tagBDSMCenter of Attention Ch. 03

Center of Attention Ch. 03

byErotic Reverie©

The persons, places and events in this story are creations of my imagination and are entirely and purely fictional. They are not intended to portray any persons, places, things or any events which have occurred in real life. Any similarity to same are purely coincidental.


Jackie Harrison sat back in her ox blood leather chair swiveling back and forth out of boredom. The day was passing by slowly. Amanda was in with a client- a three hour appointment. Somebody had big problems. Jackie looked about her desk and found all she had waiting for her were mundane administrative tasks. She sighed and went to work. The telephone rang.

"Office of Amanda Bills. How may I assist you?" she asked.

In a deep sultry regal English accent he said, "Hello dear, how are you today?"

Jackie's heart skipped a beat and her face went flush with excitement. She had not spoken with him for over two weeks and was wondering when he might next call. 'He' was the person she nicknamed 'The Voice'. She did not know his name and it did not matter. He was her mystery man, the voice on the other end of the line.

They had first met by mere coincidence. About a year ago she sat at her desk dutifully working when the telephone rang. She answered as she always did and he replied, "I am truly sorry, I dialed the wrong number, this is not The Manacle Store." Jackie replied, "No, you are not entirely wrong, it was their number. It changed. Their old number was assigned to this office. Their new number is....."

"Thank you," he replied as he hung up. Jackie thought nothing of the call but snickered at the name "The Manacle Store".

Moments later the telephone rang again and as she answered he said, "I am really sorry to bother you again. I am the one who just called the wrong number. I must tell you, you have a very soothing voice. I just thought you might want to know that."

"Why, thank you, that is so kind," Jackie innocently retorted.

He continued, "it is so rich and pleasant. All receptionists should have your voice."

From there the conversation continued for ten minutes until a scheduled client arrived and Jackie had to end their conversation. Before they hung up, he asked if he could call her again just to chat. She agreed thinking it was all harmless. She did not get his name or telephone number but what she did receive was flattery, something she had not received in quite a long time. For all she knew he lived hundreds of miles away, perhaps in another county, state or even overseas.

The Voice would call on an irregular basis, just out of the blue. She would know his voice after the first word, which was usually, "Darling", in his loveable British accent. They would talk as time allowed and slowly learned a bit more about each other with each conversation.

One day, out of curiosity, she asked him what was sold at The Manacle Store- the odd name had stuck with her. When he told her what was sold at The Manacle Store, at first she was taken aback. In later conversation she began to express curiosity about why he patronized the store, what he bought and what he did with the items and with who he did "those" things.

Over time, their conversations would eventually turn to the topic of sex. For Jackie, before her husband passed, sex was a rarely discussed topic, especially with a total stranger. Now she was free to explore. She chose to discuss it with The Voice. It was safer with him because of their completely anonymous relationship.

When they discussed the issue, she would quietly sit at her desk, her high back chair turned away from clients in the reception area, attentively listening to him tell tales of his sexual adventures. She in turn would whisper into the mouth piece of her head set, so the clients could not hear her, and imagine her words winding into his ear as she told him her deepest darkest sexual curiosities, fantasies and secrets, things which nobody else in the world knew. Jackie enjoyed how her sexual tension was built out of anonymous and free unfettered discussion of a taboo subject. She did not physically want him, she only wanted to fantasize with him. He never discouraged the discussion and even seemed to egg her on when she turned the conversation to the topic.

The more they talked, the greater her sexual curiosity grew. She was being seduced by his sordid tales and infected with the notion of personally experiencing similar behavior. More and more she found she could resist less and less. It was around that time that she and Amanda started their relationship. She had opened up enough to The Voice to express her desire to explore her sexuality and who she really was. She had told him about Amanda, about Amanda's games and wicked little habits. He told her he could help. She was a bit concerned by his offer. She did not want him to intrude and interfere with her relationship with Amanda. For now it was 'hers'. With his encouragement she pursued her affair with Amanda. He told her how to tease and seduce Amanda. When to deny her and when to provide to her. When Amanda wanted discipline, he taught her how to administer it. When Jackie decided to deny Amanda's request for physical punishment, The Voice assured Jackie that she could withhold it and not loose Amanda. He assured Jackie that she could dictate the terms and methods of punishment, and that they need not be physical- he had his methods too, and he though they would be just as or even more effective, and, to Jackie's liking.

