tagMind ControlChanged Ch. 01

Changed Ch. 01


I want to tell you about something that happened a while ago that changed my life.

My name is Mary and I am an engineer for a small environmental engineering company in New England. I am 26 years old and live with my best friend Julia Cho in a condo near the beach on Cape Cod. My work for the environmental company takes me all over New England and I get to see many different things.

On one trip I was in a small coastal Maine town taking soil samples from a trench that a construction company had dug. They were installing a new water pipe and had dug into an old oil tank and the foreman thought the ground was contaminated so my company was called to investigate.

As I was bent over in the trench digging out a sample I saw something sparkle in the dirt. I brushed the soil away and found a large ring. It looked like steel or iron, but it wasn’t rusted at all.

Just then my phone rang. Distracted by the phone conversation I dropped the ring into the pocket of my jacket and forgot about it.

I completed my samples, packaged them up and got in my Land Rover for the long ride back home. I had spent the last few days in a cheap hotel room and was looking forward to hot bath and sleeping in my own bed tonight.

Four hours late I finally pulled into my parking spot. Tired and cranky form the long ride and the traffic. I climbed the stairs up to the front door and dragged my self inside. The place was dark, Julia wasn’t home yet. Going straight to the bathroom I turned on the tub and let it fill with hot water. I went to the kitchen, got a glass of wine and grabbed some cheese and crackers. On the way back I stopped in the living room and grabbed a book that I’ve been meaning to read for a month and haven’t had time to even look at.

I went into the bathroom, stripped off my jacket and clothes and settled into the hot water. It felt wonderful. After a few sips of wine I opened my book, nibbled on a cracker and started to really relax.

My relaxation was disturbed about ten seconds later by an cheery electronic “Beep be de beep be de beep ba beep!” My cell phone, it was in my jacket pocket, which was sitting 2 feet away on the sink. I sat there and seriously considered flushing the damn thing down the toilet. I wasn’t going to answer but then my mind started thinking that it might be important, or better yet it might be Anthony, the guy at the office I have been shamelessly flirting with for months.

I reached for the jacket and pulled it off and fumbled around in the pockets trying to locate the phone, as I did I heard a metallic “Ting” as something hit the floor. I couldn’t see what it was and just then my fingers found the phone and I yanked it out. I looked at the screen, it was Julia. I flipped it open.

“Hi. Are you back yet?” She asked in her perpetually bubbly, happy sounding voice.

It seems like Julia is always happy and cheery. She had a perpetual smile on her pretty Asian face. Julia is of Chinese descent. Her mother and father immigrated to the USA before she was born and worked in the vineyards of the California. Julia grew up there and moved to Boston to attended college. We were roommates freshman year and have been best friends ever since.

“Yeah, I just got in, I’m soaking in the tub, trying to relax.” I said, putting a little emphasis on ‘trying‘.

“Cool, well I’ll be home in about an hour, want me to pick up something to eat? How about a pizza?”

“That sounds good, I should be pretty waterlogged by then.”

“Great see ya in a little while” and she hung up.

As I reached over to put the phone back on the sink stand I caught sight of what had fallen on the floor. It was that ring I had picked up. I scooped it up and looked at it more closely. Most of the dirt had been brushed off while it was in my pocket and I could now see it better. It definitely wasn’t gold or even silver. More like steel but it wasn’t rusted so maybe it was nickel. It also wasn’t smooth like modern jewelry, it was a little rough like something made by a blacksmith. It was pretty big too, definitely a man’s ring not a woman’s. It really didn’t even look like jewelry, it was too big even for a man’s ring. Maybe something some farmer dropped or… who knew? Could have been anything.

Purely because it seemed the thing to do I slipped it onto the thumb of my right hand. I was way too big, I could have fit both my thumbs into it. I was just about to pull it off and toss it in the trash when to my shock, it shrank down and fitted itself to my thumb. Scarred I tried to yank it off but it wouldn’t come off, it was stuck tight. I yanked and pulled at it but all I was doing was hurting myself.

Seriously freaked out and shaking a little form the shock I tried to clam myself, OK, what do I do? How do I get this off? Slide it off? How? Hand cream! I’ll use some cream, then I can slip it off.

