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Jessica always hated these parties, they were clearly just guises. I mean do people not really understand that the only thing "theme" parties have in common is that they are all excuses to get girls to dress down without having to feel ashamed. Jessica had a great group of friends, and none of them were risqué but they still participated in these events for the sake of socializing. So here she was, at another frat party themed, beach time in December.

It was really quite ridiculous, about 50 people stuffed into a small house with a heated pool and hot tub in the back all trying to get belligerently drunk. One always has to look on the bright side though; Jessica always did enjoy these events more than she thought. She was a little buzzed and had bumped into some people from some of her classes. The girl from her Methodology class, Melanie, was really nice and they had agreed that they would their group project together, that was some relief for Jessica because she literally knew no one in that class. It was always fun to be out with her friends though, even though she was always worried one of them might get out of hand and she would have to play baby sitter, so far so good.

Jessica had her bikini on underneath her swim cover; at least she was trying to be a good sport. She would never be as brazen as some of the girls who were just walking around the house in their swimsuits with no self-respect as guys ogled them and flirted with them in styles reminiscent of 1950s sexual politics.

After going to the fridge for another beer, Jessica met back up with two of her friends and they began having a regular conversation. By total happenstance, without any before thought, Jessica drifted her gaze away from the conversation and her eyes just seemed to fixate on a man across the room; she couldn't explain it but she just couldn't seem to take her eyes away. He was a good looking guy, obviously fit but definitely not some meat head. This was someone who obviously cared more about health than bulking up. There was something about his demeanor and mannerisms though that seemed to interest her. She couldn't describe the emotion she was feeling, excitement, curiosity, lust? He was dressed appropriately too, wearing swim trunks and a nice T-shirt, just single colored obviously from a quality store though. Jessica had no idea how long she was staring at him but she quickly realized she was when he turned his head and looked right back at her.

When he saw her his gaze froze her in place. The expression on his face was pleasant and very warming but it clearly was exuding to her that he knew she had been staring. Jessica didn't know what to do. Should she look past him and pretend she was looking at something else, turn back to her friends, smile? She felt like she was in a time vacuum, it couldn't have been a second before all those thoughts ran through her head. He ended up acting first; he gave a big smile and gave a kind of head nod before returning to the conversation with his friends. This made Jessica smile as a wave of heat rushed over her. She was embarrassed and probably knew she was turning red but was glad she could look away now and return to her friends.

"Hey fine ladies! Haven't seen you before! What are you doing outside? This is a summer party, let's go outside and jump in the pool! I'm sure everyone will love it, we are starting a volleyball game!" After Jessica found the source of this annoying diatribe, a drunken guy who just charged into her group's conversation, she again remembered why she hated these things. What a tool, why do guys have to act like this.
"We are fine, thank you." Chimed Jessica's friend Ashley.
"You don't have to be so coy, but if you girls are interested come on out and just ask for Tyler." Tyler said before he departed their circle. Thank God thought Jessica, if I could just survive one of these parties without some idiot always hitting on us like we are all here just to have one night stands.

"Oh Josh I haven't seen you forever! I didn't know you would be here!" Ashley yelled a little too loudly considering when Jessica turned her head and saw Josh, a mutual friend, he was about three feet away.
"Oh hey girls I didn't know you were coming either. I am here with Ben and Micah, we just got here. What are you up to?"
"Oh nothing really, just hanging out." It seemed as though Ashley would be talking for the group.
"Well cool it is really great to see you, we are actually friends with the guy who owns this place and he just opened up the hot tub for us, we are going to play Apples to Apples, you guys should come on out."
"Oh I love that game! We should go Jessica! What do you think Sarah?"
"I love that game too, let me just grab another drink and I will meet you out there!" Sarah said as she turned toward the kitchen. Jessica loved this game too and was excited to see some old friends.
"I'm going to go with Sarah but we will meet you out there. Just give us a couple of minutes!"

Jessica and Sarah went to the kitchen and grabbed to frozen margaritas from the fridge, both their favorites. Maybe this would turn out to be a great night. Jessica knew the point of parties was to meet new people, and she had a good time with Melanie, but she always liked it better when she was surrounded by people she knew and loved.

