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Charlotte & The Pirate Ch. 07


The following story is going to be at least a 10-parter, with each chapter in a different category. If you enjoy this story, I'm afraid you'll have to go find each part. Hope it's worth it.

Part 1: Non-Erotic.

Part 2: First Time

Part 3: Loving Wives

Part 4: Exhib & Voy

Part 5: Lesbian

Part 6: Interracial

* * * * *

My Diary

Charlotte Panvois

April 23, 1684

I begin this journal out of terrible shame. My husband the governor is dealing with slavers. How can he do such a dishonorable thing? And today he had a poor man beaten to death in front of me. They lashed him with a whip until he was dead, and then they still kept beating him. After they were through, they just dumped the poor wretch's body in the ocean like so much garbage. Dear God I swear today that I will do whatever I can to end this beastly practice.

April 30, 1684

I am still searching for evidence of my husband's wickedness.

May 3, 1684

I think I've discovered something. There's a little rat-faced man who deals with the slavers for Andre. Not only that, but he steals some of Andres' money on the way back. Maybe I can get him to help me.

May 20, 1684

I'm not sure I should write this, but if I'm going to honest, I must record everything I do. I met the disgusting little man. I asked him to steal Andre's financial ledger for me. At first he refused, but I knelt down and took his member in my mouth. He was dirty and filthy, but I had to have his help. And those poor people are worth anything I have to do. After he had spent in my mouth, I swallowed and asked if we had a deal. He agreed, but he wants two things. I will have to get gold for him from my father. And God forgive me, I will have to suck his thing again. I barely managed to get through it tonight without being sick, and I didn't have to think about it beforehand. Now I have to spend all day tomorrow knowing that awful thing is going back in my mouth. Well, I can do it, I'll be strong.

May 21, 1684

God forgive me, that awful man just left. I have the book, but at what price. I put his thing in my mouth like I had promised, but he bent me over and put it up my cunny. I wanted to stop him, but I didn't dare. What if he betrayed me? What if he changed his mind and took the book? I had come too far. And Andre has to be stopped. So I just lay there and let him do his work inside me. Finally, he squirted up my channel. He stayed stuck up me for the longest time, but it must have satisfied him. After he was done, he just left without saying a word. I feel soiled, but at least I can save the lives of some of those poor creatures my husband is helping destroy.

May 23, 1684

Is this God's punishment for what I've done? No, this is just more of my horrid husband's treachery. I have been sold as a slave. I am on some sort of ship bound for God knows where. Dear Lord please help me.

May 30, 1684

God, they hurt me. I got up on deck and found a sword. I tried to escape but they caught me. Then they dragged me down to my cabin and beat my bare behind. My poor bottom is bleeding and it hurts so bad. But I do know where we are going. The captain said it was the Fortress of Al Jazzar in Morocco. God please save me.

May 31, 1684

Oh Lord, they beat me again. My behind is striped and so sore. It burns every time I try to sit. That awful man was going to expose my privates to the crew. I couldn't help it, I tried to stop him. They just bent me over the railing and whipped my behind again. Afterwards, he just held my skirt up so everyone could see all my equipment.

Then it got worse, horribly worse. The man made my undress in front of everyone. I didn't dare refuse. After I was naked, he just put a hand between my legs and stuck a finger up inside me. Then he told me that I was his property and I was to stay naked at all times. God, he just kept that finger up my slit while he continued to lecture me. Oh God. I'm going to have to be naked in front of all these men. I don't dare refuse, my bottom can't take another beating.

June 15, 1684

It's so humiliating walking around with everything I have completely exposed to all these awful men. But at least no one has touched me. The captain told me that since I was his, no one would take advantage of me, but I didn't believe him. It does seem to be true, however. And even he hasn't touched me again. Perhaps he does have a shred of decency.

June 25, 1684

One of those men tried to have me. He grabbed me outside my room, and I thought for certain that he would have my body. But before he could complete his assault, other members of the crew grabbed him and pulled him off me. After that he was dragged on deck, and I was taken up with him. I would have liked him punished for what he did, but sweet Jesus what they did to him.

He was stripped naked and dragged to the rail. Then his genitals were placed on the rail and the captain mutilated the man with his sword. I can still see him bleeding and vomiting on the deck. After that, they burned him to stop him from bleeding to death. The captain threatened to chain him up until he died, but the emasculated man managed to drag himself over the side and fell into the ocean.

These men are beasts. I must be careful that their anger never turns on me.

July 3, 1684

I still walk the decks naked. No one dares assault me now. My master protects me.

July 11, 1684

My master smiled at me today. I think he is still pleased.

July 20, 1684

I am still naked as my master demands, and I am finally beginning to accept it as he has asked.

July 28, 1684

My master actually told me today that I have pleased him. I didn't think he would ever tell me that. Oh thank God!

August 1, 1684

Master has told me every day for the last few days how well I am doing. I work so hard to please him. It is just wonderful.

August 6, 1684

Master is still pleased. Life is good.

August 15, 1684

This has been one of the best days of my life. My master allowed me to do something just to please him. He called me to his cabin, and then he undressed. And then he let me take his penis in my mouth. I was so grateful. I sucked it and licked it all over and he seemed to like it. When he was ready, he left his load in my mouth and I swallowed every drop for him. I kept sucking until I was absolutely sure he was done. And then he patted me and told me I had been good. I am so HAPPY!!! I don't know if he will want me again tomorrow, but if he does my mouth will be ready for him.

August 16, 1684

My master wants me to dance for him, and I don't think I did a good job. Oh master was very sweet and told me how much he appreciated how hard I was trying, buy I think I disappointed him. I am supposed to dance and display myself, and I'm just too awkward. But I will work harder at it. I can't bear to disappoint him.

August 19, 1684

Becoming a better dancer, master seems pleased.

