tagNonHumanCemetery Summons Ch. 10

Cemetery Summons Ch. 10


Jack spent the rest of his weekend trying to restore his shattered soul back to its stained perfection. Even Niaf had said he took a beating from Anathane's last assault when he had gotten home Saturday. He didn't even want to think about sex anymore.

Unfortunately, instead of being the usual calming class, World History III was turning out to be more of a headache instead of interesting. It was the day they reviewed the entire chapter for the test, and Jack had gotten all of his questions right, as he usually did. He and Nick loved history like it was a religion.

Rob was sitting next to him, busy with his quote. The entire class was in the middle of writing quotes and then having to defend them from Mr. Johnson found their flaws and logical fallacies. Most the time, a student's quote would immediately be shot down and they'd lose the chance for extra credit. Jack had a good one today.

He waited boredly for Mr. Johnson to run down his row and get this over with. Meanwhile, Rob was busy trying to spark a conversation with him about his weekend. Jack had no interest in telling his best friend he'd been raped again.

"C'mon, I'm sitting right next to you. Tell me, please!" Rob begged, his whispering getting more annoying by the second.

"No. I've already told you. I slept the entire weekend and everything was boring, okay? Leave me alone." Rob didn't buy it.

"I know that's a lie."

"Fine, really want to know? Elassa's friend tied me down and held me there for two days straight."

"And she screwed you too, right?" said Rob cheekily. Jack balled his fists, and then realized that Mr. Johnson was standing right behind him. He turned around to see his teacher's eerie smile facing his direction.

"Jack, let's talk about your quote, shall we?" Was he deliberately giving Jack a freebee for not paying attention? Count your blessings, Jack thought.

"Um, the hand of aggression is stayed by force alone."

"And care to tell me why you think I could validate this?"

"Well," Jack started. "Egypt was pushed back with an army from Mesopotamia, and China by a typhoon, same as the Mongols. Who else? The Spartans were repelled by a force from Athens and Thebes, and Italy from Africa by the British armed forces. Oh, and Hitler was repulsed by the Russians too."

"Is that all?" asked Mr. Johnson, smirking.

"Alright, find me a time when it hasn't been as I've told," Jack said, confidently.

"How about when Attila the Hun was brought to a halt by Pope Leo the First?" At that, Jack almost swore. Well, in any case, at least he could make his teacher laugh if this lame excuse didn't work. Jack stood up and pointed his finger at his teacher.

"Sir, that man was a force of nature," he declared. The entire classroom erupted into laughter and Mr. Johnson rolled his eyes.

"That one just barely makes it. Eight points," he declared with a grin, continuing down the row. Jack sat back down and chuckled to himself about it. He really did love history because of this guy. Mr. Johnson was one of the coolest teachers he had ever been taught by.

And when the bell rang and the review was over, he and Rob traded unpleasant pleasantries and then parted ways. Jack was headed to Gym, and he quickly got there and dressed out. In the gymnasium, Tom was waiting for him with a wide grin on his face.

Coach Kell ordered everyone outside before the two had time to talk. After everyone had been assembled outside, and it was freezing cold. The sun was blotted out by thick, grey clouds, and it was already a cold November. Jack didn't feel that cold though, even though he knew it was. Everyone else looked like they were dying though.

And because it was so cold, every girl had to try to cover up their chests. Jack had only seen a woman's 'candy kisses' stick out so much one time before. And with all the self-control he could muster, Jack pushed the thought out of his mind for a later time.

"Alright guys, I know it's cold, but I told you all two weeks ago you had to run two miles today, and nothing has changed. So go, eight laps around the track. Go!" And, as usual, Coach Kell went over to the bleachers and pulled out his phone.

But to everyone's surprise, he checked one message and then turned the thing off. He clapped his hands twice. The class began running. Jack did his usual thing to start off the eight laps. He usually ran the first lap for as long as possible, jogged two more, then ran the next, and cycled between speeds until he was through.

Tom was with him, and the star track runner, Alina Borsa, who was probably Bosnian. (nobody really knew or cared because she was hot) Alina was always nice to everyone, and the fact that she was the best runner in the district was something she didn't really let people know when they met her. Jack liked her for that. So, the three started their first run around the track, and were soon joined by Cyrindil, who wore a conceited smile on her face.