Jessica though the water was hot but it felt great considering she just peeled of her only layer of clothing, a swim cover, in the 45 degree Oklahoma night. She slipped into the water and was leaning against the edge of the tub with drink in hand and loving it. The game went as she had expected, excellent. In only a few minutes people were laughing hysterically, taking in more libations, and brining up old times, it was great.

"Wonderful! " Ben said as he was looking at his cell phone. "Tiffany is being crazy again, I am sorry guys but I have to go take care of this. It was fun though, see you soon."

"I know I shouldn't say this man, but you ever really thought hard about this relationship? "Josh directed at Ben.

"Oh my God Josh be nice!" Ashley said in horror.
"No he is right." Ben said half-heartedly "She needs me though and I feel terrible, I got to go though guys, see you later."

"Jerk" Ashley snipped at Josh before gulping down the last of her drink. "Well looks like I need a refill, I will be right back as well."

The group quickly went from six to four and there was a little bit of a lull in the conversation. In reality Ben and Ashley were the big talkers. Everyone was chit chatting awaiting Ashley's return when Micah diverged his gaze from the group, lifted his hands up in the air, and shouted, "Mathew, man I have been looking for you all night! Why don't you jump in hang out for a bit?"

Jessica couldn't see Mathew because Micah was sitting across from her and looking over her shoulder. To Jessica's left there was a large gap in the hot tub. Ashley had been right beside her before going to the kitchen and to her left was Ben before he left. Sitting left of Ben was Micah and to Mica's left was Josh and to his left was Sarah completing the circle with Jessica being between her two girlfriends. It wasn't planned that way but it just seemed to be the way it was.

Jessica felt a disturbance in the water to her left so she turned her head to ask Ashley if she was planning on going to Tulsa for the whole Christmas break or stay in town. Before even turning her head she began to speak, "So Ashley, what are your..." She cut of mid-sentence when her head had completed the turn and she realized she was not staring at Ashley but directly at her mystery man from earlier, presumably Mathew. Once again she was stuck in awkward silence and beginning to redden. She didn't even know why, this was such a stupid thing to be embarrassed about but it was almost as if he had an aura about him. Once again he broke her gaze but this time it was by extending his hand and saying,

"Hello, my name is Mathew. I live here and I believe we have Managing for Organizational Effectiveness together." Jessica knew it! There had to have been something about this guy that had her so infatuated. She couldn't believe she didn't recognize him before, they were in class together! She always thought he had very poignant things to say, and he always had something to say! It was his mannerisms again and it was all coming clear. In class she noticed he wasn't the kind of guy who just talked to be heard, or was trying to get credit. He always seemed to wait till a discussion was near its ending point, then he would enter it and bring up a new point, taking the problem in a new direction, or illuminating something that may seem trivial but had much deeper impact than the rest of the class was discussing. It was impressive to say the least and somewhat sexy.

Sexy? Jessica thought. That doesn't even make sense, how could that be sexy? Than Jessica kind of realized what it was, it was about him taking control of the entire class, steering the debate or changing its direction all together, there was something manly and powerful about that.

"We are, it is nice to meet you." Jessica said extending her hand. "You certainly have a lot to say, are you in the major?"

"Actually no, I am in Political Science" well that explains a lot "and I try not to talk too much though. It's just that I am pretty opinionated and some of the stuff I hear really shocks me and I just have to respond."

"Believe me, I know. Do you like the class though?"
"I love it, how about yourself?"
"I think it's great, and I really like the professor. I had him for a different class so I took this class because of that experience."
"Hey that's great, always good to find someone who actually makes you care about learning."
"Oh shut the fuck up Mathew." Micah chimed in laughing. "You love any class that allows you to argue with people! You couldn't give two shits about learning anything, besides you could sell opinions for a living. I don't want to hear any of this crap about you "not trying to talk too much" you freaking love it. "

This back in forth made Jessica laughs to herself, but she thought it was cute. She was a little upset that Micah jumped in and ruined their conversation but she knew he wasn't doing it to be mean. Right when she was about to say something back to Mathew she saw arms from behind his neck wrap around him and a girls head come to kiss him on the left cheek, it was Ashley.

