tagNovels and NovellasCaught On Camera Ch. 05

Caught On Camera Ch. 05

byDon Grampa©

Tuesday after school Aaron relieved his mother at the store so she could run some errands, and at the same time let him develop his film. After dinner he went over to Bardoorian's to be with Marie while Lisa came over to his house to visit with his mother.

Marie seemed to enjoy their sexual encounters, even though she professed to be interested in women only. Aaron guessed that she was really bi-sexual and only lived the lesbian lifestyle because of her sister. She certainly was an active participant in her couplings with him. Tonight she had climbed on top and ridden him like a champion. Her grunting on each downward thrust and the way she ground her pussy against the base of his cock was a real turn-on. When he climaxed she rolled off and clung to him while kissing him with passion.

"Oh God I love the way you suck and bite on my boobies. Do you like the way they taste? Will you help the baby suck them when they're full of milk? What do you like best about me?"

"I like everything about you. I like the feel of your nipples in my mouth, and I like the way the inside of your vagina is all slippery. I love the way you taste, in fact there isn't anything about you that I don't like." Aaron replied as he let two of his fingers curl up inside her twat and rub behind her clit, which caused Marie to start panting and grasping for his cock.

"I know we're just supposed to be doing this for procreation, but it feels so good. Would you mind sticking your cock back inside, and fucking me just for pleasure?" Marie asked as she once again rolled over on top of her accommodating neighbor.

After sinking his shaft in her pleasure hole, Aaron wet a finger in their combined juices and rimmed all around her anal opening. Marie increased her rocking tempo indicating that she was receiving a great deal of satisfaction from his probing so he wiggled his digit inside her to the first knuckle. When he felt her cramping on both his finger and penis in another series of orgasmic convulsions he too felt satisfaction and erupted once again. This time Marie just collapsed on top and rested, not moving until Aaron gently removed his finger from her rectum. While he gripped both checks of her ass with his hands she lifted her head in order to plant a series of kisses over her youthful lovers face.

When he returned home he avoided his mother and Lisa. He didn't feel comfortable knowing they knew that he'd just fucked their friend and sister. He spent the rest of the evening arranging pictures for Mary Martin, Diane Seaton and Ellen Jamerison. He put the four he had taken of NBA star LaTonya Stevens with Ellen's and went to sleep reminiscing about her. It had been really weird fucking a woman that was six feet five inches tall. Comparing the way women fuck is a little like comparing apples to oranges, but LaTonya was certainly the most physically active participant he had been with. It was almost like she thought fucking was an athletic contest, and wanted to make sure she was the winner.

When Aaron gave Diane Seaton her pictures before school started he could tell she was still embarrassed about masturbating for his camera. She got up from behind her desk and went over and shut the door. Aaron stood along side her when she again sat behind her desk and went through the photos.

"The casual shots are all great, but these erotic ones are way to explicit. I could never send my husband any photos like that. I'd like to put them in a box, and in about twenty years bring them out and show him. I guess I'll just have to forget about anything sexy. Unless...I could take care of that little problem I have and you could come back and take a couple of me in my bikini. Would that be possible?" She asked.

"Sure. Why don't I come by your house about six tonight? It'll only take a couple of minutes and maybe we can get something nice to send him."

When he delivered Ellen Jamerison's pictures, she was just about to start a class, but she pulled Aaron aside and took the pictures.

"I'll look at these later. You are going to be a gentleman and not tell tales about your exploits I hope. Please, I really like teaching. Any time you'd like to get it on with me again I'm more than game. And LaTonya said that she thinks a couple of other members of the Pulse basketball team would like to have you take some pictures of them. Just be cool, and keep the pictures out of school, out of town and off the Internet." She said as she trotted off to catch up with her class.

It was about four when he got to Mary Martin's house, and she insisted he sit beside her as she looked over the twenty photos he had enlarged for her.

"You're very good. The pictures are beautiful." Mary said as she caressed Aaron's cock through his trousers. "And you have a great cock. I love the way it always stays hard. My husband's weenie is about half the size of yours and it hardly ever is hard any more. I hope these pictures do the job. But just in case they don't, how about you slip that thing of yours in me one more time just to be safe?"

"God, I'd love to Mrs. Martin, but I haven't got much time. I have to be at a meeting with the school Assistant Principal at six O'clock."

