I turn the key in the lock, then open the door, slowly, quietly. Placing my briefcase on the floor, I remove my coat, watching the water drip onto the cool tiles. I hear classical music coming from the lounge down the long hall. Closing the door silently, I listen to the slow tune echoing off the walls. My shoes make little noise as I creep towards the music.

As I get closer, I smell the cigarette smoke, and can hear some low moaning. With each step the odor increases and the sound of pleasure gets more distinct. The door is ajar slightly, my hand moves to the door knob and grasps it firmly. Peering around the door, my eyes widen and I feel my passion rising. You are sitting on the edge of the couch facing away from me, I see your dark hair slightly ruffled. Your head is angled as though you are looking down, I see a hand-rolled cigarette held in your left hand, smoke rising into the air.

The hinges turn soundlessly as I enter the room. I can hear your moaning clearly now as the music tapers off. Your hand moves to your mouth and you inhale from the cigarette, holding the smoke in your lungs, exhaling slowly, looking up, letting the smoke simply fall out from your mouth. It is now that your eyes spy me, I see the panic register in your face, I enjoy this look immensely.

I push the door all the way open, you stand and turn quickly, trying to smooth your skirt down. I look you up and down, not bothering to hide my disgust. You look down at your feet, knowing that this will require a punishment of sorts. "What were you doing?" I ask, even though I fully understand what was occurring. You don't answer straight away, so I walk around the couch and stand directly in front of you, almost towering over your frame.

I ask again, more forcefully, and I see your eyes peeking from within your hanging hair. Grabbing your chin, I raise your head to look up at me, I see your cheeks redden. My other hand grasps your wrist and pulls it from behind your back, the cigarette now plainly in view. Your eyes dart from my eyes to the cigarette and back again. I release your face and pry it from your fingers, Leaning over i stub it out in the ashtray on the coffee table.

You eyes never leaving my face, you smile, but as soon as you do, you realize the mistake and quickly look down again. I ask you one more time, "What were you doing?", I wait as I see your mouth trying to form the words. Almost under your breath I hear "I was smoking and being... Selfish", the sound just audible above the music.

"Very well, explain to me how you were being selfish?". "I was playing with myself". Your face goes red with embarrassment as the words escape your lips. "How were you playing with yourself?". "I was fingering my pussy... and... thinking of you". My hand relaxes and your marked wrist twists from my fingers. I step back and remove my suit jacket, laying it neatly over the arm of the couch. Turning around I look you over again, from your dark grey knee high socks, your hip hugging skirt, over your slightly ruffled button up shirt, to your beautiful neck and face.

"Come to me now" I say as I sit on the couch. Your feet almost shuffle across the floor, hesitantly moving closer until you are directly in front of me. "Undo your buttons, slowly!". Your trembling fingers fumble with each button, but, eventually you comply. I lightly grab your shirt, opening it, you feel the fabric pulling out from the skirt. I take in the vision of your pale white porcelain skin, the bra is almost the same color, the pattern of fine lace work the only difference.

My hands raise and pull the shirt over your shoulders, letting it fall, it slides over your wrists and hands, the fabric making a low whisper as it coils behind you. I see your chest rising and falling with each short breath. My fingers grab you roughly around the waist and quickly spin you around. Undoing the top button, I pull down on the skirt's zip, feeling each tooth separate and watching the skirt fabric relax over your ass. The skirt eventually loosens enough from your hips and drops to the floor surrounding your feet.

"Take a step forward and turn and face me". I watch intently as your body does as it is told. I look at your panties, seeing a distinct damp patch covering your pussy. You look sheepish as you see me looking, not sure how to react. I stand and you inch away from me. My fingers grasp your shoulders turning you around and bending you over the arm of the couch. "Stay!". I stride over to the drawers that contain my toys, pulling out the pale rope. Coming back to you, I loop it around your wrists, tying them behind your back.

Taking slow deliberate steps, I walk back over to the drawer, grabbing the riding crop. Your eyes follow me, widening as I get closer. "Please... Sir..." your voice pleading to me. I say nothing and walk behind you, your head tries to turn and follow me. I push your upper body down with one hand and gripping the riding crop tightly in the other, I bring it down quickly. Stopping just over your skin, the end flicks your skin, lightly whipping. Your breathing deepens.

