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Celebrity Downfalls Ch. 02



Shania Twain was one of the biggest names in country music throughout the 1990's. She had numerous hits singles, including "Man, I Feel Like A Woman!" and "That Don't Impress Me Much". She also released on of the most successful albums in recent history "Come On Over" that featured 12 hit singles.

The success of the 90's didn't carry over well into the 2000's. Few hit singles were released and she has only released one album in the last 13 years. She has also gone through a divorce with her longtime husband/producer. She has since attempted to make a return, however it has not been an easy task.



"Hi, is this the Davidson Records Association?"

"Yes, this is DRA. May I ask who is speaking?"

"This is Shania Twain; I got a call asking for my contact Mr. Davidson."

"Yes, Mr. Davidson wants you to come in to the office to set up a meeting."

"Great! I need this label badly. This is my last chance for a comeback."

"Okay, come in tomorrow morning at 9:00 am."

"Thank you so much! Bye."

Shania's entire career rides on signing with this label. Every other label has turned her down, stating that her demos show that she has lost 'it' and couldn't sell albums anymore. If DRA turns her down, then she has nowhere to go and no one to comfort her. Her divorce had been finalized three weeks before this interview, severing all ties with her ex-husband.

Even at the age of 45, Shania still looked very good for her age and thought it would be a good idea to show off as much of her body as she possibly could for the big interview. The morning of the interview, she put on a silver halter top with an open black vest over it. She found an old pair of tight jeans, tried them on and, to her surprise, they fit perfectly and showed her ass off well. She laced up her cowboy boots, placed her good-luck ring that her son made her on her left hand and headed out to her car.

After an hour long drive, she arrived at the two-story building with a sign in front that said "Davidson Records Association. Taking the Industry by Storm." She walked in the front door and met the secretary she talked to earlier. She was an elderly Asian woman with a huge smile on her face.

"You must be Shania. Mr. Davidson is waiting for you upstairs. Go right on up."

"Thank you." She walked up the stairs and saw the door that said 'Ronald V. Davidson' and knocked.

"Come in." Shania walked in. "Ah, Ms. Twain welcome. You look nice today. Have a seat."

"Thank you. I'm so excited that you are giving me an opportunity. Every other label turned me down. Without this, I've got nothing."

"Don't worry, we heard the demo and we loved it." A large smile came upon Shania's face. "We were very impressed, especially considering the number of turn-downs you've received. I have always been a fan of yours, and can't wait to give you your tryout. We are a different label though. We have to watch you perform your demo on stage before we can sign you. You see, we are sell musical performance and not just the sounds. I hope that isn't a problem."

"Okay, I guess that's fine."

"So we are going to go over to the stage next door and see what you can do."

They moved over to the stage in the next room that looked like any stage that you would see in play. Of course there was a band that had the sheet music from the demo already practiced. Shania's performance was the only thing standing in the way of her comeback. She was nervous as she hardly remembered the song she had recorded. It had been at least two months since she last performed the song.

"Okay Shania, are you ready."

"Yes." She was visibly nervous, knowing that she needs to perform her heart out.

The tryout did not go as Shania had hoped. She stumbled over her words and looked lost on the stage. Mr. Davidson was clearly disappointed after she had to stop numerous times to remember her words.

"I'm sorry, can I start again?"

"Okay, but you better improve...that first performance was god awful. Get your crap together Shania!" She could hear the anger and disappointment in his voice.

She started her song again, starting off a lot better. Unfortunately, she began to struggle once again to remember the words. She looked over at Mr. Davidson and could see he was pissed off. Everything ended when she tripped over her own feet and fell to the floor.

"Okay, that's it! Shania, get your ass back in my office!"

Shania was struggling to hold back tears as she walked off the stage.

"She used to be good, now she's just embarrassing." She heard the drummer whisper to the bass player. She couldn't believe what was happening. The comeback she had been building for months was coming to a crashing halt.

She slowly walked into the office and saw Mr. Davidson's beating red face. She sat down in the chair and buried her head in her hands, crying her eyes out. Mr. Davidson sat down and stared a hole through her, as she continued to cry.

"What kind of explanation could you possibly have for that shit performance?" He screamed.

"I'm sorry. I haven't done that song in awhile and I forgot the words."

"Someone who has been in the business as long as you should know that there is no excuse for forgetting words!"

"I know, I'm sorry. Please, there has to be something I can do to fix this."

"After that fucking performance, why should I give you a second chance? You're done, go back home and sing to your fucking kids, they're the only ones who want to hear you."

"No, you can't get rid of me. I need this, please! What can I do to change your mind?"

Mr. Davidson walked over to the door and twisted the lock without Shania seeing. He then sat down next to her and looked her in the eyes.

"Are you willing to do anything for this opportunity?" He said, now a lot calmer.

"Yes. Yes, anything. Please!"

He grabbed the back of her head and planted a long kiss on her. She tried to push him away and after about 30 seconds, was finally able to.

"What the fuck are you doing?"

"You said that you would do anything."

"I'm not a fucking slut. I don't go around making out with random guys." She got up and headed for the door.

"Fine, I guess you really don't want this comeback." She stopped in her tracks and slowly turned around. "I guess you are happy with being considered a washed-up failure."

"So what you're saying is that you'll sign me if I make out with you a little?"

"No, I'll sign you only if you have sex with me." Her eyes got wide as he said this. "Remember, I'm your last chance. If you don't fuck me then you will be nothing more than just a mother."

She looked down at the ring her son made her. She twirled it around for a few seconds before removing it and placing it in her pocket. She bent over and removed her boots, throwing them to the side. She walked over to him, ripped off her vest and pulled him close for another long kiss.

