tagNovels and NovellasChameleon's Story Ch. 03

Chameleon's Story Ch. 03


**Author's Note** Yep, yep, this is chapter three. repeat my previous comments, and I'd like to add that this is probably not proper employer-employee behaviour. It is, however, very fun.**


I wake up an hour late, but completely rested. I forego the shower, but brush my teeth with a vengeance after breakfast. Clean and dressed in a tube top and my only miniskirt, I sashay down the stairs and begin my morning sweep. He walks in and stops when he sees me. I put the broom away neatly and stand in front of the counter.

"What do you want me to do now?" I ask. He relocks the door and lifts me onto the counter, his hands sliding up my skirt. I moan as his fingers brush the top of my hose, which are only thigh high. I decided to do the garter and hose thing today. May have been a bad choice. He jerks my panties off and gives me a long, sampling lick. I can feel his fingers stroking me through the sheer nylon, which rubs slightly as I move. Then again, I suppose it might have been the right choice. He licks me again, making me moan. I plant my hands behind me and let my head fall back as I spread my legs further. He slides a finger inside me, and then smiles as he brings it to my lips. I suck obediently, my eyes wide, and yelp as he twists my hair around his other hand. He moves his finger in and out, making me suck until he's clean. Then he kisses me hungrily, pressing our bodies tightly together, and grinds against me. I moan, kissing back, until he shoves me back. I stare at him, stunned, as he walks to his office.

"List is next to the register." he says. He closes the door behind him. I search for my underwear for a few minutes, but I can't find them, so I unlock the door and begin cleaning. A few customers come by, but I'm fine until about ten.

"Hello." a quiet, musical voice says. I flinch, since I had thought I was completely alone and was day dreaming about my love. He puts a gentle hand on my shoulder and turns me. I look up into his eyes, which are a startling shade of violet. "Are you okay?"

I nod slowly, confused. There's something oddly familiar about him. I look over and see Nathan in the doorway to his office. He smiles when I take my own weight and waves to Damien to come. I think that before it actually processes.

"Damien." I mutter, trying to remember where I know the name from. He turns back to me, making me think I'm right. I remember suddenly and shiver, blushing as well.

"You were blonde then." he murmurs. I realize suddenly that he recognized me instantly. Well, it's not often that you find someone covered in blood. Nathan looks confused, and Damien notices, but he just shakes his head. "She will tell her if she wishes to do so."

I smile gratefully and hug him. He looks surprised for a second, but hugs me back. Nathan looks absolutely dumbfounded. Damien sniffs and laughs softly.

"He is a much better choice, I admit." he says. I blush and go back to cleaning. Nathan looks at me a bit desperately, and I realize he's not used to being the one in the dark. I smile wickedly.

"Do you realize you just hugged an assassin?" he asks curiously. I laugh to myself, thinking about what he's done to an assassin. Of course, I'm out if work due to some ethical issues, but still.

"I take it you haven't told him much about your past." Damien comments. I shake my head and reach for a book on a shelf just above my head, forgetting that my panties have disappeared. They both forget the conversation and stare at the sliver of exposed ass. I blush, dropping to the floor rather quickly. Nathan comes forward and kisses me slowly, reaching down to cup my ass. I press myself to him with a soft mewl of joy and kiss back, once again managing to forget everything for a few seconds. This time when it comes back to me, I don't push him away because I can't. I'm pressed to the bookcase, grinding against him, forgetting we're in public, near people, and again forgetting everything in my past. Damien clears his throat, but Nathan keeps kissing me, and I can't say I mind. I moan loudly and wrap my legs around his waist. Damien sighs exasperatedly.

"If you're going to fuck, could you at least do it in your office or something?" he says. Nathan looks up from my dizzy, goofy face and smiles, considering it.

"Master, please." I moan, grinding against him. He kisses me once more and sighs.

"Give me an hour." he orders, but I hear the faint note of pleading. I go back to my list, sulking and unbelievably horny. Damien laughs softly, recognizing my expression, and kisses my forehead. I glare at him too before they disappear into my office. It's only half of an hour before he comes back out and locks the door behind Damien. He turns to me with a careful smile, and I realize he's nervous. I stare at him, thinking about that video still in my digital video disc player. Oh, shit, it's still in my digital video disc player! Or well, his. Maybe he'll think he left it there. I bite my lip and smile demurely.

"Would you like to come up for a drink?" I ask. He smiles a little more confidently and mounts the stairs a few behind me, watching my exposed ass and pussy the entire way. I unlock the door and go to the fridge. "What would you like?"

"You." he says. I look at him, sprawled on the couch, and decide not to disagree. Instead, I come forward obediently and stand in front of him.

"Yes, master." I whisper, because I know it drives him crazy. Besides, I want him to be my master. I want to be lost in my forgetfulness with him. He slides a finger inside me and smiles, pleased at my wetness.

"Do you want me?" he asks. I nod, moaning, unable to speak as he finger fucks me. He smiles coldly. "Kneel then."

I obey quickly, although I meet his eyes until he uses the remote to turn on the digital video disc player on. He smiles broadly as he watches himself on the television, rapidly fucking that lucky blonde. I blush and look at the floor fixedly until he kisses me. I moan softly and lean towards him, but he pulls away.

