tagBDSMChastity with Steve Pt. 02

Chastity with Steve Pt. 02


Steve got his wish yesterday. I locked up his cock and teased him mercilessly. His evening ended with me rubbing his cock to the edge and then ruining his orgasm. After I locked him back up, he spent the rest of the night attending to my every need. He wanted to desperately make me happy in hopes that I would unlock him again and give him a proper orgasm. This was not going to happen soon. I had decided that I wanted him to suffer for a while. I did not understand why Steve wanted his cock locked in the first place but it did not take long for me to like the idea.

About a week passed and Steve was to the point of shear insanity. He was constantly horny. A small breeze could set him off. I made it a point to ask him to do chores around the house. The honey-do's he would never get to, were now getting done with zeal. The gutters never looked better. The shed was cleaned and organized. He even got around to cleaning our garage. That had looked like a tornado had hit it. It just amazed me that I have never thought to lock his cock before. Had I realized how compliant he would become, I would have done it sooner.

The last time I released him was on a Saturday and I was sure he thought it would happen again this Saturday too. I made him wait and he nearly cried. Sunday morning, I woke up early in anticipation of letting his cock out for a little fun. I hopped out of bed and grabbed my plug-in vibrator. It was one of those types that would get a dead woman to cum. The vibrations always got me off in less than a minute. I plugged it in and slipped back into bed. I began to kiss Steve. He slowly woke up with a smile on his face. He asked me if it was his day to play and I told him that if he was good, I may let him play. I told him that his first job was to shower and make himself handsome. Then he needed to come back to bed and lay down.

He jumped up and ran to the bathroom and shut the door. I giggled at how much control I had. I went to the guest bathroom and showered too. I shaved all over and trimmed my pussy hair into a cute upside-down triangle. I rubbed lotion all over my body and did my hair up just right. I looked darn fine. I returned to our bedroom to find Steve anxiously awaiting my return. He asked if I was going to unlock him right away. I told him to be quiet and to put his mouth to a much better use. I hopped onto the bed and straddled his face in a reverse cowgirl position. My tight little asshole was millimeters from his nose and my pussy hovering just above his mouth. I then told him that he had to get me off with his tongue before he would get released. He immediately grabbed my thighs and dug in to my wet pussy.

Steve had few talents, but he was a champ at eating pussy. He always knew how to get me wet, then off to the races. As he began to expertly work on my clit, I informed him of one slight challenge that he was not aware of. I told him that if he got me off before I got him off, then I would let him out. If not, he would stay locked up. He tried to say something to me but it came out muffled as he had my pussy all over his mouth. I reached down, took his caged cock in my hand and then grabbed the vibrator and hit the on switch. I placed the tip of the toy directly on the caged head of his cock. He jumped and squirmed. The vibrations were strong, continuous and unrelenting.

Steve knew I had the advantage, as I had gotten him off with my toy many times before. Sometimes, I could make him cum in less than 30 seconds due to the intensity of the vibrations. However, that was a fully erect, uncaged cock. This was going to take a bit longer as his cock could not grow to even 25 percent of its normal size. I started alternating between the tip, then the shaft, then his balls and back again. The longer I tortured his cock, the harder he worked on my pussy. He was good, damn good as he had me right on the edge. In fact, I thought he might win my little challenge, but then it happened, Steve was about to lose.

Steve's body stiffened between my legs as his groin lifted off the bed. I could feel him tremble. His scrotum squeezed his balls tightly and he let out a muffled cry. I held the vibrator tightly to his caged cock. I wanted to win and it was all I could do not to cum all over his face. His body thrust upwards three times before I began see a small white pearl of cum form at the tip. Then it began to leak out with a bit more force until is finally came out in a long slow slippery string. The sight of his cum took me over the edge. I began to orgasm all over his tongue. I ground my pulsing pussy onto his mouth. His nose was forced into my asshole, which felt really amazing. I made it a point to sit back and get the dual feeling of my vagina being serviced while getting a little anal. I was lost in the moment.

Steve started slapping my thighs. The slaps brought me out of my post orgasmic trance. He was writhing beneath me. Shit, I thought, I am suffocating him. I fell off of him onto the bed. Steve gasped and began to breathe heavily. He was quite a sight. His face was covered with my pussy juices. His cock, still caged, cum dripping from the tip. It took him quite a while to catch his breath and to begin breathing normally. He looked at me sadly. Once again, I had ruined another one of his orgasms. He looked like a kid who didn't get the cookie they wanted. It was a bit pathetic.

I rubbed some of my wetness off his face and gave him a kiss. I told him that he wasn't done yet. I took the cage key off of the nightstand and unlocked his shriveled cock. The release caused his cock to twitch and harden a bit. However, he did not get an erection. I teased him and told him that he was only going to be out for a minute or two, so he should enjoy it. He reached down and tried to stroke himself to hardness. It wasn't working. He still hadn't had enough time for his body to recover. I pulled his hand away from his cock and started to rub it. This did the trick. My hands must have felt better on his cock than his own. It started to grow and get hard. As it did, more of his ruined cum oozed from the tip.

I got some lube from the nightstand and made his pole super slippery. I took my left hand and placed it firmly around the base of his manhood and pressed the palm down as hard as I could. Then, I began to stroke his cock as hard and as fast as I was able. He began to whisper all kinds of encouragement to me. He told me how good it felt and how much he loved me. I responded that if he loved me, he would cum for me. He said he did love me with all his heart and he would cum for me. I told him that I was going to count down from 20. If he didn't cum before I got to zero, he was going back into his cage without an orgasm. He groaned and agreed.

I started counting slowly. I could tell he was close. I really wanted to screw with his mind, so when I got to five, I picked up the pace and counted down quickly to zero. He groaned loudly and pushed his groin forcefully into my hand. His body stiffened as hard as a rock and he began to shoot long ribbons of cum into the air. I was actually pretty impressed. The first couple of shots went about a foot into the air. It was obvious that he was very anxious to cum and had plenty stored up. His sperm fell back onto his chest in long lines like cum graffiti. I took my hand and scooped some up and rubbed it all over his face and into his mouth. He needed to know how it felt to be on the receiving end of an orgasm. Steve needed to experience what I had done for him many times. How I sucked his cock and swallowed his cum. The times he stood in front of me and covered my face in his juice. It was time for him to taste cum and have his face covered.

Once he finished, his cock deflated and laid drained on his leg. I reached down and slipped his cage back on and told him to go clean himself up, I had things for him to do. Steve jumped out of bed and sprinted to the bathroom. I reveled at my new level of control. I decided if he had an orgasm, when he had an orgasm and most of all how he had an orgasm. His mind had been programmed in just a few short weeks. I am so glad he asked me to do this.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous08/13/18

Gave in too soon

Steve was fully under your control and obviously would do anything you told him. However, he didn't earn the orgasm and you should have led him on much longer. After all you are the one who should bemore...

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by Chastized08/12/18

Oh hell ya, I can tell you know about chastity and what it does.
Good job man, I hope there are many more!

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by mrwidehorizons08/10/18


Love how she ruins him but glad he finally got a real orgasm too, great stories!

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by Anonymous08/10/18

At least she allowed him a real orgasm in the end. Wonder when she's going to take this to the next level of him cleaning up his ruined orgasms and eventually taking a strap-on in the ass and experiencemore...

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