tagCelebrities & Fan FictionCharlie's Angels: No Blonds Allowed

Charlie's Angels: No Blonds Allowed


Kelly came out of her morning shower to hear the phone ringing, and rushed to answer it. "Hello?"

"Hey Kelly, it's me, Sabrina."

"Oh hi Bri," she yawned, still a little sleepy.

"I hate to ruin your morning, but we have to go to the office."

"Work?" Kelly pouted. "I thought Charlie said we had Thursday and Friday off."

"He did, but this is important and it won't take long."

Kelly sighed, brushing her wet hair out of her face. "What time?"


"Fine. Should I call Jill?"

"No, I already did."

"Ok, I'll see you in awhile."

"Alright, bye." Sabrina listened to the phone click and line go silent. She smiled devilishly to herself and hung up.

She had not called Jill. Charlie had not called her, either. There was no work today. Only play. Her pussy already tingled in anticipation for what she had in mind. She checked her watch and read 8:56. Wanting to get there before Kelly, she grabbed her keys and headed out the door.

The simple reason was that Sabrina missed Kelly. They had been spending time together of course, and having sex together, but they hadn't been alone for a long time. She loved Kris and Jill too, but she needed to spend some time alone with each of her friends.

She unlocked the office door and slipped inside, taking a seat in Bosley's comfy chair. There was still more than a half hour until Kelly was supposed to arrive, making Sabrina wish she'd picked a time earlier than 10. She put her feet up on the desk and leaned back, daydreaming to pass the time. The office was empty and quiet without her friends chatting, Bosley lecturing, Charlie buzzing through the speaker.

Hearing a car door shut outside, Sabrina peeked out the window. On the street below, Kelly slung her purse over her shoulder and disappeared from view, heading toward the building entrance. Sabrina waited in front of the white, ornate office doors. Even though she had spent a thousand intimate evenings with Kelly, she had a little case of the jitters. After a couple of moments that seemed like an eternity, the handle turned and Kelly stepped inside. She looked stunning as usual, in a modest white blouse and long gray skirt. She was slightly surprised to see the office empty except for Sabrina, the fireplace flickering orange, no papers or files on the tables.

"Hi, Sabrina," she said, shutting the door behind her.

"Hi, Kelly." She slipped her arms comfortably around Kelly's waist and kissed her. It was a nice, slow greeting kiss, open mouth but no tongue. Kelly didn't know what was going on, but her eyes closed and her hands found Sabrina's waist.

After a moment it ended, and Sabrina opened her eyes again to look at her beautiful friend. Her skin was flawless like a porcelain doll, framed with long, shiny waves of chestnut. Her pouty lips; a delicious, natural, rosy pink that glistened under the gloss she liked to wear. Right now they were slightly parted, showing a hint of the perfect pearly whites inside. Just above, that nice little nose that every woman wishes she had. Still higher, those big, beautiful blue eyes that you could get lost in if you weren't careful. They conveyed every hint of Kelly's moods and feelings, and with a single glance at them, Sabrina knew exactly what she should do. Whether she needed a comforting hug, a back rub, a friendly ear, a stiff drink, a bad joke, or some good loving, Sabrina was always ready to provide. There was a certain-



"You're staring." It was true.

"It's easy to do." She eyed Kelly's lips and then kissed them again, briefly.

"You know if Bosley finds us again-"

"Bosley won't find us." Another kiss.

"Well, Charlie's still-"

"Charlie isn't calling." Another kiss, this time much longer.

"I think I understand," Kelly said after her eyelids fluttered open.

"Good." Sabrina smiled, and took Kelly's purse from her, leading her over to the bar and pulling out a stool. Kelly took a seat. "Would you care for a drink?"

"I'd love one."

Sabrina went behind the bar and the clinking of glasses ensued.

"Brandy OK?"

"Sure." She looked at the crackling fire, a nice romantic touch on this cold morning.

She handed a glass to Kelly, presenting it with an elegant flourish.

"Thank you."

"Here's to the day off." Sabrina smirked. They clinked their glasses and sipped. Each could feel a warmth spreading inside her, and not just from the alcohol.

"I should have guessed, knowing how your mind works," Kelly said. "Why the office, though?"

