tagNonHumanCemetery Summons Ch. 05

Cemetery Summons Ch. 05


Jack smiled and Elassa closed her eyes as their lips parted. She rubbed her nose against his before he spoke in a low, almost embarrassed tone.

"Now, if you'd let me take back my legs, maybe we could cuddle?"

"Cuddle?!" was her quick response, almost a bark. "You think we're done? No, not yet. You kept me waiting for two days, and you're going to be milked dry for teasing me in the car!"

"I teased you?! Do you understand what I went through when you got out and didn't even bother to finish me off?!"

"I haven't even gotten to taste your cum, master, and you never let me. I wondered all night what it would taste like, what it would feel like, its smell, the color, how you would jerk in my mouth! You denied me the answers! You teased me so! You still tease me!" whined the succubus with pouty lips.

"What's stopping you?"

"You won't let me up!" she cried in a shrill voice, looking back at her reddened rear. He still held her against him, locking them together at waist level. Jack rolled his eyes.

"We're done for today," he said.


"We're done for today," Jack repeated, closing his eyes. Elassa shook his head with her wings, but he simply smirked.

"Jack!" she protested, drumming her fists against the bed.

"Either let me eat, or let me sleep."

"Then eat!" she cried, attempting to disconnect their sexes. Jack forced her back down.

"Why do you call me master?" he asked, kissing her neck. Elassa shivered with pleasure and looked down at him with lustful, voracious eyes. They still held a neon glow, meaning that she was still horny. She tucked his head into the crook of her neck and pushed her massive tits against him once again.

"Because you are my master. You're my owner, my summoner. My bond with you is stronger than any oath of fealty, any bond between parent and child, any vows of love made by young lovers in years past. You cannot fathom the bond that I have to you, nor how much the thought of you makes my desires soar toward the distant heavens. You are my lover and the owner of my soul, and in turn, your soul belongs to me. We are as intertwined as the strings of fate, and I will always call you master." Elassa squeezed him tighter, snapping the cords holding his legs with her feet. She wound her legs with his and giggled softly.

"Elassa? Do you really think I own you?"

"Of course I do," she replied in a motherly tone, stroking his cheek with three fingers lovingly. "You own every part of my body, down to the tiniest bit of my essence. I want you to drown in me, master, to take a never-ending fill of pleasure from my body."

"And do you want me to follow that last order down to the last letter?" Jack asked with a bit of egotism in his voice. Elassa pinched his cheek.

"You are learning well, master. But that is not an order; that is a request. You can have others too, many more succubi waiting on you hand and foot. As long as you can please all of them."

Jack was confused. What would make him want more that just her? She was perfect, well, about as perfect as a sex-hungry demon could get at any rate. She was gorgeous, every last part of her. And the fact that she wanted him all the time a bonus too. Why she thought he would want someone else raving over him was a mystery.

Jack removed his hands from her body to let her get off, but she stayed put. She sat up, still locked against him, and put her hand on the back of his head. She pulled him away from her neck and pressed her nose against his.

A slight smile graced her lips.

"Ela-" She smothered him in a deep, devoted kiss. Her neon green eyes closed, but the rings of her irises still showed, giving a radiant green glow to her cheeks. Jack closed his eyes and his hands rose to the base of her wings, grabbing each of them roughly. Elassa's kiss became more forceful and she mumbled something into his mouth. Jack almost choked on her pointed tongue as she rammed it into his throat. She moaned hungrily and began grinding herself against him. Jack felt his arousal peak again.

"Effmph!" She pulled away from him.

"Yes master?"

"Elassa, I know you want more, but just wait for Christ's sake. I like you, I really do, but I know absolutely nothing about you. I know that you want to have sex with me, and that I apparently own you, but nothing more. I want to know who you are, or what you like to do, or what your family is like if you have one."

"But why would you even think of such things at this time?" she questioned, arching a silver eyebrow. Jack frowned.

"Why? Because while I enjoy you, more than you enjoy me probably, I don't really feel comfortable...you know, doing it with you without knowing any of this." He hoped his explanation could forestall her until he could find a way to get her off him and allow him to eat something.

"Oh master, I enjoy you a thousand fold more than you enjoy me. And as for your other questions, I can answer them later. Right now, we need to fuck and fuck and fuck until the sun rises again."

