tagBDSMCaught Wet Handed

Caught Wet Handed

bywyld rose©

The sight of cum spilling from the girls mouth was just too much to take as my moans joined those on the screen. My eyes were riveted on the show in front of me, my attention so keen on the actors delighting in a cum fest that it was your words that broke my spell, alerted too late to your presence.

"Oh, um… Josh-Sir you're home." I say, stating the obvious as I pull my legs shut, my fingers sticky with my fresh juices, my face burning as I flounder for the remote wanting to turn off the porn even as the sounds from the TV increase in volume.

You stand impassive, leaning against the door frame just watching me. Watching your slut caught playing with herself when she was under a restriction you had imposed. Watching how I try to arrange myself, pulling my skirt down but my panties discarded beside the bed. You close the short distance and pick them up, holding them as a dark smile crosses your face.

"Missing something?"

My heart fully ready to leap from my mouth, not wanting to open it for fear of what I might say but knowing you expect a response. My eyes on yours, finding your expression unreadable knowing only that you caught me going against your wishes, my eyes drifting from your face to my panties, visibly wet from the teasing excitement of watching the DVD.

"Please…" I begin, stalling still unsure where my words are going to take me. "I'm sorry Sir, I didn't mean to play, I was just watching, waiting for you but then…" my words trailing off as I chew my lip, knowing my excuse sounds feeble, my eyes dropping to the ground waiting for your answer.

"What was the last thing I told you today before I left?"

"You said... you told me that I wasn't to play. That I was not allowed to cum until you returned home."

"Uh-hmmm." You walk around to the other side of the bed, still holding my wet panties, my eyes following you and having to turn my body in order to keep you in sight. The movement of twisting on the bed causing my skirt to ride up, the smooth skin of my thighs, you can see the first paw print of my tattoo on the inside of my thigh and you imagine the other little paws, each print moving up to my pussy which you know will be pink and swollen, flushed and wet both from the playing and from the current situation. My body betraying me, even as I know I have bought you displeasure my nipples are visibly hard and my cheeks are red, my love/hate of pain and punishment tensing my body. Your body. Your slut.

"So you did hear me loud and clear then Rose? You just decided to ignore me? Is that what I am hearing?"

"N… Yes Sir" Wanting to deny it, not wanting you upset at me but knowing the truth is always more important.

"And how many times did my little whore cum today?" Your eyes drill into me, daring me to lie to you as if to say no matter my answer you know the truth.

"Only twice Sir."

"Only. Hmph." A silence hangs, you look away from me and I watch you, trying to read your body, wanting to read your mind and wondering what I can say to appease you. You turn back to look at me and I know that smile, I know you have thought of some appropriate punishment. "Come, grab that DVD and we will watch it together in the lounge." You leave the room without waiting for me, leaving me to scramble off the bed and grab the movie. Walking down the hall and into the lounge to find you already naked and sitting on the couch in front of the TV.

You have the remote but haven't turned the TV on, waiting for me to do it as you sit back and watch. Bending down to open the DVD player my ass and pussy are flashed to you as my skirt rides up. Aware of my exposure I linger, giving you a full view, parting my legs a little and wiggling while trying to pretend I don't realize, fiddling with the DVD player before standing up and turning around.

"There, all done Sir." I can't help but smile as I see your cock, hard against your stomach, the sight of it sending a little thrill through me making me tingle, getting wetter knowing I will have your cock in mere minutes.

I drop down on the couch next to you, snuggling up close as the DVD begins to play, my mind more on your cock throbbing so close to me then the scene on TV. Your eyes, however, never leave the screen, watching intently, ignoring me. The familiar irk that you would ignore me rises, knowing you tease and this is punishment and it is meant to make me feel inadequate I squirm impatiently beside you, my eyes moving from the TV to your face as you continue to stare as though I am not there.

Taking a bold move, dropping my head into your lap, my lips not quite touching your cock waiting to see if you will stop me but my movement still getting no response. Thinking I have worked out your plan to ignore me completely I smile and let my tongue extend, licking slowly up your shaft, the hard metal ball from my piercing sliding over your skin. Still getting no response and feeling surer of myself now I slip to the floor, settling between your knees, my hands rubbing your thighs as you act oblivious to my presence.

My tongue lapping at the increasing spilling of precum, whimpering as my tongue probes your slit before my mouth engulfs your head, lips resting beneath the ridge of your head. My hands meanwhile had moved from your thighs, one cupping your balls the other curling around your cock. Looking up as I suck your cock into my mouth further, your eyes still on the TV ignoring me, I can hear the sounds of sex coming from the speakers behind me, the sound affecting me in combination with your cock in my mouth as I moan and begin to suck you.