Your panties are dragged off your hips and down your legs until they hang from your ankles. The riding crop swings back up and down, faster this time, the sound a sharp crack as it impacts on your skin. Your squeal is slightly muffled as you bury your face into the couch. Up and down, again and again, keeping it constant, the red marks left on your skin, lines covering your ass and legs. With each stroke your body shudders, panties fall to the floor, the wet patch clearly visible.

"Have you had enough naughty girl?" I ask, "Yes Sir, I have, please, enough" you're almost pleading with me now. Fingertips slowly run through your hair, along your arms, over the rope, feeling your smooth skin, every curve, until I reach your ass, running them over the slightly raised red marks. A finger tip runs along your ass crack, into the gap between your inner thighs, grazing the outer edge of your wet lips, I see you bite your lip, stifling a gasp. The finger drags all the way down your leg, over your thigh high socks, leaning over you feel my breath on your upper thigh, lips make contact against the back of your legs.

I grab your legs and widen your stance, kissing the back of your knee through your sock. My hands slide up your legs, moving slowly below my head. Higher I go, my tongue flicks out and you feel the roughness over your smooth skin. Your body betrays your pleasure, my tongue finding some of your juices on your inner thigh. Your flavour in my mouth, I force your legs further apart, planting a hard kiss onto your now exposed pussy. My fingers massage your moist lips, occasionally slipping the tip inside you. Kisses are placed all over your ass and legs, avoiding your pussy altogether, fingers skirting around the edge of you.

Your hips rock back and forward trying to control where my hands are, all to no avail. Each touch is lighter than the last and it makes you more frustrated, until I am no longer in contact with you. You arch your back and twist, trying to turn around to face me. "Stand up now!", watching your unsure expression as you try to stand on your shaking legs gives me immense pleasure. I undo my belt and your expression changes yet again, eyes widen, your mouth tightens. "On your knees, here in front of me", the sound of my zipper loud in the quiet of the room. I take out my hard cock, the red tip shiny and tight, the shaft with prominent veins.

Eyes on my cock, you get on your knees in front of me. " Look up at me", your head does not move, but your eyes pivot until they are locked with mine. "Do you want this?", you nod slowly. A hand placed on the back of your head brings you closer. You lick your lips and open up, taking me in gradually. Your tongue swirling inside your mouth, around my head, I feel you moan with your own pleasure, knowing how much I enjoy this. Looking deep into your beautiful eyes as you try to take my full length makes me even harder.

Your neck tries to pull your mouth off me, but my hand holds you firm, my hips push forward, forcing me a little deeper. I see your eyes watering slightly, and hold firm an extra second, then release you enough to allow you to breathe. I see your sudden intake of breath and I thrust back into your mouth, but not as deep. My hand gets us into a rhythm, watching as my saliva coated shaft slides in and out of your red lips. Our eyes are locked as this continues, my hand has now grabbed you by your hair and the thrusting has become more frantic.

My grunts echo off the walls, my orgasm nears, I pull out completely, hearing a disappointed sigh as you realise that you will not be getting your reward yet. Grabbing you by the shoulders I raise you to your feet and turn you around. "Follow me". I walk out of the room, and down the darkened hallway, with you right behind me.

The door of the bedroom swings open easily as we walk in, the room is suddenly illuminated when my fingers flick the light switch. "On the bed", you walk over, unsure how to get on the bed, your arms still bound behind you. I walk over and push you on to your face. Rope is quickly wrapped around each of your ankles and fastened to the base of the bed, spreading your legs apart.

You watch as I methodically remove my suit pants, tie and shirt, taking my time, prelonging your anticipation. After what seems an eternity I am naked and ready to continue. Stepping around the bed, I look at you from all angles, taking in each beautiful curve and line. Your body is shivering with frustration, wanting my touch. A hand reaches out and the index finger makes contact with the sole of your foot, your body shudders as though you had been electrocuted. The other hand reaches out and grabs the other foot, I kneel on the bed behind you, my hands moving higher up.

Looking down I see the fading red lines made by the riding crop, I take the tip of my erect cock and rub it on your inner thighs and ass. I tease it against your wet opening, my fingers spread your pussy lips and I push the head inside you. You groan loudly as you feel me moving inside you, I pull almost all the way out, then push a little deeper.