"No, wait," Jack protested as Elassa rolled her hips and drove his cock into her farther and farther. He groaned, but tried to hold himself firm in his resolve.

"Why master? We're already going."

"Wait!" Jack yelled. Elassa stopped immediately and growled at him.

"Why? Why must I wait?" she asked, a glare in her eyes.

"I need to know, Elassa. Who...what...just hold on. I need to think about this. Why did...no, where did...you..."

"Master! Why won't you just fuck m-"

"I don't know Goddamnit! I don't fucking know!" Jack yelled. He began to cry. "I don't know why," he murmured. Jack hugged her to his body and sobbed into her amble chest. He didn't know what he was doing. He barely understood or believed what was happening.

"Master...why do you feel like this?" Elassa stroked his cheek, concern in her eyes. Instead of a glowing neon they were now filled with a Dartmouth green hue that darkened her eyes as if sucking up the light coming in from outside, from the moon.

"I don't know why I feel this way. I'm so confused about this, about everything. I'm scared. I just want to understand all this." He sucked in a fleeting breath. "I feel overwhelmed by you. Jesus, I don't even know why I'm crying," Jack managed to get out, controlling his sobbing to some degree.

"I'm sorry ma-... Jack. I didn't know what you wanted, and I only know how to make you feel better like this. Don't be mad, please. I'm sorry."

"I'm not mad, Elassa. I'm tired, hungry, scared, confused. I don't know what I am. Just let me pull myself together. Let me stop crying first," he said with a small laugh. Their bodies parted and Jack flopped back down on his bed, feeling that it was cold.

He felt that it was damp too. He dismissed it as his and Elassa's sweat and calmed himself down. With her not trying to fuck the life out of him, he had at least a little time to think. It wasn't that he was really scared to death of this, but that he understood virtually nothing about anything going on. Three days ago he hadn't been anything but a guy down on his luck walking through a cemetery.

Now? Now he was the fuck buddy of a demon. With a sigh, he sat up and the sheets peeled off his back like sticky tape. He turned and swung his legs over the side of the bed. Leaving the room, Jack heard Elassa stretch her leathery wings and follow him.

He walked into the laundry room and put on some fresh clothes. He turned around and saw Elassa stretching her arms over her head, her pussy still dripping with his semen. Jack would have gagged had he not been staring more directly as her swaying chest. She noticed his attentions and smirked.

"So you still love me?"

"I need some questions answered before I can say that in truth," Jack said, leaving the laundry room to make himself dinner. He looked at the digital clock above the oven and saw the time. 5:28. They had been in his bed for about two hours, give or take about ten minutes. Jack was frankly surprised.

His stomach growled again and he opened up the fridge to get out some hot dogs. He couldn't find any, and he cursed audibly. Elassa leaned forward and put her hands on her knees, peering into the fridge. She looked around inside of it for a while with her lime green eyes. Jack opened up the pantry and searched for something to eat.

"Jack, why don't you make breakfast for dinner?" Elassa asked. Jack frowned.

"I don't have any bread, nor do I have any eggs. I can't make anything with what I have in my apartment. I gotta go out to eat or something tonight, shit."

"I can make biscuits for you Jack. And you have bacon in the back here, and I saw you had grits in the pantry while you were at school. I'll make food for you if you'd like."

"You can cook?" Jack asked dumbly. Elassa flashed him a demeaning grin.

"I can do so much more than you can, honey. You are absolutely nothing compared to me, not even the tiniest spec of dust," she commented. Jack set the grits down on the countertop and ran his fingers through his hair. Great, now she was insulting him.

"Fine, well then you can cook alone. I need to go take a shower. When I come back, I want to hear about where you came from and why you're here, and what you are. Okay?"

"Only if I can do some 'hands on' teaching, okay? I'm not letting you off so easily tonight," she scolded. Jack rolled his eyes and entered the shower.

After his shower, Jack redressed and went back to the kitchen, where he smelled fresh biscuits and bacon and grits. In the kitchen nook, he found Elassa smiling and setting a stack of biscuits and bacon out on the countertop.

Jack stuffed a warm biscuit into his mouth and grinned.

"Viff if really goog."

