tagNonHumanCemetery Summons Ch. 16

Cemetery Summons Ch. 16


It was some five days later before Jack and Anthony were ready to talk to their hosts again. As mad and frustrated as they were because of their dreams, the two had decided that their stomachs would be their masters and gone off in search of one of the residents to ask for food.

The host they found was Limarei, and Jack was less than happy when she gave him a once-over and licked her lips like he was a snack to be devoured or something. And besides, she looked like a six-year-old. It was just plain creepy and wrong to have a little girl wanting him.

"Got a boner still, I see," she stated out of the blue as she led Jack and Anthony down a long hallway lit by more torches of all different colored flames. Jack scowled at everything he saw.

"I can't help it. All I can think about are my women, and I can't find an attractive outlet anywhere in here," he retorted. Limarei looked genuinely hurt.

"If mother would let me take this damned choker off, I'd be all over you until the red sun never rose again. But, right now, I can still tease this wonderful cock of yours," she chided in her juvenile voice. Jack shuddered as horrible images slipped into his mind, and he quickly shut them out as soon as they could arrive.

"Not on your life," the incubus growled determinedly.

Limarei shrugged. "Sooner or later, Jack. You're gonna brick in my mouth. There's no way around it." She opened her mouth wide enough to show that she was plenty capable of making good on her statement.

With that, the little girl ran on ahead with her arm out to her sides. Things couldn't have been any more unfortunate for the incubus at this moment. He was trapped here, because the entire house was like a maze he would never escape from without help. And the only people who knew how to navigate their way through the endless corridors and rooms were the owners.

Everything here leered mockingly at Jack, as if he were a lost little puppy to be taken advantage of at every turn. Even the people here played games with him, and he felt quite helpless against their overwhelming power.

Even his lust was abated because of the fear and anxiousness they instilled in him. This girl even, though she was much more than a mere toddler, had far more power and cunning than he did, by so much of a difference that he was absolutely nothing to her but a toy.

But unbeknownst to Jack, he was also forbidden fruit.

Nyx had forbade any notion of his being a sexual entity. None of the many servants, or any of her children, were allowed to make any sort of move on him until she said they could. And since it was her house, her word was law.

There was one, however, that was allowed to even touch Jack with the intention of getting heavy affection. Nyx's fifteenth daughter, Helena. She was the smudged diamond of her mother's impressive flock of children.

And Jack was on his way to finding this out.

At one of the corners, Limarei stopped and turned around on her heel, smiling mischievously at Jack. He started to back away, and the girl darted toward him. He was quick enough to escape her hands, but not the foot she swept behind his ankle. She pulled back and yanked his leg out from under him with the force of a truck. Jack tumbled back and a corridor entrance slid open to swallow him whole.

And then it closed around him once he was flat on his ass and cursing like a blind sailor. Limarei shouted through the solid barrier that he was going to have to find his way out if he wanted to eat, and then left. Anthony hadn't said one word. Scowling, Jack let his eyes adjust to the lighting. He got to his feet and cursed as he started off down the new corridor, dimly lit by embers of long-unattended lanterns.

At the end of the long tunnel (the roof was only a few inches above him) he found a heavy oak door with a large, old-fashioned door knocker on it. Without a second thought, he pushed the door open and shining toward him came bright light that was almost overpowering in its intensity.

His eyes refocused and he stood in awe of an entirely new place. It was like something out of a fairytale.

The place was a dome in structure, but resembled a garden more than a building. He strode forward through a field of waving grass, a warm breeze kissing his the nape of his neck. He heard something, very soothing and soft, almost like music, coming from over the other side of the knoll.

He began up the hill, and passed under the shade of a huge oak tree as he reached the crest. Looking down from atop the knoll, he found a peaceful scene before him. He hadn't expected to see something like this in hell, well, that wasn't true. Right about now, he was literally prepared to see anything at any time for any reason.

The knoll was actually part of a wide ring of raised land that sloped down toward and surrounded a shallow lake, with a tiny island at its center. On the island stood a pristine, white gazebo with vines creeping up its supports, and a bed or roses lining its edge.