He began to realize, based on her growing curiosity, that he could enlist her to assist him in his causes. She reluctantly agreed to participate. He vowed her to secrecy in his endeavors and pledged his expertise in helping her with hers. He made it very clear that her participation would be risqué and promised her it would be entertaining and intriguing. He told her she could opt out if and whenever she wished. She would be an ancillary participant in his quests and would be permitted to voyage into his world, to explore her desires, collaterally learn his techniques and use them to her benefit in her own dealings with Amanda.

At first it started with the packages. He would send a package- the courier would tell her it was from "Alec". The day after, he would send someone to pick it up. They- either a man, a woman or a combination of some sort- would come to Jackie's office during the day at an unscheduled time, enter the office, approach her reception desk and declare they had come to retrieve a package for Alec. For Jackie, her fears and risk were in the time of the pickup and whether Amanda or a waiting client would stumble on her illicit activity.

Before she could release the package, the recipient would need to expose themselves to Jackie in the reception area. To Jackie's right was a door to Amanda's office. The Voice told Jackie the exposure could not be quick- it had to last at least ten seconds, an otherwise long silent tension. The people never knew how long Jackie would make them stand before her. It was always long enough for Jackie to peruse their bodies and they to risk being seen by others. Nobody knew if anyone was going to walk out of Amanda's office into the view of full frontal nudity. If caught, Jackie could feign innocence and victimization. The flasher could not.

Jackie was to determine if they had satisfied all conditions. She was The Voice's guardian in that respect. If Jackie was not satisfied, she would make them expose themselves again. Sometimes she would tell them to leave the office and come back in ten minutes knowing the reception area would be fuller with waiting patients and the flasher's risk of getting caught greater. She might have them flash her and then tell them to take a seat in the reception area amongst the others. Make them wait ten, twenty, maybe thirty minutes and then beckon them to her again, all the while watching them squirm under the pressure of sitting next to the others in the reception area, wondering if the others knew what they had just done and if they were going to scrutinize them if they were required to do again for Jackie. Sometimes she made them come back just to have them do it again, solely for her pleasure even though they had satisfied her the first time. They all knew she would be reporting back to The Voice. They also knew they had to return to him package in hand. They knew they were at her mercy.

They usually came completely naked under a trench coat. It was easier for the women- a pair of shoes and it looked like they were wearing a short dress beneath the coat. The more reluctant ones wore some article of clothing beneath the coat. For them she would have them leave and only return if naked per The Voice's instructions. Sometimes the women came in lingerie- stocking and garters- perhaps thinking they were to flash a man. She would overlook the transgression. A well hung man once came with a bow tie on his sex. She though it crafty and let it slide. A very brazen one once came with small bells tied to his sex. He got noticed by the people in the reception area as he marched in jingling. He was so 'cocky' he apparently did not care about the quizzical attention.

She enjoyed perusing their bodies, observing their curves and shapes- the size of a man's sex, whether it was erect or limp, or, the women and their nipples- small, large or erect, or, how they manicured their pubic hair- short cropped, completely shaven, bushy, etc. Her view was a cornucopia of diversity. What most tempted her was how close she was and the fact that she could reach out and lightly touch them with her long red finger nail, run it through their pubic hair, maybe along the under side of a cock tip and gently bob it up and down in a teasing fashion, maybe graze a woman's shaven and exposed lips or have her lean forward and flick or twist her nipple. Maybe whisper some salacious teasing words....

Once Jackie was satisfied, she gave them the box. All were required to open it in her presence. Always, the box contained a pair of silver handcuffs. None knew in advance what the box held. They would usually held it close to their chest, shielding it from the view of the others, their eyes shifting while their hands fumbled to opened the plain small brown cardboard box. A nervously shake of the cuffs before Jackie, and for all other to see, usually got them permission to leave. Occasionally, the randy ones would give Jackie an extra little flash and a sly smile as they turned to leave.

Before they left, Jackie yearned to discreetly hand the attractive ones a piece of paper with her office telephone number, first name and instructions when to call her- a middleman's attempt to take an under the table cut of the pay. She thought they were all on some kind of sexual treasure hunt.

The Voice would always call her later in the day to discover if they had performed to her satisfaction. She enjoyed having him as "The Voice". Jackie wanted to ask him what it was all about but decided it was better to let matters be.

