tagNonHumanCemetery Summons Ch. 12

Cemetery Summons Ch. 12


Jack stroked Niaf's black hair soothingly, more to calm himself down than to comfort or be affectionate toward her. God, he was so glad that she was okay. He'd thought she was going to die when she started to breathe shallowly and even more slowly. He'd done everything for her. He had fingered her, kissed her cheek, and then her lips even.

And even if that hadn't been what kept her alive, he was happier than he could ever remember. He didn't want to lose his family again, not even one member. And if she had died, then it would have been his fault. Taking a deep breath, he steadied his trembling body and buried his nose in Niaf's beautiful black hair. He inhaled her scent deeply, praying to God that if He was still listening, that there was much need of His works in this house today.

Jack felt a hand on his shoulder, and saw Fain standing before him, rubbing her hand over her neck nervously. Jack leaned up and she drove a kiss down on him. After a short few seconds, she withdrew and glanced down at Niaf.

"If you can...I would suggest trying to find residence in a hospital for a short time. Attaining blood from us is proving dangerous, and you are stable now."

"You think I can get into a hospital looking like this?" Jack questioned, nodding up to draw her eyes to his horn.

"If you are stable enough, then I would suggest retracting them back into your body and returning yourself to a more human image. Do you think that you could try to do that?"

"With the proper motivation, we could get you to fly without wings, baby," Elassa chided. It was silent for a few moments as Jack began to think. Niaf breathed quietly, still holding him closely. Jack kissed her head again and tried to think harder. How was he going to get all of this stuff to disappear with this hot girl pressed against his body.

"Oh, you do not know how, that is the problem." Fain's voice was as monotonous as ever. "Suck one wing back into your body, like you are holding your breath and trying to pull air into your lungs." Jack did as she said, and felt the root of his left wing begin to crawl back into him. It was like something slimy was grinding against his bones under his skin. He shivered in discomfort and the wing returned to its original length.

"Try again sweety. We're running out of time for the hospital option. And even though it's hard, you have to grow some balls. So do it," Elassa finished threateningly, her fangs becoming rather long at this point. Jack paled in fear and tried again.

This time, his wing began to recede back into his body, and he overcame the weird feeling with the thought of her glare. He'd survived Anathane's assaults with little more than a sore body, and he'd thought she was scary with that crazy lustful gaze of hers. But goddamnit, did Elassa know how to make his knees shake!

Jack managed to pull the thing all the way back into his body, and then the other one with a little less difficulty. He forced his fingers back to their normal bluntness and let out a short breath. He looked up at Elassa for approval, but all he found was impatience.


"The horns." She tapped her foot on the floor a few times and Jack tried to pull them in as well. It was a slow, laborious task that took Jack a full eight minutes or so to complete. And with this, he had to use considerable effort to keep them in. Jack finally stood up and looked to Elassa for approval once more.

She didn't say anything, so he took it as a sign to get his clothes. He took one step and then felt a sharp tug on his lower back. He reached back to swat Elassa's hand away, but found a cord instead of a hand.

"What the fuck is this?" Jack stammered as he turned to see. Elassa was stepping on a white cord that was taut with tension, and coming out of his back. He paled.

"Your tail, Jack," Elassa said with a snicker. "You have to get rid of it before we can go."


Jack didn't like this hospital at all. Goddamnit, every fucking second with this thing hooked up to his arm was unbearable. It hurt like hell. He had this bitter taste in his mouth, and his doctor was that same one from before. She was less than pleased to find out that he was in need of blood for a second time.

But, there wasn't much she could do about it. Nor was there anything Jack could do. With a sigh, Jack scratched his neck and tried not to think about the IV shoved into his left arm. He looked out the little window to his left, and saw nothing but the tan walls of the building. Why the hell did they even have a window here if all they did was show him that he was trapped? He grumbled to himself as a nurse came in with a tray of food.

Behind her was another nurse with a cart holding several little medical knickknacks he'd been accustomed to being introduced to during his last stay in this same room. The first nurse, a blond, smiled at him briefly and then checked the instruments holding the water and blood packets, and the little wires and nozzles attached to them. Jack sighed.

"Something wrong?" asked the nurse while the other one grabbed something out of the bottom of the cart. Jack watched the blonde as she checked everything and then turned to the other nurse. This nurse, a brunette with hazel eyes, dropped a big blue pill into a glass of water and held it out to Jack. The teen downed the pill and then was handed a Monster energy drink. He looked questioningly up at the first nurse.