Jack snarled a warning, and Tom gave him a confused glance. The teen ignored the young vampire for the moment as the group of four rounded the first half of the track. Alina looked quite surprised that everyone was still with her.

"You have been training hard?" she asked Jack, who still had his hands in his pockets.

"Oh, you could say I was training, all days and night sometimes," Jack replied. Cyrindil growled at him like she had some sort of ownership over his words. Jack didn't say anything to her as they rounded the first lap and Tom slowed down, giving Jack a thumbs up as he dropped out of the run.

Jack prepared to slow down too, until he realized that he wasn't tired. He looked over at Alina, and she smiled at him.

"You really are a good runner. I never expected this from someone so lazy as you," she kidded. Jack shrugged the comment off and they continued to run. And Cyrindil had stopped off once Jack had started ignoring her completely. He and Alina lapped most of the others, including Josh and Brandon, who glared daggers into Jack's back as he passed by.

On the third lap, Alina began losing a bit of steam, slowing down just a little. Jack, surprisingly, felt very little in the way of wear and tear. He felt like he could sprint. Maybe Elassa was doing something to him, or the twins? Or maybe even Anathane? Who knew now? He was so fucked up any way you looked at it.

"You need me to carry you?" Jack teased. She blew his comment off with a burst of speed, and Jack caught her pace after a few seconds, rubbing his hands together to make them warmer. Two more laps went by, and Jack found himself only just beginning to breathe quickly. Alina was amazed at the fact that Jack had kept up with her.

"You are incredible. What did you do that made your cardio so good?"

"You wouldn't want to know," Jack replied offhandedly, sucking in a deep breath of cold air. Vents of steam came out of Alina's mouth as she maintained a quick, but controlled rate of breathing. She shook her head in amusement and they continued through the sixth lap.

On the seventh, she broke into a mad dash down the outside lane, and Jack followed right behind her, unable to see why she had begun sprinting. Maybe she just wanted to lose him? Maybe she wanted to get this over with and talk? He didn't really care. She hadn't voice her opinion on his company, so he had no reason to leave her company.

They made their last lap in a light run and Jack leapfrogged over Tom's broad shoulders as he passed him. He and Alina finished and then the star track runner collapsed into the bleachers, smiling and panting like a dog.

"Hey, Jack?" Alina inquired.


"Would you mind going to TCBY with me tomorrow after my practice is over?" she mumbled. Jack furrowed his brow.

"Wait, you're asking me out, right?" Jack replied. Alina's face darkened.


"Wait, this can't be happening. You're the gorgeous foreign girl, and I'm the average joe shmoe with zero good points. And for what reason have you sunken so low to pick someone like me?" Jack was thoroughly confused with her answer.

"Because you are humble. I have never seen you boast about your good points. You only repeat your bad ones. I like you. You aren't like the other boys here, like Brandon and his friends who think they can woo any woman with a quick fancy line or two. They repeat every accomplishment they've ever had so many times that I get bored of them." She looked at him anxiously awaiting his reply. Jack didn't want to say no, but saying yes might put him in a tight spot with his job and trying to juggle three women at home and one in another realm entirely. He sighed.

"Look, I won't make you any guarantees, but I'll say yes if I can get permission," Jack stated as he ran his fingers through his hair. Alina smiled at him, and it was almost as if she knew his situation.

"Good then. I'll see you there tomorrow."


"No. Absolutely no. Never, never ever! Don't even kid about dating someone, a human even! What's wrong with you...you fucking cheater!" Niaf roared, planting her foot on Jack's chest and forcing him to the floor. Jack's expression was that of confusion.

"Why not? And if you think I'm cheating by going on a date with someone, then take a look at the two people standing next to you. I'm fucking them too. Does that make me a cheater too?" Jack was really annoyed with Niaf at the moment.

"No, because I'm okay with that. You're not going on a date, and that is final," she growled.

"I don't even need your permission! Jesus, I don't even know why I asked," Jack muttered as he grabbed her ankle and tore it from his chest, sending Niaf to the floor. Before he could get up, however, Niaf clambered onto him and began removing his shirt with a smug grin on her face.

"Fine then. You gotta fuck me for that date, boyo. And I don't mean any of this half-assed stuff like you try with Anathane. I want a full-blown fuck in the ass."

