tagNonHumanCemetery Summons Ch. 14

Cemetery Summons Ch. 14


Jack spent a few more hours with Elassa inside of Anathane before he decided that it was time to leave and return home. He told her he still had a last day of school to attend before he could leave. She pouted, and tried to persuade him with promises that she would give him a brand new home and four beautiful wives if he decided to go now.

And, even though he knew that she was probably going to keep her word and provide everything in that promise, he still needed to tie up loose ends at school and with his friends. And there were a couple of other things he needed to do before he'd live down here and be happy until Armageddon came.

At home, he was pummeled to the ground by a pair of twins who greedily kissed him all over and told him how hard they were going to screw him. More than a few dirty words were used in the odd and horny greeting ceremony, especially by Niaf.

After everything was over and done with, Jack ordered a pizza and they ate a normal dinner and had a normal conversation and then took a normal shower together afterward. Jack could barely control himself as his three women ran their hands all over his body and cleaned him more thoroughly than medical instruments in a hospital. And to end this fantastic night, Jack went to sleep with his succubi curled up to his body.


He woke feeling better than he had ever felt in his entire life. Last night had been awesome! He looked at Elassa's smiling face and kissed the tip of her nose as she slept. He lay in bed for what seemed like hours before Fain stirred and unwrapped her arms from around his thigh. A thick string of drool ran from the corner of her mouth to his crotch. She giggled when he winked at her.

"Oh master, we're going to have much more fun than last night when you return to the Sanctuary of Salvation. I desire a most pleasing session with you when we are settled in."

"Not if I can help it, kiddo," Niaf retorted as she slid up Jack's arm and grabbed his hand to push his fingers against her clitoris. She let out a soft purr in delight and kissed Jack's cheek. "I'm takin' ya all fer myself and hiding you away so only I can ever use you again."

"Knock it off you two. I'm trying to sleep here," Elassa groaned, nibbling at Jack's earlobe playfully. The teen, now fully awake and realizing that he was going to be in the middle of an all day four-way if he didn't move, sat up and threw off his female restraints. He looked at his clock and shrugged as he saw he was going to be late.

Jack ate breakfast and threw on some clothes before he grabbed his wallet and found two hundred dollars in it. He looked back to his bedroom and saw Niaf winking at him. Jack grabbed his backpack, car keys, and a coke out of the fridge before leaving. He waved goodbye to his three women piled onto each other in his bedroom window to get one last look at him.

Jack drove to the nearest Target Supercenter and hurried into the store with his two hundred bucks. Jack bought some lingerie, oils, a history book, a couple of computer manuals, and a few various other things. After that, he drove to school, and entered first period thirty minutes late. When he opened the door, Mr. Jacobi was busy writing another assignment on the board. He spun around in his chair when he heard the door open though. Somehow, Jack knew this wasn't going to end well.

"Good morning Jack. I thought you might not come to class today. You've been missing so much school recently, I'm surprised you haven't dropped out already."

"I'm sure that was some poor attempt at a joke, but my pity laughs were all used up on Rob's," Jack replied. He winked at his two friends sitting at their desks. "Actually, I'm moving today, so I'm returning my book and dropping off some stuff for my friends, and to make a last huzzah if you will."

Jack strode up to his teacher's desk and slid his English literature book onto it. He walked over to where his empty desk was and sat down. He then pulled some things out of his target bag and handed them to Rob.

"The fuck is all this? You never told me you were moving!" Rob growled in a low voice. Jack just smiled and set the things down on Rob's desk.

"These are a couple of manuals on how to break a few parental locks on your computer, and a little device, which I would suggest you google how to use, that will let you log the passwords and account setting on said computer. Jonathan, I have a couple of things for you, but they're a little bit more private and I'll give 'em to you at lunch."

Jack spent the rest of the class period chatting away with Rob and Jonathan while Mr. Jacobi sat at his desk, confused and bewildered. Jack could see it in the fat man's eyes, the pure discontent at having a student leave his class with the last laugh. When the bell rang, Mr. Jacobi managed to get a few last words in as Jack went to his desk to sign a paper about his textbook.

"You're dropping out of highschool. You do know that dropouts generally tend to be failures in later life as well," he sneered in the nicest manner possible. Jack shrugged as he scribbled his signature down on the paper.

