, to see five more people. Two men and three women walked in. They either shook my hand or hugged me and gave me a kiss on the cheek. We all sat around the living room talking, when Bella said" I don't know about ya'll, but I'm and getting out of the human look. for a while. Then I looked at her change into this blue jay human cross with feathers for hair and a beak for her nose.. I wondered if she was all feather instead of hair, but that thought stream was cut short, as the others changed, one of the guys turned into a cat form like Bast and me. The second male turned into a from what I could was a dober-man. One woman turned into a reptile woman, and finally the last one changed to a mouse woman.

Bast introduced them to me as Tom(the other cat), Steve( the dober-man ), Carrie(the reptile woman), Billie(the mouse), and Bella( the bird woman. ). "This is Ken, the new cat I found last night. "I waved to everyone as Bast went into the kitchen to get some drinks. She came out a few minutes later with some wine, and some Jack and cokes. and we all started drinking. Bast rolled a couple of catnip cigarettes, and we all took a few smokes, and everyone started getting relaxed. I noticed Carrie was running her hand on Steve's leg, and Billie, and Bella were sitting very close, and holding each other. I was sitting next to Bast, and I was starting to feel the effects of the smoke.

Bast was too, as she reached around and kissed me on the lips, sliding her tongue into my mouth. I looked around and saw Carrie and Steve were doing the same thing, but their hands were roaming each others bodies. and Billie and Bella started making out on the couch with Tom walking over to them. Bast nibbled my tongue to regain my attention. I returned her kiss, for a few seconds, then broke away. "Is it just me or does this seem too much like an erotic story?" She looked at me and asked" Do you want me to stop this? I can send everyone home. "I replied "No way! This will be fun. "

I went back into kissing her passionately, and we started undressing each other. by the time we were naked so was everyone else. We all lay on the floor, kissing, and feeling up our perspective partners. I was laying on top of Bast kissing her, when I felt a second pair of hands run down my back, I did a quick scan with my eyes, and noticed Bella wasn't with the others. I then felt a pair of lips on my neck, with a beak touching over where her lips were. I broke the kiss, and moved to the side, to look at Bast, and Bella. They both had a look of lust in their eyes, and Bella looked at Bast, started running her hands over her body, and said, "You were right, he is nice."

They started kissing each other. As they kissed each other I started moving between Bast's legs and started kissing and licking her swollen pussy lips, while my hand moved over to Bella's pussy. I started eating one out while fingering the other, and after a few minutes, I switched to eating Bella's pussy. I was right she did have feathers around her pussy. I dove in and slid my tongue between her pussy lips, I figured I had the cat tongue thing so I slid my tongue over her clit, and she nearly hit the roof, with an instant orgasm. " No matter how many times I feel cat tongue, it always makes me cum."

As I continued my tongue work on Bella I felt Bast wrap her mouth around my cock, and start deep throating me. I inserted a finger inside Bella, and started thrusting my cock a little in Bast's mouth. Bella must have come 5 times before she said" I want your cock inside of me. " I pulled my cock from Bast's mouth, and told her to sit on the couch, As she did that, I leaned Bella against the couch and slid my cock deep inside her, and leaned over her to start eating Bast out. Bella's pussy gripped my cock, it was great, but my mind moved to the pussy is was eating out. I applied thes and paper tongue, and Bella came again, Bast was about to cum so, I pulled my cock from Bella's pussy lifted myself over her head and slid my cock into Bast. She purred with delight, and I felt Bella's tongue on my balls. I kept thrusting away, Hard and fast like I know Bast liked it.

After a few strokes Bast started cumming and I felt my self close to the edge as well. I held off as I thrust through her orgasm, trying very hard to hold off. As her orgasm subsided I passed the point of no return. "I'm cumming!!!" I announced, Bast pushed me off her and her and Bella both dove on top of me licking and sucking my cock. When I came they both started catching my cum, and what the couldn't catch, they licked off my cock, and each other. I looked around as soon as stopped spurting, and saw everyone else was laying on the floor holding their partner. "Is this what usually happens at your parties?" I asked.

"It is now." Bast replied, as me, her, and Bella held each other close.

* * * * *

The End!!! (Till The Next Chapter)

Please tell me what you thought. Compliment if you can or want, flame if you must.

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