"Why are you trying to bargain with him. It's a useless endeavor really, seeing as you're going to do what he says no matter how much you may dislike it," Elassa commented informatively, snatching Niaf up by the scruff of her neck.


All three succubi looked directly into Jack's eyes, confused.


"I said fine. I'll do it if you'll let me go on this date tomorrow," Jack said as he stood up and pulled off his jeans. Niaf was let down to the floor and walked up to Jack, pushing her C cup bosom against his flat, muscular chest.

"Damn baby, I never thought you'd cave in. Fuck, this is hot. Get yer ass good 'n ready for me in the shower. I still gotta get this one wet." At that, she wrapped Fain up in her arms and kissed her deeply. The twin tried to break free, but Niaf had her arms pinned to her sides already. Jack headed for the shower and stripped off the last of his clothing as he stepped in and turned the water on. Hot water streamed out of the shower head and two blurred figures fell on the floor outside the shower. Jack waited, his arousal literally rising for the occasion.

He really had to get a grip on that. Or else he might really get in trouble if he ever went out into public again with his cock trying to rip his zipper every time a hot girl went by. Soon enough, the door opened to reveal a very horny, very flushed Fain and a satisfied Niaf. The latter closed the semi-transparent door behind her and Fain dove right into action.

She latched herself onto Jack's body like he was covered with super glue. Her kisses were hot, wanton things filled with undecided lust. She bit his neck, licked him, kissed his cheek softly, hard, bit his nose, kissed his mouth, everything. She acted as if she didn't know what to do with him.

Then she found his mouth for the eighth or ninth time and stuck with it. She moaned loudly and pushed her long, hot tongue through his teeth. Her eyes were alit with blue flames that flickered and flared with her movements.

Her legs were intertwined with his left thigh, well, more like wrapped around it. She was grinding her core against his leg, aching for attention and pleasure. Why was she so horny? Niaf had spent just under a minute with her and already she was a slobbering idiot!

"Like that ass, doncha, boyo? And all I had ta do was stick a finger...or four, in the right hole and she came around real nice. But I'm sure your magic wand right there can reach much farther than that, right?" Her smirk gave away that she had something planned.

Fain gave out a muffled cry and then impaled herself on Jack's cock. Jack noted that the scream currently running down his throat was causing his lungs to vibrate. He grabbed her bountiful ass and squeezed it hard. Fain rolled her hips on his cock, raking her nails down his back at the same time. She split his skin like it was tracing paper, and the pain almost made him yelp. But what she was doing to his cock made up for it entirely.

She literally bounced against him, dragging him through every ring of pleasure points there could possibly be. Fain withdrew from their kiss and howled, throwing her head back as a whip of black hair slapped against her back and stuck like glue.

"Master, harder! Please!"

"Aw, just do it for the poor girl, boyo. Look, she's begging you," sneered Niaf. Jack rammed himself into Fain's body and pulled back, repeating the process again. Fain screamed in pleasure and greedily smothered him in another kiss.

Her hips just wouldn't stop for anything. When Jack pulled, she yanked her body back to fight his will. She threw herself at him, her entire body and will. Jack hadn't seen even Elassa this demanding before.

Her breasts were crushed between them, and her erect nipples slid up and down as she banked her ass against him in a quick rhythm. A red flush had spread across her entire face, and even as she forced a kiss on him, Jack could see the flames of her eyes growing darker and darker. She broke away from the kiss and panted hard, still bucking against him.

"Master! Please cum! Please! I am begging you!" she roared, tears of liquid flames falling down her cheeks. One dropped onto Jack's collar bone and devoured his skin, causing the bone to bubble and melt. He screamed into her chest it hurt so badly.

But still, she didn't stop. She repeated her request a dozen times, and a dozen more again. Jack couldn't help but feel sorry for her. Wait. What was he saying? She was trying to eat him alive with tears of fire, and he was sorry for her?

"Fain, shut up!" he growled, kissing up her jaw line in an effort to calm her. How could he cum faster? Honestly, she was getting to noisy for his liking. She screamed again and he grabbed her by the jaw with one hand, turning her face to him. He slid his hand to the back of her hand and held her secure by gripping her hair. She stared at him with her eerie eyes until he crushed her into a demanding kiss. Her screams turning into moans and her hips moved even faster.