"I'll take that as a complement Jack. Now eat up, or I'll have to take you back into the bedroom and eat you all up," she mused. Jack tore into his dinner with a voracious vigor and it was all soon depleted into nothing but crumbs and grease. After his meal, Jack chugged down a half gallon of chocolate milk and slunked back to his couch.

He plopped down upon it and Elassa began to run her hands down his bare chest. Jack looked up at her and pointed to the kitchen. She smiled at him and leaned down to kiss his head. When Jack blinked, he felt something against his chest. Looking down, he saw Elassa kissing his chest. He didn't even bother to ask this time.

"Alright, ignoring that for the moment, let me ask you some questions. First, are you a demon?" Jack hoped she would tell him the truth about herself.

"No, I'm not a demon. I'm a succubus."

"What does that mean?"

"Well, you already should know that vampires come from Vlad Draculae six hundred years ago and are cursed by God to never see the light of day. Werewolves are blessed druids of the wolf mother that were infected with lycanthropy by her nearly three thousand years ago. Succubi are much different from either of them. We have our origins before the time the earth was created. We are descended from Lucifer's fallen angels. We're the bastard offspring of angels and demons, as funny as that sounds."

"So, other than that stuff about werewolves and vampires, you're the daughter of an angel and a demon?" Jack asked, trying to make sense of what she had just told him.

"Yes. Actually, not me exactly. All of the first generation succubi were purged by the Catholic Church. I'm of the third generation, born of an incubus and a succubus, but I have not found a man to be my incubus, until you summoned me that is." Elassa left a wet kiss on his sternum and let her bare chest fall flat on his stomach.

"Okay, what is that about an incubus? How am I supposed to be one?"

"I can only tell you that you are going to be one by the time I take you back to the Sanctuary of Salvation. Oh, and the Sanctuary of Salvation is my home. It's larger than this solar system, and all of the third generation dwell there," she explained, giving him another kiss, this one between his collar bones.

"And so exactly how old are you? You said one of Lucifer's angels earlier. That makes you some thousands of years old, right?" Jack said, trying to judge his information. A smile split her lips.

"A few thousand? I'm old enough that I would be a pedophile if I loved the oldest werewolf. I'm ninety three thousand four hundred and twelve years old. Compared to me, you haven't even been conceived yet. But, what other questions would you like answered?"

"What am I to you? Am I just a thing you want to fuck? And where does this go, the you wanting to fuck me part? What happens?"

"Oh, you're not just a fuck buddy, Jack. Not at all, you're a part of my soul. I'm incomplete without you. I love you with everything I am. And our lovemaking has a point to it besides pleasure. I have yet to reveal that to you yet for very good reasons. So presently, all you have to do is make sure that this," she grabbed his erection and squeezed it tightly. "is ready at all times when you're with me."

"And what about another one of you? What would possibly possess me to find another one when I have you pawing all over me all the time?" Jack arched a brow and Elassa gave him a wide smile, giggling softly.

"Let's go swim in the pool downstairs. Nobody should be out there this late in the evening, and I've been dying to get into the water with you." She kissed the dip at the base of his neck and Jack tried to keep himself from trembling as adrenaline pumped its way through his system for another round. He gulped inaudibly.

"Well, we can't swim naked, or I'll get kicked out for sure."

"I'm sure Melissa would surely hate to see you naked again," Elassa deadpanned as she disappeared into thin air. Jack shook his head and sat up. He walked to his apartment door and left, closing the door behind him. He strolled down the stairs and then hopped over the short rod iron fence and made his way to the shallow end of the pool.

In an instant, he felt Elassa's arms around his chest and then in another, found himself covered in water up to his waist and shivering. A sudden awareness came about him and he looked back at Elassa smiling at him, her eyes deep Dartmouth in contrast with their usual glow. She kissed his neck softly and he felt a pleasant shiver go up his spine.

"Between the cold water and your kisses, I don't know which one gives me more chills," he said. Elassa kissed him again.

"Which one of us gets you hornier?"

"You," Jack replied. Elassa let go of him and suddenly appeared in front of him. Jack's eyes went wide when he saw her, and what she was wearing. He had almost forgotten about that ill-fitting bikini she had bought and embarrassed him with at the mall. Now, he saw why she had bought it. He was hard in a few seconds at the sight of her giant tits trying to push out of white fabric. Her puffy areolas weren't completely concealed by the two tiny triangles, and her nipples were clearly identifiable.