"Alright, now there's something wrong. Why do I need an energy drink?"

"Your blood sugar is low."

"And the pill?" Jack followed up, opening the energy drink even as he spoke.

"It's a test pill we needed someone to take. Dr. Kenaw said it would be okay for you to take it. Your medical bill is quite expensive again," she replied. Jack sipped at his energy drink, thinking. He'd gotten blood, and that's all. Why would he have racked up a medical bill that large? And why the fuck was the doctor not here?!

"I'm not interrupting, am I?" asked Dr. Kenaw, opening the door. Jack set the energy drink down and folded his arms across his chest. The doctor seemed to hardly notice him, and instead talking with the blonde nurse for a few minutes about stuff that Jack couldn't hardly wrap his head around.

After that, she checked a few things off her clipboard and glanced furtively at Jack, and then tapped the back of her pen against the board.

"Will that be all, Dr. Kenaw," asked one of the nurses. The doctor nodded and the pair left after doing a few more insignificant little tasks. Jack watched the door close, and then threw the sheets off. He turned and threw his legs over the side of the bed. Dr. Kenaw didn't make a single move to stop him.

"That's what I thought, doctor. Now tell me what you have planned for me this time," Jack spat. Dr. Kenaw rubbed the back of her head and smiled at him.

"Nothing at all," she replied coyly.

"I'm not buying it."

"I'm serious. That little bit the nurse told you was a joke. I'm not doing anything to you, I promise. I'm just here to talk, so there's no need to get up in arms about anything. Just lie back down and let me have a word with you, alright?" She sounded genuine.

"Fine," Jack said as he relented. He threw the sheets over himself as he turned to lie back down. Dr. Kenaw set her clip board down and walked into the little bathroom a couple steps away. Jack lifted himself up to protest, but she told him that she'd talk to him in a minute.

So, Jack relaxed a little and closed his eyes. He wished one of his succubi were here, especially Elassa. It was more work than he would have thought keeping his horns, even the broken one, out of sight. The tail he'd apparently been given, thanks to Anathane, was another story entirely. The damned thing just wouldn't go back in. He had to keep it covered up and hidden with the sheets.

He was suddenly glad that he'd backed down from confrontation with Dr. Kenaw. Else she see his tail and find out that he wasn't exactly normal. Jack took a deep breath and made his tail to wrap around his leg. Well, at least that worked.

He opened his eyes. Something wasn't right. He sat straight up and looked down at his crotch to find his cock pulling at the sheets. He swore, and the bathroom door opened. Jack tucked his knees to his chest and flushed red.

"I suppose that means you're fuckable now, doesn't it?" she remarked in a sultry voice. Jack's eyes darted over to the doorway, and his jaw dropped.

Dr. Kenaw stood there, entirely naked save for a tiny black thong and white a nurse's cap. She leaned on the door frame, her ankles crossed and one hand on the frame. She ran her right hand up her body, breathing heavily. And even though she was a doctor, she didn't look unappealing like Jack had thought she would under her coat. She had a nice C-cup chest and curvy hips too. Jack gulped. This couldn't be what he thought it was.

There was no way that his doctor wanted to fuck him too. There was just no way in hell that his luck was this bad. (or good) How in God's name could he possibly earn the lust of every woman he met?! Honestly, it wasn't like he was trying to get fucked. Jack shook his head.

"No. You have to be kidding me, no. I'm not into you, okay? You don't think I have enough on my hands already?" Jack snapped, even though his cock throbbed harder at the sight of her beginning to saunter toward him, hips swaying.

"Oh nurse," she cooed. In came a new nurse, this one with scarlet red hair and a cute little outfit you'd find on body of an 'adult industries' actress. She smiled at him through her curly hair.

"I'm right here doctor. Oh, the patient looks a little troubled. Maybe we should find out what's wrong?" she suggested shyly, locking the door as she closed it. Jack was helpless. He couldn't move away from the bed if he wanted to keep his blood supply going. And he couldn't hurt them if he wanted to stay here. Fuck!

Why was it that he was always cornered when it came to sex? Goddamnit!

Dr. Kenaw sat down on the edge of the bed and slipped her hand beneath the sheets.

