tagNovels and NovellasChanges Ch. 06

Changes Ch. 06


CHAPTER 6 (Back to Alice)

"Well folks, that will wind up our activities for tonight, thank you so much for your participation. Now, let me go over the rules by which each of you must comply. Remember the collars are swift to correct any inappropriate act or action, and you are being monitored by video and audio at all times. First, you may talk with each other at any time you are not involved in any activity outside your cells. Any activity outside your cells will require complete silence unless you are asked a specific question, and then you are required to answer immediately, completely and truthfully, as well as with proper respect for me or any other attendant. Second, all commands will be followed without hesitation. Other than that, you really don't have anything else you have to do, because we will control everything."

"Due to the differenting kinds of treatments and the need for safeguards, Alice, you and April will share quarters, Amy you will have your own cell. Keith, you and Allen will also share accommodations, while Robert will have to be isolated. Meals and showers will be provided, and each of you will be given your own treatment and training schedules. For now, goodnight." And with that he left.

Two women assistants came in and took me and April to a shower facility. We were allowed to shower and use the bathroom, then they escorted us to a small room that had a metal bed/shelf that had a mattress extending from the longer solid white wall. That was all that was in the room. The front wall was clear Plexiglas and looked out onto a larger room. The large center room had a table, the milking machine, the exam table, lots of exercise equipment and several other items arranged at various intervals throughout it. The other rooms that held the men could be seen across the room. I assumed that Amy's room was next to ours on the same side of the room.

After everyone had been allowed to shower and placed in their respective rooms food was brought into the main center room and placed on the table. The doors to our rooms were opened and we were sent to the table to eat. It was very weird walking around with all of us totally nude, but there obviously was no other choice. Since we were not allowed to talk, the silence was eerie. Here I was with all my family sitting down to eat a meal just like we would be doing at home, except we were all completely nude. And somehow the nudity was making me horny.

When we got to the table everyone sat down except Keith. It took just a second to see that there was no place set for, or plate of food for him. One of the male assistants was at the head of the table, and as we sat down he stated:

"Each of you will sit down and eat the meal that is set before you. Keith, however must begin his training to develop the new role and servile position that will be required of him. As you eat, Keith will be quietly moving beneath the table, servicing each of you orally as you eat. He will not be allowed to eat until each of you has been serviced to orgasm. Then and only then will he be given an allocation of food. You are not to deny him access or in any way assist him, other than giving him free and as easy access to your penis or vagina as the case may be."

I felt so sorry for him. He had never been a very dominate person, and now to see him so meekly accepting these indignities was heartbreaking for me. He was my husband, and here he was being treated like the proverbial mistreated step-child, only worse. He was already under the table, and apparently I was first. I felt his head pushing its way up between my legs, headed straight for my pussy. I felt so sorry for him, but my body was cheering this turn of events, because it wanted more attention. It didn't take him long to get to the heart of the matter, and my pussy was ready and waiting. I really didn't want to seem so eager to debase him like this, but oh how my body wanted to be pleasured. My juices were already beginning to run out or me, and he hadn't even touched me there yet. But then he did, and I almost screamed from the pleasure his tongue brought. How could I eat with him running his tongue up along my pussy lip, so lightly feathering it touch along the very edge of the exposed lip. Up one and down the other, then pressing his tongue flat he took a long flat lick up, pressing against both lips at once. At the top his tongue grazed against my quickly swelling clit, and then he began flickering it with the tip of his tongue, moving it back and forth with quick flicks of his hot tongue.

It felt so damn good, I lost the will to care about who it was doing it or under what circumstances this was happening. I just needed it to keep happening. My eyes were closed and all I could do was sit there and let him eat me to orgasm, and it wasn't going to take long. He took his tongue and made it into a thick roundness and began pushing it up into my open hole, drawing out my flowing nectar while smashing the end of his nose up against my clit and rubbing it in small circles. I could feel my toes beginning to curl up and my hands just gripped the edge of the table. Who the hell could eat with someone's tongue doing such delicious things in your pussy. My nipples were so hard and I wanted to take my hands and play with them, to pinch and pull on them to increase my building arousal, but I knew I was not allowed to "help" Keith bring about my orgasm. It was building though, and when he brought his mouth up and began actually sucking on my clit as his teeth gently nipped and pulled on it, I went off yet again. I had never in my life had so many orgasms in so short a time frame. I barely noticed as Keith moved on down the table to April.

One by one I watched, nibbling at my food as my husband Keith used his mouth to bring his two daughters to orgasm. April was embarrassed, knowing it was her own father now licking and tongue fucking her open pussy, but she managed to keep her mouth shut and let it happen. Poor Amy however didn't fare as well. She tried to keep it from happening, which caused her to suffer the pain of several electric shocks. When she finally relented and opened her legs, tears were flowing down her cheeks. I wanted so much to be able to reach out and comfort her, but we were not allowed to touch each other outside our cells, unless given a direct command to do so. Amy was so overcome with the shame and guilt, it took Keith a lot longer to bring her climax than it should have. Finally though, her body stiffened and she cried out her release.

