tagCelebrities & Fan FictionCelebrity Tale: Unexpected Gift

Celebrity Tale: Unexpected Gift


Author's Note: The following story is a BDSM Gay Male submission, as well as MF. If the idea of Ashton Kutcher, Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson being placed in the above situation, then please don't read this story. If it doesn't bother you at all, then I hope you enjoy it. ~ Red

Something told me that the thank-you note and the first class plane ticket to Hawaii had more attached to it than what I was led to believe. My suspicions were confirmed when I got to my hotel, checked in and found an envelope from one of my Hollywood friends waiting for me. Tucked inside were instructions on how to gain access to a private and very elite club, along with the name of a local designer who would dress me for the role I was to play, that of a Dominatrix. Now, for those that know me, they know I am by no means a Dominatrix, but I was in Hawaii and not butt-fuck California where my writing was more known by my peers.

I noticed what time I was to be at the designer's home and made a beeline for the shower. Once I felt fresh and more able to face whatever was being thrown at me, I dressed in a green sundress, with small glass beads that sparkled when the light hit them.

Outside the hotel, a car pulled up and one of the hotel staffers, opened the door. I thanked him, tipping him generously and climbed into the back seat. The driver was a handsome man, dark hair, bright blue eyes and as his hands gripped the wheel, I could almost imagine them gripping my wrists. A soft chuckle left my lips, as did a smirk, as I recalled how I was supposed to be "seen" at this club.

The driver pulled up to a swanky looking resident and shut down the engine. He stepped out, opened my door, and helped me from the back seat. I couldn't help but notice the cologne he wore. He smelled wonderful. I took a deep breath, smiled and complimented him on his choice of fragrance. The "thank-you" that left his lips melted my tummy and stirred my sex. I realized then that I was in desperate need for a quick hard fuck. It had been a couple of weeks since I last had a hard cock driving into me. My desire to pounce on a perfect stranger was proof to that.

I took my leave of the driver, and headed up the steps to the designer's home. Once inside I was taken upstairs and presented to the small Korean woman. She was a tiny waif of a girl, but she had an eye for detail and I knew no matter what was in store for me, she would make sure I looked the part. It was up to me to play it.

"Strip," she said and waited impatiently as I quickly moved to do her bidding. It didn't take long for me to grow uncomfortable. The woman had her hands all over me, taking measurements, pinching fat and cursing me for my ample hips and generous bosom. To say I was insulted, shamed and embarrassed would be an understatement, but by the time the ordeal was over and I was encased in the number she picked out for me, I felt exquisite.

My red hair hung in waves down my back. The black PVC full length dress and it's long sleeves hugged me tight in all the right places. Every curve was showcased. The high stand-up collar with metal rings at the back caressed my skin, and tickled the hairs at the back of my neck. I rolled my shoulders and the woman slapped my ass. "Stay still," she hissed as she finished zipping up the collar's back. The front of the dress, from the hem down was kept closed thanks to the satin-covered buttons.

"Lift your foot," the designer said.

I glanced down and stared at a pair of seven-inch heels. "You're kidding me." I said as I stared down at the awkwardly shaped shoe. "I can't walk in those!"

The woman clucked her tongue. "You'll not spend a lot of time walking," she said. "Once you get to the club, you'll find a seat, watch the game unfold, and your pet will rest by your feet."

I spun around and stared at the woman. "My pet?"

The expression on the Korean designer's face showed confusion. "Did you not meet him?"

"Meet who?"

She sighed in frustration. "Your pet. He was the driver, the one who brought you here."

"That was my pet?"

"Yes, you can't show up without a pet. Your invitation says two does it not?"

I thought back over what I had read and cursed. "Yeah, it did. How I let that one slip is beyond me."

"It's because you saw my name and knew you were coming here to be dressed by me."

I chuckled, but told her she was probably right. "So where is my pet?" I asked.

"He'll be brought in shortly."

"And does he understand his role?"

The designer rolled her eyes. "Of course. Now, the shoes."

I took a deep breath, grabbed her slim shoulder for support and slipped my foot into that crazy heel. When I left her room, I had gone from 5'5" to an astounding 6 foot. As promised, my pet was waiting for me. He stood downstairs, head bowed, and dressed much differently than he had been when sitting behind the wheel.

He wore a collar, that was attached to a leash, which was handed to me. A body harness did little to cover up his muscular chest and hard nipples. I licked my lips, imagining the feel of those hard beads under my tongue. My pussy grew slick and I wondered if my "pet" was truly the submissive type or if our roles were being reversed strictly for the sake of whatever story I was being led into.

