tagBDSMChains Ch. 01

Chains Ch. 01


Her hands chained to the wall above her head, ball gag in her mouth, a vibrator strapped to her clit. She squirmed as her pussy juices dripped on the floor. This was her punishment for disobeying her master. She was supposed to have the house cleaned up by the time he got back, but she didn't. Her master came downstairs, knelt in front of her and just watched her for a minute. He then began to slide his fingers inside her soaked pussy. He saw the puddle of juices that was on the floor, quickly stood up and said,

"You dirty bitch, what a mess you have made on my floor."

He took the ball gag out of her mouth, grabbed her by the throat and said,

"What do you have to say for yourself?"

In a very low voice between gasping for air she said,

"I'm sorry master, I will clean it up."

He slapped her breasts until they were red, unhooked the chain from the wall forced her to the floor and said,

"Lick it up you little slut."

He pushed on the back of her head forcing it to the floor,

"Start licking."

"No, I won't." she said sobbing.

He pushed her face to the floor and screamed at her.

"You will listen to me or else. After 2 years you are forgetting what I have taught you?"

He pulled her off of the floor told her.

"Go get cleaned up, we have company coming."

She ran up the stairs and washed her pussy with a wash cloth that she found in the bathroom. She was so horny and she wanted to cum so badly. She knew that if she did her master would punish her and she didn't want that. He walked in the bathroom grabbed her by the arm and without a word dragged her into the living room.

"Get next to the couch, on all fours."

She looked at him and was about to speak, he pulled her head back by her hair and said,

"You've let me down Middy, I'm considering selling you."

He pushed her head back down; and said,

"You're disgusting."

He went into the bedroom and changed his clothes. A few minutes later the doorbell rang. Master Black walked out, put a ball gag and collar on her and told her not to move, or make a sound. If she did she would never forget her punishment.

He opened the door. There was a young girl and an older man standing in the doorway. The man said,

"Are you the trainer?"

They came into the house. This is what her master did he trained "pets", and this was he's newest client. Her name was Sandi; Master Black greeted them and introduced himself as Master Geoff Black. Only other Masters are allowed to call him that.

"This is my pet Middy." He pointed to her by the couch.

They all came in and went into the kitchen area, Geoff sent Sandi into the room, to undress for her first part of training. She did as she was told.

"Middy, get in here!" Geoff yelled.

Middy quickly crawled in the kitchen.

"Show Mr. John McFerrin what a good pet you are while I go see how Sandi is doing."

McFerrin grabbed her collar and told her to suck on his cock until they came back; Middy did as she was told. She undid his pants and took out his hard cock, he removed her gag and she began to suck on his cock. He then turned Middy around, bent her over the table and began fucking her and slapping her ass.

"Yeah, you like that don't you? How would you like to have your ass fucked?"

Middy did as she was suppose to do, and she said,

"Yes please, please fuck my ass hole."

He didn't have any lubrication, he said,

"My cock is not wet enough yet, he fucked he pussy a bit more, then without notice he slammed it in her ass."

Middy bit her lip, the pain was almost unbearable, but she didn't want to disappoint her master again. So she took the pain, until her master came back. McFerrin stopped fucking her and said.

"Damn she's so tight, and so obedient, I can't wait until Sandi is trained like her."

He then pushed Middy away, put his cock back in his pants and went to talk business with Master Black.

After Mr. McFerrin was gone, Master Black went to talk to Middy, he said,

"I'm very proud of you Middy. Did he treat you ok?"

Middy shook her head and looked at the floor, she began to cry.

Master looked at her and could see that she was in great pain. He grabbed for her hand and led her into her room. He got her cleaned up and put medication on her ass, and told her that she could rest for a bit, while he started Sandi's training.

He went into his bedroom and told Sandi to get up on his bed, he said,

"Get on all 4's."

She did as she was told,

"I'm going to first show you what to expect in the next 3 weeks."

He took his rock hard cock out and slammed it in her pussy. Sandi screamed, he slapped her ass and said,

"This is your 1st lesson."

He got off the bed and said,

"You will not make a noise unless I tell you to, just for screaming you will be punished". He pulled a long thin stick out of the closet and slapped her ass with it, Sandi tried not to make a noise but it hurt so much that she yelled in pain.

"Every time you make a sound I will hit you twice more."

He hit her again, no noise. And again, Sandi didn't make a sound.

"Good!" He said smiling."

He climbed back on the bed, put some lubrication on her ass hole and began pressing the head of his cock against it.

"Have you ever been fucked up the ass before?"

She shook her head no.

He said,

"If you feel like screaming, or moaning you may go ahead."

Sandi said,

"Thank you, master."

He slowly slid his cock in, Sandi moaned very low. She was trying to relax as he slid it in further and further, then he jabbed it in quickly. Sandi, screamed.

"Yeah you like that don't you?"

Sandi moaned,

"Oh, oh yeah."

He continued to fuck her ass hole, until he was about to cum, then he got her to suck all of the cum out of his cock.

She was about to get off of the bed, when Geoff pushed her back down and said,

"Not until you have swallowed it all."

She squirmed and shook her head no.

"Swallow it all, right now, or I will tape your mouth shut until you do."

Sandi closed her eyes and swallowed.

"Good girl." Geoff said. "Now go get yourself cleaned up and ready for lunch."

She went into the bathroom and cleaned up.

Geoff went to check on Middy, she was lying on the floor. He knelt on the floor next to her and asked,

"Why are you lying on the floor?"

"It hurts so badly master, the pain from my ass and my pussy is aching from listening to you with Sandi. You are training her for yourself aren't you? You're going to give me to her master and keep her for your self." She said sobbing.

He grabbed her by her hair and said,

"You're talking foolishness. I'm not going to give you up for her. I have you right where I want you."

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