"Why does the office have to be strictly a place of business? I think a few more private memories would make it a little more homey, don't you?"

Kelly smiled. "I like the way you think." She sipped her drink. "Are Jill and Kris coming?"

"No blondes allowed. I want you all to myself today," Sabrina answered.

Kelly chuckled. "We haven't had much time alone lately, have we?"

"Not nearly enough, no."

Kelly drained the last of her brandy.

"If you're trying to out-drink me," Sabrina warned, "you already know you can't win." She gulped hers empty as well.

"Well, we'll settle that score some other time." She took the glass from Sabrina's hand and set it down, out of the way, and leaned over the bar to kiss her.

When Sabrina's soft tongue slipped into her mouth, she was in heaven. She kissed back harder, taking Sabrina's face in her hands as they shared a slow, deep french kiss. When they parted, the room was completely silent. Neither woman heard the dull traffic outside, or the quietly crackling fire. All other senses had been diverted into touch. Every nerve was on fire, becoming restless, knowing what was going to happen. They looked at one another closely, from eye to eye.

Their lips and tongues played upon each other for longer this time, growing more hungry with passion for each other, their breathing getting more excited with each moment. Sabrina moaned quietly.

She felt Kelly's hands slide down to her waist while they kissed. Her fingers hooked in the belt loops and tugged urgently, pulling Sabrina into the bar. It was very much in the way. Instead of walking around it, Sabrina used her burning adrenaline rush to lunge forward, hoist herself up, and sit on top of the bar. Her legs hung down on the other side.

Kelly, pleased with this new arrangement, stood between her legs and felt them promptly lock behind her. Her arms encircled Sabrina, her hands running down to cup her ass.

On top of the bar, Sabrina was several inches higher, and had to bow her head to reach her lover's hungry lips again.

Kelly took advantage of this position. She began to kiss down the side of Sabrina's face, along her jaw line; down her throat, sucking just gently enough not to leave marks; unbuttoning her top all the while. It slipped easily off her shoulders and fell to the floor behind the bar, exposing her pert breasts at convenient mouth level. Kelly smiled, noting that she'd gone bra-less on purpose.

She nuzzled her face between them, parting her lips now and then to kiss the soft flesh. Once her lips sealed around a hard, pink nipple, Sabrina tilted her head back and moaned. Kelly nuzzled all around her now outstretched neck, licking and kissing before continuing to suckle. Her talented, wet lips raised goosebumps on Sabrina's skin.

Just as it always did, one of Kelly's hands slipped between Sabrina's legs, rubbing softly at her inner thigh. Soon she was cupping and rubbing the crotch of her pants. A warm, wet spot was beginning to soak through. Kelly rubbed it a little harder with a single finger, feeling it spread slightly. Sabrina's hips were beginning to move while she rubbed, and she was making little noises in her throat.

While Kelly lapped at the other nipple, her fingers undid Sabrina's button and zipper, tugging her pants down. Sabrina wiggled out of them, letting Kelly pull them all the way off. She had no panties on, either, and her bush was neatly shaved into a short strip. Obviously, she had done it just this morning. Kelly smiled to herself and slipped her hand between Sabrina's thighs again, cupping her sex. She slid her hand up, trailing her fingers up Sabrina's warm pussy lips, past her clit, into her short hair, then back down very slowly. Soon her palm was coated in hot, wet juice.

On one downstroke, one long, slender digit slipped into Sabrina's wet heat. She gasped loudly as Kelly started to finger her.

More fingers were added, working in and out of her dripping pussy. Kelly kept lapping and nuzzling at her breasts, occasionally teasing lightly with her teeth. Sabrina clung to her tightly, resting her head on top of Kelly's and trying to hump against her hand as best she could. Kelly could hear her panting and moaning things under her breath. She loved when Sabrina did that. Her fingertips found her friend's g-spot and stroked it.

Sabrina's legs squeezed around her even tighter, humping harder as she came all over Kelly's hand. She moaned Kelly's name loudly as her pussy squeezed over and over. For a finishing touch, Kelly drilled her thumb on her clit. Sabrina jumped, gasping and starting a whole new orgasm. When it was over, she shivered slightly. They shared a long, deep kiss that said both 'thank you' and 'you're welcome'.