"Do you have a name?" I asked.

"Whatever pleases you," he answered.

I rolled my eyes, took a deep breath and tried to come up with a title that would fit the man who was to be my plaything. After a quick perusal of names that worked on women, I settled for "little one". Though by looking at that cock, hanging slightly erect from the opened-crotch shorts that he wore, he was not little.

"If you and little one would please exit out the side door, I'd appreciate it," the designer said, before leading us in the direction she indicated. Outside the sun was setting and a car waited with the engine running. It was a black Lincoln, with tinted windows. Little one opened the door, I stepped in and he followed behind me. There was a partition between the driver of the car and us, and for that I was thankful. I already felt self-conscious of my attire, I didn't need more witnesses to the falsehood I was living.

The ride in the car started out silent and tense. I glanced over at my boy toy and took a deep breath. "Do you do this often?"

He turned toward me, his cock now more limp than it had been earlier. I tried not to notice, but it was apparent I had, because as he started to answer me, it started to rise. "I've been without a Mistress for a while. I got a call from a mutual friend of ours and she told me she had a way of getting me back into the scene. I asked her how and she said I was to behave as if you and I were a couple. By the end of the night, I should have garnered enough attention to find a new Mistress beating down my door."

I openly chuckled. "I didn't think Mistress' beat down doors."

He grinned. "No, they don't. What I meant was that our friend will have made a few phone calls, letting those at the party know I am available."

"I see," I whispered, before gazing back at the scenery that was dancing before us.

"What about you?" he asked. "What's your story?"

I took a deep breath and told him the truth. "I am a writer. I was told to come here, wear this, play a role and I'd be given a juicy story for my troubles. Granted I didn't know any of this until after I got here. I thought this trip was a thank-you present from our mutual friend."

"Well, hopefully you'll not leave disappointed," little one said.

"I hope the same for you," I admitted.

The rest of the trip was spent in silence as we were taken outside of the residential and business area of the island. The car wove its way up a mountain, eventually pulling into a driveway and coming to stop at the front door to an elaborately decorated estate and brightly lit home.

When the car stopped, little one was quick to get out, and offer his hand to me. Once I was outside, I picked up his leash and tugged gently. I suppressed the urge to apologize or ask if I had tugged too hard. I had a role to play and play it I would, or at least I hoped I would. My boy toy and I were led up the stairs by a scantily clad staff member. We were asked to leave our cell phones behind and because little one didn't really have a place to hide one, I was the only one leaving something behind.

After checking in, we were taken toward the back of the house, where an array of food, drinks, and people were spread out before us. I was taken back by the flesh that was on display, both male and female. Men toyed with men. Women with women. And of course men with women. "When did the party start?" I whispered to little one, who only shrugged his shoulders. "Come along," I said, in a tone that was slightly more firm than the one I used on my dog.

Little one followed as I walked around the room, introducing myself as Renee. A name that was my own, but not used publicly. I never introduced little one, but by the time my once-over of the room was done, everyone I had spoken with knew his title. I had made it a point to address him in some manner, though my words sounded foreign and harsh.

When we reached a safe place to observe the show, I sat down, tugged his leash and watched him kneel at my feet. "Thank-you," he whispered to me, once we were settled.

"For what?" I asked.

"For showing me off."

I smiled. "I want you to find what you're looking for, just as much as I want to find what I'm looking for."

"And what are you looking for?" he asked.

"A story," I said, before glancing at him and taking note of his questioning gaze. "What?"

"Is that all?"

I frowned, turned away and tried to focus on what I had learned, from the other guests, was tonight's main event.

Our hostess stepped to the center of the room and clapped her hands. A collective set of eyes and ears turned their attention to her. She was a striking woman and had it not been for the mask that covered her face I probably would have recognized her. I listened as she explained that tonight's entertainment was being provided by three willing gentlemen. Vin Diesel. Ashton Kutcher. And Dwayne Johnson. My jaw dropped and I almost fell out of my chair. Had it not been little one, pressing his shoulder against my right knee, I probably would have.

"You okay?" he whispered.

I glanced down, nodded my head, and privately thanked my friend – hell hath no worry like a woman scorned. Obviously Ashton had more than a few kinks. I wondered if his newest love interest knew about his sexual exploits.

The hostess stepped away from the center of the room, and the three men she'd named came forward. Vin Diesel, wore leather chaps with the crotch cut out, as did Dwayne. Ashton crawled on his hands and knees, wearing a collar and being led by Vin. His cock was hard, swollen, and looked pained. A snap on cock and ball harness helped to keep his balls separated and his cock hard. I licked my lips imagining the tight skin pressed against my tongue.

