tagBDSMCharlotte, The Dog And The Dick

Charlotte, The Dog And The Dick


Charlotte's key turned in the lock and Chris rolled out of his cot on the floor onto his hands and knees. She walked in followed by two friends, all five foot five of her, her face framed by a dark bob that cut in at her chin. She smiled down at him and turned to giggle at her friends, 'Look at my little boy.' she said, holding her hand out for him to sniff and lick.

He was naked, his body pale and pink. Fortunately it was warm so he wasn't cold, but his knees hurt a little on the stone floor.

Charlotte ruffled his hair and he moved past her to sniff her friends. He had never met either of them before, one was smooth olive skinned and wavy haired, with a kind face and tight jeans, the other was slightly boney, but her brown hair looked soft and her rimless glasses looked cool. He sniffed at their bums and was moving his nose into the first girl's crotch when Charlotte caught him by his hair and said 'Bad dog. No.'

The tanned girl, whose name was Maria, leant over him and said to the others 'He hasn't got a tail...' 'Oh no...' Charlotte smiled, she looked about and on the ledge by the door was a long pencil. She took the pencil and looked into Chris's eyes before stepping behind him to insert the cold rubber end into his bum. The girls giggled to each other and he looked at the floor.

The open plan reception room housed a bare wooden staircase and a little seating area, created by an L shaped sofa facing a television in the corner. The girls sat down on the sofa and put on the T.V.

They were watching some crude comedian when Chris crawled round into the middle and rested his head on the edge of the chair where Charlotte was sitting. She put her hand on his head and continued to watch the T.V.

When the show cut to an ad break, she turned down the sound a bit and turned to the other two. 'Watch this'. She held out her hand to his mouth and he started to lick it. She wriggled her trousers and knickers down and took one leg out. Her lower legs were shaven and muscular, her thighs a little softer. She took her hand and dragged it along the line of her groin, pulling away her fingers as she went, until she was just pointing and his tongue was stroking roughly up her inner thigh. When his face made it to her crotch, thinly surrounded by course hairs reaching up to a point, she put her hand on the top of his head and he lapped gently at her warm thin lips. As he continued his wide tongue lapping, salivating over her, they plumped up and he could gently nibble at them. She looked at the other two girls and turned the television back up as the programme was coming back on. 'He'll just stay there and do that as long as I like,' she said 'it's just quite nice, comfortable while you're watching T.V.' Maria raised her eyebrows and nodded interestedly.

Chris sucked and licked at her pussy gently, always keeping his face very close in so that she wouldn't get cold. He ran his tongue backwards and forwards over her clit, and slid down to enter her half an inch or so. She was so wet, with his saliva and her own lubricant, and he was so gentle, that she couldn't really feel where he was, or what he was doing, whether he was flickering quickly across or slowly, but it felt warm and delicious between her legs, even while she was just watching T.V.

After ten minutes or so, Charlotte noticed that Maria was looking over jealously at Chris sometimes. She tapped Maria's foot on the sofa next to her and said 'Do you want a go? It's nice.' Maria blushed a little and smiled, then began to unbutton her jeans, when she had pushed them down and off (she hadn't been wearing any knickers), Charlotte put her hand to Chris's mouth for him to lick, and led him across like this to Maria's crotch. Charlotte squished her legs together and shrugged up contentedly before putting her trousers back on.

Maria's pussy was newly shaven, soft and smooth skin all around, and Chris ran his lips all over, above and around the edges before kissing at her already swollen lips. Maria couldn't help a tiny giggle, but she felt tingly and she knew that when he pushed her lips apart he would get his face wet. Her legs clamped involuntarily around his head and he pushed his mouth at her, damping her and dragging his thick rough tongue up from her perineum, along the smooth lips like tracks up and over her clitoris. She was getting used to him and laughing at something on the T.V. He sucked at her clit and at her lips. He rolled his lips over his teeth and bit gently at her, opened his mouth wide and sucked hard at her whole crotch. She felt really warm and wet between her legs.