The bottom wasn't much different, and her swollen clit made a slight bump in the otherwise smooth contours of the garment. Overall, she looked like she was about to bust out of it at any moment and be back to her normal birthday suit. The only real difference the thing made was that her breasts were pushed up to make them look a good bit larger.

"Let's get this started. Start swimming to work your heart a little. You're about to get your first titfuck," she said as she appeared in the water. Jack shrugged and fell back into the water. He swam under the water over to her and grabbed her leg. He ran his fingers along her thigh and felt goosebumps rise on her skin. He came up to the surface for air and silently took in a deep breath. Elassa had her eyes closed.

Jack went back down into the water and tugged at the string holding the bottom of her bikini on. The thing came loose and Jack put it in her hand. She grabbed it, but made no other move. Jack couldn't see clearly, but he could tell where her clit was. He ran his thumb over its hood and her body went rigid. He kept his thumb on her clit and pushed two fingertips into her pussy. He saw no discernable difference, so Jack pushed both of his fingers into her as deeply as they could go.

Still, nothing new. With a shrug, he pushed them in and out of her body. He smiled and found a rhythm that he felt comfortable with. He kept it going until he needed air, and stopped momentarily to get it. Above the water, he looked up at Elassa. All he could see was the mountain of her chest. He decided to stay above the water and continued the menstruations of her body with his fingers. He massaged her swollen clit and he heard her moan desperately. Jack kissed her navel and she shuddered.

"Gods, I haven't done this in ages," she murmured. With a smirk, he flicked his tongue out and dipped it into her navel, pushing it against her smooth flesh. Elassa grabbed a tuff of hair in each hand and tried to strangle the life out of them. He slowly left her tummy and traced a line of wet saliva up to her sternum, where he stopped again, squishing her clit down with his thumb. He felt her body go slack for a moment before returning to its normal self.

He kissed her body very gently, hoping to have another chill run down her spine. When she did nothing new, for a second time, and he frowned. If he wasn't getting any response from here, then he would just have to seek the parts that did make her jump.

He knelt back down and removed his hand from her pussy. He took a deep breath in and then ducked under the water. Jack snaked his arms around her waist and pulled himself to her. He pushed his tongue into her and her hold on his head tightened as she tried to wrench hair away from him. Her body stiffened as his tongue delved into her pussy, tickling little nerve bundles that shot pleasure throughout her entire body.

Without warning, he moved to her clit and kissed it, tongue licking it roughly like it was some small candy he had to be careful with or it would fall apart. And that was when Elassa lost it completely.

She yanked him up by his hair and held him aloft before her, her eyes glowing bright neon to cast a green swathe of light across her chest and the entire front of his body. She gazed at his tented pants hungrily and licked her drooling lips.

"Never had a titfuck before...has he?" she pondered to herself aloud. There was a curious look on her face in stark contrast to the hungry one in her eyes. Jack saw the mixture of emotions for a fraction of a second, before she redirected her full attention on his shorts.

"Elassa, could you let me down now?"

"Sure I can," she replied sweetly, before shoving him under the water and literally tearing off his shorts and boxers. Jack saw bubbles that had previously been in his lungs, float to the surface. Elassa redirected her grip to his arms and dragged him back out of the water.

She moved him back to the steps in the shallow end and set him down where his cock stuck out of the water half way, which the rest of his lower body was submerged. She dropped to her knees in front of him and put a hand under each breast.

She lifted them to his throbbing cock and grinned widely.

"I can do some magic for you, Jack. Watch me make it disappear." She mashed her huge tits against his cock and indeed, it was gone. Buried in the fleshy tomb that seemed to have been made just for a sole purpose at the moment. Jack gritted his teeth as Elassa began to rotate her chest in a slight circle.

Her squishy tits rubbed against him forcefully, but that made it all the more irresistible. God! Her skin was almost pliable, as if he could roll it up like warm playdough and sculpt it into whatever shape he desired. Her breasts molded around the form of his hard cock and he threw his head back to stifle the moan running up his throat.

An exasperated gasp escaped his mouth and Elassa dipped her head down, pushing her flesh aside to reveal the head of his cock for a moment. She kissed the tip, dipping her tongue into the slit at the end, and then plunged down. Jack felt her sinfully long tongue wrap around him.

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