"Mathew how are you, I didn't know you were here. I love this guy! He is so funny!"
"Well Ashley I kind of live here."
Ashley giggled, "Oh well, silly me, I didn't know that I was just following the crowd! Are you here to hang out with us?"
"I don't see why not, it is good to see you too."
Ashley was drunk, and was always very friendly. In fact Jessica knew she probably meant nothing by the kiss but for some reason she felt feeling building up inside of her. She couldn't describe it but it almost felt like rage, toward Ashley! Ashley was always flirtatious and is the night continued she would tease with all the guys in the pool but every time she talked to Mathew, Jessica felt herself getting a little jealous. Ashley was such a bigger talker than Jessica but at least Jessica was talking to Mathew quite a bit. They were talking about interesting things, like class, backgrounds, etc. Every time Ashley talked to him it though it seemed like they were flirting, which continued to frustrate Jessica.

She knew she was being silly, she didn't know this guy and Ashley did. It turns out they had been in some classes together and even worked on a project together sophomore year. So that explained the connection.

"So where are John and Jay?" Ashley asked Mathew
"Out of town."
"So you just decided to throw a party all by yourself while your roommates are gone?"
"Not really. This really wasn't planned by me. Josh and Ben planned it, I think they are using me for my pool." Mathew said while laughing.

"Damn straight." Said Josh. At least he doesn't plan this stuff on his own thought Jessica. I would have lost respect for him, but I am having a good time now.
"Well I have to go; I have to do a project tomorrow for one of my accounting classes." Sarah said. "Ashley, Jessica, are you ready to go?" Sarah also happened to be the designated driver.
"I really want to stay" Ashley said
"I can drive you home." Chimed in Mathew. "I am good to drive."
"Well thanks for the offer but as much as I want to stay I need to go too. I have stuff to do tomorrow as well." Ashley replied. She began to get out of the hot tub with Sarah and looked at Jessica and said, "You ready Jessica? Let's go."
Jessica wasn't shocked that Ashley just assumed that she would go with them but at the same time she was a tad offended. What if I want to stay? Maybe I could get a ride home from Mathew.
"No thanks but I think I'll as long as you will follow up on that offer Mathew." The words came out of her mouth before she thought about it. She hardly knew this guy, I am sure he is safe but who knows. Now I just kind of obligated myself to have him drive me home and it is already midnight.
"Fine by me" replied Mathew.
"Ok see you all later then." Sarah and Ashley kind of said together and then they were gone in a flash. Jessica realized the party had really died down too and that they were the only people outside. Everyone else was inside.
Jessica, Micah, Mathew, and Josh continued to talk for about another hour. Everyone grabbed another drink, and the combination of sitting in a hot tub for two hours, and the several drinks she had, Jessica realized she was feeling pretty drunk.
"Well guys it is late and I need to go to bed so I am headed home." Micah said. "Do you need a ride Josh or are you staying?"
"No I'll leave now too and take that ride. Nice seeing you again Mathew! Jessica since we are both leaving do you want us to give you a ride?"
Jessica didn't know how to respond. She wasn't sure what she wanted to do. She would like to get a ride home with Mathew but she didn't want to say that, it would make her sound eager or maybe give off the wrong signal. She really wish Josh hadn't said anything at all and was about to respond when Mathew looked at Josh and said, "That's ok man I appreciate you trying to help me out so I don't have to drive someone home than trek back here but Jessica lives way out of your way. Jessica weren't you telling me that you live in Crimson Park?"
"Yes I do. What you really mind? I hate to have you drive me all the way out there. I would really appreciate it though."
"It really is fine. I do not mind at all."
"Cool so we are settled?" Josh said. Everyone looked at each other and kind of gave nods or shrugs affirming Josh's question. "Cool see everyone later."