"Don't care. Got four hot girlfriends that fuck me. Going to hell, see ya later Mr. Jacobi. Don't gain any more weight while I'm gone." Jack gave the man a curt nod and then hurried off to his next class before Mr. Jacobi could get another word out. The next two periods went by rather quickly, and Jack had a great time telling his teachers that he was leaving and that he'd quit his job and that he had a great future ahead of him. Mr. Johnson only smiled and wrote a quote up on the board.

'Bravery is not just embodied by men at war, but by men at work to better their lives. There is no better example than the man who throws away his home to grasp the whole world by the throat.' -- Your Teacher.

Jack left history with the biggest grin on his face, and he felt a little sad he'd forgotten to get Mr. Johnson something. But even with that thought in mind, he went off to lunch to meet up with the rest of his friends and give them the news and their gifts. At the lunch table, everyone gave him weird looks like he was about to jump off a cliff or something. He pushed the mood aside and grinned even more widely.

"Well guys, I see you've already heard that I'm moving tomorrow. So, I'll skip to the presents. Sorry it's on such short notice, but Target was the only place that was open. So, without any further adieu, I will hand out Santa's early presents."

"Wait, what's this all about? What happened to you Jack? Why are you moving?" Samantha asked worriedly. Jack pulled out her present first.

"I found a free living arrangement not too far away, actually, it's like I'll be in another dimension. But it's okay guys, I'll come and visit you. Sam, here's your present." He handed her the lingerie and she flushed madly red.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing?!" she whispered angrily. "What if it doesn't fit?!"

"Don't worry. Recently, I've seen that you've got D-cups, so the top should fit well. Nick, for you I have a full historical record of the Second World War, complete with a list of over a hundred sources, most of them on the internet. Have fun buddy."

"Holy shit. Thanks Jack."

"And what about my stuff," Jonathan asked with an arched brow. Jack pulled out four magazines and handed them to his friend.

"Alright, four playboys. I had to stop at a gas station for these, and the guy gave me the fucking dirtiest look I've ever seen. Oh, and what I'm about to give Rudolf pertains to you too. So, here ya big German bastard, I give to you my computer." Jack pulled his computer out of his back pack and handed it, with his charger, over to Rudolf. The guy just sat there with the computer in his hands, staring at it.

"Dude, fucking quit it. What in the hell is wrong with you?! You're acting like you're dying! Seriously, you're scaring me!" Jack could see that Samantha was getting more and more worried by the minute. He stopped momentarily, and tried not to look at her. He sighed.

"Look, I'm not dying, I'm not killing myself, getting kidnapped, or going to China. I'm moving away. And I just wanted to give you guys your last hurrah with me before I left. Is that such a bad thing? I'm fine. I have a job where I'm going to move, and it pays daily. I'm okay, Sam. You don't have to worry about me."

"Look at yourself. You're giving your computer away! God only knows how many times you've told us you love that thing. What's wrong with you?"

"I'm fine. Oh, Jonathan, everything Denise Milani has ever produced is in a folder on the desktop, so happy late birthday. Sam, nothing's wrong with me. I'm just trying to do something cool for you guys before I move. Is that wrong?" Jack replied. Sam got up and walked around to the other side of the table where Jack sat, and grabbed his wrist. She pulled him off the bench and almost dragged him to one of the lunchroom doors and into the hallway. She pushed him up against the wall and glared at him.

"Jack, you're scaring me. What happened? This isn't something you would do! You wouldn't just...just leave without any plan or, or reason. What happened?"

"Nothing! I just decided to find a job and a life somewhere else? What's wrong? Why're you so up in arms about this?"

Samantha leaned up and kissed Jack full on the lips.

"Because I love you, stupid," she replied as she held back tears. Jack stared at her blankly. Out of everyone he knew, and out of everyone he could possibly think of, Samantha was the last person he'd thought those words would come from. She'd been his friend for something like thirteen years. How...

"What, what kind of love?" Jack hoped against hope that his assumption was wrong.

"I love you. I'm crazy about you, Jack. How am I supposed to say it any way else? I love you. I'm crazy for you. I'm in love with you. I can't stand to think of a life without you. Love!" She took a deep breath to calm herself down, and then took on a very guilty look.

