tagNonHumanCats and Dogs Ch. 04

Cats and Dogs Ch. 04


Note: This story features m/m and m/f, and this chapter is heavy on the sex again. There will be a bit more plot in the next part! (But I'm not leaving the erotica out either).

After their mutual declarations of love, Sam and Tom sat for a moment just staring into each other's eyes. With the edge taken off their lust it was easier for them to talk. Sam moved to sit beside Tom on the sofa, sitting close so he could feel their bodies touching, and taking Tom's hand so he could intertwine their fingers. There was something he really wanted to know, before he could continue making love to Tom like he wanted to.

'Did you send Tilly? I don't mind, I just want to know what happened.' He looked into Tom's eyes again and saw the answer before he spoke.

'Yes. Sorry, but I didn't know how to get through to you. I didn't tell her what to say, but she obviously did it somehow. I'll have to thank her later!'

'Me too,' Sam said, smiling. 'Don't you know what she said? You must have spoken to her after she was here.'

'I didn't get the chance. Dill was there and I didn't want him to get any details. She just made it clear she thought she'd done what she could and encouraged me to come see you. I have to admit, I wasn't expecting things to go quite so well.' Neither of them could resist smiling then, the recent blowjobs fresh in their minds, and also the awareness that they were both hard again.

Sam was amused that Tilly had been ambushed as well. 'Dill was in her room? Serves her right!' Tom looked puzzled at his comment so he continued. 'She made me tell her why I was resisting you, and then had a go about me denying myself something good, but I could tell she wasn't just talking about me. Apparently it's fine for her to stop him because she is only playing hard to get.'

Tom was surprised. 'I didn't think she liked him that way. It's pretty obvious he has a thing for her. Although, perhaps I should have realised when as soon as she saw him she forgot I was there and what she should have been telling me.' he gave a wry grin.

'I hope for his sake she's sticking to her deal. She said she'd let Dill have what he wanted if I let you. Mind you, I doubt she knows I caved.'

Tom gave him a sly and sexy grin. 'I'd be surprised if she didn't hear you howling.'

Sam went red. 'I was that loud?'

'Oh yes. And I can't wait any longer to see what other noises you make.' Tom leaned over and pulled Sam into his arms for another passionate kiss. He had been glad for a quiet moment between them, knowing they were comfortable with each other at last, but now he wanted something more physical, and he knew just what. Looking deep into Sam's eyes, he whispered. 'I want you Sam, I want that hard cock in me. Make love to me.' The passionate growl he got in response made it clear he was going to get just what he wanted, and he purred his pleasure at the thought, feeling his ass and his own cock twitch in anticipation.

'We need to go to my room.' said Sam. 'This couch isn't that comfy, and it'll be a lot more enjoyable in my bed. Race you!' he said smiling as he stood up quickly and changed into his wolf form. 'Come on pussycat, I can't wait to have you spread out on my bed so I can lick you all over.' He opened the door and ran off down the corridor, glad of the headstart knowing that the cat was quicker.

Tom was much slower to move, amazed at the change in Sam from the man who had kept his want under wraps for so long to the teasing lover who wanted him in his bed. Even as he changed he shuddered at the thought of being licked all over. In his cat form he ran down the corridor, seeing Sam was already on the stairs. His body was lighter and quicker although his stride was shorter, so he didn't manage to catch up to Sam until they were nearly outside his bedroom door. He leapt into the air and rolled, taking Sam with him so they arrived at the foot of the bed in a tangle of limbs and fur.

Sam the wolf was surprised at being caught like that, but knew how much cats liked to play with their mates. His face was right next to Tom's and he stared into the cats eyes, wondering how he still found this a turn on. It was the eyes, he decided. Although the pupils were narrower they were still the same beautiful blue he saw when Tom was a man. He couldn't resist using his long tongue to lick Tom's face, and was rewarded by a mewl and some kitten licks to his own muzzle. He didn't want to stay like this though, and he started to shift form, and as soon as Tom noticed he changed as well.

Sam became aware of how uncomfortable the hard floor was, especially in the strange position he was in tangled up with Tom. 'I thought this was about us getting more comfortable, so how come I'm worse off than on the sofa?' he said, with a hint of complaint that wasn't very serious.

