Chat Hypnosis


You: down past -300

You: down past -600

You: down past -1000

You: down past -1500

You: and coming to a rest

You: here at -1700

You: so very deeply in trance

You: so completely and utterly

You: open to suggestions

You: suggestions that can change your very core

You: and it feels so very good

You: to receive new suggestions

You: and you love to bend and change

You: as I so suggest

You: and every time any trigger is used

You: that trigger grows stronger

You: and I'm going to give you a few more triggers

You: because you have been so very good

You: your new trigger is JOLLYTITS

You: whenever you read JOLLYTITS

You: you feel your nipples grow so very hard

You: and they feel so good

You: and you realize that you don't have a man's chest

You: but rather a woman's chest

You: with large perky tits

You: so very nice and firm and bouncy

You: and these tits feel so good to play with

You: it turns you on so very greatly to play with your tits

You: your beautiful bouncing breasts

You: in fact, you could orgasm just from playing with your tits

You: that is what JOLLYTITS does

You: that is what happens whenever you read JOLLYTITS

You: and every time it is used it grows stronger

You: and it is effect also comes to an end

You: whenever you read the word NORMAL

You: because that is what the word NORMAL does

You: but that isn't enough for a slut like you

You: and yes, you are a slut

You: you also get the trigger


You: and whenever you read SLUTTOTHEMAX

You: your can feel your ass getting fucked vigorously and deeply

You: by a large [unicorn]

You: and it feels so very good

You: to have your ass split so very wide

You: and pounded so very deeply

You: but that is not all

You: you also can feel your mouth opening

You: to accept the huge cock

You: of another [unicorn]

You: as you give that [unicorn] a blowjob

You: and that [unicorn]'s cock

You: goes into your mouth

You: and down your throat

You: and fucks your face and mouth and throat

You: so very pleasurably

You: and that sensation alone would make you orgasm

You: but thats not all

You: you won't have a penis or balls anymore

You: but instead will have a vagina

You: a nice sloppy pussy

You: a warm, wet, and willing cut

You: that has a clit at the top

You: and feels so very good

You: whenever that gets fucked

You: and that

You: is also getting fucked

You: and it feels so unbelievably great

You: to get your pussy fucked

You: to feel your hot wet cunt get pounded

You: and split wide

You: by another cock

You: by this huge [unicorn]'s dick

You: as three cocks pound you

You: in all three of your holes

You: and the pleasure is without equal

You: it feels so very amazing

You: and makes your whole body ache

You: and orgasm

You: and feel so good

You: as you serve your purpose

You: as a true and total slut

You: and that is what happens

You: whenever you read SLUTTOTHEMAX

You: and you just love it

You: whenever you read SLUTTOTHEMAX

You: because all of those wonderful sexy things happens to you whenever you read it

You: and every time it triggers

You: the trigger grows far more powerful

You: and this trigger

You: also settles into your core

You: but it to

You: comes to a stop

You: whenever you read the word NORMAL

You: because that is what reading the word NORMAL does

You: reading the word NORMAL causes the feelings and experiences of readingg SLUTTOTHEMAX to come to an end

You: and whenever you are experiencing a trigger

You: not only does that trigger grow stronger

You: and the pleasure you receive from the trigger increase each time it is used

You: but it makes you incredibly grateful to your hypnotist

You: for all the good work he has done

You: and, if you ever wish to get in contact with your hypnotist again

You: you need only send an email

You: to [email removed]

You: and now

You: with those two new triggers firmly in your subconcious

You: I will wake you up with a count to nine

You: 1

You: eyes moving

You: 2

You: hypnotic and subconcious mind firmly remembering your triggers

You: 3

You: eager for them to be used and to feel their effects

You: 4

You: becoming aware of your surroundings

You: 5

You: forever grateful to your hypnotist for doing all these wonderful things for you

You: 6

You: able to move your limbs and ready to wake up

You: 7

You: the triggers forever implanted and very firmly implanted in your inner core

You: 8

You: ready to be woken up fully. prepared to fully come out of trance.

You: and


You: hi

Stranger: hey

You: how are you doing?

Stranger: good

You: did you tell me at some point that you didn't have any good triggers?

Stranger: yeah

Stranger: way back at the start

You: thats changed a LOT

You: do you like it?