"Do you want to be my pet? You know what I am, I assume, and you know what I need to do." he asks. I look into those green eyes and kiss him gently, barely touching his lips behind his rings.

"Yes, master." I answer, much louder and more confidently than before. He smiles broadly for a moment before jerking me on top of him. In a second I'm pinned under him. He puts straps around my wrists and ankles, something soft but well fitting, and clips them to the corners of the bed via short chains. I whimper, lying spread eagle beneath him, horny and slightly afraid. He smiles wickedly and unzips my top, throwing it to the floor. The look in his eyes when he sees the blood red corset beneath makes me shiver, but not in fear. My mouth goes dry as he wedges his fingertips under the bottom and jerks it down, exposing my erect pink nipples. I gasp softly as his mouth goes over the left one. I arch, thrusting my nipple into his mouth. He sucks gently, then rakes his teeth over it. I moan loudly, squeaking at the light pain.

"Normally I would gag you, but I want to hear every sound from your lovely little mouth." he says, kissing me again. I moan, pressing myself to him, and yelp when he twists my other nipple. He goes back to sucking the left as he twists the right harder. I beg softly, wordlessly, and he switches, now abusing the left nipple. He bites my breast, the other one this time, and drinks my blood, looking blissful. After a few seconds he pulls away and disappears to a room I hadn't previously noticed. I test my bonds quietly, wondering just how helpless I am. He comes back and catches me. He smiles wickedly, watching me test them, and then straddles me. He blindfolds me carefully, and then strokes my nipples again until they become erect and stand straight up. I lick my lips in anticipation and nearly scream when he puts something on the first one. A few tears do escape, but I manage not to burst his ear drum. When he does the same to the right nipple, I'm a little more prepared, and manage to let out only a pained little whimper. He flicks them, making the pain increase even as the pleasure does too.

"You don't like this." he comments quietly. I shake my head, whimpering softly. He licks them gently, making the pleasure more intense. I moan, arching, making it better but increasing the pain. "Do you want me to take them off?"

I shake my head, working on not speaking. I'm afraid I'll say something stupid. He smiles against my skin so I'll know he's pleased and moves lower. I feel something plastic touch my clit and flinch, but it's just a vibrator. I drop the just and gasp when he turns it on. God, it feels good. He slides two fingers inside my pussy and pumps slowly while he buzzes my clit. I moan and relax, trying to give him more access, but he doesn't need my help. He brings me to orgasm quickly before pulling away.

"Now you are going to please me, my little darling." he whispers huskily. I hear the intended menace and whimper, but he just laughs and straddles my chest. "Suck."

I open my mouth and after a bit of searching with my tongue that probably looked rather hilarious, manage to bring the tip to my mouth. I suck gently, closing my eyes, and realize this is making me wetter. I whirl my tongue over the tip, enjoying myself until he pushes a little further in. I pause for a moment, then angle my head a little and suck, closing my eyes again. I know I'm in darkness either way, but there's something comforting about this, something that would make me sleepy if my nipples didn't ache and I wasn't considering how much trouble tying him up would get me in. he tweaks my nipples, making me yelp, and then moan. He groans and fists one hand in my hair, moving his cock in and out. The blindfold slips and I can see him, his eyes half closed and a satisfied smile on his face. I look lower, still sucking, and moan at the sight of his muscular body. Come to think of it, this is the first time he's been naked with me. He pulls out before orgasming and fixes my blindfold, much to my disappointment. I nearly scream when he begins finger fucking me again. It feels so good. He makes me orgasm again by continuing the fucking and flicking my clit with his thumb. I squeal, arching up against him. He rips the blindfold off and smiles hungrily, no longer in the least nervous. I'm too exhausted to be nervous myself, so at least there's that. He stares into my eyes, watching my expression for a moment, and then jerks off the first clip. This time I do scream. He sucks on it again, making the pain leave. I relax, forgetting about the other nipple until he jerks it off too. He sucks on it until I'm relaxed again, staring up at him with a soft smile.

"Master." I whisper. He smiles and kisses me slowly, then props himself up on his elbows. I whimper softly when I feel his cock on my thigh and start to close my eyes as he slides inside me.

"No, please, I want to watch." he says. I open my eyes, staring up into his, and squeal softly as he enters me. It doesn't hurt, but somehow it's unexpected. I force myself to breathe, even though it's coming out in short little pants. He smiles, kisses me again, and fucks me hard, thrusting into me. One of the greatest thing about sleeping with a vampire is that the majority of their bodily functions are under voluntary control, for example, blood flow, which, considering they have centuries to perfect their technique and can usually feed on the pleasure of their partners, makes them an amazing lay. He makes me orgasm on his hard cock repeatedly, and then pulls out again. I moan in protest as he walks back to that room. He blindfolds me again and shoves a vibrator into my tender pussy. I squeal again as he turns it on. I want him, not plastic, damn it. He straddles my chest again and makes me suck, putting a little pressure on my throat to restrict my breathing. I suck harder, trying to breathe through my nose. He orgasms in my mouth, staying in to make sure I swallow. I obey, whimpering his name. He relaxes on top of me, kissing me gently.

"Um, Master?" I ask, trying to be at least semi polite. He looks at me for a long moment before he understands. He laughs softly and unties me, curling up against me. I fall asleep tangled with him.

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