Sabrina pulled Kelly's blouse up over her head and tossed it aside. Her full, lovely breasts were encased in a lacy white bra, which Sabrina quickly removed. Then, as if called to duty, she left Kelly and walked over to the couch.

"Hey, come back here" Kelly pouted. "It's my turn."

"Just getting a little something," she responded.

"What?" she asked. Sabrina returned, wearing their favorite black strap-on.

"All the better to fuck you with, my dear."

Kelly grinned, kissed her quickly, and dropped down to her knees. She sank her head down onto the dildo, slowly pulling off again and licking it from base to tip. Their eyes were locked together this whole time. Sabrina sighed loudly.

"Mmm, I wish I could feel that," she said, stroking Kelly's hair as she slurped.

"I wish I could, too. Inside me. Let's go," Kelly said, laying back on the carpet and beckoning her to follow. She pulled up her skirt and quickly stripped off her panties. Her legs were spread wide, allowing a clear view of her pussy. It was one that Sabrina could stare at all day.

Near the top of her mound was her pink clit, already swollen with anticipation. In a graceful curve it split into two darker pink lips, like two petals of a flower guarding her most vulnerable place. They were parted now, revealing her little open hole, aching to be filled. Her smooth pussy glistened, coated generously with juices. Just looking at it could make Sabrina's mouth water.

"Hey, that's my favorite part," Sabrina teased, snatching the panties from her hand.

"You'd take too long. I need it fast."

"Oh?" Sabrina sat on the floor, hovering between her spread legs. "I thought you loved foreplay."

"I do, but right now? Come on," Kelly insisted. Her cheeks were tinged with pink, as they always were when she needed it badly.

"Come on what," Sabrina asked innocently. In this state, it was too easy to drive Kelly up the wall. She kissed gently on her inner thigh.

"Oh, don't start that," Kelly groaned.

"Start what," Sabrina replied, licking softly between her legs. Her tongue bathed the skin just a fraction of an inch beside her pussy lips.

"You know," she gasped, as Sabrina's lips 'accidentally' grazed her clit.

"Well, ok." She agreed, lapping ever so gently at Kelly's vagina. Her tongue slid over the slick hole, almost spreading it enough to slip inside, but not quite. "I won't start anything you don't want me to." She stood up.

"What?" Kelly sputtered.

"You told me not to do that, so I stopped."

"Sabrina Duncan, you get over here right now and fuck me!" Kelly demanded.

"Oh my, that's not very ladylike. Wherever are your manners?"

Kelly got to her feet, unsteadily at first. They were both only playing, but for her, it was getting a little less funny.

"I need it, Sabrina. Come on."

"You need what?"

"I need you to fuck me."

"What's the magic word?"

"Sabri-naaa," she whined.

"Oo, that is one of my favorites, however it's not the magic word. Would you like to try again?"

"Please," Kelly sighed.

"There, that wasn't so hard, now was it?" Sabrina said, grinning and stepping closer.

Kelly glared at her.

"Ok. One fucking coming right up." In a quick swipe she knocked almost everything off of Bosley's desk. Normally Kelly would have commented her on the kinky choice; instead, she just hopped up on the desk, leaned back and spread her legs, pulling Sabrina down on top of her.

Before she had another chance to beg, the whole seven inches sunk into her. A deep moan escaped her throat. Sabrina pressed hard, burying every millimeter of the hard shaft inside her. As she very slowly drew it out and slipped back in, Kelly realized that the teasing game was not over at all. She needed a deep, fast, hard fuck and Sabrina was just not going to give it to her. This was about all she could take.

Suddenly, she pushed Sabrina over and rolled on top. With one hand she guided the black cock between her legs and dropped down on it quickly. She moaned loudly as it speared into her boiling pussy.

Smugly, Sabrina laid back to watch while Kelly began to ride her furiously. Sometimes this was the only way to get that girl on top.

Kelly's ample breasts jiggled violently as she bounced. She was already moaning and gasping loudly, teetering on the edge of pain. The rigid cock stabbed deep inside her every time she let go, falling on it with all her weight. Usually she was gentle and submissive, but today she was worked up and needed it hard.