I jumped out of the tub, splashing water all over the bathroom and made a lunge for the cabinet. As I pulled open the cabinet door I realized suddenly that the ring was getting hot… very, very hot. It hurt! It was burning, I looked at it and it was glowing with a dull red color.

Panicked I stuck my hand into the tub to cool it, it didn’t help, it was getting even hotter. My whole arm was getting hot. It felt like I was slowly stepping under a scalding hot shower. I screamed and collapsed on the floor.

Suddenly it all stopped and I felt normal. There was no sense that anything had happened, no pain, no marks, nothing.

“What the hell was that!” I said to the empty room, not expecting an answer. I got one anyway.

That was the start of The Bond. If you are ready we will now complete The Bond. said a feminine voice from somewhere.

“Who the hell said that!” I said to the empty room as I looked around wildly.

I did. Came the voice.

I realized then that the voice wasn’t really spoken, it was in my head. “And who the hell are you, where are you?!”

I am, or more accurately was, the Royal Sorceress Marcellene, and right now I am wrapped around you finger. The voice returned in a pleasant tone.

Standing in the middle of the bathroom naked, dripping water all over the floor, I looked at the ring in horror and wonder. “If you’re a sorceress then why do you look like a ring, and why did you hurt me, and how are you talking to me, and, and, and… WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!!!” This last part came out as a hysterical scream as my brain was rapidly approaching the point of overload.

I immediately felt a cool, soothing feeling wash through me and I involuntarily took a deep soothing breath, it felt wonderful. I began to relax even though I didn’t know why.

Please be calm and I will explain everything to you. As I have said, I was the Royal Sorceress Marcellene. I served Emperor Natora who ruled the northern tribes over 5000 years ago. My life force was trapped in this ring by mistake when I tried to create a powerful magical item for him and I have been trapped here ever since. I have been worn by hundreds of men over the years who used my powers to become rich and powerful men, some built huge empires and controlled the destiny of millions. The last man who wore me was a Viking about 600 or 700 years ago, he seized me from my previous master during a raid. He then came to America with a Viking fleet to try to found a colony but he was killed and I was dropped into the mud where I have been lying for many centuries, hoping another man would find me so I could bond with him. You are the first woman who has ever put me on. I did not think a woman would want my powers but you have put me on and you shall have them when The Bond is completed. The voice concluded in a pleasant, soothing tone.

I thought that was pretty far from explaining everything but at least it was a start. OK, the basics. “Who was Emporer Natora? What do you mean by ‘creating an object’? What kind of object were you trying to create and how did you become trapped?”

Emporer Natora was a horrible tyrant whose only love was power, it was the only thing he wanted, nothing else mattered to him. When he turned 60 his advisors warned him that he had no heir and that when he died the throne would pass to his sisters son whom he hated, and in fact had tried to have killed several times. Natora needed to take a wife and have a child but he was too old, 60 was very old 5000 years ago, and he could no longer be with a woman in that way. He did not even desire them any more. He was also quite horrible to look upon, his face disfigured from diseases and many battles. Women shrank away from him when he came near.

I was to create a potion that would make him desire women again and be able to be with a woman again. It was also to give him the ability to charm women, at least long enough to copulate. It was a simple thing for a sorceress of my power but something went wrong. When I was saying the incantations over the bottle of liquid I sneezed. The voice paused, then continued on, seemingly heavy with sadness, so simple a thing to start 5000 years of confinement. Such a simple, silly little thing… a sneeze
. The voice sighed heavily and continued. The spell I was weaving exploded in my face, I was killed instantly, my body torn apart by the magic, but I was not destined to die. The iron ring that hung by a fine chain between my breasts, the symbol of a royal sorceress, somehow absorbed the shattered spell and my life force. The spell and I became bonded together and to the ring, forever.

I felt a wave of intense sorrow and loss for Marcellene. To be trapped, without a body for thousands of years was a fate to horrible to contemplate just now. I couldn’t bear to think about it, I felt sick with despair. I needed to get that vision out of my head so I asked another question. “You said that you had never bonded with a woman before and that no woman would want your power. Why is that?”

