tagNonHumanCemetery Summons Ch. 24

Cemetery Summons Ch. 24


Within the Sanctuary of the Underworld, Kan and Tirol still wandered about virtually unnoticed. At first, they had needed to hide and try to avoid the guard patrols sent to quell the small rebellion Kan had caused. Now, however, they were in the mercantile district, and fit in rather well with the odd assortment of demons and other creatures here.

The underworld markets weren't much unlike a market in the Middle Ages on earth. Peddlers came to get rid of their crafts and foodstuffs, which were actually assortments of sexual byproducts, while thousands came to buy and trade and barter for other goods. Tirol was no longer a giant among men, for even his massive stature was dwarfed by some of the larger demons here. However, the gigantic stone sword on his back was the largest weapon in sight, that much was for sure.

Kan breathed a sigh in relief as she saw for the hundredth time that she was free of that damned prison and in little danger of going back. As long as Dalaria herself didn't come after her, she and Tirol had escaped.

The Sanctuary of the Underworld was a large place for a prison. Formerly, it had been a palace that had housed several small towns within its massive walls. One such town she and her companion were walking thought, was called Daromae. Essentially, it had been modeled after a Medieval merchant's quarters, but had grown to be a nice little stop before getting to the actual prison, which had once been a keep with a dungeon.

Daromae was a quiet little place in the grand scheme of things, and here they were safe from persecution and their would-be pursuers would probably try to go straight for the portal connecting the Sanctuary of the Underworld to its primary, outer layer. Kan was smart enough, however, to know that if she kept her head down, they'd forget about her soon.

Everywhere were places to spend a quick night in bed, several whorehouses, and a number of other establishments dedicated to the arts of pleasure. However, she refused to let herself fall into that pit of desire. She might never leave with this hard-on keeping her eyes tethered to the nearest bare pussy in sight.

She drew more attention than was really desired at the moment. She was blue, firstly, which wasn't too out of the ordinary, for there were many demons whose skin had tinted to the color of the sun under which they had lived for most of their lives. But for her, things went a bit further. She had a big blue, throbbing cock leading her around like a metal detector looking for buried treasure.

It drew a lot of sneaky glances, and some as blatant as the lewd licking of lips and o-shaped mouths inviting her to another world of pleasure. She growled in a disheartened tone and glanced down at Tirol's stitched hand hanging loosely at his side. She squeezed it tightly and he looked down, glowing white eyes piercing the unnatural darkness of his hood.

"Be strong, mortal," he said. "It is not much farther until there is a free room."

"And if there isn't one?" Kan asked.

"There will be one," he said again. His tone wasn't one of hope, but of knowing. She grinned a little. What he'd meant to say was 'I'll make room.' But he was far to reserved to actually say that.

Kan sighed. She wasn't getting much relief from squeezing his fingers to death, although it offered a little bit of distraction from her massive erection bobbing up and down before her. It wasn't helping that they were in one of the worst quarters in the town either, scents from a thousand different bodies dragging her down into an unearthly, horny mire. Her arm was lifted.

Tirol suddenly dragged her into a building and Kan immediately became aware of the sexual tension within. She looked around with wide blue eyes. Her pupils dilated. This was a sex house. They weren't uncommon, but she had expected an inn or something else. Not this. This would break her entirely.

She bit her tongue and shivers ran up her spine like naughty imps send to elicit a moan from her tender, frowning lips. "What did you bring me here for?!" she growled through gritted teeth. She let go of Tirol's hand and clenched her own into a tight fist.

"You are not able to resist your own desires. Relieve them before they grow too great for you to wrestle a losing battle with. Now, at least, you are not the beast you would be soon." He grabbed her wrist and pulled her toward a large bar centered on the opposite side of the large central room. Several demons eyed her closely, but she scowled at them angrily.

"Tirol, I don't want this!" she protested. They came to a stop at the counter and a large barman with two short, red horns curves like two '3's facing inward greeted them with a stein full of demon brew for each of them.

"Have you need of a girl? Or..." he paused to look Kan over, and she glared daggers into his eyes. "Two perhaps?" He arched a brow as Tirol leaned in. His voice was so full and baritone that Kan could still hear what he was saying even when he was whispering.

"I will trade myself once for one of yours. I haven't any money, so all I can offer is my own body for one of yours." His tone sharpened. "And I expect full cooperation."

