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Spank Me


"Spank me" I said with a glint in my eye and an impish smile playing across my lips. You look up at me and sigh, clearly exasperated by my antics then turn back to your work. "you're interrupting me pet. I advice you not to test me."

I walk up behind you at your desk and place my hands on your shoulders, gently kneading the taut muscles I can feel bunching at your neck. A sure sign of your mood. Yet.......That need, that uncontrollable need to push you never leaves me. Knowing how dangerous a game I play, knowing how much I risk losing should I push you too far one day, does nothing to quench my desire to be over your knee, feeling the burn of your hand. Perhaps one day I'll won't have this hunger anymore. But not today.

I lean over and whisper in your ear..."spank me" again. I feel your shoulders tense even more, if that is possible, and I still my hands.

"Pet", your voice is low, barely controlled..I should be scared, but I"m not. I'm aroused. "I have work to do here, I won't tell you again. Now leave me an I'll deal with you later." A final warning. If I persist, I know you will be very angry. How angry though? There are two ways for this to go. You could either give in, and vent your anger on my ass or you could banish me from your office, ignoring me for God knows how long afterwards. A fate far worse. Do I risk that?

"spank me." Decision being made, I voice my request one more time into the all too silent room. Your head slowly comes up. Nothing. You don't move, or speak. Complete silence. I'm starting to regret my childish behavior. You do need to work. I'm being totally selfish. Shame, and guilt wash over me. You have always been loving, caring and attentive to me. And now, I pay you back by disrespecting your wishes..I start to back away but before I could take a step, you stand up so abruptly your chair is pushed backwards, throwing me off balance making me scramble to keep my feet beneath me and with one wide swoop of your arm you swipe everything from your desk. Papers flutter about, the lamp crashes to the floor, pencils, books, calculators, everything is sprawled about the floor leaving the room in a post hurricane state. Then you turn to look at me.

I gulp, breathing heavy. My hand instinctively going to my throat. Your eyes are burning a hole through me, your nostrils are slightly flaring in your angry state as you attempt to control your breathing, your racing heart, your mounting rage.

"Pet" I think I heard you call me. I'm not sure. The sound was so low, almost inaudible. Or perhaps the tempo of my own petrified heart is so loud I didn't hear you...It doesn't matter though for in the next instance, you reach out and grasp my wrist..... "No"... I croak out over barely repressed tears. And I start to pull back in true fear. But you are much stronger. You drag me to you, slamming me up against your chest. I can feel your breath on my cheek, feel your heart thumping against my breast. You hold me there, trapped for what seems like eternity. Finally you speak.

"Say it again." you command. I shake my head vehemently. I can't, I won't. Your grip on me grows tighter. Almost painful as you pull me closer to you as if that were possible. "Say it again." you repeat in that same emotionless tone. I start to shake. I've never seen you this angry. "Please" I whisper..."Please I'm sorry, I didn't mean to......"

"You didn't mean to what?" you cut me off. "You didn't mean to push me?" Then you chuckle. How you can find humor in this is beyond me. "No, my sweet little liar. You most certainly did mean to push me. And you've succeeded." You lower your mouth to my neck and gently nipped at the curve of my throat. I close my eyes at the sensation. You are confusing me. You are angry, very angry with me, yet you show me this small token of affection. Suddenly, you leave my throat, lift your lips to mines and brutally ravishes my mouth with your tongue. I whimper and fall into you, unable to hold my own weight as your tongue rapes the inside of my mouth over and over again. This is not a kiss of love or passion, it a kiss of possession by force. You are taking me, leaving no doubt as to who is Master. And you are doing it methodically. It is cold, and calculating and I shiver at it's implications.

Finally you release my mouth and I cry out. Tears freely flowing down my cheeks. Your cold treatment of me tears at my heart.....Then just as brutally as you took my mouth, you very gently run a finger down the side of my face, catching a tear and bringing it to your lips to tastes......"sweet" you murmur.