Again, everything was peaceful and surreal. Jack had to rub his feet against the grass to make sure it wasn't just another illusion. Though he couldn't be sure, he was hopeful that this was reality and not just another dream that would end with him being the butt of a sick joke.

Jack strolled casually down the hillside and reached the lake's edge. Water lapped quietly at the silt and Jack watched his reflection ripple and curl with its motions. He realized that the music was back again, this time clear and crisp.

He looked up from the clear water and saw a woman in the gazebo, sitting by herself in a chair with a large cello against her shoulder. Jack blinked hard. There were cultured people in hell too?

Jack hurried over to a stone bridge that linked the island with the rest of the land around the lake and made his way over to the island. The music stopped the second he put his foot on the gazebo floor, and the blonde woman tilted her head to the side, her body facing away from him.

"I hear you. I have never smelled you before though, which must mean that you are a lost guest. Please, come and sit. I will play something for you," she said in a timid voice, directing him meekly with her bow to sit of the bench that rimmed the inside of the gazebo.

Jack quietly took a seat somewhere behind her and she moved to play the cello again. But she suddenly paused, and her fingers curled around the neck of the instrument.

"Something the matter?" Jack asked.

"Might you have any requests, before I begin? I would like to please your tastes if I am able," stated the woman. "I am Helena, if you are wondering, fifteenth daughter of Nyx."

"Beethoven's Fifth Symphony?" Jack pondered aloud. Helena moved to play once more.

"I have not thought of such a thing in a great many years. Such music I thought too much for no occasion. And now, hands, speak for me," said Helena.

She drew the bow across the cello's strings and out poured Beethoven's Fifth Symphony. Jack stared in amazement as note after note sprang to life. Helena's movements were precise, mechanical, quick. She played without pause or flaw, and Jack could only be in awe of her as for half an hour, she played without incident.

When she was through, she sat still and thought for a long while. Jack thought it would be appropriate for an audience to clap for their entertainers, after such a display of hard work and discipline. When he clapped, she jumped in surprise and stiffened visibly. So Jack stopped, and she relaxed once again.

"I...I have never had an audience before," she said finally after an awkward moment of silence. Her cheeks turned red and she put the cello against her shoulder again. "Would you like to hear another song? I know almost a hundred from the mortal realm, and I have written several thousand of my own if you would like to hear some of them." She sounded almost excited, but anxious and nervous as well.

"Would I? Hell yes I would!"

"Helena's Seventeenth Solo, in B flat," she said. Again, music began to pour forth from the instrument. But this time, she spoke to him while she played. "What is your name?"

"Oh, I'm Jack."

"And where did you come from, recently? You do not smell as a demon should."

"I've been here, in this place, for a while."

"That may be it," she murmured as the notes came progressively faster and faster.

"So, Helena, I'm kinda wondering where your wings and your tail went. That is, if you have them," he said, trying to sound a little less intrusive that he was actually being. Helena took a deep breath and the tone of the song changed gradually as she thought.

"I do not enjoy looking at myself in the water, when I have those things. I am disgusted with the impurities in my soul, so I hide them from my eyes. I play music to keep my thoughts occupied, lest I begin to side further down that I am already."

"Further down? I don't get it. You're ashamed of yourself?"

She nodded slowly. "I am disgusted with my thoughts. I hear this music, so beautiful and full of pure, uncorrupted emotion. Anger, happiness, joy, sadness, worry, love, excitement. I hear them, and I am ashamed that I will never be able to understand them. Am I to never truly feel, cursed to forever live a shallow life?" Her voice quivered slightly.

Jack turned his gaze to the floor and searched his mind for an answer that would help. He didn't like seeing anyone in their doldrums, because he never could see around the hurt they felt. He thought long and hard while he listened to her still playing the beautiful solo.

"Did you write this music, Helena?" Jack said.

"Yes, I did."

"And you put these notes together to show emotion, to give life to something inside you? Isn't this music full of the life and emotion inside of you? Isn't the music itself your excitement and love and anger and joy?"

She stopped playing.

"No," said the woman sadly. "It is not. It is a shallow copy of what humans have put together and played for the very hearts and souls of others. I am nothing special. I simply strive to imitate them so that I may try to hear and feel what they did."