The barman's face paled considerably as Tirol allowed his feet to touch the floor and stood to his full height. The stone beneath his feet groaned and grated abruptly at the weight of his hefty form. The barman's finger pointed to a demon sitting in the far corner of the barroom. A scowl was spread across her face as she surveyed the room.

"She wants one of my male staff, and none of mine are free at the moment. See to it that she is well-kept and I will make sure that yours is likewise." The demon waved someone over as Tirol gave Kan a glance and then hovered again to his partner. Kan felt a hand on her shoulder.

"Hello honey," a deep, sensual voice said. Kan turned to face its owner, a demon with maroon skin. Dark red eyes locked straight onto Kan's lap and the demon's jaw dropped. "Satan's blood...you're a-"

"You better make me feel good, because I have a lover you gotta live up to." Kan vented her frustration while she had the chance. "Now find me a place to sit so you can lie down. And be quick about it! I don't have all day to waste!" The demon sauntered off to a nearby table and scooted it away from the nook it rested in. She was going to regret wagging her ass like that. Oh, she was going to regret that dearly.

Kan followed the demon closely. She moved around the back of the table and put her back to the wall. The demon just smiled and dropped to her knees. Kan was about to tell her to get up until she shirked off her dress and it fell beneath her chest. Kan's cock jumped for joy as two massive mammary glands popped into view, in all their jiggling glory.

"I've never seen a hermaphrodite before. You're lucky to be my first one," she cooed. The red demon raised her breasts around Kan's arousal and the succubus almost fell. She gasped in pleasure and felt a quiver of release surfacing. She pushed the feeling back down and shook her head.

"I'm gonna plaster your insides with cum until you're a water balloon," Kan snarled. She kicked the demon over and leapt upon her with a fire in her eyes she hadn't possessed since seeing Anthony last. She thrust herself into the demon's pussy with all her strength, down to the hilt. A flood of pleasure wracked her brain in seconds.

Her climax saw a great cry in joy and relief being forced down her temporary partner's throat. Ropes of cum filled the demon full, and continued until Kan's energy flagged and she was unable to keep the squirming woman firmly in her arms. Hey broke apart briefly and Kan spent the last squirts on the floor.

Cum dripped out of the demon's pussy like white, warm honey. The demon herself looked worse for having tried to take it all. Her cheeks were stained almost black now, and her breathing was heavy. She held up a hand to stave off another effort by Kan to penetrate her.

"No! It's too much! You've been saving that for so long. I thought I was going to die! What in the Nine Circles is wrong with you?! You don't just inject that much cum into a demon's body!" She huffed harder and harder as Kan easily slipped back into her and created a gentle rhythm between their bodies. She wasn't done, not by a long shot.

"You shouldn't have teased me like that, swaying your hips like that. I told you I don't have much time to waste. Now keep moving. I'm not done yet. Tirol has still bought me more time with you." Kan bucked her hips suddenly and the demon groaned.

"You'll kill me with another! It's just too much!" she shouted.

"Then burn some energy off. I'm not going to stop because your poor little pussy is all filled up." She added on a sadder note, "But you should be Anthony, because he wouldn't care. He'd say nicer things and get me hot again."

"You're not horny yet?" the demon asked in an offended tone.

Kan stopped her hips and shook her head sadly. "No. I'm ready, but I won't get horny until I think about Anthony." She wiggled a bit from side to side and the succubus ground her teeth together to keep from moaning.

"I'm not good enough for you?" she growled.

"You're a cocksleeve. Anthony is the only being in heaven, earth, or hell that's worthy of being called anything more in my eyes. You're gonna be a good cocksleeve now, right? I have rights to your body until Tirol is done, and he's a pretty big guy, you know. Just look over there, the big angel."

Both turned their heads to watch Tirol. The angel had a large demon straddling his hips with a mirthful look on her face. Tirol had a hand on her thigh and another in a fist around one of her wrists. They didn't look like they were going to stop any time soon. Kan nipped at the succubus' neck to get her attention.

"What?" the red woman grunted.

"If you don't wanna fuck, then get on your knees and give me a titfuck."