When the spell shattered it was twisted and magnified a thousand times. The spell no longer grants the receiver a charm that allows him to seduce women temporarily. It gives the receiver the ability to control any woman, all women, completely in soul and in body. He gains complete control of her soul, the ability to change her every thought and dictate her deepest darkest desires. He also gains total control of her body, her physical form, to shape her into whatever form he wishes for her, whatever vision of beauty or horror he sees fit. No woman can resist my master. The woman of his choosing will changed into whatever he wishes and do whatever he wishes.

“That’s horrible!” I cried out. “To be changed into whatever someone else want’s you to be! How can you allow that!?”

I have no choice. I am bonded to the spell and the ring. When the ring is put on a man then I become bonded to him and he my master. My master is granted my powers.

“Is there anything else?” I asked with a growing dread, looking down at the ring on my finger. Frantically trying to figure out how to get rid of this cursed thing.

Yes. If you remember I said the spell also had to make the Emperor desire women again. When the spell shattered sexual desires the spell was supposed to impart also changed. The receiver now becomes addicted to women and the pleasure they can give him. The pleasure that women can give him also becomes much, much more intense. All sexual sensations are greatly magnified. Climaxes are reached very quickly, are much, much more powerful and last many times longer, and they can be had repeatedly. It is this desire to be with women that made me wonder why you put me on. I would not think that a woman would want these desires. But you have put me on and so we will now complete the bond.

“NO!” I screamed.


“I don’t like girls that way! I don’t want to like girls! I… I… I like guys! I don’t want to be a… a… a lesbian! I don’t want The Bond! Just go away and leave me alone!” I was stuttering while I yelled, my thought’s were getting very confused as I started to panic.

But it is too late, The Bond has been started, it cannot be stopped. If you did not want my powers you should not have put me on. The ring said flatly.

“NO!” I screamed as I felt the heat flare up in my hand again, quickly spreading through my body. “NOOOOOOOO!” My arms and chest felt like they were on fire, I could feel the fire creeping up my neck and down my legs. When it reached my head I passed out.

I woke up to the sound of a knock on the door. “Mary, you in there? You OK?”

It was Julia, she sounded a little worried.

I sat up and looked around. I was lying on the bathroom floor, naked. Wow, that was strange, what a dream.

“I’m fine. I must have just dosed off. I’ll be out in a minute.” I called out to her.

What the hell had happened? Was that a dream or was it real? Did this ring really bond with me? I didn’t feel any different. No, it was just some crazy dream, but why was I on the bathroom floor naked? At that moment I realized my head hurt and I put my hands up to rub my temples. When my fingers touched my forehead I felt a bump on my left temple. That’s what happened. I had fallen and hit my head. I had dreamed it all. I slipped trying to get the ring off, hit my head and dreamed it all. It had seemed so real but it couldn’t be, that’s just crazy.

I tried to pull off the ring but it was stuck tight. Hadn’t it been too big? No that was just in the dream, it must have been this size before, metal rings don’t just change size on their own. It was a little too small and I stupidly pushed it onto my thumb and now it was stuck. Well, maybe Julia could help me get it off. I dried off, wrapped a robe around myself and went out to get something to eat. Julia had gotten a pizza and it smelled wonderful.

Julia was standing by the door with a concerned look on her face. “Are you OK? I’ve been calling you for about five minutes?” She looked closer, “What’s that bruise on the side of your head at the hairline?”

“I think I must have fallen getting out of the tub and hit my head. I think I blacked out.”

She now looked very concerned “Come sit down and rest. Do you want me to call and ambulance for you?”

“No, no, I’m fine, really. Don’t be such a mother hen. I’m fine. All I really need is some of that pizza, it smells great.” I said with as much gusto as I could manage.

Julia didn’t look convinced but sat down on one of the stools at the counter to eat. I walked over and sat down next to her. Julia had also gotten out a bottle of wine.

The pizza was delicious and after a couple of pieces, and a couple of glasses, we were both laughing and joking again.

I looked closely at Julia as I ate. For the first time in years, really studied her. Shoulder length black hair, dark, dark brown, almost black, slanted, Asian eyes. She had a slim, tight body with small firm breasts. Short at only about five foot two inches. She maintained her trim body with an hour of aerobics a day. She was really very beautiful.

I bet she looks really good naked.

Where the hell did that thought come from? Why would I think that? I’m not interested in her that way, she’s my best friend. Why would I want to see her naked?

I want to see her naked because I want to have sex her.