'Sorry, but we are at least a lot closer than on the sofa.' replied Tom, leaning forward for a quick kiss before straightening out his limbs, and clambering up onto the bed. He looked intently at Sam. 'Now, about you licking me all over...' he left the sentence unfinished as he lay back and spread himself on the large bed.

Sam growled again and jumped up from the floor onto the bed so fast that Tom was propelled slightly into the air which started him laughing. Sam silenced him with a passionate kiss that ensured they were both rock hard again. After a few moments he raised himself up to look at Tom, and heard himself groan at the sight of the beautiful and sexy man spread out waiting for him to pleasure him. He didn't want to wait a moment longer. His tongue moved to lick along Tom's neck and the purring started up again. Sam smiled, loving the fact that he could do that to his mate.

He kissed and licked his way along Tom's neck and chest, stopping when he reached a nipple and softly biting on it, hearing a moan of desire. He could feel his own cock dripping and had to rein in his own lust to make sure this was good for Tom, although he didn't doubt he was enjoying it so far. He rolled over a little so he could reach the bedside table and grabbed a bottle of lube from the drawer. Tom noticed the lack of attention even though it was only a moment, and when Sam turned back Tom was smiling at him, clearly having noticed what he had fetched, and glad that he was going to get what he had asked for.

Tom lay back and watched Sam squeeze some lube into his fingers, shivering in anticipation of feeling them inside him. Sam moved back to him for another kiss and he responded eagerly, enjoying the feel of the toned and hairy body on top of him pressing him back into the bed. He ran his hands over the toned back as he had wanted to do so many times, and when one of his hands moved into Sam's hair he became frustrated at not being able to run his fingers through it and pulled out the tie holding it up, instantly feeling the cascade of hair falling across their faces. He heard an amused rumble from Sam. He was loving the kisses but wanted more, and suddenly realised he didn't have to stop kissing to let him know. 'You gonna stick something in me any time soon?' he thought, frustrated by the lack of action. He felt Sam start at hearing him.

'Forgot we could do this. I've never been with a were before. Patience is a virtue you know.'

'Sod virtue. I want you to take me, now!'

He heard Sam's laughter, but knew his request was granted when he felt a hand on his balls, caressing them gently, and then giving his shaft a few slow strokes before it moved lower. He started to moan and writhe when he felt the first touch of a finger at his opening. It felt good, but it was even better when it slipped inside him. He caught his breath slightly at a moment of discomfort, but it was only a split second and when Sam started to move his hand Tom was already desperate for more.

'Please Sam, hurry it up. I've been waiting long enough.'

'I'm sorry baby. I don't want to hurt you though.'

'You won't. I'm more than ready, I've been thinking about this since we first met.'
Tom was aware of the term of endearment Sam used, and it made his heart swell. He was glad to feel a second finger, and soon a third, moving inside him. He could barely contain himself, pushing down hard to get them further inside him, but knowing that Sam's huge cock would feel even better. They were still kissing, but only lightly as both were breathing hard. Thank god they didn't have to try and talk as well, although he knew it wouldn't be much longer before the feelings would take him over and he wouldn't be able to think straight.

When Sam moved to cover his body totally, Tom looked into his eyes and saw the love shining there. He smiled in reply and gasped as he finally felt Sam's hard dick against him. He moaned as it pressed in and felt it sliding into his ass. It felt even bigger than it looked, but he never wanted it to leave. The gentle slide eventually stopped and he felt Sam's balls against his body. He wriggled a little and both of them moaned at the feelings generated by even a slight movement. Sam seemed aware it was too soon to start pumping, and kissed him hard again as he started to move back very slowly, allowing Tom to open for him.

Sam was finding it hard to keep it slow. Tom was tight and hot, and it felt glorious to be buried inside him at last. He had also been thinking about this since they had met, and was so glad not to be denying himself any more. When Tom pushed back against him he knew it was time to start to fuck him properly, and he just hoped he would be able to last long enough to make it good for both of them. He sped up and soon was moving hard and fast, in and out, feeling Tom's channel grab him as he did, and knowing both of them were moaning loudly totally lost in being together.