"Nurse Kelly. I believe that he is in need of another Viagra," she commented huskily, leaning forward as her hand touched Jack's foot. He glared at her.

"You gave me a fucking Viagra? Are you kidding me?! I'm nineteen! I don't need a fucking Viagra to get hard!" Jack immediately shut his trap. Fuck.

"Oh, that's nice to hear. Now sit back and we'll give you your annual checkup. And trust me honey, this won't hurt a bit." Dr. Kenaw pounced on him, throwing herself on top of him. She ripped the sheets from the bed and grinned wildly.

"Dr. the patient needs immediate medical treatment," said Kelly as she licked her lips.

"Flex those guns of Navarone. Nurse Kelly, please give him some morphine," she ordered. The nurse did as she was told, but first strapped Jack's arm down with a belt. Jack grabbed her hand, and she stabbed the syringe into his arm. Jack felt something euphoric come over him, but it soon died down and he was annoyed.

"Get. Off."

"Wait...it didn't work? Give him a double dosage, nurse."

"But..." Kelly fidgeted, hand between her legs as she reloaded the needle with morphine. Jack waited, and the needle went in. He felt that euphoria come upon him, and ground his cock against the doctor's thong. He didn't care if it was wrong. He had one arm tethered by an IV that he needed to stay alive, and his other hand by a belt. He could care less if it was called cheating.

The second dose took effect and Jack kissed Dr. Kenaw and she crushed him with her lips. Jack managed to wrap his right arm around her and held her snugly against him. The morphine high wore down to a dull buzz and Jack felt Dr. Kenaw's lips part from his. He leaned up, but she put a hand to his chest to arrest his ascent.

"Give him three Inderal pills and...one naproxen, Kelly," she ordered, returning to kiss Jack with all the vigorousness she had possessed moments earlier.

"Candy...that's a little much, even for this guy," the nurse warned. Candy Kenaw simply waved her arm for the needed items to be brought forth, and the nurse reached under the cart for the pills. Jack was told to swallow the pills and down them with a glass of water, and did so. He felt a little dizzy and strange, but the feeling passed and he ran his tongue over Candy's breast. She shuddered violently and scrabbled around for a needle freshly filled with something Jack could only guess at. She stuck him in the arm and he sucked on her breast. Kelly, who had yet to do anything to Jack, loaded about eight needles and laid out a handful of different pills before crawling onto the bed herself. Jack made room for her to sit on his cock by pulling Candy up his chest. She got the hint and plopped herself down on his head. Jack started to eat her out as Kelly fiddled with his cock, gasping.

"What's the matter?" asked Candy.

"It's fucking huge. Jesus Christ, you told me it was about six inches. This is more like seven or eight. God, it's gonna be a tight fit," Kelly exclaimed, locking Jack's knees together with her own. Jack's tail wouldn't obey him. He was too busy with Candy's wet pussy to control it. He grabbed for her thighs, but his right hand caught with the belt.

Kelly sank down onto his erection, slowly at first. She faltered about half way down and dropped instantly. Jack felt something in his loins jump and he rocked his hips up and down against her pelvis. She caught on quickly and oscillated her own body with his, matching his rhythm.

Meanwhile, Candy was busy injecting Jack with everything she had in her arsenal. Jack realized that this was actually having an effect on him. His heart was beating unnaturally fast, and his bones felt like they were on fire. He strained to keep his horns in, and two nubs had formed on his back. He tried to push everything back down, but he couldn't!

Kelly was busy toying with Candy's tits, pinching and rubbing her nipples as her lips glided across the doctor's neck. Neither woman seemed to notice that Jack's awkward tail had wrapped around Kelly's waist and pulled her according to Jack's subconscious will.

In fact, they seemed more interested in each other at the moment than they were with Jack. Dr. Kenaw had never had this chance before. She'd never been able to actually go through with her fetish of overdosing her patients before. God only knew how hard she'd cum after fingering herself to the thought of the boy's overdosing last time. Of course, the only other soul that knew about this was Kelly, and she was far busier than she needed to be.

Candy wasn't a lonely woman like everyone else made her out to be though. She was sexy enough. She had a nice chest, curvy hips, and a killer set of legs too. In fact, she had those very thighs around the poor kid's head like she was going to crush him. She knew she couldn't.