After a few minutes Charlotte was looking over at him pleasing her friend, it was just a nice thing to have while watching T.V., like a foot spa or something. Perhaps she felt something else, a pang of jealousy or of possessiveness; perhaps she thought Chris had spent enough time licking Maria. She leant over slightly and let out a small fart. She furrowed her brow comically and looked down at him in pretend anger. 'Chris!' she said 'Go to your bed now! Aw, I'm sorry girls' she said, suppressing a laugh and holding her nose. They couldn't help but laugh as he bowed his head and crawled back to his bed. Maria wiped herself dry with her sleeve, and pulled up her jeans. They continued to watch T.V. and forgot all about him.

A few minutes later Charlotte looked over the back of the sofa to see Chris humping his bedding. She tapped Maria on the shoulder and gestured her to turn round and watch. Maria was immediately slightly shocked and uncomfortable, but Charlotte was smiling contentedly, knowing what she was going to do next. 'Chris, bad dog!' she shouted suddenly 'Stop that, we have guests!' He was mortified and blushed bright red, he tried to hide himself, to turn away, but even turning away would be showing them his bum and he was still embarrassed about the pencil. He squirmed, just praying that they would look away from him, but they couldn't stop laughing. The three of them were all propped up on the back of the sofa, he looked at them, they were really pretty, and there was nowhere he could hide from them. Three pretty girls were looking at his willy, and looking him in the eyes and laughing at him, looking at the pencil put in his bum and laughing at him. Eventually he just stayed still for a while and they got bored and turned back to the T.V.

When the girls left later, saying goodbye to him and ruffling his hair, Charlotte pointed out his little willy. 'Awwww' they said in unison.

When they had gone, she led him up to the sofa, and lay down on her front to use her laptop on the sofa in front of her. She put a cushion under her hips and pulled her trousers down. Chris knew what to do and climbed up onto the sofa behind her, he put his face to her bum and licked slowly up and down the groove, before circling her hole. He licked at it, and pushed at it. Occasionally she pushed back a little, or relaxed completely, but she was mainly concentrating on her computer, looking at some gig reviews.

He had been happily licking her bum for a while, when the door opened and in came Dan, Charlotte's man. Dan was a dick, six two and muscly. He walked round behind the sofa and said 'I've got a present for you' before flopping his dick onto her shoulder. 'Oooh for me?' she asked excitedly, just managing to get out 'All of it?' before popping it in her mouth and sucking happily. 'mm' she said 'thank you' and rested it on her face while she licked at his balls.

She sucked enthusiastically on his head for a few minutes, she ran her tongue around it in her mouth as quickly as she could. She slid her lips up as far as she could, and carefully clenched on his prick with her teeth before pulling back. She bobbed her head backwards and forwards, half hoping she could make him come; she was so impatient and excited. Dan looked down at Chris to say 'Thanks for loosening her up', he laughed, and pulled her up. She was a bit stumbly as she hadn't had time to pull her trousers back up to walk, but she followed Dan up the stairs and smiled back at Chris who was following.

Dan was naked in a couple of seconds, and she was keeping him hard with one hand while taking her clothes off with the other. He got frustrated and just ripped her t shirt off, he favourite t shirt, Chris knew, that her best friend had made her. But her millisecond's sadness was replaced by a great big smile as she slathered over Dan's cock, happy that she could get back to it so quickly. She was licking and sucking at it and running it into and out of her mouth, she took it in her hand and wiped it around her lips and chin happily. She slid her trousers and knickers off and lay back on the bed.

He just put himself straight into her pussy. She gasped and moaned as he pounded rushedly into her, hard and fast. His length probed at her and because she wasn't completely wet to start with, the friction made her really aware of the size of his dick. He was rocking her backwards and forwards on top of the covers as Chris slunk round to her side of the bed. She wasn't even looking at him now; she was trying to plant kisses on Dan's chest every time he grunted down on top of her. With each time he pushed in, she tried to squeeze him, again desperately impatient for him to come in her.

After a minute or two, Dan pulled out and back a foot or two, so he could roll her over, he pulled her hips up and paused for half a second with his tip on her butthole. He leant forward a fraction and then pushed it in; she winced at his unlubricated entrance but fixed her smile quickly.

Dan spat on his hand and pulled his prick out, all but the head, he wiped the saliva around the shaft and as he eased it back in. Charlotte reached out and took Chris's fingers, squeezing them, the skin stretching sensation inside her not stopping. Dan slowly pulsed with his hips and she managed to relax, to let it in. Once he had started to slide in and out he began to thrust.