"If it'll get you out of me," replied the succubus. They disconnected and the demon got to her knees. She wrapped her breasts around Kan's firm shaft and rubbed them up and down inversely. Kan's cock bobbed left and right, the blue head drizzling precum the whole time. She felt the warm tunnel starting to get slick and she threw her head back. Her horns raked against the wall behind her and she moaned noisily.

"Fuck, say something to get me hot," she ordered. This was good, but she wasn't horny yet.

"C'mon, give me another hot load from this big dick of yours. Gimme some love juice, pwetty pwease?" She pouted her lip.

Kan was less than impressed. "Look, if you had told me beforehand that you didn't know you to do verbal foreplay, then you should have told me. I wouldn't have had to shut you up. Bleh." She grabbed the back of the succubus' head and shoved her cock all the way down her throat. The succubus gagged and her eyes went wide.

She drummed her fists against Kan's stomach, but the demon was already having too much fun ramming herself down the red woman's throat to care. It wasn't often there was a woman she would do this to, but this was a special case. She wanted some instant relief.

She raised her eyebrows at the succubus' heavy glare and let go of the building tension of a rising climax. She let out a satisfied, casual sigh and slowly backed the woman's head away, inch by inch, until her engorged glans sprung out from between a pair of bruised lips and waited for more attention.

She looked back at Tirol and then back at the succubus almost in tears on the floor. She grinned slyly. "This could get messy."


Above, a bright red sun shone like a red eye gazing down upon the world in dreary, unfathomably old silence. Beneath its soft red glow stood another silent entity, this one made as much of flesh and shadow as its sun was of ecstasy and energy. The shape slithered across a landscape devoid of life and hope of any form.

Brown clay turned scarlet in color by the sun's unloving vigil bore little in the way of landmarks other than a long, heavily-trodden wound than stretched from horizon to horizon. Along this wound the black shape slithered, like a snake after prey.

The sky was cloudless, filled with nothing but hot air and an eerie aura of loathing and suffering. The sky would have been a pleasant white color if it were not for the sun's garishness, which caused the whole panorama of the sky to tint red. Sad, really, that such a landscape should be wasted so far along when but the change of color of its sun would have meant all the difference.

Jack sighed.

He didn't feel ready for any of this. This war, this ultimate act of desperation to save those he felt were close to his heart. He would give anything to have them back and in safety. He would give his life if it were the price of having them live their lives without fear of the headsman's axe. He wanted to run away, but instead, he was following the flow of a massive force, unlike anything he could have ever imagined.

Well, actually, he was at its head. Anathane was next to him, several of her actually. One of her clones wore a suit of full armor and a crested helm fading from purple at the front to black at the back. At her side was a long rapier in a thin scabbard. Her faceguard was down, so he couldn't see her face, but he could still see the worry in her eyes as she marched.

Another of her doppelgangers wore nothing but rags and bore dozens of tattoos all over her skin. She carried a large, crude axe over her shoulders, laying it across them so she could hang her arms over its haft. She looked at Jack and licked her lips lewdly, getting a scornful glance from the third of Anathane's fakes walking next to the incubus.

She looked more motherly than the other two, holding nothing but a small canister in her arms. When she saw that Jack was looking at her, she gave him a sweet smile and bent down to kiss him on the cheek. Jack was grateful for the encouragement, but confused.

Not even the original Anathane talked. She just followed Jack as closely as she could with a blade the size of a claymore across her back. She had her eyes set upon him like if she didn't watch his every move, the wind was going to whisk him away and he was going to disappear forever. He could feel her presence behind him, and it made him nervous to feel her unease and anxiety.

However, Jack couldn't read anyone else's expressions. They all either spoke amongst themselves or walked as silently as Anathane did. The lack of commotion was disturbing. Jack had expected a great tumultuous ambuscade before the actual fight. This, however, was most unnerving.

Just footsteps.

Footsteps and whispers.

He turned his eyes up to Anathane and the Amazonian demon flashed him a look that didn't look as convincing as she wanted it to. "Yeah?" she asked.

"Please don't look to worried, Anathane. It's making me nervous."

"I'm sorry Jack. I can't help but be nervous. I'm scared that I'm not going to make it through this with everyone alive. I don't want to lose any friends." She held her breath for a moment and then wiped away tears growing in her eyes. "I don't want to lose my lover either. Especially him."

"You won't," Jack replied assuredly.