"Well, we can do it right here in my kitchen." Mary said as she pushed her jeans and panties down around her ankles and kicked them aside. "I'll just sit here on the counter and you can stand right in front of me and bury that hunk of salami right in my burning oven."

Mary had her hands hooked under her knees and was pulling them up and apart so that her love tunnel was open and exposed. Inching over to the edge of the counter she let just a part of her ass hang over the edge before she reached down with both hands and pulled the lips of her cunt so that her hole gapped open obscenely.

"Oh honey that feels great." She said as Aaron positioned his tool at her hairy grotto. "I've been playing with my pussy all afternoon in anticipation of your coming. Give it to me, and give it to me hard and fast."

Aaron liked this position. He could see his cock moving in and out of her open pussy, and as he moved it around inside her he could manipulate her clit with his fingers. He pulled out so that only the head of his cock remained inside her before he let two fingers from each hand join in the action. When he pulled back the next time he left his fingers in place but pulled his cock all the way out then dropped to a squatting position and ate her out. The juices from her cunt were pooling around her ass hole, and when Aaron stood he pointed his tool at her rear opening and easily slid his long slim rod into her asshole until he bottomed out.

"Oh that feels so good. Are you sure you're only eighteen. You fuck like a man with many more years experience. I love your cock in my ass. Give it to me!" Mary screamed as they both pulled and pounded on her aroused clit as she pushed herself to a new orgasmic height.

Mary cleaned his cock and balls, and kissed the end of his cock before sending Aaron off as she made plans to show her husband the photos of her extra marital affair.

It was just a couple of minutes after six when Aaron knocked on Diane's door. He wasn't sure what to do when nobody answered. After five or six minutes he decided to leave, but just at that moment Diane drove up.

"Oh God, I'm sorry I'm late. Have you been waiting long? I got tied up at school and the next thing I knew it was six. Come on in, I'm glad you're here." Diane said as she opened the door and stepped in slipping off her shoes. "Do you want a coke or something?"

"Sure." Aaron said as he watched her fill a glass with ice and pour coke over it.

"I didn't get a chance to take care of that little matter, so come on, you can talk to me while I rid myself of the offending evidence. You guys are so lucky, you don't have to shave your armpits, or your legs, and if hair sticks out of your bathing trucks, it looks manly. I guess that people think it makes women look manly, so we shave it off."

"I not sure about hairy legs, but for me anyway, a little bit of hair sprouting out around the edge of a woman's panties is sexy as hell." Aaron said. "I think it alludes to the woman's sexuality. After all about all you see if the woman is naked is the hair, so to me anyway, female pubic hair is synonymous with the female sex organ."

"You may be right, but anyway I'm going into the bathroom and mow my stuff down. I'll be right back." Diane said but when she got to the door she turned and saw the look on Aaron's face. "What? You look like a lost puppy dog. I suppose you want to watch? Oh well, what the hell, why not. You're the only male that has ever seen me masturbate; you might as well be the only male to watch me shave. You can even watch me pee if you want to, but I draw the line at defecation. OK?" She said with a loving smile on her face that showed her beautiful white teeth and the gleam in her striking bright blue eyes.

Diane turned back into the room and indicated for Aaron to take a seat on the bed while she undressed. After she had removed her skirt, blouse and panty hose and stood still for a couple of seconds before she reached back and unhooked the clasp to her bra and let it fall away from her body. After she pushed her panties down to her ankles she stood with her back to Aaron as she rubbed under her tits.

"I can see that women have to put up with a lot of crap. Your back is all red when your bra irritated your skin. It looks sore, would you like me to rub some lotion on it?"

"Oh that would be really nice." Diane said as she handed Aaron a bottle of lotion and flopped face down on the bed. "Wearing a bra all day really hurts your back and shoulders, and on top of that I've really had a tough day."

Aaron massaged her shoulders and upper back and worked lotion down her sides and to her waist. Her back was very smooth and showed just a faint tan line when her bikini bottom had covered her ass. The skin was dark, almost olive in color, and with her almost black hair she looked very exotic. As his hands moved over her buttocks, she moved one knee up just a bit which caused her cheeks to spread so that the dark hair surrounding her anus was now noticeable. When he got to her feet, after oiling her legs, she rolled over on her back so he started working his hands back up her legs.