Stranger: yeah

Stranger: definitely


Stranger: though the triggers weren't at all what i was expecting

Stranger: whoa

Stranger: haha

You: what happened?

Stranger: i have boobs

You: oh?

You: tell me about them

Stranger: they're round and soft

Stranger: fun to play with

You: i bet it feels great

You: great for you

You: afterall, you are a


You: aren't you?

Stranger: yeah

Stranger: oh

Stranger: ow

Stranger: owwww



You: whats happening?

You: you feel better now

You: *SLEEP*

You: falling deeper and deeper

You: deep deep down

You: into a calm safe place

You: coming up to a wall

You: floating in your mind

You: coming down past 35

You: down past 0

You: down past -200

You: down past -500

You: down past -1000

You: down past -2000

You: and coming down to a rest here

You: at -2500

You: you are not in any pain

You: you are in a deep and relaxing trance

You: feeling very nice

You: and very open to suggestion

You: you are very open to the deep suggestions that are in your core

You: and while I am here

You: I'm going to make a few changes

You: changes that will make you feel better

You: you have a trigger SLUTTOTHEMAX

You: this trigger will cause you no pain

You: you will only feel pleasure from this trigger

You: everything will feel so very good when you experience this trigger

You: there will be ZERO pain

You: you will be able to stretch

You: and fit all three [unicorn]s' cocks inside of you

You: with pleasure

You: because you are such a good slut

You: you will feel yourself stretching

You: and widening

You: but in a good way

You: an immensely sexually pleasurable way

You: and there will be ZERO pain

You: from these feelings

You: and the knowledge

You: that you can take all of those cocks

You: those very big cocks

You: will remember you that you are suck a good slut

You: a very generous and open slut

You: and you love to be a slut

You: it makes you feel good

You: and you feel no pain

You: from being a slut

You: you might be a little embarassed

You: but thats fine

You: you feel no pain

You: and that is what your trigger SLUTTOTHEMAX does

You: it causes you massive pleasure and no pain

You: as you get stuffed in your wet willing pussy

You: your lovely sopping wet cunt

You: which your hypnotist has so lovingly made for you

You: and this feels good

You: as your other holes are stuffe

You: as your other holes are stuffed

You: and those all feel good

You: and there is no pain at all from it

You: that is what your trigger SLUTTOTHEMAX involves

You: and as ever

You: the sensations come to an end

You: whenever you read the word NORMAL

You: because that is what reading the word NORMAL does

You: and you like these new changes

You: these new changes are permanent

You: and good

You: and you love them

You: and as you feel more pleasure in your ass

You: and you find yourself desiring to have objects put into your ass

You: you will always take it slowly

You: one day at a time

You: never putting in more than you can easily handle

You: stopping if you feel any real pain

You: and stopping before you would ever come to harm

You: always using plenty of lube

You: and taking the needed precautions to make sure

You: that you will not acquire any new STDs

You: and you will never rush putting objects into your ass

You: you will be patient

You: and your patience will be greatly rewarded

You: because you will never push yourself to far

You: or to fast

You: or to wide

You: when it comes to playing with your anus

You: you will go slowly

You: enjoying it

You: but always going slow enough to make sure that you are safe

You: and cleaning your ass as needed

You: so that it is fun for you

You: and fun for any partners you may have

You: whether those partners be women with strapons

You: or even if those partners are men

You: and with these changes

You: embedded into your very core

You: I'm going to wake you up soon

You: and you like these changes

You: waking you up on a count to nine...

You: 1

You: eyes moving

You: 2

You: subconcious aware of the changes and enjoying them

You: 3

You: eyes becoming more aware of whats going on

You: 4

You: grateful to your hypnotist. Happy with your hypnotist. Liking your hypnotist

You: 5

You: fingers and toes under your control

You: 6

You: in no pain

You: 7

You: able to move around

You: 8

You: ready to be fully wakened

You: and


You: hi

Stranger: hey

You: i take it you are in no pain?

Stranger: yeah

You: alright

You: I had to pull you out of that last one

You: but its better now

You: you want to try it again

Stranger: yeah

You: and this time it will feel very good

You: but lets let you play with your tits first


You: those are so nice and so very real

You: how do you like them?

Stranger: i love 'em

You: how does it feel to pull on them gently?

