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Chat Room Convo


Him: So how does this work?

Her: Just tell me what you think about, what you'd like to do or like me to do.

Him: I'd like you to unzip my pants and pull me out. Then have you slide your hand along my length, feeling me get hard.

Her: So I'm working my hand along your shaft and watching you react - biting your lip, closing your eyes, throwing your head back..

Do I take you into my mouth or just tease you a bit first?

Him: Oh tease me first. You'd tease me until I can't take it any more.

Her: Then I'd kneel in front of you and watch your face as I give your rod some tentative, teasing kisses and licks. Hear you moan and throw your head back in pleasure; wrap my lips around the head and lick the underside.

Him: I'd have to bite my hand to stop from groaning.

Her: Then what do you want me to do?

Him: My fingers would tangle in your hair as you move your mouth up and down, sucking and licking on my cock.

Her: One hand fondling your balls, the other assisting on your shaft as I bob up to the tip.

Hearing you groan, I'd moan around a mouthful of you, the vibrations tickling you.

My knees push further apart and one hand would creep down between my legs.

Him: Mmmmm.. One of my hands would slide down to cup your breast, pinching and rubbing your nipple.

Her: My fingers would move a little faster in response, then move back up to your cock.

Him: I'd moan your name, thinking about you having me in your mouth while you masturbate yourself.

Her: As your fingers tease my hardened nipple, I move my mouth faster..

Do I let you cum in my mouth?

Him: I want you to let me.

My hand is in your hair, gripping tightly.

Her: I want you to cum for me.

And then I want you to bury your fingers inside me and repay the favor with hands and mouth. Before you fuck me.

Him: Oh I'd cum.

I'd have both hands in your hair, controlling your mouth as my hips buck.

Her: So you lean back against the wall for support and gasp noisily as you cum in my mouth.

I am dripping with excitement..

Him: Oh God, I'd cum so hard, holding your head tight and not sure I'm able to breathe..

Her: On shaky legs, you watch as I swallow and then clean your sensitive and slightly softened cock with my tongue, making you quiver.

.. Now what? Do I strip for you? Or are you tired and want to sleep?

Him: Mmm stripped sounds good. Show me.

Her: So I stand slowly, licking my lips to catch the last of your semen, and turn my back to you.

I unhook the clasp of my bra, which had already been partly pulled down by your invading hands.

Once it's unhooked I turn to face you again and slide the straps down my shoulders and then let it fall to the floor so you can see my naked breasts.

I run my hands down over my chest, briefly stopping to play with my nipples until they are again hardened nubs, and then continue south.

Him: My fingers and lips itch to touch your breasts!

Her: But you're not allowed to - yet!

Him: I begin to restiffen at the sight of your body before me.

Her: My fingers trail over my stomach and lower, until they are on my hips, and then down my thighs. I sway my hips as my hands cup my pussy and then push aside the material of my underwear to plunge a finger into my wet folds.

I remove the finger and then slide my underwear down my hips, leaving me fully exposed in front of you, still with feet shoulder width apart.

I see you "standing to attention" and lick my lips again, remembering the feel and taste of you in my mouth..

So now what do you do?

Him: I take your hand and run my tongue around the tip of your finger, tasting you on it.

My hands start at the sides of your neck, brushing your skin with my fingertips and nails and leaving a light trail down to your breasts.

As my hands cup your breasts, I lean my face to the side of your neck.

Kissing your jaw, then trailing my lips and teeth down to your shoulder.

My hands feel the warmth of your skin as I hold your breasts, the thumbs beginning to draw circles around your hard nipples.

Her: As you lean into me, I take the opportunity to brush my hand across your groin and feel your now hard member quiver in response.

You take both of my hands and raise them above my head, telling me to be a good girl and not touch unless given permission.

Him: I run my hands back down your body, then pull you against me as my hands continue down your back to cup your ass.

Your arms lower down and curl around my neck as my hardness pushes against you.

Her: I feel it press low against my belly and raise myself slightly so it slips between my legs and I can let it gently rub my clit. I moan softly and move my hips to increase the pressure and tempo.

Him: I pull away from you reluctantly, not wanting this to escalate faster than I had planned.

I place my hands on your hips, holding you close enough so I can trace my tongue across your breasts.

Feeling your nipple hard and warm as I take it into my mouth. My tongue running circles as my teeth pinch down hard enough to make you gasp.

Her: I twine my fingers into your short curls as you suck on my nipples, licking and nipping them so that I gasp and moan without meaning to.

Him: My fingers trace inwards from your hip; you're wet against my fingertip as my index finger parts your lips easily.