I've never seen you like this before. This is a side of you that is foreign to me, yet, familiar. Strange, but always I instinctively felt your darker side. Now I am seeing it first hand. Before I could think further on this, you spin me around and push me over your desk. You are not gentle about it either. I feel the edge of your desk cut painfully into my lower stomach. I feel you press your hand to small of my back, the cold hardness of your mahogany polished desk is oddly comforting pressed against my cheek. I dare not move.

"Say it again." you say for the third time. I relent......"spank me" my voice quivers.

"Louder" You insist......I swallow hard, my body pressed against your desk gives an involuntary shudder..."Spank me." I repeat, my voice a little stronger. You remove your hand from my back, but I dare not move.

"Good" you say. Then I hear it. The sound of your belt being unbuckled. The low swooshing sound as you pull it through your pant hoops sends fear racing through my veins. You've never spanked me with a belt. Always your hand.

"Now my sweet, you shall get what you asked for." You say from behind me. Desperately I want to turn my head to see your face. Gauge your expression, but fear keeps me still.

"you have two choices in this matter" I hear you say from my right. "you can either remain perfectly still, and take your spanking, the one you relentlessly begged me for, or you can move, and lose my trust" The implication was clear. To lose your trust, would be to lose your love. This is a test. A test I asked for. A test I can only hope to pass. With the last bit of bravado I possess, I answer......."spank me" The room stills, minutes pass, finally I hear you say...."Good girl". The next thing I hear is the sound of your footsteps leaving the room. God I can't take it! What are you doing? How long will you leave me here? Will you really spank me with the belt? The not knowing is worse than any previous punishment I've received from you. After what seems like an eternity, I hear you re-enter the room.

Suddenly I feel your hands on my thighs under my skirt, lifting it up and over my back. Then I feel your fingers dip into the waist band of my panties and pull them down around my knees. Next I feel you slide your hand under my stomach, lifting me from your desk as you place a small pillow beneath me, before settling me back over your desk. I'm grateful for the cushion. I am also, it would appear, ready for my spanking. There is something so erotic about the feel of cool air over your bare ass and I can't help but become aroused even though I know this spanking will be like non other.

"Now pet, remember. You are not to move. Understood?" I take a deep breath, bracing myself. "Yes Sir, I understand" I say. "To make sure pet, say it again" God he was torturing me! "spank me" I say, then add, "please"

I heard it before I felt it. A strange sound, one I'm sure I'll never get used to. That deafening "WHOOSH" as the belt slices through the air. Then the first blow lands, dead center across my ass. "WHACK"! I can't help but cry out. The pain slices through me. The tip of your belt reached around to the side of my hip and struck it before it was pulled back from its mark. Before I could regain my breath the second blow lands, this time off to the left of my ass. "WHACK!" again a searing pain, followed by a burning sensation spreads across my ass. I pull my hands up and grasp the desk for support. I won't move, I chant to myself, I won't move, I won't move...

"WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! Three mind boggling blows land. I have no idea where they are landing at this point, my whole ass is on fire. The burning sensation is moving down my legs, around to my stomach, and yes, even to my sex. I can feel it burning, deep, and everywhere.

"WHACK! WHACK! WHACK!" You continue. I'm babbling now, tears streaming down my face, incoherent pleas escaping my lips, and still, I hold on, not moving. The pain, the oh so excruciating pain fills me like nothing I've ever felt before. The pain is owning me. It's taking command of me. I submit to it, for I have no choice really, and it becomes my Master.

"WHACK! WHACK! WHACK!" Mindlessly, I wonder how I can endure this. I drift into a state where the pain no longer matters, the possession, the total surrender, is my center. The burn is there, the pain is there, but dominating it all, is the feeling of complete surrender. And somehow, this makes me euphoric. I don't know how many blows with the belt I receive. Somewhere from the recesses of my mind I realize the spanking has stopped. I hear your voice, as though it is coming through a tunnel, whispering words of comfort to me, and approval. Joy fills my heart at your words of praise.