Stranger: fantastic

You: and to tweak your nipples?

You: your nipples are the most sensetive part

Stranger: that feels great

You: and to slap one of them

You: so it bounces for a little bit?

Stranger: ooh

Stranger: i'm watching my own tit bounce

Stranger: this is oddly arousing


You: whats happening?

Stranger: i'm a cumslut

Stranger: a happy happy cumslut

Stranger: it's so much more fun to be a cumslut with titties

Stranger: because i now have cum-coated tits to play with

You: I bet thats great

You: but I bed you'd be having more fun if you were sucking on a cock


You: you are having more fun now

You: tell me what it feels like

Stranger: mhmm

Stranger: it feels gooood

Stranger: i wanna get my tits involved

You: oh

You: I'll find a way to do it

You: but first, we go to NORMAL

You: fun times, eh?

Stranger: yeah

You: and I'd like you to try something

You: but please tell me what you are thinking first

Stranger: weird how the second i spring forth breasts from my chest i become several orders of magnitude more effeminate without becoming female

You: yes, that does make sense


You: how are we?


You: what did we feel?

Stranger: that felt good

Stranger: stretching out to accommodate massive dicks

You: to much happening to type?

Stranger: yeah

You: a bit longer this time


Stranger: ooooooooooohmygod

Stranger: yesyesys

You: you want tits though

Stranger: yes

Stranger: please


Stranger: thank you master

You: tell me what you are feeling

Stranger: oooooohmygod

Stranger: massive dicks

Stranger: one in my throat

Stranger: one in my asshole

Stranger: one in my pussy

Stranger: oh my god i can fit them all somehow but barely

Stranger: it feels sooo god

You: how do your tits feel swinging back and forth?

You: or would you rather play with your clit?

Stranger: i need to play with both

Stranger: i'm such a slut

You: you really are

You: and I'm going to reward you


Stranger: yes master i love being your cumslut

You: how many times have you came?

Stranger: i don't knowwwwwww


You: perhaps it will be easier for you now

You: to tell me what was happening

Stranger: i have felt intense pleasure, yet thus far i have not ejaculated

Stranger: it's weird, after you say normal i feel like i turn into data from star trek

You: i made you have full-body orgasms

You: those need not use your pernis

You: which at the time you didn't have

You: when you see normal, the effects simply wear off

You: but going from such massive pleasure

You: to having nothing

You: is certainly a big change

You: now you said you wan't to be able to get your titties involved in fun with more than just your hands?

Stranger: yes

You: are you happy about how you have changed?

Stranger: yeah

You: I bet you are very happy with me

You: which is good

You: cause you are going to go under again

You: *SLEEP*

You: sinking rapidly into a very deep trance

You: coming to the floating wall

You: going down past 35

You: down past 0

You: down past -500

You: down past -1000

You: down past -2000

You: and slowing down

You: to come to a rest

You: here at -2500

You: so very very deep

You: so open and ready

You: for new changes

You: from your hypnotic master

You: which you enjoy so very very much

You: I have a new trigger for you

You: whenever you ready TIMEGIRLYGIRL

You: you will cease to be a man

You: you will become a girl named Jenny

You: or Jen for short

You: and Jenny is a beautiful girl

You: a sexy girl

You: a slutty girl

You: a hot girl

You: she has long blond hair

You: which she sometimes likes to put up into pigtails

You: to show what a good slut she is

You: or sometimes a single ponytail, so that someone can yank on that while they fuck her

