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Celebrity Tale: Cloaked by Marriage


Author's Note:The following submission contains: BDSM, MMF, FF (though very light), and MF. If you are a fan of Ashton, Demi, and Bruce and can't bare the thought of one, or all of them being in a position of dominance or submission, then please don't read this story. If none of that bothers you -- then enjoy! ~ Red


As Bruce's biographer, every day is a blessing. Not because I am in love with the man - in lust perhaps, but not love. It's not because he rubs elbows with beautiful women and men, nor is it because he pays me handsomely for keeping his secrets until he's ready for them to be published. It's because I never know what dirty little tidbit he's hiding until he decides to share it with me. Today's adventure has to be one of the most shocking and yet, in truth, it's not. I think we all suspected that Bruce, Demi, and Ashton's living arrangements went way beyond co-parenting.

When I first arrived at the mansion I was greeted by a staff member, offered a glass of wine and escorted to Bruce's library. I was familiar with the route, as well as the customary greeting and offering of the beverage. Everything seemed perfectly normal, but I knew it wasn't. Bruce's lawyer had sent over a fresh stack of disclosure forms and had insisted he remain at my side, while I read over the entire legal documents.

Whatever Bruce had in store for me I knew would be unlike anything I'd witnessed before. "Mister Willis will come and get you when he's ready," the employee said, then disappeared, leaving me to wonder what Bruce was up to.

I didn't have to wait long. There was a soft thumping nose, followed by a low scratch, coming from my left. I turned, stood up and watched, with jaw slacken as a section of the East wall opened. Bruce stepped out of the wall. His grin was wide. His dark green eyes sparkled and his smooth head caught the lighting from the room. I walked over, my gaze taking in his attire. "A new look?" I asked, as I reached out and touched the black leather and mesh tank that hugged his hard chest. My fingertips brushed across the studs that decorated the seams. He caught my wrist as my hand trailed down to the hem of the shirt.

The tip of my tongue darted out, moistening my lips as he pressed my palm against his zipped up crotch. I chewed on my lower lip, recalling the last time Bruce and I indulged in a little bit of role playing. He'd not been wearing leather though, nor had he been entering the room, via a hidden doorway. I groped his crotch and watched his eyes darken. He let me fondle him, for several seconds before pulling my hand away. "Ready?" he asked.

I chuckled, pushed past him, and headed down the staircase. Bruce closed the door, and quickly took the lead. "Impatient wench," he said, as we made our way down the dimly lit stairwell.

To say I was surprised by what I saw would be an understatement. Bruce opened another door, and ushered me in, before closing it behind us. The lighting here was more generous and the scenery certainly more exciting. The beautiful Demi was standing next to an oiled up Ashton. She wore a black leather corset, with metal eyes and leather cording. It hugged her frame like a second skin. As did her thigh high boots. Her dark black hair was caught in a braid that hung down her back. In her hand was a whip. Her sex was barely covered by a patch of leather that pressed against her pussy. "Wow," I whispered as she came forward and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

"Hello beautiful," she said, before winking at Bruce. "Come take a look."

I knew she was talking to me, because I currently stood there stunned into silence and rooted to the dungeon floor. Bruce gave me a gentle shove, bringing me back to reality. I shook my head, clearing the fog that had dropped down on my subconscious. Each step I took brought me closer to the couple.

My eyes were drawn to Ashton's. I saw his brown eyes gazing back and mine and fear rolled through me. "You have to remove the gag," I said, "I have to know he's into this, before I watch whatever you have in store."

"Of course," Bruce answered. He stepped up to the naked man, restrained to what reminded me of a medieval stock. Bruce unbuckled the open ring gag and pulled it back. An inch worth of rubber oozed with saliva as Ashton swallowed what remained behind and licked his lips.

I glanced at the gag, Bruce, Demi, and then Ashton. "Are you into this?" I asked, mentally cataloging the newest chapter to Bruce's biography. I knew Ashton's answer before he spoke. The only person in the room with fear in their eyes had been me.

Ashton smiled warmly. "I'm into this."

"May I ask him a few questions?" My eyes held Ashton's, but my question was directed at the two dressed in leather.

"You may," Demi said.

"How long have you been their..." I searched for the word and came up empty.

"Whipping boy?" Ashton said, providing the word I had been thinking.


"Since day one," he admitted.

"And you're okay with it?"

He laughed. "Look at my cock, Dee. It's as hard and believe me, when I said I was 'into this', I meant it."

"And you're okay with me being here?"

"I am. Bruce trusts you, so does Demi and you've come and gone from here enough, that I do too."

Bruce cleared his throat. "Satisfied?"

I took a deep breath, nodded my head and watched as Bruce pressed the gag back into Ashton's mouth and Ashton obediently accepted it. "This is fuckin' hot," I admitted in a low whisper, before shaking my head in disbelief.

Demi laughed, walked over and took my hand. "Here we've a place for you to watch. You can of course get up and walk around the room, take a good look at our supplies, as well as ask us any questions. Ashton can answer them later, since obviously his mouth will be a bit busy." She winked and escorted me to a plush leather chair. "Bruce wants you to be comfortable, so if at any time you feel the need to play either with us, or with yourself, you go right ahead. We've got some toys set up for you." She jerked her head gently toward the left.