"You know, Beethoven was deaf."

"W-What? Deaf?" stammered Helena dumbly. "That's impossible. He...he couldn't hear the music he was composing that way...that's...it's impossible. Nobody can compose such beautiful works without the ability to hear them!"

Jack said, "If a deaf man can write and compose symphonies that are played the world over, and even here in hell, then can't a woman who thinks she thinks she can't feel do the same?"

"It's different. Even if he was deaf, he could still understand what he felt. I can't make anything of what I feel for anything at all!"

Jack sighed. "Look, what do you feel when you talk to me?"

"I feel...anxiousness, and-and nervousness, and excitement. I have never spoken to anyone for as long as I have spoken with you now," she admitted softly.

"Um...okay, that's a good start, I guess. So you feel excitement? Play me a part of any of your songs that feels exciting, anything at all." Jack waited while she thought, and then she put the bow to the strings. She pulled it across, and then stopped, trembling slightly.

"I...I can't do it. I'm so scared. I've never been asked to do anything like this before."

"Look, just play something you wrote that you feel is exciting," Jack explained.

"But what if I play the wrong part?" she asked fearfully.

"There is no wrong, only what you feel. If you can't do exciting, then take something other than that and play it. When you play, whatever you feel while you're doing it is emotion. You can feel, Helena, anything you want to. Just play and see what happens."

"But I...you're pressing this so hard...and...and..." She began to play something, very soft and quick. Jack glanced up and watched her hand slide across the neck of the cello, up and down, her slender fingers pinching and moving across the strings at a pace he hadn't seen her play before.

"Took you fucking long enough," he whispered annoyedly under his breath.

"It's...it's so...wonderful! I can hear it! It feels good!" She began to play even faster, and the notes became slurred together as the bow's horse-hair strings began to fray and snap. Helena played and played until the bow's strings were all gone, and the wood scratched against the cello angrily. She jumped at the noise and turned red, her entire face and neck a bright crimson.

"Stunning," Jack said sardonically.

"That was good," she panted. Helena turned around and smiled at him. "Thank yo-"

And then suddenly, she screamed a wretched scream.


Half-starved and tired, Anthony had followed Limarei through the endless number of hallways and grand parlors and enormous lounges that went on as far as the eye could see. Enough was enough. The warlock dropped down on all fours and put his forehead to the ground tiredly.

"Give me a rest," he begged. "That or food."

Limarei smiled wickedly. "What do you mean? Can you not be fed simply by breathing? Oh, that's right, you're human. You need a more...definite form of sustenance."

"No shit," he breathed. Limarei commanded him to stand, and he did after a long struggle to get off his knees. The girl grabbed his fingers and led him along down the corridor like before, promising that he'd be able to get food where they were going. He grumbled all the way to the end of the hall, where Limarei pushed open another or the enormous doors and spread her arms out wide.

She commanded, "You stay here for a moment." And then she ran off around a corner and disappeared. Anthony's stomach growled at him to be filled, but he couldn't do anything for it but cringe to ease the pain. Fuck, he hadn't eaten anything in days. Why was it that nobody else felt anything like this?

Actually, that wasn't the real question here. Why was it that he'd only just begun to feel this, after six days without food, or water for that matter. Shouldn't he be dead or something? He thought on it for a while, and then shrugged unhappily. Maybe hell was just that fucked up, where nothing at all was normal?

He sighed and sat down against the wall tiredly. He really wanted to see Kan again, with all his heart. He would do unspeakable, horrible things just to get to look at her again. And then he'd do all those unspeakable, horrible things to Kan once he had her in his arms. His mind drifted across the far reaches of his imagination.

A smile passed over his features briefly before footsteps pulled him away from his thoughts.

Limarei was back, in the older form she'd been talking about the entire way here. She sashayed her hips with every step, one hand rubbing her upper thigh, and other held loosely at her side.

She flipped her head to one side and displaced a lock of hair in her eyes. She pursed her cherry-red lips and kissed their air, blowing it toward him. Coming within a few inches of him, the succubus arched a brow at his dull expression.