Jack watched Niaf out of the corner of his eyes. She was fingering herself, though not very hastily or enthusiastically. It was more like she was savoring the moment, with her bottom lip between her teeth.

Niaf fingers moved slowly, delicately stroking her inner pleasure points. Watching Jack being assaulted was just making her day. He wanted to go on a date? He wanted to leave his three succubi alone all night and force them to go yet another day without his wonderful cock ramming them? Fine. She'd just sit and wait for him to come with her. It would happen eventually.

On a bitter note, she was angry with him for not coming to her to ask for help with his little problem. All he did was whine about how he didn't like Anathane, or about how his life was so confusing! Ha! If he wanted confusing, then maybe she should give Fain blue contacts and make Jack guess which one of them was the real Fain.

Damn did she ever want Jack to fuck her. Really she could just wait until Fain was through, and then mount him and screw him until either he or she passed out. And the time where the latter was possible was soon approaching if the rate of Jack's bodily changes continued as they were. Already, he was beginning to show signs of his change.

He'd gotten much stronger in the past week than most body builders. Though he looked as if he had gained muscle mass, the reality of the fact was that his body's muscle tissue was nearly ten times what it would normally be. And though he ate the same, his succubi and the demon Anathane were able to supplement a fine diet of demonic energy to keep him from starving.

Honestly, he would be nothing without them. But, he was their master. And if Elassa hadn't overdone things from the start, Jack would be dead and they'd be out one real nice fuck for that reason. Damn ha kid had strated changing fast. With a slight moan, Niaf raked her nails across her favorite spot and bit down on her bottom lip.

She again reviewed the changes Jack's body had gone through so far. Besides muscle mass and his cardiovascular godliness, Jack was beginning to show signs of having that good old incubus aphrodisiac in his system. That girl he wanted to go out with, she wanted to fuck him. That much Niaf could surmise from Jack's smell.

With one look at Fain's second orgasm, and the blood going down the drain, Niaf knew that Jack's body was healing far faster than anything a normal man could muster. Splitting his skin was like getting a paper cut to him, as fast as his body could replace its torn tissues. People had referred to such an occurrence as hyper-regeneration or super healing.

She reached a high point in her masturbation and clamped her knees together as Jack started panting. Gods, that kid was too horny for his own good. Watching Fain ride him like a bull at a rodeo was really doing the twin in.

Fain started to scream for mercy, but Jack grabbed her again and she forced her scream all the way down his throat. Jack took it and returned it with one of his own, angry at her for not shutting up like he'd told her to. He could be pretty demanding when he wanted to be.

And after a minute more of their back and forth battle for supremacy, Fain finally got what she wanted. Jack, like he always did, gave her a few hard smacks with his hips as punishment for demanding his time, and then gave Fain all the cum he could in one load. A good thirty seconds went by before he released his grip from around her back and waist.

Niaf finished up and then left the shower as Fain collapsed to the floor and lay there, lifeless. The flame of her desire had been fed so much that her eyes were no long pits of blue fire, but black holes that devoured the light near them.

Jack leaned forward and put his legs under him. He watched Fain for a moment before shaking her worriedly.

"Fain, hey. Wake up," he said. Completely overloaded with pleasure, Fain remained unmoving. Her body was no longer turned on, so to speak. Jack picked her up and shook her like a ragdoll.

"Hey, don't worry kid," Niaf cooed, walking over to the distressed teen.

"But she's not breathing," Jack stated, brushing hair out of Fain's dark, empty eye sockets.

"She's fine. If you wanna get her up, then stick it back in her and see how long it takes for her to sing like a song bird...or screech like a crow in your case."

"She's okay?" Jack asked, hopeful.

"Yeah, she'll be fine," Niaf replied offhandedly, opening the shower door to leave. She could wait. Niaf had always prided herself of being one of the strongest-willed succubi in the Sanctuary of Deliverance. She could control herself around a man, even one like Jack.

But damnit did she have every fantasy imaginable when she looked at that ass of his. Gods, she wanted to cream on the floor right now, looking at that shapely thing as he stretched, admiring himself in the mirror.


Fain strode over to him and he turned to her, erection bouncing. The succubus grabbed is ass and he jumped in surprise, making one of those weird boy noises. Fain could feel his hard cock pulsating against her stomach. He was so much taller than her, she realized, looking up at him through narrowed, sly eyes.

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