To his surprise, Tom came first, spurting over their chests and both yowling and shouting Sam's name as he did so. The waves of Tom's orgasm against his cock on the inside was too much and Sam heard himself roar his release as well, pumping hard until the last shot of cum coated Tom's insides. Spent, he collapsed on top of him, and felt Tom's arms move around him and hold him tight. He couldn't remember ever feeling this good.

Tom couldn't help hugging Sam to him after they came. It had been a million times better than he could ever have imagined, and he never wanted them to part, although he could already feel Sam's cock softening and slipping from his body. He felt empty when it did and moaned his disappointment. Still, he was still pressed into the bed by a strong body and felt really loved for the first time in his life.

'Thank you' they both thought at the same moment, and instantly started laughing. Sam moved off Tom and they both managed to stand, and without anything being said both heading to the ensuite bathroom to clean up. Sam couldn't help stopping Tom before he wiped his chest off completely, and leant forward to lick up some of the cum that had gathered there, loving the taste of his mate. He smiled up at him. 'You taste good, I needed more.'

'As much as you want, as often as you want. Although I may need some recovery time now and again. Especially now.'
he said with a yawn.

Sam smiled, clearly amused, and took Tom's hand to lead him back to the bed. 'You're sleeping with me from now on. I want to wake up with you in my arms, or me in yours. I'm not fussed either way.'

'I'm not going to object. It sounds perfect to me.'
replied Tom, settling back down onto the bed, but this time under the covers and pulling Sam in beside him, snuggling close and sighing at the contact. He managed to give Sam one final kiss before falling fast asleep. Sam stayed awake for only a moment longer, looking at Tom's sleeping face and smiling to himself, totally content and sated.

* * * * * *

Tilly woke with a start, hearing Sam call her name in his head. 'What?' she asked, grumpily.

'Breakfast is ready. I know it's another day off but if you want some hot food you'd better get down here soon.'

'Give me a few minutes, you woke me up.'
Tilly was aware that although she had woken she still had a sleeping Dill wrapped around her. She wanted to savour that feeling, although she rather hoped it wouldn't be the last time they woke up together. He was curled as close as he could be to her body, warming her, and with an arm wrapped around her chest. She was also aware of his hardness pressed against her back. She had made a promise to him last night that she had every intention of keeping very soon, but with a sigh she realised it couldn't be here or now.

'By the way,' continued Sam, with a teasing tone in his thoughts, 'have you seen Dill? We can't seem to rouse him either.'

'No idea. I'll go check his room on the way down. And don't you try and tease me about him, not when I know what you were up to last night.'
Silence was the only reply to that, and she rather hoped she had embarrassed him a little. She didn't want him to know about Dill just yet, she wanted to get things clear in her own mind first. She started to stretch out, and heard a grumble behind her as Dill started to wake, and he wasn't keen on letting her go either because although he straightened out a little his arm pulled her tighter to his body. She managed to wriggle enough to turn to face him, and saw his eyes were open if a little bleary.

'Morning,' she said quietly, staring into his beautiful brown eyes. 'Sam's just called me for breakfast. I said I'd check your room to wake you on the way down.' she smiled.

'I don't think you'll find me there. And I like here much better, even if you did wake me up.' Dill moved forward to kiss her. This time she could only feel their emotions, but she still responded eagerly to kiss him back, moaning softly at the contact and feeling the effects of a simple kiss all through her body. She stopped him when his hand moved to her breast.

'Not now. We need to go have breakfast, and then we're going for a run.' Before he had chance to object she moved off the bed and went through to the bathroom.

Dill watched her go, watching her naked body move and wanting to get his hands on her again, this time hopefully without anyone else intruding. Last night had been incredible, and he should probably thank Tom and Sam for their unwitting contribution to loosening Tilly up so she had to make some admissions to him. He hoped that "going for a run" meant more than just that. He reluctantly got to his feet as well, knowing that he had little option but to go along with her plan for the moment.

They arrived downstairs, Dill slightly after Tilly to give the impression she had been to wake him up. Sam and Tom were already eating, sat beside each other, and both clearly very happy. Tilly could feel the pleasure, and smiled at the two of them. Tom gave a broad smile in return, while Sam's response was rather more embarrassed. He obviously had heard her comment earlier and didn't want to encourage her to tease him any more.