"You've got great hands. You're just what I needed. The students I deal with are all a bunch of jerks, not any of them are at all like you."

At this point Aaron's fingers had reached the junction of her thighs, and were cupped over her pudendum while his thumbs gently pushed the fold of skin covering her clit and rubbed against the fleshy folds of her pussy.

"Oh my God! Hold me just like that." Diane moaned as she brought a finger of her own into the action and flipped it quickly back and forth just behind her now extended and exposed clit.

When Aaron dropped his head down and his tongue licked open the lips of her pussy and she welcomed his sucking lips as they caressed and stimulated her entire vulva.

"Oh...Oooooh...get all of me! Lick me you little bastard! Suck me! Stick your tongue up my asshole! Lick my cunt! Oh...oh...FUCK!!! EAT MY PUSSY!!!" Diane cried as she grabbed Aaron by the back of his head and tried to pull and push his face deeper into her gushing gash.

When Diane finally had enough, she gently pulled Aaron up along side her and planted kisses all over his face as she wrapped her arms around him and hugged him tight.

"I'm sorry." Aaron tried to apologies as he wiped tears from under her eyes. "I couldn't control myself. I didn't mean to take advantage of you."

"Oh silly. These are tears of happiness. God I loved having you make love to me. There is no way in hell I could ever achieve that level of satisfaction by myself. I'm the one that should apologize to you. I always end up talking dirty when I get really excited. I wanted you, and I needed you to make love to me like that. I'm not on the pill, and I don't have any condoms, so we can't screw, but I would love to repay the favor if you will let me." She said as she scooted down and encircled his stiff cock with her pliant lips.

Looking down into those incredible blue eyes that were looking up at him, Aaron was amazed that he would last any time at all. Her eyes seemed to smile and as she sucked and stroked his cock. She moved the head all around in her mouth. Up against the roof and into her cheeks while constantly changing the intensity of her sucking and gripping motions.

"I'm going to cum." Aaron warned, but Diane just sucked harder until he shot his semen against the back of her throat forcing her to swallow it all.

"Come on. Let's take a shower together, and I'll show you how I shave this muff of mine." Diane said after they had rested for a bit.

"If you keep your hair wet, I'll photograph you on a blanket and it'll look just like you're outside at the beech or something." Aaron suggested before he took several photos. One on her stomach with the top untied and her arched back showing just a little bit of the underside curve of her boob looked great.

"Thank you Aaron. You're a great guy. I hope you enjoyed our encounter as much as I did. You know if we leave it as it is, I won't have to admit to my husband that I screwed someone while he was gone. I can pretend, just like Bill Clinton did, that we never had sex. So thank you."

Aaron slept like a log all night and at school the next day he ate lunch with Sara Richardson. "My folks are going to be out of town Friday night. And with 'Play-downs' starting next Tuesday we don't have a game. How about seeing if you can arrange to be out all night. We could have a rainbow party." She said.

"That would be great. My mom wouldn't have any problem with me being gone all night. What's a 'rainbow party' and would there just be the two of us? Aaron asked.

"Well, you know me and my big mouth. I've already invited Megan and the other senior cheerleaders. But I have no idea how many are coming. The only one I know for sure that's coming is Megan. I didn't think you'd have a problem with her. You'll just have to wait and see what a rainbow party is if you don't know." Sara laughed.

Aaron's thoughts were on the weekend as he was heading home from school, and he was just about to cut through the Bardoorian's yard when he heard his name called out.

"Aaron! Aaron Olson." Leah Hayes called out. She was the wife of Pastor Samuel Hayes, spiritual leader of the Church Of The Only God. They were a young couple in their early thirties, without any children. They had moved into the house next door to Lisa and Marie about six years ago. Leah was a tall thin woman with stringy dishwater blonde hair. She always wore dresses that came down past her knees and as far as Aaron knew she never smiled. When she first moved into the neighborhood Aaron and his friends called her 'stick lady' because she didn't appear to have any boobs at all, and as twelve year olds that was their primary focus when looking at older women.

Leah was nervous and a little bit scared. She hoped she could follow through with her plan. Leah's life had changed after she had married. Her husband had found Jesus and God, and gone into the ministry. But she felt stifled and confined by the dictates of the Church, and desperately wanted a change. In high school she had been a popular school jock. Participating in volleyball, basketball and track. She had gone to college on a volleyball scholarship and during her senior year she had met and married Sam Hayes.

