tagNonHumanChameleon's Story Ch. 04

Chameleon's Story Ch. 04


I wake up soaking wet and slightly confused, my hips bucking in another orgasm even as my sleep fogged mind tries to comprehend why there's another being in my bed. I bite his shoulder and reach down to take the vibrator out, but he grabs my wrist. I take the hint and put my arms above my head. He then rolls me over onto my back and lifts my legs, positioning himself to slide into my ass. Luckily, I've already experienced anal sex, so I don't panic nearly as much as the first time, but I still don't enjoy it. He stares at me for a moment, and then sighs. I stay in that position as he goes for something else. He comes back, surprisingly empty handed, and pulls me to the edge of the futon before sliding inside me. I gasp as his slick cock fills me. The little bit of my mind left theorizes that he went for lube. He smiles wickedly.

"Do you like this?" he asks. I consider that. I still don't like anal sex, but I like being close to him and being warm. He smiles more gently at my indecision and grabs my hips. I stare up at him as we both stay still for a long moment. Then he begins pounding into me, fucking my ass hard enough to force me up the bed, away from him, but for his hands anchoring me to him. This particular position has an added bonus- every time he slides inside me, he hits not only my clit but also the vibrator still sticking out of my pussy. I cling to the sheets, enjoying my fullness, whimpering helplessly. This is much more fun than I thought. I feel myself about to cum and moan, only to feel him pinching my clit hard.

"You will ask first." he hisses, his menace slightly marred by his breathlessness. I whimper in pain and he lets go, still pounding as he waits for me to ask.

"Please, master, may I cum?" I pant. He smiles hungrily.

"What are you going to do for me?" he purrs. I stare up at him blankly, struggling not to cum until he allows it. He laughs and shakes his head. "My little innocent. Cum for me, now."

He stops completely while pressed against me. I squeal in protest, but I'm already cumming on him. He smiles again and pulls out completely, and then takes my vibrator away. I whimper softly until he picks me up. He carries me to the shower and steps in with me. I moan softly as he shoves me against the wall. He soaps both of us up, teasing me every chance he gets, and slides inside me again. I gasp loudly as he pounds my pussy. He pulls out after a few minutes and jams the tip into my ass before he cums. I whimper as he pulls out of my ass too, leaving his cum to drip out.

"Now clean me off." he orders. I drop to my knees before him and suck the tip of his cock. He steps back into the water, taking his cock away from me.

"Stand up and put your hands against the wall." he orders. I scramble to my feet and obey as quickly as I can. "Spread your legs wider. Good girl."

I wait tensely for him to touch me, to fuck me, to do something. Instead I feel water, just barely putting any pressure against my clit. I moan and wiggle, wanting more, wanting him inside me. I push myself back, but he snarls, making me go back to my former position. He turns the pressure up a little higher, making me pant. I want to cum, damn him. I spread my legs a little wider and feel his cock against my ass. I mewl softly, waiting for him to enter me, but he just stays still aside from turning the water pressure a little higher. The stream is actually a little painful now, and I shift from side to side, trying to keep the full force from hitting my clit. He laughs softly, turns up the pressure a little more, and slides inside me. I squeak, jumping forward a little. He holds the water on my clit, staying absolutely still. I mewl again and again, trying to get out of the way, but the contact with him keeps me mostly in place.

"Nathan, please." I whimper. He moves the water out of the way, but then slams me against the wall. I pant as he drives inside me, mewling again. He pulls out before he can cum and smiles. I tremble a little as he washes me off, but I don't protest, and I obey eagerly when he hands me the washcloth. We dry each other off, and then he disappears into that same room I hadn't noticed before. I get dressed for work, trying not to think about it. I'm just about to pull my skirt up when he comes back. He drops to his knees before me and pulls down my panties. I gasp softly as he slides a finger into my pussy. I'm still wet, I know. He smiles and slides a vibrator in, and then pulls my panties back up. I yelp softly as cold metal touches my clit when he slips an egg vibrator into my panties as well. I moan, wanting to rip all my clothes off and fuck him. He smiles cheerfully and pulls my skirt back up. While I'm pretty sure they're both vibrators, nothing is vibrating yet. I stare at him for a long moment, confused. He laughs again and kisses me.

"You are allowed to cum as many times as you are able, my pet." he whispers. He lays down on the couch and yawns. "I think I'll catch a nap."

I go down the stairs, confused but still horny. While it isn't vibrating, the placement and occasionally pinch aren't making me any less horny. I open the doors and begin sweeping to make the store look at least a little more presentable when I feel the first buzz. It's short, but powerful. I almost trip, in fact. I look around, blushing, but no one is in here, so no one sees. A few minutes later I feel it again. I grip the counter until it passes and then unlock the door. I don't have a list today, so I just do whatever it looks like should be done. The little bursts begin coming more frequently, first every few minutes, and then every few seconds, until it's a constant buzz. I smile at my first customer of the day.