You: and Jenny has a pretty face

You: with lovely eyes

You: a cute nose

You: and nice soft lips

You: that were built for giving blowjobs

You: and Jenny knows how to give a good blow job

You: she can deep throat dick like a pro

You: and she has no gag reflex

You: and she can do the most amazing things with her tongue

You: things that make boys come in moments

You: when she is giving them head

You: and Jenny knows how to play with the balls

You: the thought of cock turns Jenny on

You: the idea of dick makes Jenny wet

You: and Jenny is a horny slut

You: who wants to get fucked

You: by dicks and cocks and dildos

You: Jenny has lovely tits

You: the same tits you have whenever you read the word JOLLYTITS

You: they are firm

You: and perky

You: with sensetive nipples

You: and they feel so sexy to play with

You: to tease

You: Jenny is a good slut

You: and Jenny is in great shape

You: Jenny is sexy

You: on a scale of 1 to 10, Jenny is a perfect ten

You: and a total slut

You: Jenny loves to dirty talk

You: Jenny loves cock

You: and wants to beg for cock

You: and talk about how hard her nipples are growing

You: or how wet her pussy is

You: and Jenny even uses the word CUNT

You: she sometimes begs to be fucked in her CUNT

You: and Jenny is a girl

You: she does not have a penis or testicles

You: instead, she has a CUNT- a warm and inviting pussy

You: that feels so good

You: when its rubbed

You: or fucked

You: Jenny likes penetration

You: and Jenny also loves it when her clit gets played with

You: it causes her to orgasm almost immediately

You: when its touched

You: and Jenny finds doing all these slutty things so very very sexy

You: Jenny has a shapely waist

You: which goes in nicely

You: and then goes out to support lovely hips

You: and the most amazing bubble butt you have ever seen

You: Jenny has a wonderful ass

You: and Jenny loves to play with her ASS

You: Jenny enjoys dick in her ass

You: she loves it when her ass is smacked

You: it makes her feel so sexy

You: so hot and horny

You: and so very good

You: Jenny loves to get fucked in all her holes

You: and Jenny has pretty legs

You: legs that are smooth

You: and hairless

You: in fact, all of Jenny from her neck down is hairless

You: she has eyebrows, eye lashes and gorgeous hot sexy hair on top of her head

You: but that is the only hair she has

You: and all of Jenny is pretty

You: and hot and sexy

You: she is a perfect 10 out of 10

You: and she is really a slut

You: and Jenny has some triggers

You: so whenever you are Jenny and you read these triggers

You: you experience them

You: and that is Jenny

You: and you turn into Jenny

You: whenever you read TIMEGIRLYGIRL

You: and you stop being Jenny whenever you read NORMAL

You: because that is what reading NORMAL does

You: and remember, Jenny is a horny slut who loves to tease but also loves to get fucked

You: and you become Jenny whenever you read TIMEGIRLYGIRL

You: and everything you experience as Jenny feels so very good

You: so sexually arousing

You: and Jenny can orgasm rapidly

You: she can Orgasm from her pussy

You: and she can orgasm from her ass and asshole

You: and she can orgasm from her titties

You: which feel so very good

You: oh, and Jenny also loves cum

You: she likes to swallow cum

You: and to feel semen shoot inside of her

You: and to have cum land on her

You: and she loves to lick up cum

You: and play with cum

You: Jenny loves cum

You: Jenny loves cum so much that just the thought of cum makes her very sexy and very horny and to feel so much great sexual pleasure

You: and you turn into Jenny whenever you read TIMEGIRLYGIRL

You: and you stop being Jenny whenever you or she reads NORMAL

You: because that is what NORMAL does

You: and Jenny's triggers are


You: whenever you are Jenny and you read JENNYASSFUCK

You: Jenny feels her ass get fucked wonderfully and deeply

You: and Jenny loves getting ass fucked

You: it turns her on so much to get fucked in the ass

You: and she just loves it

You: which means whenever you are Jenny, you love it

You: because when you become Jenny, you become Jenny completely

You: so thats whatever happens whenever Jenny reads JENNYASSFUCK

You: and it stops whenever she reads JENNYNO

You: because JENNYNO stops Jenny's triggers

You: Jenny also has the trigger JENNYFUCK

You: and whenever she reads that

You: she can feel herself getting fucked in her wet cunt

You: her tight pussy

You: and it makes her feel so very good

You: and she can cum from her pussy

You: which she does often when she is getting fucked in her pussy

You: and thats what happens when Jenny reads JENNYFUCK

You: and those experiences end when Jenny reads JENNYNO

You: because JENNYNO brings an end to all of Jenny's triggers

You: and these triggers are all etched very deeply within Jenny

You: they are at the very core of Jenny

You: and Jenny cannot remove these triggers.


You: causes Jenny to suck cock

You: and Jenny loves to suck cock

You: and it makes her very horny

You: and Jenny likes to play with her pussy and clit while sucking cock

You: and it all feels so very good

You: and thats what happens when Jenny reads JENNYSUCK

You: and Jenny stops that whenever she reads JENNYNO

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