Charlie's Naked Proposal Ch. 02



It was a great reception – a great party. But as soon as Graham and Sophie had left just after ten, mom, Isabel and I rushed home to our cabin in the woods.

I carried my new bride over the threshold. Then rushed back and carried my giggling mother inside and dropped her next to Izzy on our marriage bed.

No one will ever be able to claim that Izzy's and my union wasn't consummated. It was! Four times. In fact I also consummated it with my new mother-in-law three more times just to make sure. Mother and daughter. Mom and sister. Bride and mother-in-law. And once more with Izzy just to make sure.

Seven times lucky! We've got that video too.

Isabel didn't feign sleep this time. In fact she proved to be a very noisy lover. Her urgent cries of need echoed loudly out from the cabin into the forest beyond as my cock pistoned in and out of her writhing body.

Mom was much quieter. But her orgasms were more powerful as they rumbled over my thrusting cock.

It was late when the three of us finally fell into a deep, untroubled slumber.

Sunday, Rising Sun Commune

"Wake up...wake up all of you! What are you guys doing anyway?"

"Don't shout," I heard yelled from beside me. Izzy's voice I thought.

"Why are you all naked?" I heard demanded from the first voice. It was Sophie speaking I realized. I slowly opened my eyes. My married sister was standing at the foot of the bed looking down at us. She was wearing clothes for the first time all weekend.

"Sophie?" I asked. Mom stretched as she rolled off me and onto her back. "Why are you dressed?" I added.

"Not all the Woodman's are hippy nudists," Sophie giggled out. "Its amazing I turned out normal growing up in such a weird family."

"It's your fault," Izzy accused as she sat up while brushing her hair from her eyes.

"My husband and I are about to leave on our honeymoon and dutiful daughter that I am I thought I'd come by and say thank you to my family who've been so supportive. And look what I find," she finished as she sat down on the edge of the bed next to her mom. Then, bent over and hugged her.

She then proceeded to climb over my naked body so that she could reach Izzy and hug her. Then as she sat up again she asked her sister, "What's all this sticky stuff all over your stomach and legs anyway?" Izzy blushed as Sophie turned to me.

"Thanks Charlie ... for walking me down the aisle," she added as she hugged me.

"We'll miss you," I whispered.

"It's just six weeks... then we'll be back ... I'll miss you guys too," she said as she slid down towards the foot of the bed and then stood, poised to leave. "I'll miss him too," she said as she climbed back up onto the bed between my legs. "Yes I will," she added as she lifted my penis from where it lay on my thigh. Then she kissed its tip.

"SOPHIE!" Izzy cried as she watched her sister open her lips and take half of my soft, semen splattered prick into her mouth.

"Well you two didn't do a very good job cleaning the poor boy, did you?" she asked after releasing my penis.

"But you're married!"

"I gotta go, Grahams waiting," Sophie said as she jumped from the bed. "I'm late."

"But...What was that all about?" Izzy demanded as the screen door slammed behind her departing sister.

"I guess married life isn't all it's cracked up to be," I said nonchalantly, "now come and give your brother a wake up kiss".

"No...I gotta brush my teeth first," my wife answered as she jumped from the bed.

"Morning mom," I said turning. "Will you give me a kiss?" My mother did. Then a second and a third. Then she slid down my body, giving me little wet nips every six inches until she reached my groin.

"You are sticky," mom said after running her tongue from the base of my shaft to its head. My cute sister decamped from the bathroom just as mom was planting a wet kiss on its tip.

"You get too many hard-ons Charlie," Izzy admonished as she sat back down on the bed. But there was an excited sparkle in her eye.

"Isabel, you're definitely old enough to help your mom with her cleaning chores... it's not fair to make her do all the work," I teased. "What kind of wife are you anyway?"

"I've always done my share," my little sister answered haughtily as she leaned over. Then two tongues were licking me! "This is the kind of wife I am," she said just before she lowered her lips down over my cockhead.

We left the Rising Sun Commune three hours later. Dressed. Isabel drove. She smiled the whole way home.

Sunday, Woodman House, on Philly's Main Line

Dad couldn't wait to hear the news. Of course we could only give him the highlights. We didn't mention Mom's or Isabel's nudity. Although, when I'd edited the pics I'd taken, I did leave in enough that dad got a pretty good idea of what a show it had been. He actually gasped when I showed him one panorama picture of the hillside around the altar littered with at least a thousand naked bodies.

