tagErotic HorrorCedar Tree Resort Ch. 01

Cedar Tree Resort Ch. 01


The big blue truck streaked its way down the two-lane highway. Dirt was flying up behind it and the music was blaring inside. The truck had three occupants, all laughing and singing along to the loud rock music. The highway was empty. Not a car in sight.

The fall leaves were a very pretty color and the sun was setting in the sky, creating a romantic atmosphere. The truck suddenly slowed down and swerved to the left, turning at the sign that said Cedar Tree Resort.

"Shit. You almost missed it. Fuck your driving sucks." Jackson grabbed hold of the dashboard as the truck fishtailed a few times before going straight again.

"Shut up. I thought it was farther up." Ethan glared at his best friend. Sitting in the middle was Cassandra. She looked back and forth between her two best friends and laughed.

"You guys keep arguing and we're not skinny dipping tonight." Cassandra made that announcement and the two guys stopped arguing.

The road was lined with trees that hugged the dirt road. The sun shone through the trees and after a few minutes it opened to a clearing. In the center of the clearing stood the resort, slowing disintegrating into the ground.

"This is it?" Cassandra was disappointed. She had expected a nice country resort with a few buildings, a pool, nice landscaping. This was motel was falling apart. There was one large building with peeling brown paint and dead flowers in the front. The path that led to the cabins was overgrown with weeds and in the distance; they could see three small cabins. Those buildings had the same distressed look with gray peeling paint and equally dead looking flowers.

"I guess this is why we got such a good deal. Come on." Ethan turned off the truck and got out. He reached for his bags and watched as his two best friends grabbed their things.

The three of them had been friends since elementary school. They were all the same age, exactly, and had joint birthday parties all through their childhood. In high school, each of the guys had spent time dating Cassie, but in the end, it worked out better to be friends. They had all started college in September and, unfortunately, were going to three different colleges.

Jackson was at the state college since he was a great football player and had gotten a scholarship. He was taking History and English, but would switch to Sports Management if his football career didn't take off.

Ethan was at an Ivy League school in New England. He had always wanted to be an architect like his dad and, as sort of a joke, applied to the most competitive, but well respected architecture schools in the country. He had almost fallen down when he had gotten his acceptance letter.

Cassie was at the local community college. She joked that this way she could stay at home and keep her best friends up to date on the town gossip. In reality, she couldn't afford to go anywhere else.

The three teenagers walked into the main building and glanced around. The inside looked much nicer than the outside. There was a main registration desk with a little old lady waiting for them. The hallway to the left opened to a dining room, which looked to seat about twenty people. To the right, a fancy arched entranceway opened to a ballroom with floor to ceiling windows that overlooked the lake.

"Welcome. My name is Delilah. You must be Ethan, Jackson, and Cassandra. I hope you found the place all right."

"Yes we did." Cassandra liked this woman. She had a brilliant smile and although she was dressed in a red and purple tracksuit, she seemed the type to be a doting grandmother.

"Excellent. You each have your own cabin. The cabins are numbered one through three. Please do not switch cabins. It's for security reasons of course. The path to the left will lead you to them. There are a few guests staying upstairs, but I thought you would want your privacy. You might need to let the water run for a while to get clear water. The pipes are old and sometimes rust comes out in the water. Check out is Monday around eleven and breakfast is served from seven until ten."

"She was so creepy." Jackson grabbed Cassandra's bag.

Cassie just rolled her eyes. "She was nice. This place is really run down though. Creepy too."

The threesome turned the corner and was faced with three identical cabins. All were gray with peeling paint and leaves overflowing the gutters. The paint was probably once white, but everything in this place was rundown and falling apart.

"Well, let's get settled in our cabins and then come over to mine and we'll play cards or something." Cassie then looked right at Jackson. "No, we are not playing strip poker."

The guys laughed and then walked to their respective cabins.

Jackson's cabin was on the far left, closest to the lake. The room had a double bed and a rug on the floor. That was it. No washroom, no dresser, nothing. He swore under his breath and saw an overstuffed orange and pink chair in the corner. He placed his bag on it, slipped off his sandals, and put on socks and shoes. The temperature had dropped a lot from the time they had left the city and he was cold. He grabbed a sweatshirt and slid it over his head. Jackson looked like a typical football player. He was tall, over six and a half feet tall, with blonde hair and blue eyes. He was muscular and loved working out. Jackson heard a thump and looked over. His bag was on his bed, open with the contents spilled.

"Hmm." Jackson was always absent minded so really didn't remember if he had left his bag there. Either way it didn't matter. He turned down the blankets just in case he was tired when he got back and then walked to Cassie's cabin.

Ethan entered his cabin and was pleasantly surprised. The cabin was very nicely decorated with rich wood paneling and floor to ceiling windows that overlooked the forest. There was a clearing in the forest and he imagined that the sun shining through the trees would look very romantic. He shivered and decided changing into jeans would be better then the shorts he was wearing.

He grabbed his bag and pulled out his jeans. Sliding his shorts down to his ankles, he looked out the window. There were shadows moving outside and he figured it was Jackson going over to Cassie's cabin. He wondered if Cassie and Jackson had gotten back together and hadn't told him. Cassie would surely choose Jackson over him. He was on the short side, thin, with glasses. He had always been the intelligent geek, but Cassie loved him just the same. While daydreaming about his redheaded best friend, he must not have heard the door open. He glanced over and saw Cassie sitting on the bed.



Cassie motioned him to walk forward. She was sitting in the shadows, but her mouth was wide open with her tongue sticking out. Ethan walked forward and moaned as her hot mouth surrounded his cock. He was in complete heaven. She sucked his cock so hard and so fast, deep throating with each thrust. He closed his eyes and moaned, thrusting his hips back and forth against her face. He was in complete ecstasy at this moment. They hadn't been together for over three years and he had forgotten had good this felt. She was sucking him differently, but he figured she had gotten more experience since their high school days.

"Oh God baby. That's it. You feel so good. Swallow my cum." Ethan knew that Cassie loved swallowing. Ethan looked down wide-eyed. Cassie pushed his cock deep into her mouth until her lips were wrapped tight around the base. He could feel his balls pressed against her chin. Suddenly, he was cumming. He felt his cum shoot down her throat, not a drop spilling out of her mouth. He sighed. He wanted to pull her up and kiss her, but his knees grew weak and he fell forward onto the bed.

Ethan sat straight up in bed. There was a loud banging on the door and he stumbled to get to it. He flung open the door and was face to face with Jackson.

"You O.K. man? We've been waiting half an hour for you. Jesus, you're a mess. Go get changed and come over. Cassie found something really cool in her room."

Ethan looked down and noticed what had disgusted Jackson. His boxers were covered in his cum.

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