With that Josh and Micah split and Jessica and Mathew were remaining.
"Let me go get you a towel. I am going to change into some dry clothes too so I do not have to drive over to your place in a wet swimsuit. Can you give me five minutes?" Asked Mathew.
"Yeah no problem, can I meet you in the Kitchen."

"Sure see you in a bit."
Jessica hated waiting. She was so nervous about spending one on one time in the car with Mathew. Hopefully their conversation didn't filter out when it was just the two of them. He was hoping he may ask her out or something too, she would like that. Her most recent relationship ended about six months ago. There was nothing wrong with her old boyfriend but things just didn't work out. There didn't seem to be a lot of passion in the relationship and frankly when he broke up with her Jessica was slightly relieved. She was tired of standing in the kitchen so she moved over to a couch in the living room. She left her towel over the back of a chair and was just in her swim cover and bikini.

Mathew returned and without saying anything just plopped down on the couch next to Jessica. Both looking forward Mathew spoke first, "So you ready to get out of here? I can have you home in about twenty minutes." He hit his knees and began to stand up and walk away.

Jessica was interested in staying. She didn't know what to say though. She didn't know why because she was fighting her emotions. She wanted to stay but on the other hand part of her felt it was wrong. She resigned to herself that she was going to leave and maybe she could see Mathew in the future, they did have a whole car ride ahead. Just as she was about to say something Mathew interrupted her, breaking the silence again, "You could stay as well, I have an extra bedroom and we could watch a movie if you don't want to drive home tonight."

"Well I don't really have any other clothes."
"Right, swim party, I forgot. Well we best be going."
"But... I will watch a movie with you if you want."

Jessica and Mathew both smiled. It was a great out, Jessica had a sense that Mathew was looking for one too. "Well sorry, I said we should watch a movie but I actually don't have any, I never really but them. I do have cable though, maybe we can look at the movie channels see what is on?"
"Sure that sounds good."
Mathew turned on the TV. "Well let's just turn it to HBO, channel 650." Mathew said as he was punching the numbers into the remote. What came up made Jessica go red. It just so happened that there was a sex scene on the television from that stupid Tru Blood series, and it was pretty. Jessica could feel herself get hot, not just because of the content though, she had seen it before and it was really quite silly and had never made her feel like this. It must have been the environment of sex on TV while she was sitting by a guy who kept slipping into her mind in sex scenarios. She definitely was going to say anything, how awkward would that be? Mathew broke the awkward silence again, this time not with words though; she felt his right hand on her leg right above her right knee. At the same time she could sense his breath on the right side of her neck as she he leaned in. He was kissing her on the neck and rubbing her leg. Then he stopped and backed his head away while keeping his hand on her leg. Jessica was wondering why he quit but then realized he was looking for affirmation. Jessica turned into him ever so slightly, and started lifting her left arm up to meet his face.
Mathew clearly got the signal because while she was moving in he quickly moved his hand from her knee to the small of her back and began to pull her in to his body. His left hand caught her right breast as she was moving in and their lips locked. It happened so quickly, a moment ago just sitting there and now they were facing each other kissing. Mathew was kneading her breast as she felt his other hand move down her back to her ass where he squeezed, hard.

Jessica enjoyed the sensation and could feel her heart quickening. Her arms were wrapped around his neck and her breasts were pushing against him. Mathew removed his hand from her breast and threw it around her neck so now she was totally pulled into him. His hand on her ass kept pulling her in and releasing her so that she was gyrating against him. She could feel his dick through his pants when he pulled her in.

Mathew moved his hand away from her ass and pushed against her left shoulder shoving her into the couch so that she was facing forward again and their embrace broke. Mathew shifted away but quickly came back turning her head towards and reengaging her in a kiss. His right hand grabbed her left breast but it did not linger there long, he slowly removed it and put it on her ribs as he slid down her body toward her bottoms. Jessica was excited; time seemed to drag on as he was teasing her with his slow descent. Then he was there, at the bottoms. His hand kept moving down sliding underneath the bottoms and over the top of her pussy. Jessica could tell she was wet as he made contact. Mathew's fingers lingered briefly on the outside rubbing her firmly before he inserted his finger.

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