True to her word, the table next to the chair had an array of vibes, anal beads, and clamps littering it's glass surface. "So thoughtful," I said before slipping off my shoes and taking a seat. "Do I get popcorn too?"

Bruce rolled his eyes. "Saucy wench." His words were muttered in a low voice. I chuckled, returned my gaze to Ashton and studied the restraints and how he was positioned.

The stock was made of mahogany. As was the frame of the padded bench, that had been placed behind the stocks. Ashton rested on his knees. His head and wrists were locked in the stocks and as I mentioned before, he was naked -- except for the gag. His cock was hard, and my view was one of the best in the house, given I was not a participate in the action that was about to take place.

Demi walked over and stood behind her husband. Ashton's gaze held mine and when the first slap of the whip landed on his ass I saw the shock and surprise clearly reflected in his dark orbs. My breath caught in my throat. My pussy tightened and my pulse raced as I watched Demi lift her arm and send another wave of pain ricocheting through her partner's flesh.

As Ashton was whipped, I asked Bruce the first question of the evening, "So, if he's being gagged, what's his safe word? Or action?"

Bruce walked over and lifted Ashton's right hand, which up till now I had not noticed was clenched into a tight fist. "Open your hand," Bruce said in a heavy and demanding voice, much different than the tone he'd used on me earlier.

Ashton opened his hand and revealed a red scarf decorated with brass rings. "If he's had enough, he drops the scarf."

"And you trust yourself that you and Demi won't be too preoccupied with fucking him that you'll notice?" I asked, somewhat doubtful.

Demi frowned. "It's our job to notice everything. Including his limits. We're very responsible with our pets."

I could hear the annoyance in her voice and quickly apologized. She nodded her head and sent another slap of the whip toward her husband's bare ass. Ashton closed his hand around the scarf, a true sign to me that he was far from ready to end his torment.

Bruce began to caress Ashton's face with the tips of his fingers. He traced the young man's eyebrows, teasing the flesh with his nails, before pushing his bangs to the side and drawing his fingers across Ashton's brow. "He's such a soft man," Bruce whispered as he lovingly touched Ashton's cheek and traced the stretched skin of his pet's lips.

Ashton loved the attention. He angled his head, hoping to lean into Bruce's touch. Bruce chuckled, but gave the young man what he wanted. He palmed the man's face and rubbed tenderly the skin beneath his palm. All the while Bruce was slowly drawing down the zipper of his leather pants and Demi had abandoned her post as whipping master, exchanging the whip for something more soothing. She now wore mittens that looked to be made of animal fur, rabbit perhaps. I didn't ask, nor did I care. Bruce's cock was out and the swollen head was slowly being fed into Ashton's mouth.

I shifted in my seat, felt the evidence of my arousal as it slipped along the inner seam of my labia. My breath caught when Bruce pushed several inches of his cock into Ashton's gagged mouth. Demi ran her fur-covered palms all over her husband's body. I watched Ashton's expression change to pure pleasure as the soft mittens stroked his skin, pampering it with gentle caresses, while his mouth was used to bring Bruce pleasure.

My tongue darted out. I licked my lips and heard a whimpering sound that made me blush. I looked over at Demi who was smiling back at me. "That wasn't me," she said, making my skin grow more flushed.

"I know," I admitted. It was my whimpering that seemed to echo about the room.

Bruce looked over at me, grinned and began to draw his cock out of Ashton's mouth. I watched, envious of the young man who was being slowly face-fucked by his wife's ex-husband. I had sucked on Bruce's cock many times, but never in the way Ashton was. Jealously washed over me and I wondered if Bruce had invited me because he had seen something in me that I hadn't recognized. Either way, I was experiencing something now and had plans to add role playing with this group to my bucket list.

Demi's gloves were now moving along Ashton's hips and around to the underside of his groin. I watched her wrap her hands around Ashton's cock and pump softly. Ashton purred around the gag and Bruce's cock. I chuckled softly, never having heard a man purr before. "Look Dee," Demi whispered. "He's so hard right now. But I can get him harder."

I lifted a brow. My mouth watered. "Okay," I said, barely recognizing my voice.

Demi rose up, pulled off the gloves and headed over to a nearby table. I scooted up higher on the chair, slipped my hand inside my skirt and panties, found my wet pussy and slowly began to massage my outer lips. I continued to watch Bruce's cock slide in and out of Ashton's mouth. Drool linked the older man's cock to the younger man's lips. A soft gasp of pleasure slipped from my throat as my fingers pressed more firmly against my sex.

"Careful, sweetie, don't hurry," Demi said, whispering in my ear.

I jumped, shocked by the stealth-like movements that had brought her up behind me without me even knowing it. I turned around and stared at her lips. They glistened with a polish that was bright red. Her teeth were white and her tongue pink. My lower lip trembled, as she closed the distance that separated us. Our mouths touched and our tongues danced. My fingers stopped moving as I kissed Demi and gave into the desire that filled the room.