I love your cock; I worship it like I do you, always eager to have you in my mouth, to make you cum so that the focus is on your pleasure. My guilty pleasure is that I love it as much as you do, love the hardness against my tongue, the movement of your hips as you start to get closer, the explosion of cum as I drink down my reward.

Lips tight around your shaft as you slide in and out of my mouth, my nails teasing the sensitive skin beneath your balls, stretching back to your ass, rubbing lightly before increasing the pressure as I suck you faster, your cock filling my mouth and then my throat, your hips bucking up pushing it in deeper making my eyes water suddenly and my throat contract around your shaft.

Before I can pull away your hand is in my hair and your hips are thrusting up and down, your ass lifting from the couch as you use my mouth, your eyes still on the TV though, using my mouth merely to masturbate in as though I wasn't there. Your indifference making me ache, trying my best to keep up with your rapid thrusting wanting to please you and have some acknowledgement from you.

Your groan filling my ears, at the same time feeling the shaft of your cock harden in my mouth, my lips sealing tighter only to have your hand in my hair grip a handful and pull me from you, your cock sliding from my mouth as you push me from you and I watch your cum shooting from your cock before my eyes, the white cream covering your stomach, crying out in protest at your denial.


"Take off your skirt." You put out your hand, your eyes still focus on the TV even as your drip cum and your cock slowly softens. I obey, biting back all the words that come to my lips and hand you my skirt. Sitting there on the floor naked from the waist down watching you wipe your cum, my prize, with my skirt before tossing it on the ground.

"Now you know how I felt to walk in and see you enjoying yourself with no thought of me. When I tell you something I expect you to respect me Rose." Your tone was quiet, your words delivered evenly as you finally look down at me.

"I'm sorry Sir. I truly am!"

"I expect you are. And now that you know how I felt, you can better understand my punishment for you." Again that smile, teasing and evil and dark all at once. And the slow dawning realization that your moves to ignore me like that was merely the start of your punishment.

You stand from the couch, reaching for your pants and telling me to stand. I rise from the floor watching you, my stomach going tense as I see you removing your belt from your pants, licking my lips and twisting my fingers as the familiar sensations rush through me, exhilaration and fear entwining around my spine as you fold the belt in half and slap the leather strap against your hand all the while smiling your smile at me.

With a nod of your head you indicate the table, familiar with your instructions I walk slowly over to it, trembling slightly and avoiding looking over my shoulder to see if you are following me. My hands rest on the cool wood as I bend over the table, leaning forward my ass sticking out and my feet sitting slightly apart.

And even with the anticipation and knowing of what is to come, the first strike makes me cry out, not from pain, from something akin to pain. You lean over me, your chest pressing against my back as you lean to whisper in my ear "I want you to count. And if I don't hear you it doesn't count. Fifteen strikes for my sweet slut's ass."

Your words as always effect me as much as any touch, I moan and say one, licking my lips and bracing myself as you stand up, your hand rubbing lightly over my ass as though working out where to position the next blow.

A second and third lick of the belt are followed by me counting, clear and strong even as the pain starts to increase and my skin turns red. Number four and five I have to gasp, and on six I cry out in pain, you can see the tremble of my body. But more clearly you can see my cunt wet, and you deliver the seventh blow between my legs, the leather slapping against my wet lips hard causing me to jerk upwards.

"Legs wider Rose, let me see my cunt."

"Y-yes Sir." My voice no longer strong, nails biting into my palms as though the pain can take away from that of my ass.

Blows eight, nine and ten you aim for my left check, hitting the same spot in rapid succession, my counting occurring as the next blow falls. Ten comes out as a sob, two thirds of the way there and I am torn between asking you to stop and begging for more.

As though reading my thoughts you lean forwards again, your hand caressing the burning skin giving fresh pain and yet soothing at the same time.

"Should I stop pet? Or do you want more?"

Biting my lip, preying you don't want an answer as you stand back up. Releasing my pent up breath just as you swing and again deliver a strike between my legs, this time the leather catching my clit making me scream.

"I said, should I stop or do you want more!"

"More Sir. I deserve the 15 you said." My voice quiet, my head hidden as my cheeks burn, hating you for making me say it.

"Tell me you want it, that you deserve it, tell me why."

"I deserve it Sir because I disobeyed you, I want it because I…" my voice faltering, taking a breath thankful for you patience as you let me speak "…because I'm a slut, that is why and that is why I deserve it too. I love you, you keep me as yours which gives me the greatest pleasure, you give me what I need and what I need is the last five strokes of the belt Josh-Sir."