He was something else entirely. His hormonal readings were off the charts. His thyroid gland was working in overtime even right now. His heart pumped so hard that the beat was clearly visible through his awesome pecs. And his prostate...it was like looking at a machine. This guy could take any amount of drugs she could give him, and any kind at that, and still function normally.

She took a break from getting eaten out to have him swallow some fifteen random pills with another glass of water. After a moment's thought, he simply swallowed the pills and returned his attention to her, a strange lusty feeling emanating from him. Candy didn't care. She just knew that she was fucking horny, and her greatest achievement was going to be getting this kid to take at least thirty pills and injections in a single sitting.

And getting fucked wasn't that bad of a gain either. She gave Jack's blood packet a quick squeeze to make sure it was still draining, and he jolted unceremoniously. He unlashed his right arm from the bed and grabbed Candy's ass, winking.

She suddenly felt two protruding fingers in her ass and yelped in surprise. Kelly took this as a chance to get a little more involved, and kissed the doctor on the lips. A tongue ran past Candy's teeth and both women moaned while Jack played as best he could with both of them at once. Candy hadn't gotten a good one like this since she'd given up clubbing for cute guys after getting out of med school. And though she was a great doctor, she really was just a normal woman under it all.

Kelly's fingers suddenly squeezed so hard that they left red trails on Candy's breasts where they curled. Her kiss was so strong that their teeth clashed together She let out a desperate moan and then all her motion ceased to be. She went limp for the longest time, even as Jack's thrusting continued.

Candy's eyes went wide as their tongues parted and Kelly's head found refuge on the doctor's shoulder. Kelly had just cum! The patient had just outlasted her! A grin made itself comfortable on Candy's lips and she rode Jack's jaw with renewed determination.

"Hey big boy, would you like another Viagra? Or maybe a Cialis pill would get you off faster?" she suggested, trying to sound professional in their current predicament. Jack easily lifted her off his head and slurped down a bit of sex juice before speaking.

"I think I've had enough. Why don't you and your nurse switch positions. And maybe give me a condom? Ow, make that two, please."

"Now we're talking. Nurse Kelly~"

"Yes...doctor...I'm on it," the nurse panted. Jack relinquished control of her body to her and hid his tail under his leg as the woman unbuttoned her short outfit and tossed it to the floor. She pulled her sopping panties off wearily and grabbed some packages out of a small basket. She tossed them onto the bed and then climbed back on.

After applying three, she switched places with Dr. Kenaw and they began at a slow pace. This time, Jack's drug overdose was beginning to affect him. He was a little bit out of it right now. He didn't really register that there was a woman on his cock until he felt the condoms coming off and two rows of teeth sliding across his shaft. Well, the condoms were a no-go from the point on apparently.

Jack snagged Kelly around the waist and began to greedily get every last drop of her juices for himself. The little cap on her head really wasn't necessary anymore. Jack bounced hard enough on the bed to knock it off, and then flicked it aside. Her vibrant eyes, rimmed with scarlet tresses of silky hair, made Jack think of Elassa.

And somehow, this wasn't as good as he'd made it out to be in his mind. He had thought that living one of the more...average fantasies of his life would be something of a dream. He was really getting fucked in a hospital by a smoking hot nurse and a doctor that really had it out for his cock. But their eyes...

They didn't have that same feeling in them. Jack watched Kelly's eyes closely, every blink, which he was unaccustomed to due to the eyes of his normal women's being unblinking flames. The nurse's eyes, and even Candy's, they just weren't the same. They didn't have love, or envy, or even that bit of annoyance that the others had. These were just raw want, a fleeting desire and lust.

There was no permanence to their gazes.

Everything Jack could see was purely spur-of-the-moment and temporary. He craved something more. Because he was something more. Jack nibbled at Kelly's clit and she stifled a loud moan that turned into a gurgle half way through. He bucked his cock up into Candy's mouth and she went all the way down to the base, fondling his crotch with her hands and mouth and warm, inviting cleavage.

Kelly slumped forward and Jack looked up into her eyes. He realized suddenly that she had passed out and blood had rushed to her face. Jack lifted her off his head and held her bridal style as he sat up. Candy raised herself as well, allowing Jack to set the nurse in a nearby chair, just close enough that his IV stayed plugged into his arm. He covered her with her dainty uniform as best he could before returning to Dr. Kenaw.

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