When she pulled away, I sighed against her lips. She walked toward Bruce and Ashton. I couldn't help but notice that while I had been consumed with watching Bruce face-fuck the young man, Demi had altered her attire. She had removed her panties, trading them in for a black harness with a peach-hued cock attached to it.

From where I sat I could make out the well-defined head and raised veins. The artificial cock curved upward, reminding me of Bruce's dick. I turned and looked at the Hollywood movie star and rolled my eyes. "A perfect mold."

He chuckled, shoved his full length into Ashton's mouth and began to fuck him faster. "You bet," he grunted as his balls slapped Ashton's chin.

Demi's dildo bounced as she walked to the back of their restrained partner. It glistened with lube. I watched her spread Ashton's ass cheeks open and push the head of the cock into his tight hole. A growl was pulled from the pit of my stomach and it echoed along side the one that erupted from Ashton's gagged mouth.

Soon Ashton's body was swaying as the two dick wielding lovers began to thrust and pound his holes with non-rhythmic action. My fingers hungrily dove into my wet pussy. I began to fuck myself as Bruce and Demi used Ashton. I knew the harness that Demi more most likely stimulated her clit in someway, and I promised myself to seek out my own toy after leaving the Willis-Moore home.

When the first shot of cum left Bruce's cock, I was shuddering along with him. I forced my eyes to remain open as hot milk was loaded into Ashton's mouth. He gagged, but not once did he drop the cloth, still held tight in his fist. Another shot of cream landed on his baby-face and Demi continued to pound him from behind. It wasn't long before she was coming. Her face contorted in a mask of what looked like pain, but we all knew it to be pleasure. Ashton's cock was swollen and looked painful.

My chest rose and fell, as Bruce walked over and began to milk Ashton's rod with his hands. Demi, pulled off her harness, dropped it to the floor and headed toward her husband's face. She removed the gag, gave him a moment to swallow and then began to rub her pussy all over his grinning features.

"Dee, you want some of this?" Bruce asked, before dropping to his knees, tilting his head under Ashton's belly and licking the throbbing head.

"Nope," I whispered. "He's all yours. I'd rather see you butt fuck him," I admitted, while pulling my fingers from my pussy and licking them clean.

Bruce chuckled. "In time, sweets, in time."

I reached over and grabbed one of the vibrators from the table. I tugged my panties as far away from my cunt as I could and pushed the toy into my leaking sex. "I'm done wasting time," I hissed, as another promising wave of lust rolled over me. I came again, just as Bruce opened his mouth and inhaled Ashton's cock.

The scent of sex hung thick in the air, as Bruce drew Ashton's cum from his balls and let it glide down his throat. Demi was rocking back and forth on her husband's mouth. Bruce's cock was demanding attention and when he stood up, walked behind Ashton and gave me what I wanted, I came again.

Bruce opened up Ashton's hole with his big dick and slammed the full length in. I gasped, hissed, and moaned, as I watched Bruce drive his way into that young tight channel. The vibe in my pussy seemed to find every nook and cranny that needed caressed. I thrashed wildly, almost as wildly as the two fucking Ashton. Once more the three of us were coming and Ashton was left with a solid rock hard penis that needed serviced.

I watched with eyes glazed over with lust as Demi and Bruce worked to free Ashton from his restraints. He crawled onto the floor and lay on his back. A thick carpet comforted his skin as Demi lowered her pussy onto his face and began to ride his worn tongue and lips. Bruce coated Ashton's dick with lube, then squirted some onto his fingers. He pushed his thick digits into his ass and backed onto Ashton's reclining figure.

"Fuck me," I gasped as Bruce's back faced Demi's front. I gazed at Bruce, who was bending forward, giving his ass to Demi. She took a firm hold of Ashton's rod, and pushed it into Bruce's anal cavity. I chocked back the shock, swallowed the words that my mind wanted to speak and watched as Bruce leaned back. His ass took all of Ashton's cock and the look of pleasure that crossed Bruce's face was unlike anything I'd seen before.

I couldn't help but join them. Bruce's dick begged to be touched. I pulled the borrowed vibe from my leaking pussy, and headed over to the massive rod that I had enjoyed privately many times. I got on my hands and knees, opened my mouth and devoured Bruce.

He and I worked as a team. He rocked back and forth on Ashton's cock, while I bobbed up and down on his member. It wasn't long before we were both full of come. My throat was coated with Bruce's thick seed and the taste was just as I remembered. Salty. Tangy. Perfect. Bruce pushed me back, and rose off of Ashton's limp rod. He lowered his face to my cunt and began to draw out another orgasm from deep within me. I bucked, rode his face, locked my legs around his shoulders and kept him anchored to my gaping hole. When I came it was with blast of heat that exploded from my gut and washed upward making my skin burn and my breath catch.

Bruce rose up, kissed me and then helped me to my feet. My legs shook as I clung to him. Demi reached under my skirt, straightened my panties and kissed me, while Ashton stood up and began to clean the toys that had been used.

I left the mansion with another chapter to Bruce's biography tucked deep within my memory and the promise of more to come later.

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