You answer with another strike of the belt, the leather caressing my skin even as it delivers pain. I speak the numbers as clear as I can eleven, twelve, and thirteen, each blow making me moan and my hips rocking as though I was fucking an invisible cock. A pause, biting my lip as you let the anticipation build, as the inside of my thighs glisten with my juices and I squirm, unable to stop the whimpers now. You look at my criss-crossed ass, red and welting. You see the want of my body, how with every blow the red hot pain has fueled my fire of desire. You take aim and strike. Fourteen and fifteen, between my legs once more, my screams of pain the same as my screams of pleasure and you know I could cum with just the barest touch of you or perhaps even with just a word.

I sag onto the table, letting it support my weight, letting the coolness of the wood seep into me as though it could cool the fire within. My eyes closed and my breathing slowing as I gain control of my body.

"Thank you Sir."

My eyes open as I feel you blowing the scorched skin of my ass, you've knelt down behind me and blow softly to direct the cool air over my skin. Your hands running over my ass as you blow down my slit, the skin there as hot and red as my ass, from both the belt and my own desire. Moaning and squirming, feeling my cunt aching for attention, your tongue sending sparks through me as you lap at my spilling juices, running along the edges of my lips, avoiding my clit, my body tensing and whimpering your name softly.

My whimper turning into a moan as you push two fingers into me, my walls clasping at them and pushing back to fuck your fingers, your face in my pussy watching how your slut needs you, how I would fuck anything to relieve the pressure, getting wetter as your fingers slide in and out of me.

My soft velvet pussy tightens around your fingers and you know I am close, your tongue flicks at my clit making me moan and I push myself up from the table, pushing back onto your face and fingers ready to explode. And then suddenly you are gone, my pussy left empty and clenching in need, my clit aching. Moaning in frustration I look at you, see you smirk and slap my ass hard with your hand, the pain roaring through me again and my hips bucking.

"So fucking close aren't you slut. How much do you want my cock?"

"Oh Gods Josh, please…" My foot stamping on the ground almost like a girl having a tantrum, you can see I'm biting at the inside of my mouth, struggling for control even as my hand moves towards my clit.

"Don't you dare." You glare and slap my hand away, your hand going back into my hair forcing my head down pinning me to the table as your other hand circles your cock and pushes it into my aching pussy. One thrust and you are enveloped in my walls and I am moaning your name, squirming beneath you trying to fuck you as you keep me pinned, leaving me to writhe wantonly.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck fuck yeesss, Josh I'm gonna cumm…"

"Like hell you are you little bitch." You pull away from me, your cock sliding from me leaving me to cry out in despair, my eyes pleading with you.

Your cock slippery with my juices rubs against my lips, against my tight star, teasing me keeping so close to the edge. Your hand still in my hair as you lean over me, kissing my back, up my neck and biting softly at the side of it. Sucking harder until the blood vessels break and a small bruise forms, a little mark of your possessiveness.

Your head presses against my entrance again, I moan at the delicious feeling as you push into me, entering me with a deliberately teasing slowness as I press my ass back against you, burning skin connecting with you as your hips press against the swell of my ass, each inch of you cock sinking deeper and deeper into my pussy.

Our bodies pressing together as you hold yourself inside me, my walls clenching tight around your cock slowly relaxing to accommodate your cock filling me. Trying to arch beneath you as you flex your cock, stretching my walls further, moaning and biting my lip as you pull away slowly, your cock almost slipping completely from my gripping pussy before you thrust in hard, the force pushing my hips hard into the table, your movements suddenly rapid as you fuck me hard, moaning in my ear to cum.

Barely aware of your words, your cock demanding my pussy to cum as you thrust hard and deep, pinning me to the table, fucking me like I have needed finally, the tension of the whole day culminating as I explode around your cock, screaming your name and begging for more, your pounding never stopping as you take me, the table moving and making protesting sounds at the force of our fucking. The peak of my orgasm not subsiding as I cum again, the pleasure seeming too much as my head buzzes and my body soars.

You pull from my cunt and guide your head to my ass, pushing against my tight star and without hesitation pushing into me as hard as you can against the fighting of my body. My ass tight as your head spears me open, my muscles clenching from my orgasm repelling you even as you push harder, making me scream with a beautiful fusion of pleasure and pain.

"Yes, oh gods yes Josh-Sir yes. Fuck your sluts ass, mmm fuck me hard…" my words continuing as I beg for your cock, completely lost in you as we move together, both intent on just one thing, the mutual pleasure, the zenith of you cumming in me.

Your cock completely buried in my ass, pulling away only to drive back into me, our rhythm matching as you slide in and out of me, filling me completely in long hard strokes, getting faster as you groan in my ear. Your cock throbbing within me before erupting, moaning as I finally get your cum, feeling it fill my ass and seep around your cock as you fall forwards onto me, both of us going limp and panting to recover.

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