tagErotic HorrorCedar Tree Resort Ch. 00

Cedar Tree Resort Ch. 00


"Emma you feel amazing. Oh God don't stop." Thomas wanted to reach up and fondle her large breasts but couldn't. His hands were tied to the wooden chair. His cock was deep inside her pussy, rubbing against her hot, wet walls.

"I love you." Thomas panted those words, his eyes begging her to respond.

Emma didn't respond. She was breathing fast. She had her eyes closed and was trying to hold back tears. She wanted him to enjoy this. She wanted him not to suspect anything until the moment he climaxed. Delilah had told her exactly what would happen after he came. The ritual would be complete. She didn't love Thomas but she had become very fond of the young carpenter.

Emma reached down to rub her clit. Her pussy was soaking wet and loved the friction that his thick cock created. She heard the chair creak and moaned as pleasure consumed her. Her pussy clamped down on his cock and as she came down off her high, he exploded inside her.

Emma closed her eyes. She couldn't bear to look at him as his life was sucked out of him. She had brought him here and she was the one that had caused this to happen.


It is said that Halloween has turned into a commercial celebration. Costumes, candy, carved pumpkins, and trick or treating has become the norm. Many people forget the true purpose of this celebration. The first day of November is All Saint's Day. It is a religious celebration where those that practice that Christian faith recognize those that have passed on. It is believed that the time between the last day of October and the first day of November is a time where the separation between life and death becomes unclear. The line that is normally drawn between both sides of the universe becomes hazy. It is at this time that in the past, we were required to hide behind masks to prevent ourselves from stepping onto the other side.

Family tradition is important to many. For Delilah Caldwell, the resort that was left to her by her dying father has become her life and soul. The Cedar Tree Resort is located just outside of a large city, but can only be found if you are looking for it. It was accidentally built on an old cemetery. However, Delilah, a witch herself, was able to fix the problem that occurs every few years at the resort.

Near the last day of October, the ghosts that reside under the resort come forward, haunting the guests and causing havoc. Delilah cannot have her resort being known as a haunted resort. She cannot have anyone know the mistakes that her ancestors made in clearing away the headstones and building four buildings on the land.

The resort has become run down in recent years. Delilah and her son are the only staff members. He remains out of sight most of the time, keeping to himself. During the summer months, it is a busy resort with all ten rooms on the upper floor filled to capacity as well as the three cabins. Since the more expensive resorts are booked, Delilah generates a crowd that will pay less for a less than quality stay. The city folk are desperate to sit on the beach and swim in a clean lake. They don't mind the peeling paint or the plants growing in the gutters. They don't notice the old fashioned décor.


"We need a virgin. It's 2008 for heaven sakes. Everyone is losing their virginity by the time they're sixteen."

"Relax. I found three teenagers who look stupid and desperate enough to help us out."

"How are you going to get them here?"

"Simple. The girl is poor. Her mother succumbed to cancer a few years back and her father is an alcoholic who has run into some financial trouble with a biker gang. She has no money for university and so has been taking some courses at the community college. Her best friends don't know. She's desperate enough to do it."

"You're going to tell her what we need."

"Of course not. We will send her a note stating that if she brings her two best friends to the resort for the weekend she will get a large check to cover the expenses she and her father have. She will be told that at some point she will need to have sex with both of her best friends."

"She's not just going to have sex with her best friends because we ask her to. Is she that much of a slut?"

"No. She's secretly dating one of her best friends. The other is a complete geek, but if we create the perfect situation, she will feel sorry for him and want to have sex with him."

"I'm glad you have things worked out Delilah."

"Of course, Ruth. Cedar Tree Resort has been in my family for generations. I will do whatever I need to do to keep the ghosts happy and keep the business running. We have yet to have any issues with the ghosts, but as Halloween approaches it will be hard to contain them."

"It feels like it was just last year that we had to do the last ritual. Was it really over fifty years ago?"

"Yes, Ruth. I'm going to give her the book when she arrives. I will tell her that it tells the past, present, and future. She will enjoy the mystery of it and will be so enthralled that she will not notice what is going on."

"You are brilliant. Do the others know?"

"Not yet. They are arriving in a few days."

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