"Anything I can help you with?" I ask with a bright smile. He looks me over slowly.

"I take it you're Nathan's new pet." he says. My chin jerks up of its own will.

"And why would you think that?" I ask coldly. He smiles arrogantly.

"Because I can smell how close you are to cumming." he laughs. I blush and look away, but he kisses me. "Don't worry. It's a vampire thing. Is Nathan around?"

I nod and hurry up the stairs, disappearing as quickly as I can. I definitely shouldn't have let him kiss me. Nathan opens his eyes and looks back at me.

"I take it someone is here to see me." he comments. I nod. He closes his eyes for a moment before nodding. "Do you want to fuck me?"

"Yes, master." I pant. I kneel before him. He smiles as well.

"No matter the cost?" he asks softly. I look into his eyes for a long moment and swallow.

"Please." I whisper. He nods again and kisses me slowly. I flush guiltily, and he laughs.

"Come." he orders. He reaches into his pocket as we reach the stairs, and the buzzing gets far more intense. I whimper, stopping, but he jerks me forward, making me walk. I tremble as I stumble down the stairs, close to cumming. Nathan smiles at the new man and tosses him a set of keys.

"Get the door, will you?" he asks. The other man nods and locks the door before unlocking his office. Nathan pushes me inside and moves all of his papers and other materials to the couch. "Get on the desk."

I scramble up and sit on the edge, moaning at the pressure on both my pussy and my clit. Nathan simply watches as I cum, my hips bucking as I crave his cock. I pant afterwards. Gripping the desk, still horny. The vibe is still on my clit, drawing more panting from me. Nathan studies me for a long moment before nodding.

"Cadman." Nathan says softly, politely. He pulls his eyes from me and unlocks the safe. Nathan watches my face as Cadman pulls out a sleek silver video camera. I whimper softly as he turns it on, adjusting the focus carefully. Nathan smiles when I look at him supplicating. "There are many different things in this room that are placed for a good angle, so if I wish for Cadman to join us, he can. Do you understand?"

"Nathan, please." I whisper, dry mouthed. He sighs softly and slaps me, just barely hard enough to hurt. I stare at him, stunned.

"Well?" he asks. I nod slowly. He smiles hungrily. "Remove your clothing."

I jump a little and stand up. My fingers shake as I unbutton my shirt. I let it slide down my shoulders and off to the floor. I unhook my bra next and pull it off as well. Nathan comes forward and lifts them both, kissing the nipples gently. I pant softly as he sucks on the right one, rolling the left between his fingers. My hips buck as I cum again, pressing myself to him. I need him inside me.

"Please." I beg. He pulls back.

"Continue." he orders. I unzips my skirt and step out of it, and then bend down to undo my heels. "Leave them."

I breathe slowly and carefully as I push my panties off. The egg vibe goes with them, falling with a soft sucking sound as it parts from my wet skin, but the larger vibrator stays in place. I look at Nathan, unsure of what to do. Cadman moans softly as Nathan lifts me back onto the desk. He picks up the vibe from amid my clothes and brings it to my mouth. I begin sucking it clean slowly, whimpering softly when his fingers feather down to my clit. He brushes it once, smiling when I moan, and moves lower, gripping the larger vibrator lodged in my pussy.

"Do you want me to fuck you?" he asks.

"Yes, please." I sob. He laughs softly and positions the egg vibe over my clit. I yelp when he moves me up the desk, until my head hangs off.

"Cadman." he says softly. Cadman puts down the camera, adjusting the angle carefully until my soaked pussy is completely exposed, and stands in front of me, with his zipper level with my mouth. I look up at Nathan, panicked, but he just laughs. "You do this, and I'll fuck you right."

Cadman pulls down his pants, exposing a cock that is large, hard, and mostly straight. I swallow convulsively, afraid. He shuffles forward a little, putting his cock to my lips. I lick slowly, swirling my tongue around the tip. Nathan begins using the vibrator to fuck me in earnest. I gasp and Cadman takes advantage, shoving his cock in until it bumps the back of my throat. I whimper, used at both ends and somehow still horny. I suck eagerly, marveling at how different he is from my master, but I nearly bite him when I cum. I manage to pull away at the last moment, moaning loudly. Cadman growls softly and shoves himself back in, holding my head still as he fucks my mouth. I tense at first and whimper, but everything continues as before, so I go back to sucking. He pulls out and cums on my perky breasts. I pant, embarrassed and aroused. Nathan is still fucking me with the vibrator and holding the other to my clit. I cum again as Cadman plays with my nipples, his cock brushing my cheek as he rolls them between his finger tips. I expect them to give me a minute, but they don't. Nathan smiles wolfishly and gives Cadman my feet. I struggle for a moment, hating being so exposed, but against the two of them I'm helpless. Hell, against either one of them I'm helpless. They both laugh as I squirm. I watch them exchange a look. Nathan pulls the vibrator out of my pussy and takes away the egg, leaving me suddenly cold. I stare at him, confused, until Cadman jerks my head back again. I gasp for breath and he shoves himself in, fucking my mouth hard. I moan and wiggle, bucking my hips as I cum again. Nathan shoves the vibrator in my ass and moves around behind Cadman. I watch curiously as he shoves the egg vibrator in Cadman's ass. He moans and fucks me harder.