"Isabel shouldn't have gone. I shouldn't have let her go," he said aloud in self criticism. We'd taken a few of shots of Isabel wearing her fancy gown that morning before we'd left so that we'd have something to show dad. Some of mom and I dressed too. Dad just shook his head when he saw the pictures of the bride and groom.

"It wasn't that bad daddy," Izzy told her father but I made sure he saw my raised eyes as she spoke.

Later, when mom and Isabel had gone to do something he asked me, "What was it really like son?"

"They're animals dad ... it was ... just horrible," I finally admitted.

"Jesus, I knew I shouldn't have let her marry that guy."

"Worse than you could ever imagine," I added as I shook my head.


Some hours later I slipped into my sister's room. I was naked. I bent down and picked her naked form from the bed and then, with her cradled in my arms, started towards the door. "And don't think you can pretend you're asleep this time Izzy," I warned as I started up the stairs to my room.

"Charlie?" she asked as her eyes popped open. She had a sly smile on her lips.

"And who were you expecting?"

"We can't...what if daddy comes up?"

Our father hadn't visited either the second floor or the third floor of our house since he'd suffered a heart scare five years earlier. The day he'd got back from the hospital he'd called an architect. Two months later dad and mom moved into a two thousand square foot master suite in a ground floor extension jutting out from the house into the back yard. Izzy had inherited the old master suite on the second floor where she'd lived in luxury since Sophie had gone to University and I had the third floor to myself.

"You're sleeping with me from now on, understand?"

"Yes dear," she answered saucily.

It was our first night alone together. The first of what we both knew would be thousands. We took our time. Explored every inch of each others body.

Then fucked hard!


The next morning, after dad and Izzy had left for town (Isabel was working as an intern in Dad's office for the summer), I wandered into the kitchen dressed just in my boxers. Mom was drinking coffee at the kitchen table with her back to me.

"Charlie, you shouldn't... Maria might see," she started to admonish when I wrapped my arms around her from behind and bent and kissed her.

"She's upstairs, I just saw her," I answered, referring to our housekeeper. My hands closed on mom's breasts.

"We can't... not here... that was ... it was just for there ... it was wrong... daddy..." she stammered out as I lifted her from her seat and pulled her against me. I carried her to her bedroom. Made love to her.

"I'll never leave him... I love him," mom whispered as we lay panting side by side later.

"I know. I love him too."

"He can't know," mom insisted.

"He won't," I promised.

And in the weeks that followed the four of us settled back into our new day to day existence. Izzy and I lived together upstairs as man and wife.

Mother and I made love irregularly. Every four or five days we'd find ourselves together and would simply smash together in need and lust.

I told dad I wasn't going to Yale; that instead I'd accepted an offer from Penn. He pretended to be angry at first that I wasn't going to his alma mater. But mom reported the next day that he'd admitted to her that he was happy his only son would still be living at home for the next four years. That he'd hated the thought of me leaving but hadn't wanted to say anything.

A week after we got home mom told me that dad and she had agreed to have another child. The fact that I was staying at home apparently had helped her convince dad to have another.

To his, 'I'm too old ... what if something happens to me?' my mother had answered, 'Charlie's here. And Isabel. If anything ever happened they'd be there.' And so he'd agreed.

But my child was already planted!


"They should live here with us," I said between bites. It was early August, three weeks after Sophie's marriage. The four of us were having dinner and we'd been talking about the newlyweds.

"He's a commie... a nudist," dad scoffed.

"We'll only have a couple of years while they're in Philly to change him... to make him more normal," I argued. "You don't want your grandkids growing up there dad."

"What the hell can I do?" dad muttered angrily.

"There must have been four thousand of them, from two to ninety, naked, smoking dope... Christ dad, you shoulda seen it." I could see the frustration in dad's eyes. For a couple of weeks I'd been telling him stories of our foray into hippie land.

"You know they've rented an apartment in town Charlie, what the hell can I do?"

"Don't swear John," mom chided dad.

"It's not a safe area they're moving into dad. We have lots of room here, heck you could give them the whole second floor... redecorate it... give them free rent," I cajoled.

"He doesn't want to stay with us ... besides, what about your sister? Where will she stay?" he asked as he nodded at Isabel.

"There's lots of room on the third floor daddy," Izzy chimed in with perfect timing.