I start to get feeling back into my ass, I didn't realize it was numb until the pain came rushing back with a vengeance as you rub some kind of ointment on me......"Shhh......baby...." I hear you murmur. "it's all over now. you made me proud" You say and I melt. Your hands feel so good now, easing the pain, yet creating another one One that I would not think possible in this situation. But then again, you never cease to surprise me. Your hands are working magic on me. Soothing the fire in my ass, while starting one in pussy. I arch my ass towards you and purr seductively. "Yes" you rasp and chuckle.."That's my girl" You continue to work your magic on me with your hands, soothing, and arousing. Such a strange wonderful feeling. Taking one hand, you cup my sex, while you run the fingers of your other hand up the crack of my ass, now slick with the oil you've been applying to the abused area. "ohhhhhhhh,,,,,,," I moan out loud. You laugh..."easy girl, we have to take this easy." you scold. I start to grind my pussy against your hand and you slip a finger into my vagina feeling my wetness.."My but you did need a spanking didn't you?" You tease. I smile into your desk.

Then you slip a finger into my ass. "Arrrrhhhhhhhhhhgggghhhhhh!" I groan. The feeling is so incredible. You find a rhythm as you finger fuck my vagina and ass at the same time. "That's it baby, let go......" you urge me on. I feel it build, the sweet exquisite pressure. It's taking control of me and I start humping your hands like a wild woman. A wanton woman.. I can't hold on, "Please,,," I beg, "Please......" "What? Tell me.." You command, your voice sounds rough, evidence of your arousal. "Please fuck me." I answer. I hear you breathing heavy, I feel your breath on the back of my neck. "Where" you ask and the mere question almost sends me over the edge.

"In my ass" I say. lost in desire, lost in lust. "Yes, take me, make me yours" I plead. "Whose ass?" you ask, ever so demanding. even now, when I know your lust must be upon you, you demand more of me. You demand total submission first. "Your ass." I answer honestly. With that admission, you remove your fingers, leaving me feeling painfully empty and pull your pants down. With one swift stroke, you enter my well oiled ass......"oooooooooohhhh!" I scream out at the intrusion. As ready as I was for you, your swift, deep entry took my breath away.....again I grabbed the edge of your desk for support and sucked my breath in.

"Mine" You growl before you begin to claim what is yours in the ultimate way. Over and over you bury yourself fully in me, pulling out only after feeling you can't go any deeper only to rebury yourself into me. The small pillow, still cushioning my stomach, first from the assault of your belt, now from the assault of your cock is quickly becoming drenched with my juice. The harder you pound into me, the more aroused I become. Then, just when I think I can't stand it any more, you reach under me, and rub my clit.

"Cum" you command, and I do. An orgasm more powerful than anything I've ever experienced before rips through my body and I cry out with it's force, shaking uncontrollably. On and on, it seems to last forever. And through it all, I feel you ravishing my ass, over and over until finally, you still, grab my hips, pull my ass as tight as you can against you and yell out your release. Spent, I feel the pulsing of your cock in my ass as you release your sperm into me.

Sweat covers my body. Minutes pass where nothing could be heard but our combined breathing. Soreness and complete utter satisfaction fills my body and soul.

You pull yourself from me and lift me from your desk, turning me around to face you. Gently you kiss my lips and wipe the sweat from my brow.

"I'll go run a bath for you. You'll be sore for a few days" you say. I lean against you loving the feel of you. "I know" I say, and smile into your chest.

"You made me proud" you whispered into my hair, your voice choked, filled with pride. "I know" I say impishly. You laugh in my hair and pat my ass gently.. "Ouch that hurts!" I protest. My ass surely would be sore for days.

"You know pet, I just love hearing you say those words" You tease.

"What, that hurts?" I ask

"No" you say, "spank me"

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