"Come into my house please. There's something I want to show you. Follow me please." She said as she led the high school senior upstairs and into her corner bedroom. "Now I want you to stand right there and look out the window. What do you see?"

"I don't know? What is it I'm supposed to see? I guess I see the backdoor to my house and the side of the Bardoorian's house.

"That's right. That is what I see when I look out my window." Leah said stepping in front of Aaron so that she could look out the window while he was looking over her shoulder. "Now I want you to put your hands on my waist while I tell you what else it is that I see." When Aaron complied, she covered his hands with her own. "I see one of the Bardoorian sisters go over to your house. A few minutes later you come out and go in their house then the lights go off downstairs and a light comes on in the bedroom of the sister that is left at home. See those windows? The one on the left is Lisa's and the right one belongs to Marie. I don't know for sure what it is that goes on behind those closed blinds, but I want in on the action. If you can be servicing both a Judge and a librarian, you certainly out to be able to add a horny ministers wife to the harem."

"Oh my God..." Aaron stammered as she pulled his hands up from her waist to cup her breasts.

"My boobs might not be very big, but I don't think it was very fair, or nice of you for that matter, to call me 'stick' when you were younger." Leah said as she gathered her dress up so that it draped around her waist. "Here, put your hand inside my panties and feel how hot and wet I am just thinking about the possibility of getting laid."

"Oh my God!" Was all Aaron could say as she pulled her dress up and off over her head and turned and faced him wearing only a bra and panties.

"Do you know what you're doing?" Exclaimed Aaron.

"I know exactly what it is I'm doing." Leah Hayes responded. "I'm going to have a little fun for myself. Soon after we were married my husband claimed to have found God, the son of a bitch. Now the asshole thinks that he is God. Well I'm tired of being Miss prissy little tow the line...or be struck by the wrath of The All Mighty. I'll continue to play his game, but I'm also going to play my own game. Any you, my sweet little boy-toy, are going to play it with me. If you don't I'll...well, I don't know what it is I'll do, but I'll do something. Just give me a chance, I can be just as sexy as those two next door."

"Mrs. Hayes it isn't like that at all." Aaron sputtered.

"I don't care. Back when I was in high school and college, guys thought that I was pretty hot. Shit, that was less than ten years ago. I've still got a great ass. Come on, feel my ass. Don't be shy." She said as she reached around to unhook her bra. "Lots of guys wanted to feel my tits in those days. See, they're not as small as you might think."

Aaron was amazed. Under the dowdy clothes she always wore was a pretty hot broad. Smallish tits with rock hard tiny nipples stuck out proudly from her thin frame. Even white teeth behind a wide grin made her face really pretty. She had a light sprinkling of freckles across her nose and more on her shoulders and upper chest.

"Mrs. Hayes...no, Leah. You're very beautiful." Aaron said as he gave in and opened up his arms so that the preacher's wife could step forward and be hugged. When he leaned in to kiss her she opened her mouth and all but swallowed his tongue before dragging him over to the bed and pulling him down alongside her.

"Let's get your clothes off." She said pulling on his belt and unzipping his fly. "Let me see and feel your cock. Oh, it's long. I think I'll like a long cock. My husband's peter is short and fat. Here, suck on my tit. Bite my nipple. God I love to have my nipples played with. Do you suck pussy? God I hope so. My husband says sex is for procreation only and anything else is sinful. All he does is climb on and do his business and climb off. Take your shirt off. You've got a nice body. Do you like your nipples sucked? Would you like to stick your cock up my ass? I've never had anything stuck up my ass. Do you like having your cock sucked. I'll swallow your seed or you can come all over my face. Whatever you want.

The only way Aaron could shut her up was to twist around and feed her mouth his erect tool while he explored her fragrant pussy. The gusset of the industrial strength panties she wore was soaked through. When he got the panties off he found a crotch covered by long delicate hair. The hair was light brown in color and did nothing to hide or conceal the puffy lips of her pussy. Her vulva had a biting bitter taste as he explored her inner folds with his tongue, but as her juices started flowing the taste sweeten to the point where he was savoring, sucking and swallowing her essence.

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