As I continued to eat, Keith next had to bring the two boys to their orgasms. This hurt me more than anything I had been through so far. My husband was now being forced to suck cocks, one belonging to his own son. I could not begin to imagine the shame and feelings of hopelessness that Keith was feeling, I was feeling so humiliated I almost could not hold my head up. Keith, to his credit, never seemed to hesitate or refuse. He moved from Amy over to Allen without incident.

Allen was beet red as his father wrapped his mouth around his small cock. Allen was 18 years old and only sported a 4" cock when it was rock hard. He must not have had many, if any blow jobs in his young life, because it didn't take Keith any time at all to obviously get him to cum. Then Keith had to fellate Robert.

Robert also put up a fight, a big fight. Robert's collar had to be used until Robert passed out. This of course caused quite a delay in the completion of the meal. Finally, after they brought him back to consciousness, he let Keith suck him off. That took forever also. Finally, however, everyone had had their orgasm and the meal was as finished as it was ever going to be. The sent us all back to our rooms except Keith. Keith was finally given his meal, but it seemed to be about half as much as any of us had gotten. I felt so sorry for him, I wanted to hold him and help him, but they wouldn't let me even say a single word of support or love for him out loud. Tears ran down my face seeing how he was being treated.

When we got back into our cell, April took me into her arms and held me as I cried. She knew how I hurt for Keith, and I found such comfort and caring in her arms, I just let it all go. I had been intimate with a woman back in college, and through my emotional torment, the softness and subtle sexiness of my daughter's nude body began bringing back fond memories of my times with my lover from years ago. Before I knew it we were both letting our hands wander all over each other, and then as I turned my head to look at my lovely daughter, her head turned also and our lips met. We kissed then, for the first time, no longer mother and daughter, but two women who needed each other. Her tongue snaked out, and I let it invade my open mouth, letting my own tongue entwine with hers. As our kiss continued, building in intensity and passion, our bodies moved into each other with more urgency. The moment our nipples brushed and then mashed into each other a tidal wave of passion swept through my entire body. I wanted and needed the pleasure April's soft subtle body was offering, and my body was responding, telegraphing my need to her. We both knew we were reacting to the drugs we had been injected with, but it no longer mattered. The need was all that mattered. We fell back onto the bed lips locked to one another and hands exploring the soft yet unfamiliar curves of each other's bodies. April had taken the lead, and I was only too happy to follow along.

Her mouth moved from mine, trailing soft butterfly kisses along my cheek to my ear. Her tongue snaked out and first flicked my earlobe, then licked and tickled behind and then even into my ear. This sent shivers of passion washing over me over and over again. Her hands were gently plying my breasts, as mine were hers. Then we were both suckling on one of the others breast, using tongue and teeth in just the right combination, teasing and toying with each tender inch of exposed skin. It was plain to see that April's nipples were as sensitive as my own from the groans and sighs she let escape as I suckled and nibbled on them. Of course my own body was responding to her slightly more forceful manipulations. Somehow she had figured out that I responded better to a little more painful breast stimulation, so she would bite down on my nipples a little harder, and was grabbing and pulling on my breasts harder than I was on hers. Her fingers would pull and pinch my elongated nipples, twisting and pinching them harder and harder. She had me panting with the desire she was building up in me. Her fingers of her other hand had found their way into my sopping wet pussy, and she had three fingers plowing into my flowing pot of honey, running in and out as well as twisting about, giving me good, full contact all through my open pussy. Her knuckles were rubbing up against my swollen clit as she twisted her hand about, causing wave after wave of pleasure to run rampant through my entire body. I was not being a selfish one though. My fingers were playing a duplicate dance of passion in her wet and willing pussy. After several minutes of her exquisite toying with my breasts, she moved on down. Her tongue and lips found my waiting pussy.

April took her tongue and danced it along my swollen labia, passing over my throbbing clit without touching it. Her teeth began to lightly nibble on my swollen lips as her tongue snaked in and out of my opening, swirling around as it went. As she nibbled, she would pull on them, stretching them out, given better access to my inner folds of tender tissue. I don't know where she learned to give such pleasure, but I was extremely glad she had, because it felt so wonderful. My own tongue and teet and lips were busy returning as much pleasure as I could. Her sweet young pussy had a very mellow, pleasing taste. I enjoyed lapping up her flowing juices, just as she was doing to me. We continued pleasuring each other, locked in the classic 69 position for a long time, both of us having had many orgasms already. We did finally bring each other over the hump, both cumming in a final release of tension and need. Then April crawled back around and we held each other, both bodies simply locked tight against each other, floating in the delightful haze of complete satisfaction.

We lay there together, all but drifting off into a peaceful and embracing sleep, when we were startled out of our mellowness by the command to enter the main room. We untangled ourselves and moved on legs made of jello out once more into the main room. There we saw Amy secured to two posts, each running from floor to ceiling and about a foot or so in diameter. They were spaced about six feet apart. Her feet were secured by locking ankle cuffs to a chain secured to the posts near the floor, and her arms were held out and a little up from her body, again secured by wrist cuffs and a chain which was also secured to the posts up near the ceiling. There were two male attendants one standing in front and to her right side, the other was behind her and off to her left side.

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