With each thrust the penetration is deeper, gradually, slowly until my cock is fully inside you. I pull out slowly, then push in just as slow, the sensation unbelievable. Hands grab you roughly by your hips, pushing you into the bed a little, changing the angle.

Looking down I watch my cock moving in and out, your pussy lips stretching and contracting with each thrust. I increase the pace a little, but not much, your hips rocking in unison. Your deep breathing has transformed to low moaning and I feel you getting wetter. My hands are either side of you, taking the weight of my upper body.

Slightly faster now, I lean over further, your head turns around as much as possible, I see you looking at me out of the corner of your eye. I kiss the back of your neck and lightly bite your neck, my teeth leaving little marks. "Bite me again?" you moan , "No" I reply and I increase the pace again, the sound of our flesh colliding getting louder.

My glistening shaft slides in and out, you push your face into the sheets, moans muffled, ropes are pulled tight with each of my thrusts. I grab your hair, pulling your face off the sheets roughly, you gasp and your entire body stiffens. I pull out slowly, then push my entire length into you quickly, pulling your hair as I do. You try to raise your hips as I enter you, my torso and ropes keeping you down. My pace increases and your gasps get louder, the orgasm nearing. I stop and pull out completely, "You're not allowed to come yet!". Reaching down I release your ankles then do the same for your wrists, rope marks deep in your flesh.

Flipping you over onto your back, I look you deep in the eyes, your look of disappointment quickly fading. Leaning over you, I kiss up your stomach and breasts, moving over your collarbones and neck. Your moaning returns with each caress, your legs instinctively wrap around my torso, my fingers looping around your throat. We maintain eye contact as my cock enters you again, fingers tighten as I move deeper. Our hips rock in time, whilst your hands grab at the sheets. I enter you further, kissing your open mouth, tasting you.

Lowering my hips changes the angle, allowing deeper penetration. You raise your hips to meet mine as I thrust into you. I hear your breathing get shallow and watch as your eyes glaze slightly, the choking having the desired effect. As the rhythm is maintained, your body shudders, you bite your lip, I look at your face pleading with me. I simply nod and your entire body shakes and your back arches as the orgasm is allowed to hit you. Wave after wave rolls over you, your muscles contracting tightly, eyes watering. You try to scream in ecstasy but my choking reduces it to a mild gasping.

I feel your body go limp as it tapers off, I relax my fingers and watch the blood return to your face. Taking my cock out of your soaked pussy, I grasp your ankles, prying your legs off me. I stand up and look at your spent body, red marks on your throat, mascara running, smeared lipstick. You look absolutely perfect. I twist your body until your head is off the edge of the bed. Fingers force your mouth open, and I insert the head of my hard cock, your lips wrap around the shaft. Inside your mouth I feel your tongue swirl over my skin, your hands on my thighs, pulling me into you.

Bending at the waist I lean over and run my hands over you, I feel your body twitch as I touch your sensitive skin. My cock gently fucking your mouth as the tips of my fingers slide down your belly. You take one hand and its fingers encircle my shaft, the other lightly massages my balls. I rock my hips, feeling your mouth and hands working on me. Looking down at my girl satisfying me, I thrust harder, pushing in as much as I can. Your throat gags on me but you hold me there, prolonging the sensation.

Shifting my fingers lower on your body, I watch them move through your pubic hair, wet with your fluids. Running them over your pusy lips, I gently insert one, feeling you moan deep within your throat. I massage you with my fingers, hips turning and raising. Fingers around my shaft quickly stroke me, your lips wrapped tightly as the shaft moves in and out. The orgasm nears, and my thrusting is more measured, maximizing my pleasure.

Aware of my impending orgasm, you increase the speed and pressure on my cock. My hips move in time, closer it comes, the feeling builds up until I can take it no more. I curl my finger inside your pussy, your hips grinding against me. I grunt loudly as I start to come in your mouth, thrusting into your throat, you swallow all you can and your hands milk every last drop. Muscles spasm with each stroke, your tongue swirling over the sensitive head.

As I pull out of your mouth, I remove my finger from your wet pussy lips and have you suck on it, tasting your own wonderful juices. Your smiling face beams up at me, happy that you have satisfied me. I lean down and kiss you, caressing your face with my hands. I lay on the bed and you move over, placing your head on my lap. "Good girl" I say as you drift off to sleep...

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