I slowly run my finger back and forth across your clit as my mouth continues on your nipples.

Her: It'd feel so good, I wouldn't be able to stop myself from writhing; my grip on your hair would tighten and I would unconsciously lift my hips and tug your head down.

Him: I resist a few moments, then begin to kiss my way down your stomach and go to my knees in front of you.

I kiss your belly button, and from there I run my tongue downward. You lean back, pushing your hips forward as my tongue reaches the top of your slit.

I look up into your eyes as my mouth begins to probe your wetness.

Her: I moan as the tip of your tongue finds my clit and begins to lick and flick it gently.

Him: I move my hands to your ass, giving your cheeks a brief squeeze, before lifting one of your legs to my shoulder to open you up to me.

Your hips begin to thrust against my mouth, as your writhe in pleasure at my ministrations.

My mouth continuing to pleasure you, I watch your eyes close and your hand move to your breast and squeeze then pinch a nipple.

I groan into you as I watch you touch yourself. I start slowly stroking my hardened cock.

Her: I feel you push your tongue into me, making me gasp and pull hard on your hair. You then thrust it back into me, fucking me with your tongue.

Him: You are grinding my face into your pussy, hips thrusting and head tilted back as you moan.

Her: I let out a small whimper, almost unheard, as you pull away from me and stand up.

You make a frustrated noise, teeth gritted and tell me how sexy I look with my hair tousled and juices dropping down the inside of my thighs. I can see your cock is again rock hard with a red, pulsing head.

Him: Naturally! You are such a turn on, I love hearing you moan, love seeing you writhe under me..

So I tug on your hand to make you follow me. I want you laying down.

All the better to slide my finger into you as my tongue moves back to your clit.

My tongue flicks against it as my finger slowly thrusts in and out of you in a rhythm that brings you to the edge.

I am going to make you cum for me.

Her: I'm so close! The pitch and urgency as I moan, now almost non-stop, tell you that I'm close.

Your free hand slides up my body and pinches a nipple, hard enough that I cry out from the pain and pleasure of it. You pinch the other nipple and it's too much.

I'm gonna cum, oh god oh god I'm gonna cum; I say breathlessly.

Him: I love hearing you say that, I get so hard when you cum!

I feel your pussy clench onto my finger which has continued the relentless penetration. I taste your orgasm on my tongue, your juices pooling. But I don't stop.

My finger still probes in and out of you, my tongue teasing your clit, extending the high of your orgasm. You're now thrashing under me and your cries have become near screams of pleasure. Your legs clamp around my head in an effort to both hold me in place and push me away.

Her: it becomes too much to bear, exquisite; my hands in your hair now push you away.

You eventually withdraw your finger from my pussy and slow your tongue, making the occasional long slow lick down my slit that makes me shudder.

I lay unmoving, spent.


I move up til I am leaning over you face to face. I kiss your mouth and let you taste yourself on my lips and tongue. But I'm not finished - I want you and I want you now.

I kiss you again, harder, then roll you onto your stomach and pull your hips up so that you are on your knees facing away from me with legs slightly splayed and shoulders down.

You look back at me as I position the tip of my cock against your still very wet pussy.

'I want you now,' I rasp.

Her: I moan as you slowly push the tip inside me and then back out again, and hear you groan at the sensation.

You do it again, this time further and slightly faster.

'Do you want me to fuck you?' I hear you growl, as again the head is slowly pushed into me.

Yes, I moan. Fuck me hard, fuck me til you cum!

As I say it, you thrust quickly, deep into me, and I cry out as its repeated.

Him: My hands hold your hips tight as I pump my cock into your pussy from behind.

You're gasping 'fuck me' again and again as I plunge into you. I slap your ass and feel my cock twitch at the cry you emit.

Looking down at my hard member plunging into you again and again, I moan your name.

I slip my free arm under you and pull you onto your knees with me still inside you.

I grab a handful of your hair and tug you into a half sitting position, holding your head near mine.

I lean back and bounce you on my cock, one hand now around your throat and the other on your breasts.

'You feel so good,' I groan into your ear. I bite your neck and groan again, 'I'm going to cum.'

I let go of your throat to push you down on your hands and knees again. Grabbing you roughly by the hips, I fuck you harder now, pumping into your very wet pussy.

Do you want me to cum?

Her: god yes!

So I reach between my legs to fondle your balls with one hand and it pushes you over the brink - with a last thrust you cum then hold still as your throbbing cock spills your seed into me.

Once done you pull out and collapse beside me, then drop a kiss on my sweaty forehead.

Him: ...

mmm well that's me done and done.. Damn it's difficult to type one-handed!

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