"Look, Sam, just...fuck. Go to the bathroom and stop crying and then come back to lunch. We'll talk about this at my place, okay? Jesus, why'd you have to pick today of all days to tell me?"

"Because I didn't think you'd ever leave. It was like...well, I thought it would be how my mom said it would be," Samantha explained, wiping her eyes of fresh tears. Jack groaned.

"What do you mean?" He didn't like where this was going.

"Well, my mom found out about me liking you, and then she wouldn't stop bugging me about it until I told her everything. Then she started telling me how things could go and stuff like that. And we made all kinds of little scenarios where I'd finally tell you. Even though you already have a girlfriend, I was gonna do it anyway. I was gonna ask you to the prom and tell you there and see where it went, but with this and all..."

"Well, hell. Just come to my apartment after school today."

"Okay," she said. As Jack moved to leave, she grabbed his hand. "Don't tell anyone else, okay?" she pleaded. Jack nodded and she let go.


Meanwhile, Anthony was at home, alone. All of the tenants of his boardinghouse were either at work or doing something of their own. It was rare that he ever got time alone nowadays. Ever since Jack had literally saved him, Kan had taken it upon herself to make sure that every waking moment of his life was spent either fighting her or fucking her. He barely even had time to clean the damned place.

Anthony finished wiping down the kitchen counter when someone opened up the door behind him. It was probably Evan bringing home some groceries or something. Anthony paid his tenant no mind until he felt a hand on his shoulder.

"Evan? That you?"

"Yeah. Just here to drop off my mail. I've got a hot date today," the tenant said cheerily as he tossed his mail on the counter and grabbed his jacket. He stopped before he left and chuckled to himself. "Maybe you should find a girl? Might help with the, you know, recent tiredness."

"Evan, the day I take dating advice from you is the day I fuck a demon," he replied jokingly. Evan left and Anthony could hear him drive away in his gigantic black truck. That thing was as loud as Kan had been the first time she'd tried to rape him. He shook his head and tossed the paper towel away as he finished up with the countertop.

"I thought he'd never leave," Kan said. Anthony looked up and saw her holding herself up on the ceiling by four hooks meant to hang potted plants from. She grinned down at him and puckered her lips for a kiss. Anthony sighed and wiped his forehead of sweat.

"Close call, huh?" he joked. Kan dropped down onto the counter and sat with legs spread out, wet core exposed. She spread her purple labia with her fingers and stroked her pulsating erection eagerly. Anthony unbuttoned his shorts and his own erection sprang out again.

If Evan hadn't come home just then, he would have cum and had one of the best orgasms of his life. Now he was going to have to start all over. And that was fine with him. Kan spread her legs even wider. Anthony slid her forward so his shaft rubbed up against her. She let out a low moan and then bucked her hips against his.

"C'mon, keep goin' Anthony. You know how much ya turn me on when we do it out of the basement. I can actually see your face this time," she explained, waiting for him to plunge into her. Anthony rubbed her clit with his thumb and pushed her legs behind him. They locked at the ankles and pulled him forward. His shaft slid up her core and she shivered with pleasure.

"You have to ask me. You always command me like I'm your pet or something. I'm your lover, and you're mine."

"Please fuck me silly." Her voice was flat and annoyed.

"Beg me," he replied, flicking her clit with his index finger. Her eyes crossed. After a few moments of hard breathing, she bared her fangs at him, lips curling back in an animalistic snarl. Anthony stared her down, knowing her façade would fall any moment now. She always caved in when she wanted something and he withheld it.

Kan leaned forward very slowly, drawing out the process as her tits jiggled with the trembling of her body. Anthony bit his tongue as her pussy slid back down his shaft. Her ankles dropped down and she dug her heels into his ass, further rubbing them together. She hooked her hands around his neck and whispered into his ear.

"I do not beg for just anyone, you realize this of course. So, I will spare your soul on the condition that you make me cum, from both places." Her breath wafted across his cheek and drifted through his mind like a fog. Anthony felt a shiver run down his spine and a burst of adrenaline pumped through his overworked veins.

Kan's forehead rippled and her horn formed from the shifting skin. Her tail flicked around behind her mischievously, like it usually did. Her ragged breath was clear in his ear, every hitch, every inhale. He could even feel her heart beating through her breast against his chest. She waited.