"It'd be so much better for all of us John," mom added. The seed was set! We even convinced dad to take the stairs upstairs and tour the second floor after dinner. I let mom point out how easy it would be to give the newlyweds their own apartment.

"Maybe we can talk to them... maybe after they've lived in their new place for a couple of months they'll realize how much better they'd have it here," we finally got dad to concede. We left it at that. But in the following weeks the three of us continued to revisit the issue with him.

On August 27th, two days before Graham and Sophie were to get home from their European honeymoon, and four days before they were to move in to their new apartment, it just happened that an electrical fire flared in the third floor apartment of an old Philly townhouse. In fact in the exact apartment my sister had been planning on moving into.

Isabel alerted us to the fire. "There was a fire on Sophie's street last night," she announced breathlessly as she rushed into the den the next night. "I just saw it on the news."

We didn't know it was Sophie's apartment (or my parents didn't) when the four of us watched the late news that night. "She shouldn't be living in that area John," mother admonished dad. "They're all firetraps... and the crime rate is terrible. She'll be raped some night. And what about your grandchild?"

There was a sudden look of steely determination in dad's eyes. A decision finally made. "C'mon Charlie we're going to find out just what the heck is going on down there. What's the house number Sophie's supposed to be moving into?" he asked mom.

"Tonight Dad?" I asked dubiously.

"Yes tonight, she's your sister for crying out loud," my father insisted. And of course we quickly discovered it was Sophie' apartment that had been damaged. Quite badly damaged in fact!

"Well, now I guess they'll have to stay with us for a while," I announced as we drove home. "And if you can convince them we can get them to stay permanently. It's up to you now Dad."

My father is no fool. You don't get to be one of the most powerful lawyers in Philadelphia and a Director of Fortune 500 companies if you are.

So it came as no surprise when he suddenly stopped the car two blocks from home. "You little bastar-" he started.

"The owners were away for the weekend... there was nobody was insured." I knew he'd figured it out.

"How did-" he started again but again stopped. "I don't want to know. And don't ever tell your mother or sisters," he ordered.

"Yes dad."

My father was smiling. "You could go to jail for something like that you bloody idiot."

"Family should always come first dad." He hugged me. We never discussed it again!

And eventually father was able to convince Graham and Sophie to temporarily move in. Heck it wasn't that hard – free rent in one of the nicest houses in Philadelphia. And dad even threw in a new car for them. Mom and Sophie immediately set about redecorating the second floor. Within days it was obvious to all of us (except perhaps Graham) that they wouldn't be going anywhere soon.

On September seventh, with mom, dad, Isabel and Graham out of the house, Sophie Poole, nee Woodman, my big sister, just back from her honeymoon, climbed the stairs to the third floor and was properly welcomed home by her brother. Three times!

A week later she proudly announced during a family dinner that she and Graham were expecting their first child. That she was about seven weeks gone. The newlyweds beamed.

Them mom announced that she and dad were also having a baby! And that she too was about seven weeks pregnant. To the astonishment of Sophie and Graham. Dad popped the champagne that night. Mom and Sophie were allowed only one glass. By the time Isabel and I stumbled into bed three hours later we could hardly stand. Neither could dad or Graham.


...Seven months later, on April 15th 2008, just four hours apart, first mom, then Sophie produced the most gorgeous daughters imaginable. My daughters. Charlie Woodman daughters. Amanda (mom's) and Jacqui (Sophie's).

And two days later, at long last, after some seventeen years without, I tasted my mother's milk again. Her breasts were much bigger than they'd been the summer before of course. Her teats thicker and longer. I milked mom slowly that first time. Kneaded her ripe melons until the first stream of milk arced out through the air. Savored the taste. Slowly licked my lips before I let them descend to mom's other waiting nipple.

Then greedily sucked.

I tasted Sophie's milk that same night. And in the following days I milked the mothers of my children repeatedly, sharing their bounty with the babies. I made Izzy drink too. I wanted her to know exactly what I was experiencing, what I'd feel when I eventually milked her.

It was a period of happiness and joy in the Woodman household...

Nude Day 2008, Woodman House, on Philly's Main Line

Graham of course wanted to go home to the commune for Nude Day 2008.

Sophie refused! 'The baby's too young'... 'I'm not ready to travel'... 'It's not sanitary there'... she argued adamantly.

Father, mother and Isabel and I supported Sophie, presenting a unified Woodman front that was impervious to any argument Graham tried to make.