When Dill came into the room he couldn't help smiling either. Everyone seemed so happy, but he was also still processing the information that Tom and Sam were involved. Tom obviously saw him looking and glared at him, almost daring him to say something. He just shrugged to show he was unconcerned, and went to fill his plate with food, stocking up for what he hoped would be an energetic day. Breakfast was eaten pretty much in silence, but as Sam started to stand Tilly spoke.

'Can I see you quickly after breakfast please?' She felt disappointment hitting her from all sides and laughed. 'Only a few minutes, I promise. I just need to sort something out' she said, knowing she was reassuring every man in the room with her comment, although leaving them wondering what it was about.

'Sure' replied Sam. 'Come to my office as soon as you finish eating.'

Tilly sped up, not really wanting to delay matters more than necessary. She was surprised to hear Tom think to her. 'Thank you for your help. I really appreciate it.'

'I don't doubt that! But I'm glad I could help. I'm sorry for the slight delay this morning, but I just need you two apart for a little while so I can get clear. Last night was a little intense.'

Tom went red. 'You heard us?'

'No, not really, but there were a few too many frantic emotions flying around and I found it difficult to tune out. I'm gonna go out for the day, if you don't mind hanging on for round two until I get clear?'

'Honey, we've already done round two!'
Tom shifted in his seat and smiled at her with a pleased grin. 'But I understand if you want to get away and I'm sure we can keep our hands off each other for a few moments.'

'I'll take Dill with me so you have the house to yourselves.'

'Really. Just for our benefit then?'
he teased in reply, clearly not as embarrassed as Sam about what she knew about their night of passion.

'Not everyone here got laid last night, if that's what you're implying.'

'Poor lad. I hope you'll put that right soon?!'

Tilly smiled. 'I may do. But without your accompaniment.' She stood up to follow Sam to the office, leaving an amused Tom and bemused Dill, who had not heard any of their conversation. She shot a thought to him. I really will only be a couple of minutes. Wait for me in the hall and we'll be heading out before these two start up again.'

She found Sam in the office as he had said, and quickly started to talk to him. 'I've already explained this to Tom, but I just needed to get you two apart for a few minutes so I can get away from the house. I felt rather too much emotion last night, and I'd rather not be around for what I am reliably informed will be round three.'

Sam went red for the umpteenth time that morning. 'Sorry sis, didn't realise we were broadcasting. I'll wait until I see you in the trees before I go find my mate then.'

'Mate?' she queried. 'You're that sure already?'

'I always was, I just didn't want to let go and let it happen. Mind you, I haven't mentioned it to Tom yet, so if you could keep that to yourself for now.'

Tilly gave him a tight hug. 'That's great Sam. I'm so happy for you both.'

'And what about you? You found a fling, or a mate, or what?' Sam enquired.

'We'll call it "or what" for the moment I think. Nothing's happened.' A slight lie, but she wasn't going to discuss things right now. She had better ideas, which began with getting out of here. 'I'll see you at dinner.' she said, leaving and returning to the hall where she was pleased to see Dill was waiting for her. She didn't speak but stripped off her dress right in front of him, pleased at his reaction even though he had seen her naked last night and this morning. She changed form and he quickly followed, running after her as she headed out of the door and towards the trees, making sure she went in a direction where Sam could see her clearly. She didn't want to keep those two apart for any longer than necessary, especially knowing they had bonded as mates.

* * * * * *

Dill was amazed at the sight of Tilly naked in the hall, the sunlight shining through the doors and over her curves, and couldn't stop gaping at her body even after she started to change. He managed to get it together so that he wasn't left behind and followed her to the line of trees, where she suddenly changed direction and headed around to the back of the house, but working further out in a sort of spiral. He knew the grounds well by now but thought this an odd route to take.

Running with her in front of him though just made his cat side want to play, and when they reached a clearing he pounced, the two of them rolling around on the grass and ferns for several minutes, enjoying the bonding of a gentle playfight. Eventually he managed to pin her down, and she lay beneath him panting. He realised that she was in a perfect position for them to mate, but didn't want to take the chance of her not being receptive to him when she had her claws out. She obviously thought something similar because he heard her speak to him.

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