"Say it," Anthony commanded. Kan kissed his ear.

"I want to be fucked silly," she whispered.

Anthony impaled her on his throbbing cock and she screamed his name as loudly as possible. She hugged his head between her breasts and screamed his name into his hair. Anthony bucked his hips against hers, enjoying fucking her against the countertop. This had always been one of his favorite positions in his mind.

Strong legs held him against his demonic lover and thick thighs soon became slick with sweat. Kan's voice rose with passion and she moaned his name again. She pleaded with him for more, and he looked up at her through the valley of her big tits. She rubbed her enormous blue cock against his stomach, yearning for more.

"You wanna try something really fun?" Anthony asked, hoping she'd take the bait.

"Oh yeah," she replied huskily.

"Well then bite your tongue and don't scream." She did as he commanded and Anthony took his shirt off. He ran his fingers up her long, iron-hard shaft and she squealed inside her mouth. He reached her cockhead and grinned widely into her bosom. Now the icky part begins, he thought as he played with her slit, halting the motion of his hips for the moment. He pushed down on her cock and Kan bit it head.

"What..." she breathed raggedly.

"I told you to bite your tongue, so bite it," he said. Kan shut her mouth and waited. Anthony pushed a little harder, sticking his index finger against her slit. She gulped with anticipation as he removed his finger. He suddenly forced his index finger into the end of her cock, down to the first joint. Kan gasped and then threw the entire upper half of her body against the countertop. She grabbed herself and held back the most enormous scream Anthony could almost feel coming up her throat.

Anthony started to pound her pussy again as he pushed his finger in and out of her cock. He loved to torture her, especially after their first time together, which was rape. Any chance he had of getting back at her by pushing her over the edge. She let out an unholy string of foreign words in a long scream, causing the lights to flicker and dim.

Anthony felt something pushing up against his finger, and realized that she was cumming right there! Her voice dropped several tones and more cum rose up her cock, stopped by the finger Anthony had rammed down the end like a cork. Kan's voice was low now, and she was chanting words demonically, eyes alight with fiery emotion.

Anthony couldn't tell if she was screwing with him, or if she was being serious. Even so, this was killing her. Anthony had to grab the end of her cock in his hand and hold it to him to keep it from flinging back up toward her face and spraying cum all over his kitchen. Kan's chanting became so deep that the words sounded as if they were melting like a wax candle.

"And beset from wailing doom, I yet return," she said, in plain and clear English, a red mist drifting out of her mouth as she spoke. She rose and grabbed Anthony in a lover's embrace, so hard that he could feel his bones being pushed to the edge. Her horns scraped agiasnt his forehead and her tail lashed around both of them to keep their sexes locked.

She slammed their hips together so hard that she came off the kitchen counter and knocked Anthony against the wall behind him, some five feet behind him. He felt as if he'd been hit by a truck, and slumped against the wall with the breath knocked from his lungs and strength sapped from his body.

The force of Kan's cum was so great that Anthony's finger was forced out of her body and thick ropes of cum splattered all over him, drenching the front side of his body in sticky, hot semen. And not only that, but Kan had another orgasm of a much different kind. Anthony looked down to find a large puddle on the floor, and found that his jeans were soaked all the way through.

Kan fell backwards and smacked her head against the floor, fiery eyes dying out entirely. Cum still leaked from both of her sexes, and her tail trembled and writhed of its own accord. Anthony watched her raise one thumb with all her willpower.

"Good enough for you?" Anthony chided.

"So. Much. Cum," she whispered.

"Too much," Anthony rasped. "How you get all this without any balls? Jesus, fucking God Christ whoever else is up there. We need to shower." Anthony's eyes drifted over her body, smooth blue skin broken by the occasional gobbet of cum. From the waist up, she looked like a pristine goddess with horns. And then the lower half of her body looked as if she were from some pervert's worst nightmare. Anthony shuddered at the thought of getting pegged by his lover. Kan giggled tiredly.

"Fear not. I...have no...plans on killing you. I like your...cock too much...to lose it." She lay panting for a few more minutes before picking herself up and hauling Anthony to his feet. She helped him upstairs and into his own bathroom, where none of his tenants dare disturb him. This place was like his basement, off-limits to any and everyone but himself. And her of course. She liked having privileges for once.

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