The Voice started, "So Jackie, you did a very nice job for me the other night. I truly appreciate how well you handle him. Each time Louis details for Anna how you teased him, trained him and made him pleasure you. The reward you gave him last night was a nice touch".

Jackie listened, subconsciously teasing her nipple by running her finger in a circle atop of her silk blouse. She was excited by how he was training the two- Louis and Anna. The Voice had given them their fictitious names. They were strangers he brought together, people who separately came to him looking for someone else to participate in an unconventional relationship. They knew nothing about each other. They submitted to The Voice's whim and unconditionally followed his directions.

They would meet at his house on a designated date and time. They were totally anonymous to each other except by sight. They were not permitted to talk to each other except when given permission and even then they could not tell each other their true identity, where they lived or worked, etc. Absolutely anonymity, even if they met by chance in public. If that was breached, the meetings would be permanently terminated.

He would take them to a room, place them on their knees facing each other completely naked, hands tied behind their backs to a pole so they could barely move. The best they could do was to lean forward and come face to face, close enough to sense the other's breath and almost touch tongues, but they could never reach. A small distance too far to bridge. Their inability to touch one another and the confessions of their erotic encounters, fantasies and yearning for each other only served to heighten the growing underlying sexual tension and attraction between the two. The Voice's goal was to build a sexual frenzy. He was good at that. But in part only as good as those who helped him, like Jackie. This had been going on for the past nine months...

Unknown to the two, The Voice had arranged for Louis to have an 'affair' with a stranger, or at least someone Louis thought was foreign to the process. The fact that Louis had met Jackie at a bar was no coincidence. She seduced him well. Part of the process was Louis' confession to Anna of the details of his encounters with Jackie.

Jackie liked being in control of Louis when they met and she enjoyed her role in the process. Equally so, she enjoyed The Voice detailing for her how Louis described their meetings, confessed the erotic acts to Anna and how she reacted.

The Voice started, "Anna is jealous and he is ravenous to take you. Each of the three times Louis has met you, he returns to tell Anna how badly he wants you but is rebuffed, how he tastes you, what you smell and taste like, how he brings you to climax but is not allowed to take you. He tells her how he lies in bed at night thinking of you, stroking himself, how he hopes each day an e-mail will arrive with instructions regarding when and where you will next meet. He constantly checks his e-mail anticipating one just from you. He also tells her how he lusts for her. Once he confessed a fantasy of you and Anna together with him. She speaks little when he tells her these things. She then tells him how badly she wants him to take her. The positions he should use when he does it. How he should bend her over, her head and shoulders on the floor and her ass up in the air. How he should rub her sex and insert his thumb and massage her bud with two fingers. How he should do that until she is on the verge of climax and then how he should plunge viciously in and pillage her. If I bind her loosely, she will get into the position, her ass up, pussy spread and facing him just to show him it. She will talk dirty to him, teasing his lust for her. She uses you as a foil, telling him she can do better than you. He gets erect and neither of them can do anything about it. She loves to taunt him, to watch him get hard over her. She cannot touch him like you can. It builds her ego to pleasure him in that way. If they are face to face, she will talk to him and get him hard, staring at his erect cock. Her mouth parts slightly and you can see in her eyes all she wants to do is bring it to her lips, hover over it and then slowly let it slide into her mouth and down her throat. I owe you for all you have done to help me. I do not know how to thank you. I am sure you will figure out a just reward, yes?"

Jackie thought. She toyed with the idea of turning Amanda over to The Voice for some 'training' but quickly discarded the notion- it would not work just not now...

Jackie said, "I know how you can repay me. I am having a masquerade party for Mardi Gras. Afterwards I want to have, shall we say a 'private show' of sorts for a select small group of friends. I know you told me Louis and Anna both fear doing it in public. I want the two for the night. I want to control them, display them in front of an audience... push their limits... they have strong unsatisfied lust for each other, but is it deep enough for them to breach their inhibitions?"

"My, my Jackie. In such a short time you have gone from a demure conservative lady to a lusty sexual vixen...," he chided her. "Alright, I will oblige you but I deliver them and pick them up and they remain anonymous to all and each other. During the exchange we never meet. You are free to let them do whatever you wish. They will be told to be obedient to you and no one else. I trust you will not let me down. Oh, and one more little tidbit, they cannot discover who you are."

"Deal," she said.

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