"You didn't like my kiss? I thought you'd at least want to return it."

"No. There's only one woman who owns these lips."

Limarei replied, "I don't want to own them, just use them." She pulled him to her by his tattered and torn shirt, embracing him tightly to her naked, alabaster body. Her lips met his and she captured his mouth in a hungry, wanton kiss.

He struggled, but it was to no avail, and she had her way with him very quickly. She forced her tongue past his clenched teeth and wiggled it around in his mouth, moaning the entire time. Her hands began to rove all over his back.

She made quick work of the remnants of his shirt, and pulled back to let it fall from between them. It caught briefly on her breasts and she shook it off, causing her squishy little breasts to jiggle softly.

Anthony had to admit that she had some perks to her. She was in no way a match for his lover, but she did have different aspects about her. She had petite, perky breasts that he could almost squeeze entirely into his hands, unlike Kan's monsters that engulfed his fingers any time he grabbed them.

Limarei was also much leaner, and had the build of a proper young woman, rather than a mature, wider frame like Kan. Before he could examine her further, she grabbed him again and pushed him against the wall.

Her mouth found his once more and she kissed him intermittently. Anthony tried to reason with her to let him off the wall, but she would have none of it.

"Please?" he tried.

She shook her head. "Oh no...I'm so hot...for that other guy. Fuck...you have no idea how hot...he makes me...when he looks at me. You'll do just fine...until he and Helena fuck." Suddenly, Limarei threw to the ground a bewildered Anthony and mounted him before he could react.

He groaned, "C'mon, I don't want to do it with you. Give me a break and do one of those servants you have around here." Since he had no actual power here, all he could do was hope she'd listen to him. Otherwise, he was pretty much screwed.


But Limarei wasn't one to be swayed by words easily, and she just continued ripping his clothes off until he was naked and bare beneath her. She ground her wet sex against his hard cock and let out an anxious purr.

"Such a thrill, you humans. Allow me to show you what a demon's pussy feels like." She raised her hips and guided his cockhead to her flushed, pink pussy lips. She dropped down half an inch and secured him there momentarily.

"Look, ah! I already know what it feels like. Kan's snatch is the only one I want to bury myself in."

"Well, ready or not...we're fucking," said the demon as she yanked his hips up and forced her down. He sank into her body and she let out a sharp hiss in pleasure. Limarei's sharp teeth began to grind together and she stopped her bodily motion altogether.

Anthony's mind spun. Something inside her was pulsing against him, rhythmically squeezing his hard cock within her pussy. It started at the base, and then rolled up toward her womb, simulating normal, slow sex.

Anthony pulled back to start a rhythm with her, because he found there was no way to avoid the situation. It was hard going to pull back with the muscle contractions in her body sucking him in so tightly. He managed though, with quite a bit of effort, to get their hips moving in the right motion.

He couldn't say that this felt damn good, but he wondered why Kan hadn't ever done this to him. Maybe she was easing into sex with him, to gently let him slide down the slippery slope of no return?

Or, it could be that she didn't like him enough to let him feel this. He wished so badly that he could ask her, but he had no way of even finding her right now. The moment he had her back, safe and sound, he was going to go down on her like a meteor and fuck her brains out.

Anthony asked, "What're you doing?" when he reared back and she tried to pull him in especially hard. Limarei threw her head back and drove herself down on him with wild abandon.

"Demon pussy. I told you I'd show you," she screamed with passion. They rocked their hips together with frightfully hard force and Anthony was feeling the tingling sensation in his cock that he usually felt when it was overworked.

But he also felt his climax building as well, and his hands groped Limarei's squishy little breasts. He easily engulfed them with his palms and fingers, closing her nipples between his index and middle fingers.

Yelping in surprise, her muscle contractions stopped and he hit her hard again with his pelvis, grinding them together. A couple of times with Kan had made both rough and loving sex easy to remember. He could switch if he wanted to, but it seemed impossible at the moment.

Then, the door opened.

Nyx stormed in with a retinue of demons behind her, all hurried and flustered like she'd threatened them with death recently. The dark succubus grabbed Limarei and tore her off Anthony. She then picked him up and set him back on his feet.

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