"Mr. Davidson, if it will save my career...I want you to...I want you to fuck me."

"Call me Ron...and I hope you're ready, cause I'm going to fuck the living shit out of you. And I hope you enjoy yourself...if you just lay there, then the deal is off"

He ripped her halter top down exposing her 34C tits that were still holding up well against time. He buried his face in between them licked every inch of them. Shania was starting to enjoy the feeling of his tongue running all over her large breasts. She let out light moan as he pinched her nipple.

"You like getting your nipple pinched babe?"

"Yes Ron, pinch it again." She squealed at the feeling. "Again!" Another squeal from Shania. "Bite it Ron, bite it." He bit down on her nipple. "Oh my fucking god! That feels so good!" Shania went from disgusted to sex-crazed in a ten minute span. He kept nibbling on her nipples for a good five minutes, which caused her pussy to start moistening up and getting very hot. She could feel the fantastic warmth between her legs and needed some release. She whispered into his ear, "My pussy...I'm so fucking wet...finger-fuck me now, please."

Ron unzips her tight jeans and wiggles them off of her, revealing her bright yellow thong. He quickly yanked the thong down and threw it across the room. She cleared his desk and lay down flat on her back. He knelt down to stare deep into her wet cunt. He could see just how swollen and wet she really was and he knew she would not last too long. He took his middle finger and plunged it deep into her cunt and finger-fucked her at a blistering pace. She was screaming at a deafening level as she was feeling something she hadn't felt in a long time. She separated from her husband just over a year ago and has only had sex once since, and even that was seven months ago. As he pounded her pussy, he leaned over and started sucking on her breasts once again. When she felt the warm tongue on her nipples, she began bucking her hips against his hands, drawing her closer to orgasm.

With one more nibble on her nipple, she began to shake from her monster orgasm. Ron felt the violent vibrations of her cumming on her hand. The table began to rock back and forth as she started to come down from the high of her orgasm.

"Thank you, it's been so long since a guy made me cum. Drop your pants and come over here. It's been so fucking long since I've had a cock in my mouth. The last cock I sucked was a random fan in a bathroom in 1998."

Ron drops his pants, exposing his whole eight inches, and walks to the other side of the table. Shania rolls over and instantly takes all eight inches down her throat and gags for a good 15 seconds. She pulls out and starts coughing.

"Sorry, it's been a while." She says as she starts jerking him off.

"Don't worry, it felt amazing."

She started sucking his cock like he's never been sucked before. For someone who hasn't sucked a cock in eleven years, you wouldn't know looking at her. It was unbelievable how fast her head was moving back and forth without a problem.

"Your cock tastes so fucking good."

She started jerking him off as she took his balls in her mouth and swirled them around in her mouth. He took is cock in his hand as she sucked his balls and starts slapping the top of her head with it. She begins to nibble on his scrotum while she is still getting slapped with his cock.

"I want to cum in your hair."

Without word, she grabbed his cock and started stroking it while licking the head. It only took a few seconds before Ron grabbed his cock and shot his thick white streams all over her chestnut hair. She looked amazing with globs of white all over the field of brown and huge smile on her face.

"That was amazing. I guess we can talk about the contract now?"

Instead of responding, he bent her over the table and started fucking her pussy from behind.

"Oh...What, you just...you just came how...how can you go already?"

"I haven't had an orgasm in a long time; I can last through two without stopping."

He was fucking her so hard that the desk was starting to inch closer to the wall. He was surprised at how tight her pussy was around his cock. You usually don't expect a 45 year old woman to have a tight cunt, but Shania was different. As he picked up the pace, her deafening screams made their return. I could feel her pussy getting warmer and wetter, combine that with the screams and she came very quickly as he could feel her cum leaking down both of their legs. The juices around her cunt caused a loud slapping sound with every thrust.

Suddenly, Ron stopped fucking her and sat down on the chair. Shania climbed on top of him and started mounting him against the chair. He could feel the juices still running out of her cunt as she rides him faster. He took her left nipple in his mouth as he grabbed her hips and slammed her harder against his cock. She grasped the arms of the chair and had another orgasm. Seeing her exhaustion, he picked her up and placed her on the chair, placed his cock at her opening and continued fucking her. He humped her for another good 5 minutes before he felt his orgasm rising.

"I'm gonna cum, I want to cum on your face now."

He pulled out, stood up and shot his load all over her face. She stuck her tongue out and tried to catch the streams out of mid-air. She caught one in her mouth and one in the eye, while rest of his cum landed on her forehead and cheeks. She pulled him closer and licked every bit of cum off of his cock. As Ron walked away, Shania sat in the chair with a big smile on her face as she scooped the cum off her in face and sucked her fingers clean.

Ron returned with a contract and handed it to her.

"Read through it and sign on the last page, then call back I three days and I'll let you know what the next step is."

She signed the contract and handed it to him. She gathered her clothes, redressed, gave Ron a deep French kiss and left.

Shania called three days later and got no answer. She called back every day for two weeks and never got an answer. So three weeks after the adventure, she drove back to the building and entered only to see an empty building. She looked around and found a folder on the ground with her name on it. She opened it and read the note inside:

"Shania, If you found this than you know by now that DRA isn't a real company. I would like to thank you for the best fuck of my life, but you can't sing or perform for shit. No one in their right mind would hire you for anything music related. Enclosed is a $50 bill for your troubles. Signed, "Ronald V. Davidson"."

Shania dropped to the floor and started crying hysterically, as she realized that she was used for sex. She got up, took the folder and drove home.

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