August 24, 1684

I am becoming very good at this, and I can see that master is happy. He especially seems to like it when I open my legs so he can see my quim. I will make sure that I keep that exposed for him. I must keep him pleased.

August 26, 1684

I'm not sure life can get any better. After I danced, Master had me mount him. I was allowed to take his member inside me. I'm sure I didn't deserve it, but I am so grateful. Not only that, but he actually came inside me. I don't know how a lowly slave became worthy of that, but I shall always remember it. Master is so wonderful.

August 27, 1684

We are approaching land. Soon we will leave the ship. Master had me dance for the crew today. I must have done well, because he said he was pleased by my performance. I am glad I have learned what my master wanted. He tells me that when we land, I am to dance for some very important people. It seems to matter a great deal to my master, so I will be sure to dance as well as I possibly can.

August 28, 1684

I can't believe this. My master has me treated like a princess. I have been bathed and rubbed. And I have a beautiful bed to sleep in. Oh thank you master!!!

August 29, 1684

I have done so well. I was bathed and cleansed, and then master gave me the most incredibly beautiful dress. I danced for the men, and I could tell they all loved it. Master was so pleased. Maybe he will reward me and I will get to take him inside my body again. Oh I hope so, life is so wonderful when master is pleased.

September 3, 1684

What has happened to me? How did I accept where I am? My master, that bastard, has sold me to someone called Sheik Al Taran. Damnit I am not a slave. I am Charlotte D'Ormond and so help me God I will not forget that again. They may still be able to force me to do awful things, but I will not ever do them again willingly.

September 6, 1684

We have arrived at the Sheik's palace and I have been here a couple of days. I have met an Englishwoman name Priscilla who is a prisoner like I am. She has told me the awful things the sheik will expect. Well I will survive it, but I will never think of him as master. I will never think of anyone as that again.

September 7, 1684

Oh God it hurts so bad. I was called to the sheik and I tried to do what he asked. But he tried to bugger me. I've never done that, and I couldn't help flinching. Then they beat my feet. My poor feet. I can barely walk now. I kept begging for mercy and they just kept hitting me. Lord, how can they be such monsters?

And Lord thank you for Priscilla. Through her I will survive. She has cared for me, and may I say loved me. You can't believe how wonderful it is too find anything good and kind in this hellhole.

September 8, 1684

The sheik used Priscilla today. He used her and buggered her. Her holes were so sore. I am not ashamed to say that I did everything I could to comfort her. She has done the same for me. God bless her.

September 11, 1684

The sheik called me again. I couldn't avoid it, I had to take my first buggering. First he made me suck his filthy thing. Then he stuck it in my cunny for a while. After that, I was bent over the bed and I knew what was coming. I made up my mind to accept it. My feet couldn't take another whipping like that.

I felt it push against my opening, and for a moment I thought it might not go in. But then my ring stretched and the head popped in. It took every bit of control I had not to shriek when that thing was stuck in my behind. Then he just started pushing it in. All I could do was lay there, as I felt more and more of it work its way up inside my bottom. Finally, his belly was resting against me and I could feel that entire pole wiggling around in my back tunnel. For a moment, he just held it there stuck up my rectum. But then he began to drive me.

In and out of my ass went his thing. He would pull back each time, until the tip of his cock was just barely holding me open. I admit each time he did that I hoped he would pop out, but he never did. Then a moment later I would have the entire thing driven back up my guts. I don't know how many times that thing was jammed up me, but after what seemed like forever I felt it spurt its juice up in there.

When he was done, he pulled out of my bottom and sent me on my way. I was almost too tired to make it back. Of course, I don't know why I'm making such a big deal of this. I know it's going to happen again many times over the months ahead. Please God, help this end somehow. If I have offended thee, please forgive me.

The only reason I can even write tonight is because of Pris. If it wasn't for her comfort and care, I really don't know if I could survive this. Dear Lord, I do thank you for her.

October 7, 1684

I haven't written for a while, but everything is the same. The sheik calls one of us and uses her body. Priscilla is a wonder. Her love is giving me the strength to get through this. With her here, I know I will survive whatever happens.

November 23, 1684

I don't even know why I'm bothering to write. I get called to the sheik, I suck, I screw, or I get buggered. Fortunately, I only get called every couple of weeks or so. Priscilla is here always. Servicing the sheik is a small price to pay for her love.

December 25, 1684

It's Christmas. That means nothing here, but I know back home my family is celebrating. I miss you father. I'm so tired. The sheik will call for me today, he told me so. I'm going to be buggered again. I don't want to be buggered. My bottom hurts for a day after he does it. At least Priscilla will be here when I get back.

January 1, 1685

A new year. Please God let something change.

February 22, 1685

Haven't written for a long time. I'm still here and I'm still alive. I will survive.

March 18, 1685

Something has happened. This will be my last entry. A Frenchman has come. He knew me and was searching for me. He had the sheik call me so he could speak to me. I had to suck his thing and let him squirt in my mouth, so that the sheik wouldn't know we were talking, but after everything I have done already that was a small price.

The man has been sent by father. He needs some evidence of where I am and that I'm alive to take home. I am going to give him this diary. May God speed him to my home. Be faithful my countryman.

I don't know how long it will take for him to reach father. And I don't know how long it will take my father to reach me. It may take months or even years, but I have hope. I know my father will not abandon me here for any reason. Sooner or later he will come for me. That hope will keep me strong.

Father, however long it takes for you to reach me, I will be alive and I will be waiting.

Your loving daughter,


Bill finished reading the book. He gave one order before he went looking for the French captain. That man would know where the fortress of Al Jazzar was. Before William even reached the man, the Anvil was at full sail headed east. If anyone had seen her, they would have sworn she was practically flying over the waves.

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