"I hope not," Anathane replied. She looked back ahead and gave Jack's neck a rub before leaving him be. Grymir announced that it wouldn't be long before they reached the castle that guarded the gateway to the Sanctuary of the Underworld proper and the lands surrounding it. At that, there was called another war council on the move. They gathered with Grymir.

Ekana, Volna, Jaelani, Veshana, all the Anathanes, Anthony in a body loaned to him by Anathane, Nyx, Thanatos, Hypnos, Grymir, Kadae, Jack, and a demon named Corinth who had joined them a Ring back, all gathered for the last war council before the battle. All in all, sixteen of them made a small number compared to the number of generals, captains, and other officers Dalaria was supposed to have under her command. A sorry sight in the face of astounding odds.

"If we all remember our parts, this plan should go without fail. Does everyone know their positions?" Grymir asked as he donned a helm with two holes that his horns fit into. The two sharp nubs extended to proud, noble horns and his body grew tense. Kadae was silent next to him, but ever watchful for him.

Jack shifted in his own armor. Anathane had collected it for him, or made it, he hadn't bothered to ask about its origins. A chainmail hauberk with a leather jerkin over it, gauntlets, gloves, boots, and a pair of pants Anathane had supposedly woven out of demon skin 'way back in the day'. Of this, he couldn't say he was proud. But of his sword, which Anathane had made for him herself, he was extremely proud of that.

It was beautiful, down to its detailed inscriptions of love and faith Anathane had etched into its surface. He unsheathed it a few inches and stared at his reflection on the blade's gleaming surface. He swallowed hard with happiness. He couldn't have asked for a gift more beautiful from her if he had tried.

"Be strong, Jack. The whole Circle is counting on you. I know you'll make them proud. My sister wouldn't have ever believed that a scared little pup like you could go so far as to lead this kind of army into battle. She's proud, Jack. She's waiting." Ekana kissed the back of Jack's head and moved to catch up to Volna.

"This is the line, Jack. Dalaria's domain begins one step before you," remarked Anathane. "Are you ready?"

Jack looked up at her. Oh, exploitable. He grinned wider than a Cheshire cat.

"I was born ready."

Anathane's jaw dropped. "Oh for Satan's sake. I can't believe that at a time like this, you'd still be fucking around and making jokes. Holy hell, incomplete boy, holy hell." Anathane put her face in her palm and pulled him across the imaginary line in the dirt. In the distance, a large castle loomed like a monster plaguing a distressed little village. Jack felt his stomach jump into his throat.

This was really it.

He was about to wage war like he had always wished he could. World War II had always been his love, but Medieval history and warfare had always had a soft spot in his heart. Now, he was going to be part of a war on so huge a scale that he couldn't seen the end of his army. Well, Grymir's army.

His entire body flooded with adrenaline. His skin rose and prickled all over. His hair stood on end and his whole being revealed its true self. He had never felt so scared in his life. Not even the day he had been made known of his demonic extremities. He looked up to the red sun and prayed to God that this would end as he hoped. He prayed so long that Anathane felt it necessary to find out what was wrong.

"Jack?" she asked, nudging his shoulder. "You getting last minute jitters?"

"I'm praying, Anathane." Jack kissed his white-knuckled fist and sucked in a long, warm breath to calm his nerves. He faced her with tears streaming down his cheeks. "This is the scariest thing I've ever tried, Anathane. And if I don't do this flawlessly, then everyone I love is going to die."

"Don't worry. You have good friends. You have possibly the most powerful ally there in in the Second Circle. You have love; you have righteous fury! Why now would you think that inadequate?"

"Because I feel like I can't do anything here. Like..." A lump caught in his throat. "Like the last time," he said in barely more than a whisper.

"Jack..." Anathane pulled his shoulder so that they stood face-to-face. "There was nothing you could do to save your family. Believe me, I've picked through your memories more than anyone. But now is different. You know what you have to do. As long as you're alive, these people, everyone, me even, still have a will to fight."

"But this is Grymir's-"

"Damn it Jack; you're the leader here! Right now, the universe revolves around every decision you make!" Jack didn't realize that she had him by the arms and her brow touched his until the look in her eyes changed to a softer one. "You're the hero of this saga. Well, once I get the girls together and pen it for you," she added on a sweet, hopeful note.

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