He asked 'does it hurt you baby?' She turned her head as coquettishly as she could and said, 'of course, with a dick as big as yours it hurts, but I want it to, I don't want you to stop.' She held Chris's hand more softly now. She moaned a little and began to arch and invert her back an inch or two. Charlotte looked down at Chris, who had started to play with his willy, she smiled weakly and shook her head at him. He blushed, cowed his head and stopped. Dan continued to pump in and out of her, her ass tight around his dick. She tried to moan sexily and really let him have her, bucking back into him like she wanted it deeper and harder.

After what felt to her like a really long session of really hard thrusting, Dan pulled himself out, and straddled up her body, rolling her back over between his legs as he went. She stifled the disgust she felt at the dick that had been in her ass now being in her face, and grinned mischievously, licking it and bouncing it against her eyes, forehead and cheeks. He pulled her head up and with his thumb pushed her jaw down, his other hand stroking his shaft as his head poked into her mouth. She closed her lips around him and pulled a pillow under her head to be comfortable as he jerked himself.

Her eyes flitted down to Chris, Dan wasn't looking at her, but alternately at the ceiling or the wall behind her. She fixed Chris's gaze, locked her eyes on his eyes. Dan groaned and his ejaculate rushed into the roof of her mouth, it was hot and thick and it stuck to the top of her mouth and the backs of her teeth. She felt the second surge with her bottom lip as it ran up Dan's dick to pour onto her tongue, she moaned sweetly but Dan grunted and pushed his dick forward, to the entrance to her throat, to push out another ounce of sperm.

Her mouth was filling up, but he had another late surge to get out in her, and she wasn't going to let that go. As he pulled his cock out she could hardly keep it in, and some escaped onto her chin. Dan looked at her without the slightest trace of emotion and she reached up and scooped it back into her mouth before swallowing with one big gulp.

'Thank you' she said and smiled lovingly at him. Dan clambered off her and pulled his boxers back on. He never once turned round to look at her as she gazed at his hard back. Dan dressed quickly and shouted 'see you' as he walked out of the house. Charlotte sighed and rolled onto her back, lovestruck. She touched her sore asshole where he had fucked her and smiled at the thought of his hard dick and the lovely big mouthful he had just given her.

Charlotte remembered Chris and rolled to lean over the side of the bed, her breasts hanging over. Chris was embarrassed and saddened, but still excited by the sight of her tits, she laughed at him and said 'ok, since you've been such a good boy you can have a kiss.' and kissed him on the lips. He could smell Dan's sperm, but still a kiss from Charlotte was the best thing in the world. She thought about giving him some tongue, so he could really taste her cummy mouth, but thought that would be giving him too much.

She lay back on the bed to go to sleep, but he couldn't stop thinking about her boobs. Chris started to play with himself quietly, thinking about the things he had done and seen that day. He started to get into it and speed up, and wondered if she might do something nice like let him look at her breasts if she knew what he was doing. So he stopped being quiet and just jerked himself.

Charlotte was half asleep, but she heard Chris on the floor next to the bed. She pushed herself up on one arm to see him, again showing him her breasts. But she sighed in mock exasperation and shook her head at him, raising her eyebrows and saying 'No, Chris, we don't do that do we?' She smiled when she saw how embarrassed he was. She decided to carry on. 'Only real men are allowed to come. Just like only real men are allowed to look at these,' she indicated her breasts, and then covered them up with her hands 'and to put their dicks in here, ' she knelt up and pointed to her pussy, raising her eyebrows in him in mock shock at showing him her pussy. 'and in here,' she span round and bent over to show him her ass. 'are you a real man?' she asked 'With a little willy like that?!' she laughed and shook her head friendlily. 'So that's why, you will never ever get to come in here' she said opening her mouth and pointing in 'I love it when a real man comes in my mouth, and Dan, he gives me so much lovely cum.'

She smiled wistfully, remembering the big load he had got out in her, and thinking about it in her belly. With a patronising little look at the heartbroken boy on the floor she rolled up into bed and went to sleep smug and happy with her life.

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