I looked down at little one, noticed his expression and felt sorry for him. He really needed a Mistress. I reached over and stroked his hair. This giant of a man, looked up at me and smiled weakly. I was stunned by the protective urge that washed over me as he gazed upon my lips. I licked them, then nodded my head. "Let's watch," I said, not recognizing the husky sound of my voice.

Little one and I watched as Vin pushed his dick into Ashton's mouth and Dwayne shoved his lubricated dick into Ashton's tight hole. The two men fucked Ashton, using him as their dumping zone. Ashton loved it. It was obvious because he was begging for more, whenever Vin would pull his dick out and slap the young man's face with it. Dwayne plunged his rod in and out, as well as smacked Ashton's white ass. The hand prints left behind were big and red, covering most of Ashton's rump.

Desire coursed through me as I watched the young man being used by two men that were two if not three times stronger and heavier than their counterpart. I couldn't help but feel the moisture between my legs and had secretly unbuttoned two of my dress' satin buttons. At least I thought I had done it secretly. It wasn't until I felt a man's hands sliding up my dress that my gaze was pulled away from the slapping flesh of man on man on man.

I looked down and watched little one, push my dress higher, eventually displaying my pussy to his hungry eyes. My chest rose and fell as he opened the lips of my cunt with his strong hands and began to massage the slick folds. I had a hard time breathing. The sound of Ashton begging for two cocks to fill him, along with the look of lust in little ones eyes, and the scent of my arousal wafting up to me, were all elements that kept oxygen from reaching my brain. I shook my head, trying to clear it.

Little one lowered his mouth to my clit and began to flick it with his tongue, while pushing his fingers deep into my snatch. I gripped the armrests of my chair. My hips rose and little one cupped my ass his free palm.

As he ate me out, I watched another man join in the fucking of Ashton. I didn't recognize him, but promised to ask around after the game was over. Whomever the newcomer was, Ashton didn't mind. He opened his mouth and welcomed the fresh meat abusing his throat. Vin and Dwayne's cocks were both filling Ashton's ass. Vin would shove his dick in, hold it there for a second or two, then pull out, giving Dwayne a turn. Each man fucked Ashton slowly as one man after another used his mouth as their private glory hole.

I on the other hand, was equally drawn to the erotic display of men fucking, as well as the tongue lapping at my pussy. Little one definitely knew what he was doing when it came to sucking on a woman's pussy. I was fighting the urge to come, wanting to hold out until the last possible moment and that moment came when Ashton's cock exploded and his cum squirted onto the party room floor. I don't know what it was about watching a man cum without his cock being touched, but it sent me over the edge. I grabbed little one by the back of the head, shoved his face deeper into my pussy and began to thrash wildly as colors exploded behind my clenched lids.

Little one was there, slurping up every ounce, and encouraging me to give him another volley of cum by thrusting his fingers back into my opening. I came again, this time catching Ashton's eyes as he recovered from his climax. I grinned, winked, and chuckled. I knew that he was worried about what story would appear in the next newsstand tabloid, but in truth, I didn't care about Ashton, not anymore. I had a new toy to play with and a new side of myself to explore.

When I was done coming, well – after I ordered little one to stop feasting on me, I stood up, walked over to the hostess and told her that under no circumstances was little one available and to please let any that asked about him, know that. She said she would, thanked me for coming and watched as little one crawled behind me. Inside the car, little one thanked me again for taking him as my personal play thing. I explained that I was new to all of this, but would be open to sharing him with those that could teach me how to properly wield a crop or flogger. He smiled, licked my cum from his lips and asked me if he could fuck me. I of course made my boy toy beg before giving him permission to please me.

The following morning, I placed a call to our mutual friend, thanking her for the story and for my newest partner. She chuckled, as did her ex-husband, who I heard gasping for breath as he came. "Whose your new plaything?" I asked.

"Who do you think?" she asked.

I thought back over the past few weeks, grinned and hung up the phone just as I heard Bruce say, "Come on Mila, you fuckin' whore, let me show you how Ashton likes it."

Little one asked what was so funny, I shrugged my shoulders, walked back over to the bed, and eyed his cock. The ring and harness, similar to what Ashton had wore, hugged his balls and lifted his cock another inch, if not two. I looked over at the candle, the wick cold and long ago extinguished. "Tell me little one, how do you feel about wax?"

"Whatever pleases you," he whispered. It didn't take long for me to find out.

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