On top and in control, she jammed herself onto the toy mercilessly, fucking it wildly. If it were a real cock she was riding, it would have sprayed its load by now. She gritted her teeth, feeling her whole body jiggle. Her thighs slapped loudly against Sabrina's.

"Ah, ah, ah, ah," she grunted every time it filled her. Sabrina loved to hear it. She reached up and grabbed Kelly's nipples, pinching them hard.

"Ohh fuck, ah, yes, ahh, yesss... ooohh!" she let out a loud, growling scream as she came, throwing her head back. As her cunt squeezed, she was seeing stars and fell forward on top of Sabrina. Her hands gripped the edge of Bosley's desk, using it for leverage, and she humped for all she was worth. The thick seven inches dug deeper into her hungry cunt, probing her already-convulsing depths. Her muscles gripped it tightly, making it hard to keep forcing herself up and down its length. She was gasping into Sabrina's chest and bucking hard, squeezing every last ripple out of her pussy. Finally she went limp, exhausted and panting. Her juices dripped down the shaft, half exposed and half still inside her. Rarely did she come that hard, and the force of her orgasm stunned her.

Now Sabrina's arms encircled her waist securely. She began to thrust slowly –gently, not teasingly – up into Kelly's raw pussy. Warm breath on her chest meant a silent moan had been released, and she smiled. Underneath Kelly's full weight, her range was limited and she couldn't pull more than half the way out.

Fortunately, that wasn't what she had in mind. Holding on tightly, she began to pump faster, faster, faster still. Kelly's legs were splayed limply on either side, leaving her wide open and helpless against Sabrina's thrusts.

"Oo-hh-hy-yes-ss-ss-sb-br-iii-inn-aa-a-aah" she groaned, her voice skipping on every thrust. It sounded like she was getting fucked by a jackhammer. Her breath was coming in shallow, high-pitched gasps. She was already completely exhausted, and could only lie there limply while Sabrina reamed her cunt from underneath. Her ass jiggled with the impact.

Sabrina's muscles burned as she fucked Kelly as fast as she could, never stopping, never slowing. Her hands moved down to grab her friend's smooth ass, forcing it harder on and off of the thick shaft.

Kelly could hardly breathe. Her hands weakly grasped at Sabrina's shoulders, trying to hold on for dear life. She was powerless against her final orgasm, which knocked the wind completely out of her. Wheezing and moaning, she convulsed in ecstasy on top of Sabrina. Her hips bucked as if they had a mind of their own. Her dripping cunt squeezed desperately at the invading length.

Not wanting to hurt Kelly, Sabrina slowed her thrusts. Any more rough treatment would be too much for her. Kelly was grateful for this consideration. She rested her head on Sabrina's chest, eyes closed, while both women caught their breath. Their skin shimmered with sweat, sticking together a little where their thighs rested together, where their chests heaved, where their hands stroked.

Weakly, Kelly lifted her head and they shared a difficult kiss through labored breathing.

Either minutes or hours later, they regained enough composure to climb off the desk. Sabrina took the dildo out of the harness, and licked some still-warm juices off of it. She lifted one leg, putting her foot up on the desk. With one arm she inserted the dildo, already soaked with kelly's liquid, into her own pussy. She worked it hard for barely a minute, jamming it deep inside herself and trying to get off quickly.

Her hips bucked in the air, causing her to wobble dangerously as she came. Some grunts and moans escaped her throat until the orgasm subsided. She left the dildo inside her pussy, with only a couple of inches sticking out, and walked over to the couch.

Without having to be asked, Kelly reached up between Sabrina's legs, grasped the dildo and pulled it out. It produced a quiet slurp as it left Sabrina's tight, wet hole. She quickly put it in her mouth, sucking off and swallowing the delicious mixture of both their orgasmic juices. Sabrina plopped down on the couch, rested her head on Kelly's shoulder, and sighed loudly.

"You know just how to surprise me," Kelly said dreamily.

"I love you," Sabrina answered, finding her hand and holding it.

"Love you too."

"Want to go back to my house?"

"Yeah. But I'm tired."

"Me too. Let's just rest here for a while." Kelly stroked Sabrina's hair absently, staring at the fire.

"We have to clean up Bosley's stuff."


Before long, both women were asleep.

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