"Is she being good?" he asks, reaching around to tweak one of his nipples as the vibrations begin again. Cadman nods, still fucking me. "Does she deserve her treat then?"

Cadman nods and pulls out. I moan as Nathan picks me up. Cadman lies back on the desk. Nathan puts me on top of him, making me straddles his face. I gasp, standing in my heels as Cadman's tongue delves into my dripping pussy. He begins nibbling and I moan, biting his thigh to shut myself up. He stops with a soft, strangled sigh.

"Nathan." he whispers. Nathan lifts my head by the hair and looks into my eyes.

"No biting." he orders. I blush and hang my head, but he lifts me again and kisses me. "Try sucking instead."

I take his advice and close my eyes as I suck on Cadman's cock, wondering when I'll get fucked. I squeeze my legs around his head, moaning in approval as he sucks gently on my clit. Nathan drills into my pussy, making me jump and yelp. I grip the sides of the desk again, sucking hard as I'm licked and fucked. They make me cum before Nathan pulls away. He walks around to the other side of the desk and pulls my head up.

"You'll do what I say?" he asks. I nod, licking my lips eagerly as I wonder what they'll do to me now. He studies my face for a moment, and then nods. "Straddle him, but don't let his cock enter you."

I go up on my knees, positioning myself over Cadman's cock. He moans as I begin stroking him. Nathan watches me, amused. I feel the vibrator go higher and moan, slipping a little, until his cock is at the entrance to my pussy. He raises his hips eagerly until Nathan snarls. I scramble back up, whimpering softly.

"Take the vibrator out." he orders. I obey, whimpering as I feel empty. He laughs softly and puts Cadman's cock between my ass cheeks. "Now let him fill you."

I obey, whimpering softly. The only lubricant is my partially dried spit, so it hurts. I bounce a little, trying to get comfortable, but knowing the a cock is a bare inch from my aching pussy is too much for me. I yelp my frustration and bounce. Nathan smiles his approval and moves in closer, flipping the little screen around so I can watch Cadman's cock part my creamy white ass cheeks. I blush, even now, and he laughs, setting the camera on the bookshelf behind him so that it still shows that. Then he pushes me back, onto my back.

"Hold her down." he orders. Cadman obeys eagerly, holding me tight to his muscular body. I tremble, wondering what my master has planned. He smiles demurely and gags me. I shake, my protests now muffled, and scream when he pulls out a set of nipple clamps. He moves around so the camera can catch all of this. Cadman begins sucking his cock eagerly, making me jealous. I whimper as he teases my nipples, prepping them for the coming pain. I try to fight, but I don't have a chance. Even distracted, Cadman is far stronger than me. I arch and kick, but Cadman simply wraps his legs around mine. I whimper, tears streaming down my face even though my eyes are squeezed shut. Nathan pauses and pulls the gag down, kissing me before I can open my mouth to beg. I tremble, resigned to the pain, but he just continues kissing me, his hands on my shoulders.

"You really hate these, don't you?" he asks. I nod, but keep my eyes and mouth closed. He kisses me again and begins playing with my clit again. He kisses my nipples and bites the tips, making me squeak. I arch up for him eagerly, and he laughs. "Okay Cadman, time for you to earn your keep."

Cadman lets me up. I sit on the edge of the desk, watching them both curiously. He kneels before me and begins licking me slowly, teasingly. I whimper and grip his hair, trying to press his face harder into my dripping pussy. He moans something and starts fucking me with his tongue, making me whimper. Nathan lifts me onto his lap, filling my pussy blissfully. I relax back against him, moaning occasionally. I cum hard, lubricating Nathan's cock. He switches to my tender ass and smiles.

"Cadman." he says. Cadman stands excitedly after one long sampling lick and slides into my pussy. I gasp, experiencing true double penetration for the first time. I close my eyes, crying aloud in pleasure every time they move. Cadman fucks me earnestly, biting my shoulder. Nathan bites my other shoulder. I let my head fall back and nibble on Nathan's ear lobe, hungry for a taste of his blood. He laughs softly and gives me his wrist. I bite eagerly, cumming as they fuck me and feed.

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