Mother finally proposed holding our own 'NUDE DAY' celebration in the back yard around the pool to make up for it.

Dad, when he heard, informed us that while he'd like to attend, he couldn't that weekend due to previously scheduled business commitments. The chicken!

Graham grumpily agreed.

Sophie bought the masks.

And so, at 8:00 pm on Saturday, July 19th 2008, Mom, Isabel, Graham and Sophie, two beautiful babies, and yours truly found ourselves in the Woodman backyard with masks on our faces. And nothing else covering our bodies.

We swam... and ate from a huge spread of food the ladies had prepared ...drank bottles of wine... and talked and laughed (although Graham, for whom the party was being held, did more grumbling than smiling)... we danced ... and mom and Sophie fed their babies. Then they playfully offered their dripping breasts to the rest of us.

"That's gross," Graham declined but that didn't prevent me from taking his wife's teat between my lips. He grimaced when I pulled away from his wife and he saw the huge erection jutting from my groin.

Then he watched as Isabel and I milked mom.

Then we danced some more. Graham, the man who'd been raised on the free loving commune was tentative as he danced with his naked mother-in-law, with Izzy. Not I.

And he could clearly see my excitement. Knew that as I held my mother, my sister, his wife in my arms my throbbing penis was hard and insistent against their stomachs. He watched the hungry kisses I traded with Isabel, with mom... I could see the protest on his lips as I tasted his wife's lips.

"It's wrong," he finally muttered.

"It's NUDE DAY man," I answered, while directing a clear challenge at him with my eyes. I was bigger than my brother-in-law. Everywhere! He finally lowered his eyes.

"C'mon mom, Izzy, its bed time," I finally said. Graham glanced up as I took their hands.

"Will you watch the baby Graham?" my mom asked her son-in-law.

"What?" he asked but three of us were almost at the sliding doors that led from the pool deck into mom and dad's bedroom.

"The baby," Izzy said impatiently, "take care of him."

"But..." he mumbled, clearly befuddled.

I turned back, and after catching Sophie's eyes said, "C'mon, you too!"

"Me?" my big sister asked, and but then, after only a moments hesitation, bent towards her husband, spoke a few words, gave him a quick kiss on the cheek, and then turned and rushed towards us. And then into my arms.

I simply lifted her up and carried her to the bed, then, after laying her back on it, climbed between her legs and brought my cockhead to her glistening slit. Graham, a baby in each arm, was standing in the doorway, a dumbfounded look on his face, when I slowly pushed my penis inside his wife. After watching for seconds he fled.

We made love all night! It was the first time we'd all been together. But we knew it wouldn't be the last. It was a feast of breasts and lips and tongues and fingers and bums and quivering clits and mouths and one cock.

Of sex! Of love!

When dad came home a week later he couldn't help but sense the distance that had suddenly grown between his daughter and her husband. But he didn't say anything.

Graham lasted two more months with us before he suddenly disappeared one day.

"This wasn't some more of your doing was it Charlie?" my clearly pleased father asked that night at dinner.

"Not me dad," I declaimed with a blushing grin.

"C'mon son, what did you..." he started to ask, but then stopped and said, "Don't tell me. I probably don't want to know do I?"

"No dad," I agreed even as I wondered what it would be like to have all five of us in bed together. Did dad like breast milk?

I have a feeling we just might find out...


And please dear readers, take the few seconds required and cast your vote. I'd love to see this story get more than the 800+ votes Chapter 1 got. Feedback is what keeps writers on this site coming back with more new tales for you. I'd also love to hear your comments and ideas...either below or e-mail me. Thanks, jim scouries.

And hey, if you liked this one you might also like my two "Souries" Family stories.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous03/09/18


The best story of read ever! The details were amazing, the humor and sarcasm was so much fun. And of course super sexy

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by Anonymous11/20/17

Part 2 excellent

great story would love to read part 3 to see what they get up too and please don't add dad to them just Charlie and his sisters and mum and would love to see Charlie and his sisters married for real

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by Jagnag07/25/17

Part 2 excellent

Felt like i was there, your writting entranced me, just loved it.

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by Anonymous07/15/17

PLZ Don't Add

PLZ Don't Add the Dad & ruin it.

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by Rapier87506/27/17

Absolutely Brilliant !

Great story, great plot, great characters.

And I loved the humour and sarcasm you included, makes such a difference to a story does a good slice of humour.

Well worth more than 5 Stars !

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