What!!?? What was I thinking? She’s my best friend! I can’t have sex with her. Why was I thinking like this? It was like someone else was planting thoughts in my head. I was starting to feel a little lightheaded.

“So what do you want to do tonight?” Julia asked interrupting my churning thoughts.

The thought that immediately came into my head was, “I want to watch you climb up onto the counter and play with yourself.” I didn’t say it out loud but just the idea of it struck me with a little bit of horror, where were these thought coming from. I’ve lived with her for years and never thought that before. What was wrong with me? But what happened next almost knocked me off the stool.

Julia climbed up onto the counter and started to strip.

“What are you doing?!” I said, the worried tone in my voice was hard to miss, all of this was rapidly becoming very unreal.

“I just felt I had to play with myself for you. I knew that you’d like to watch me fuck myself.” Julia said in a soft, sexy voice.

I was speechless. This was just what I had wanted, but I didn’t really want it, did I? I was so confused. Conflicting thoughts were running around inside my head looking for a way out. I felt dizzy with confusion, and with desire. It was the first time in my life I had ever felt desire for another woman and it terrified me. What was going on? I was becoming very turned on, my nipples were rock hard and I could feel my wetness soaking my bathrobe.

Julia was now naked and she lay down on the counter and started to play with her already wet pussy and her small hard, pink nipples. She slipped a finger into herself and moaned.

“Oh! Oh yeah! It feels so good! I’m so wet, look at me, look at my cunt! ” and she opened her legs and held open her pussy with her fingers. She was very wet. Her bright pink pussy was covered by sparse, soft black hair. She was clearly very turned on. “I’m wet for you! I’m turned on just for you! Ooohhh!” She moaned out louder as she slipped two fingers inside herself.

“I want to watch you cum.” I thought to myself, then I realized I had actually said it out loud.

“Oh, OH, OH, YES, YES AAAAAHHHHH!!! I’m CUMMING! I’m cumming for YOU! OOOOOHHHH!!!” Julia screamed out as she came. He body writhed and thrashed on the countertop. Her juices soaked the counter as she continued to furiously finger her pussy.

It was a wild sight, I had never known anyone could cum on command. It was incredibly sexy and exciting. She had fucked herself because I wanted her to I had made her cum just by saying it. This new power was a heady rush. After watching Julia’s lewd display I was now on fire, I had never been so turned on in my life. I needed release, I needed sex, I needed Julia! I gave into my lust. I had to have her.

“Get over here and eat my pussy.” I commanded her.

I almost came before she even touched me. Just the sight of this beautiful girl hopping down and putting her face between my legs made me hotter than I had ever been in my life. Then her tongue hit my pussy.

The ring on my finger flared with heat, the Ring! The dream, it had been real! The ring was changing me. No, I didn’t want to be changed, I tried to resist but my mind exploded with visions of beautiful women, big beautiful breasts, shapely tight asses and wet pussies. Of controlling every woman I met! Of having sex with any woman I wanted. I could, I had the power to control their minds and bodies. The ring on my finger flared with heat again. The Bonding was complete, the ring had changed me, forever.

“Oooohhh Julia, that’s soooo good! Oh yeah, eat me you little slut. Ooooooohhhhh!” A long moan escaped my lips. This was heaven. Julia would do anything I wanted her to. She was mine. But even through my sex crazed thoughts I wondered how much had I changed Julia, what had I done to her?

“Julia, what about your boyfriend?” I managed to get out between moans. She had a steady boyfriend, Jack. I thought he was a jerk but she stuck with him for some reason.

Julia pulled her face out from between my legs and smiled up at me, her face wet with my juice, “Who? Jack?” She looked confused for a moment then “I’m done with Jack, guys just don’t seem do anything for me anymore for some reason. It’s girls that really turn me on now!” With that, she put her face back between my legs and continued eating me out.

I had changed her just by wanting it. This was too good to be true! At that moment Julia slid her tongue deep inside me and I felt myself going over the edge.

“Oh Julia! You’re making me cum! Oooohhhh! Cum with me! Cum with MEEEEE!!!!” I cried out as the most intense orgasm of my life exploded through my body. I convulsed as wave after wave of white hot ecstasy surged through my veins. “Oh Julia, JULIA, AAAAHHHH!!!!”

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